What Beck should have said when Tori said to kiss him:

Tori: Kiss me.

Beck: Let me not.

Tori: More like you don't want to kiss me because your killer girlfriend is right there.

Beck: No. It is because I love her and only her.

Tori: Of course since you are scared of her killing you.

Beck: Please, Tori, you're acting like a b**** and you know it and accept that I love her and only her.

Tori: I am NOT a B****!

Sikowitz: Tori you are out! Beck wins.

Later in Beck's rv…

Jade: Hey…

Beck: Jade?

Jade: Thanks.

Beck: For what, Jadey?

Jade: For saying one more heartwarming thing today.

Beck: Oh, Jade, tell me you didn't think I would leave you for her.

Jade: Yeah…I kind of was…um…JEALOUS.

Beck: Well, you shouldn't be because you may be mean but still you make my day when you let me call you "Jadey".

Jade: I know now something.

Beck: What.

Jade: That no matter how many times I fall, you will always catch me.

Beck: (Kisses her forehead) Always, Jadey.

Jade: BTW, I HATE when you call me that!

Beck: Whatever you say…JADEY! (Beck laughs)

Jade: (kind of laughing too) I… hate… you!

Beck: Love you too my love.