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Chapter Four: Plans

"What do you think Travers wants with Spike?"

Amy looked up from her computer and turned around at Faith's question. Her roommate looked deep in thought as she lay on her bed, tossing a small baseball up into the air.

"I'm sure he'll tell us soon." She responded, hoping her short answer would get Faith on another subject.

Faith was obsessed with the subject and had been from the start. Ever since Travers had explained to them that there was a plan forming that involved Spike and Buffy, Faith couldn't talk about anything else. She didn't know why Faith cared that much. There was really no point in caring about it until they knew more.

"Amy, I gotta find out what's going on! I can't sit here and just wonder!" Amy groaned.

"Faith, it's not that serious! We will find out later so just let it go! You have been talking about it all day!" Faith growled underneath her breath, earning an evil look from Amy.

"Well I am going to find something out whether you want to come or not. I don't like to sit on my ass."

Amy groaned loudly but followed the crazy slayer out of the room, watching as she strode proudly down the hall. She decided to follow suit, hoping that it wouldn't bring any trouble.

"Are you sure we shouldn't just wait on him to tell us?" Amy asked, trying to get the slayer to re-think her current plan of action. Faith shook her head, "Of course not! We won't find anything out that way. We're going straight to his office to demand information. If he wants our cooperation then we deserve answers."

As much as she wanted to turn around and take a nap comfortably in her room, she had to admit she was curious about Travers plans for Buffy and Spike.

She wanted to know how a slayer could take a vampire as a mate. It went against nature itself. The whole purpose of a slayer was to kill the vampires and demons. Why would anyone pair up a vampire and a slayer? How could that work?


Once they arrived at Travers office, Faith knocked excitedly on the door, feeling anxious about what the man would say.

"Come in!" he answered. Faith and Amy complied.

Travers sat at his large, dark wooden desk, looking through a crème colored folder. His leisure attitude gave off the impression that it was just a normal day, but Faith had an idea there was more to him than she thought. He was devious and deadly, qualities she respected and hoped to gain herself.

"What brings you to my door?" he asked, not meeting their eyes. Faith smiled wickedly and sat down in one of the large maroon colored chairs in front of his desk.

"We want to know what you want with Spike and Buffy. What kind of information can he provide you with? What do you really plan to do with them?" Faith couldn't help but question the seemingly quiet man.

There were too many factors in the mix and so many things she wanted to know. He'd left things so unexplained earlier and Faith's curiosity was running out of control.

Even though she remembered the saying that curiosity killed the cat, she couldn't help but give in to the feeling.

With a mischievous smile on his face, Travers eyed the two girls and set the folder down on his desk, leaving it open. Faith wanted to take a peak but decided not to just in case the man got angry. She didn't want to be on the man's bad side. The man reeked of power and dangerous energy.

"This stays between us. No one is to know about this. Got it?"

Faith nodded then looked to see her roommate sit down in the other chair, nodding her head as well.

"Ten years ago, we had a slayer enter the academy whose name was Sara Williamson. She was born and bred in the south and came from a very wealthy family. She was like any normal slayer though, tough and ready for anything. She had incredible power and a drive I hadn't seen in years. She was natural and skilled at everything."

Faith remembered the way Buffy looked as she fought Spike in the arena. Even though she hadn't defeated him, she'd made more of an impact. She had even looked happy fighting the blonde vampire. Faith wondered if she was supposed to feel that way. Was fighting supposed to make her happy? And if so, why didn't it? Why did it just feel good when she finally made the kill?

"At first, we didn't notice that she was special from the rest of the bunch. She seemed to be progressing normally and doing well in her regular classes, however, I noticed six months into her stay that she had started gaining weight."

Faith wanted to put the pieces together then, figure out the ending before he told it, but she couldn't. So she listened eagerly.

"I went to her room one night to discuss the matter of her weight problems, suggest she go on a diet or exercise some more. I was right down the hall when I noticed her and her roommate outside their door whispering before she took the stairs at the end of the hall that led to the basement. Until that time, we kept the demons caged in the basement. After this incident, we created our own cages just to be safe."

"I followed suit and ended up catching her and a certain vampire locked in a lovers embrace. When she lifted her shirt, I realized for the first time exactly why she had gained weight. Her vampire's next words confirmed my suspicion. He said that he couldn't wait to meet their new baby girl."

Faith gasped, shocked and confused by the story. Slayers are told at the beginning that they cannot have children. How did this slayer manage to accomplish it?

"But how?" Faith asked, unable to contain the question.

Quentin smiled. "Every ten years, a vampire is given a slayer as a mate. It's supposedly a gift from the powers that be. They pick one girl that they think deserves the gift of a child. Only this one slayer is supposed to be given a child from her vampire mate. We don't know how it works or what the rules are, but I want to find out."

"Why is only one slayer chosen? What makes that one girl special?" Faith asked, feeling the green jealousy monster stirring inside. What made Buffy stand out from the others?

"It is said that she is supposed to be pure of heart."

Faith chuckled at Quentin's statement. Buffy looked sweet and innocent, however she was sure that the girl was anything but pure of heart.

"Unfortunately, the vampire made a few friends on the inside and before I could make a real move on him, he and Sara escaped. Sara's parents came to pick her up and he met her on the outside. I don't know how he got out but I made sure no one else would. Now I will get my information."

"And how do you suppose to do that?" Amy asked, letting her curiosity get the better of her. She wanted to know why Buffy was really picked. It was not fair that she was the only slayer granted a child. Every slayer was supposed to be treated the same, especially since they laid down their lives for the sake of others every day.

"I'm going to let Spike and Buffy mate. When she becomes with child, I'll force Spike to give me the details while I hold his mate and unborn child hostage. He'll be unable to say no. Once the baby is born, however, we'll get rid of Buffy and Spike permanently. The child will be ours to train and tame. This child could be the answers to our problems. It will be more powerful than any demon or human alive because it will have abilities that we cannot even begin to understand."

Amy looked to see a devilish glint in Faith's eyes and smiled to herself. This might give her the opportunity to use her dark magic.

"So what would you like for us to do?" Amy asked, wanting to know what their part in the situation was.

"Make sure their mating goes smoothly. Befriend Buffy and her witch; get them to trust you so that way you can get inside to encourage Buffy's relationship with Spike. Once Buffy is with child, you can relay the information to me and we will put our plan into action."

Faith was excited by Travers plan. It was perfect and would hopefully work. She wasn't too fond of Buffy but knew that in the end, she would be coming out on top.

She faltered for a moment though, thinking about the baby who would be put in the middle. Was doing this worth hurting him or her, whatever it happened to be? Could she take a baby away from its parents so easily?

Faith knew she was evil to a point. She had always been different from others because she enjoyed the thrill of the kill, but when it came to children, it was a different story. Adults were one thing, children were another.

"Think you can handle it girls?" Travers asked. Faith looked over to see Amy nodding, and then met eyes with the devious man himself.

"Of course we can!" She answered, deciding that some things were worth the gory deeds she had to commit if, in the end, it put her on top.

The next night, Buffy and Willow headed to the arena to train and talk with Rupert Giles.

"So what do you think he will say tonight?" Willow asked, feeling nervous about the meeting. As long as he knew about Willow and Oz's feelings for each other, it couldn't possibly bring any good conversation.

"I'm not sure. Maybe he will be on our side. I mean, you never know what could come from this." Buffy said, trying to be optimistic. "That's true, or he could bring Travers and his creepy friends to kick us out or wipe our memories. Are you sure we shouldn't be running for our lives?" Willow asked, hands fidgeting from nervousness.

Buffy nodded, "Spike said to only trust Giles so that is what I'm doing." Willow rolled her eyes and pulled Buffy to a stop. "Spike told you? You're going to listen to William the Bloody, killer of not one slayer but two? Where is your brain?"

Buffy chuckled, pondering the same question. She never thought that she would be taking the word of a vampire; however, he had to know more about this place than she did and that was what mattered. Plus…he'd let her go.

"Willow, didn't you notice how he just let me go? He tore open Faith's neck but let me go without a scratch or a bite. Does that not say anything?"

Staying silent, Willow stood still, thinking about the fight between Buffy and the vampire. His aura did change when he got Buffy down on the ground. The colors had turned a happy color, a lustful color, and then merged with Buffy's for only a split second before he was pulled away so unfortunately, Willow had to admit Buffy was right. The vampire had let her go unlike Faith. Something was different.

"Okay, maybe you're right about Spike but let's not put our guard down until we know what is going on alright?" Buffy nodded her agreement before opening the door to the large arena.

With her heart pounding, she led Willow down into the middle where Giles was currently training with a woman who she assumed was a vampire from the way she moved.

"That's right darling, make your movements tighter!" The woman said before taking a swipe at Giles. He backed away just in time, making Buffy sigh in relief.

As she watched Giles and the woman fight, she remembered Spike calling it a dance, and noticed how rhythmic their movements were. It was like they knew the other's move before he or she made it.

They moved gracefully around the floor, dodging and striking at each other every now and then. The one thing Buffy noticed the most was that Giles was smiling and had a glint of excitement in his eyes. She wondered wildly what was going through his mind. How could he enjoy fighting a vampire this much?

Then she remembered that she had felt the same way fighting with Spike. He challenged her, made her strive to win, and she enjoyed it.

"Okay Bells, that's enough for now." He said and she simply nodded before turning to meet their eyes. Buffy gasped, finally seeing her beautiful teal colored eyes. She was the most gorgeous woman Buffy had ever seen. Her body was perfect. Every curve settled in its right place and she was voluptuous in all the right places. Her abs, formed to perfection, was also smooth and tight. Her long black hair was pulled into a messy bun on the top of her head but it looked just as attractive that way.

"Ladies, this is Belladonna, and she is my mate."

"Well that was an introduction." Was all Buffy could say. This beautiful woman, vampire, was Giles' mate. Confused more than ever now, the two girls stayed silent, unable to find the right words to say.

"Bella was a co-worker of mine for a long time. She worked as a teacher here with the school helping talented witches perfect their skills. Willow, she is fluent in Galacian just like you. She is the one who taught me the language. Unfortunately, she got into a losing battle with a Vampire and ended up being turned. My love for her did not change and I soon learned that destiny had certain plans for us."

Willow smiled and felt tears forming in her eyes. "See Willow, I told you that I understand more than you think I do. I will help with Oz in any way that I can. You can trust me. He and Spike do what they can to help whenever I visit Bells."

Willow sighed and nodded, feeling grateful that for once, things were going well for her.

"Buffy, her eyes glowed silver for me like Spike's did for you. I found out later that I was chosen to be her mate. That's a sign that the vampire has found its destined mate."

Buffy felt her stomach roll in nervousness and anticipation as she remembered the flash of silver in Spike's eyes the day before.

"Oh god I think I'm going to be sick." She whispered before running to the garbage can and emptying the contents of her stomach.

When she was done, she wiped her mouth clean and sat down against the wall surrounding the arena, trying to calm her racing heart.

"Are you okay?" Willow asked, coming to sit beside her. Buffy nodded then took the bottle of water Giles' was offering.

"My mate reacted the same way Buffy, but I assure you that it's not as bad as it seems. Spike will be a good mate! I heard his Sire say that he was amazing in bed as well."

Buffy held up her hand to Bella, trying to silence her. No amount of words or encouragement would make this situation better. How in the hell had she gotten a vampire as a mate? It couldn't be true. There was no way that they would ever be together. Her job was to kill vampires, not have sex with them.

"Bells, that isn't helping."

Buffy smiled when Giles sat down and took her hand in his. "Buffy, this is a gift not many get in their lifetimes." He started. She, however, was not convinced.

"What if I say no?" She asked.

"Why would you want to say no? This is a sign that the Powers have given you the man of your dreams. No other man will be able to give you the satisfaction he can, in life and love. He is yours. He was made for you and you for him. Why would you want to give up a union that is clearly made in perfection?"

Buffy contemplated the statement, wanting to ignore how much Belladonna made sense. Even when they'd been fighting, Spike had made her feel more alive than anyone before because he pushed her, made her realize her potential. Bella was right, why would she ever want to give up something that perfect?

"He's a vampire Belladonna. How would that ever work? I'll get old and die while he will never age and keep living on."

She shook her head. "No it does not work that way. When you mate, he will tie his lifeline to yours and you'll never age. The only downfall to that is if he is in pain, so are you. If he dies, then you die. It's not that bad though because you are both strong. Together, you could be invincible."

Buffy sighed; feeling like someone had put a hundred pounds of issues on her chest.

"Is that how it works with you and Giles?" Willow asked. Buffy looked to Bella and saw the expression on her face turn from determination to sadness.

"No, I cannot mate with Giles. I am still used as a training tool for the witches and vampires. If I get killed, Giles would die. I did not want him to constantly worry about dying whenever I was in a fight. Travers rarely lets us die but we can are left in an excruciating state most days."

Buffy saw the looks that passed between the two and suddenly longed for that kind of love and passion. When Giles grasped her hand in his, she sighed so lovingly and Buffy wondered if that was how it would be between her and Spike.

"I'm not so sure about this. I would be risking a lot."

Giles nodded at Buffy's words then turned his eyes to hers, "Buffy, it would be a risk, but if you don't, you'll lose something much more valuable."

Buffy smiled wickedly, forming a plan in her mind, "I'll agree to it on one condition. We have to get Spike, Bella, and Oz the hell out of this place and run as far away as possible. I don't know how you and Willow do it but I won't see my mate hurt that way."

"It's a done deal." Giles said as he and Buffy shook hands.


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