Summary: Iruka and a group of Jounin and Chuunin are sent to retrieve one Harry Potter and protect him for the entire year. However, they should have realized that absolutely nothing as it seems. slash and darker themes.

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Character deaths, sex, Child abuse, implications of rape, mild (Perhaps) bashing of Sasuke, Kakashi, maybe Ron, and maybe Sakura. Selfish! Council.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto which belongs to Kishimoto and Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling make sure to support the official release of both fandoms.

Confirmed Pairings: Eventually Hayate/Iruka established Kotetsu/Izumo established Genma/Raidou eventually Anko/Gai implied Asuma/Kurenai pending Gaara/Luna pending Lee/Sakura pending Lee/Luna pending Tenten/Neville pending Neji/Hermione pending Lee/Hermione

Chapter One: Mission Scroll

This was not happening. This COULD NOT be happening.

Umino Iruka, a simply Chuunin of Konohagakure was being sent on a mission. Not just a mission, but one year time mission. Him as the team captain plus his OWN as well. The brunette haired man felt rather overwhelmed, sitting at his desk staring into space. Of course, the man was happy that the Hokage trusted him with an outside mission to this 'England' place! Though, it didn't stop him from wondering what he had done to impress the man so much? The man was nothing more then a simple Academy teacher! Shouldn't he have selected someone of higher rank like a Jounin? His hands circled around the scroll, struggling and debating whether or not to look at the contents of the mission scroll; the Hokage did not say NOT to look at it before he choose his team. Having his lips curl, the man leaned back onto his chair shifting his gaze towards the ceiling his mind circulating of whom to bring with him. Kotetsu and Izumo were a definite, the man thought with a tiny smile. He missed the days where the three of them fought along side each other only to be reduced to desk work and split apart with their different jobs, Iruka shook his head with a fond smile at that.

It also helped that Izumo and Kotetsu were both Ninjutsu specialist, and excelled with weaponry. Though, they were still far off from being the best in Konoha; the title of Weapon Master belonged to the Higarashi Family, in fact Iruka mused to himself looking through his memory; Higarashi Tenten was on Team Nine. Nodding slowly, nearly cringe at remembering what team she had been placed on. All of his sympathy went to her, being forced to train under Maito Gai, his mini-clone Rock Lee and of course the Hyuuga Prodigy; Neji.

A Genjutsu specialist was also needed, though Kurenai was already out of the village with her team for a mission. Iruka recalled faintly as his mind search for another candidate; Shiranui Genma, longtime friend and mentor... of things that Iruka preferred to keep to himself; had a speciality in Taijutsu and Genjutsu. The Chuunin was rather certain that the other man would enjoy going out on a mission with him, as a predatory smirk appeared upon his handsome features as he gathered up his things. Though wherever Genma went, so did Raidou. Not that Iruka minded. Raidou was a nice, if a but quiet man. Nodding his head, Iruka made a mental note to talk with Raidou just incase. After all, the instructor wasn't even sure just who was available-

"IRUUKKA!" A loud and hyper voice entered his voice, nearly catching him off guard. Tight arms wrapped around his neck and felt skin rub against the neck, Iruka had absolutely no problem placing the dark colored locks that reached his eyes.

Smiling softly, Iruka closed his eyes and relaxed into the cheerful embrace. "Hey Anko, what's up?"

The woman in question pouted, releasing the man. "How did you know it was me Ru-ru?" Folding her arms and looking at him bambi-like eyes much to the man's ire. Iruka HATED being called Ru-ru ESPECIALLY by Anko, while she was his best and closet (female) friend, there were time where he wondered if Anko was simply his friend just to embarrass him thoroughly. "Anyway," Shrugging as she began to grin rather widely," I just came from the Hokage office and guess what I heard?" Before he was even given a chance to reply the Tokubetsu Jounin answered for him. "You got an mission AND word is, your looking for a team mate!" Her smile widened cheekily much to the man's horror and realization. "Soooo?"

Iruka laughed nervously, backing up to the desk. "Sooo... what exactly?"

"Oh come ON Ruka-chan!" Iruka's eyes twitched as the woman glared at him. "Invite me on your team! Please! I promise I'll be good!" She fluttered her eyebrows rather childish and girly, Iruka was use to it though and absolutely immune. The words 'girly' were never to be associated with Mitarashi Anko. EVER. Pouting," Pleeeease Ruka I mean, who else are you going to take with you?"

"Well Kotetsu and Izumo." Iruka pipped up.

Anko snorted. "As if there was any doubt."

"I'm thinking about asking Genma-san to come along with us." Iruka told his friend the air of foolishness vanished as he regarded her carefully. "Though, your skills would work well... for whatever this mission is." He shrugged holding up the mission scroll towards her.

"You accepted a mission, and you have no idea of what to do?" Anko began slowly, raising an eyebrow. "What are you and what have you done to Iruka?"

The Chuunin snorted loudly. "Please, do you honestly think I would accept a mission without asking or being informed first?" She raised an eyebrow. "Okay, accepting THAT one mission was NOT my fault. In my defensive that Hatake asshat forced on me before leaving!" He seethed vehemently crossing his arms, and eyeing the woman with heavy disappointment. Everyone already knew how much Iruka's...dislike of Kakashi ran and his rather interesting or rather unorthodox methods. There was also the fact that Iruka had originally been against the idea of placing his honorary little brother with the silver haired man plus the Uciha heir and the Haruno girl, for the life of her and those closet to Iruka didn't really understand why he had been so against the team line up.

Unfortunately what was done, was done.

"So Kotetsu, Izumo, you and me?" Anko grinned widely before the smile vanished. "And the Senbon sucker." Her face faulted for a bit, causing the man to snicker at the comment. Sliding against the desk, the woman eyed her friend carefully. "So will is just be five?"

"...To be honest, I was thinking of asking Raidou and..." Iruka hesitated a bit as he eyed the area. "And... maybe, Hayate."

Anko sucked in her breath tightly. "Ya sure you want to do that skipper?"

"Why...?" Iruka asked sharply, eyeing her carefully. While Hayate may not be the most healthiest man in the world, the swordsman was a fellow Konoha-nin and a very nice man. If anything, Hayate deserved to be treated like every other capable Shinobi illness or not.

"Nothing." Anko quickly closed the subject not wanting it to go any further then it had to be. Forcing a smile," So what does the mission scroll say?"

Iruka tilted his head and hummed bemused. "Hehehe," A sly grin. "I don't know Anko," scratching his chin with a glint in his eyes."I think I might as well, just keep you suspense-" Before he was able to get further the weight of his body began to increase the woman jumped him stretching her arms out trying to grab the scroll. "G-get off of me Anko!"

"Give me that damn scroll!" The crazed Jounin cried out, kneeing the man in the stomach. Her fingers were just inches away from having it wrapped with in her palm, Anko licked her lips seductively as the adrenaline within her body rushed through her. She just couldn't help it; a mission outside of the village! The purple haired woman just knew that the scroll was an B or A rank mission at the very least, the giddy feeling that she had already confirmed it. As the chair began to tip over she knew that it was her chance. Stepping on Iruka's leg and absolute ignoring the painful cry that escaped her friend's lips, the woman jumped into the air and grabbed the scroll before using her free hand to balance her before landing gracefully straight onto the ground. Iruka, unfortunately landed side first. "Yosh! I've got it!" A cackle escaped her lips.

"A...nko..." Iruka gasped out, using his elbow to support himself staring at the other Shinobi. His eyes widened in horror as the woman opened the scroll watching as Anko's facial expression turned stoic and her eyes narrowed into dark slits. Standing himself up and whipping the dust off of his pants, Iruka frowned. "So what does the Mission Scroll say?"

"It's seems to be a Guard Mission." Anko murmured as her eyes ran over the scroll. "We're to retrieve one Potter Harry-san and move him to this place called the Leaky Cauldron, and protect him from there on." Turning towards the Chuunin. "The scroll always says that we'll be debriefed further about our mission by a man called Dumbledore Albus." The names definitely were not from the Elemental Countries, that much was obvious to Anko. "The team, well your team, will be divided into two different groups; Staff and student." Eyebrows knitted together. "Student and Staff? We're supposed to be teaching?" Before re-reading the scroll. "At a MAGIC school?"

Iruka groaned, he knew of course that one of them would be taking over a class but more then one? The brunette could already see just what could go wrong. "Yes Anko," Iruka stated exasperated before snatching the scroll away from her and placing it in his pocket. "I already knew about the teaching part - and what do you exactly mean we?" His eyes narrowed dangerous. He didn't like sharing his domain with just anyone, not offense to Anko of course however she really had no talent with children.

Iruka frozen as his mind registered what Anko said lastly.


Getting into a brand new country wasn't as difficult or hard as Iruka had originally thought it would be.

Now getting use to the strange and creepy perfecting looking house, was something ENTIRELY different. Izumo and Kotetsu were eyeing the houses warily, each and every last one of them looked like. Each absolute and totally perfect, no leaf was left untouched and no grass left uncut. It was quite nerving really. It took nearly all of Iruka's will power to keep walking and not try to dispell the Genjutsu (was it a genjutsu?) that was over this entire block, then the Chuunin still couldn't believe that areas...places, likes these actually existed outside horror novels. The man cringe glancing at Anko, whom was busy gripping on Genma, with Hayate looking around highly annoyed and rather agitated at the area that seemed to causing the strange nerves. He supposed the swordsman could read their body language quiet skillfully or was just really good at reading people in general-not that any of them tried to hide their discomfort.

"I'm really, really, really glad that the address had the place where the gaki is being held." Genma murmured shifting his eyes around while sucking on his senbon that was in his mouth. The Tokubetsu Jounin came along mainly because Iruka was going, Raidou would have come to if he hadn't already been assigned a mission. The honey brunette kept on eyeing the strange houses. "Man, what do these do all day? Clean to make sure everything is nice and tidy?"

Anko raised an eyebrow. "Maybe their compensating for something, who knows?" Shrugging. "Civilians are weird like that."

"Now, now don't be mean Anko." Iruka chided, though secretly agreeing with her not that he would ever admit it. The man was far to nice for insults, except of course if they were the enemy or a traitor like a certain silver haired and now dead Chuunin. Not that Iruka even cared the slightest about that bastard, the shadows of the night covered the cold and emotionless smile of the Shinobi that Iruka knew deep down that he was. While Iruka dislike killing, when push came to shove the man had no problem with eliminating the enemy. After all, a dark glint appeared within his eyes, Iruka would never allow anyone to harm those important to him. His chocolate brown eyes gazed at the numbers," 4... where is number 4?"

"Thank God that Scroll had the decency to have the address on it," Genma remarked trying to pull Anko off of him, while looking around and mentally keeping track of the numbers that passed through his eyes. His eyes danced with mirth," There it is!" pointing towards the house with a lazy grin. "Found it."

"Good work Genma-san." Iruka murmured as his Team moved closer straight towards the house, eyeing the same way they had with all the other houses. As they approach the house Iruka quickly switched with Kotetsu, whom was fluent in English for some odd reason which he never questioned or asked the other Chuunin about, along with native language of course and oddly french. Standing to the side of the door, Iruka pressed the door bell and waited as rough sounds began to echo through the house.

When the door opened, they were greeted by a rather large man that reminded Iruka of a just whale, with a mustache. "Yes?" The man asked strained, his face utterly red with anger eyeing the carefully before sneering at their appearance. "Can I help all of you?"

"I apologize for disturbing your evening, sir." Kotetsu began politely acting professional with a stoic look on his face. Clearing his throat before continuing, his eyes narrowed to look inside of the house. "My associates and I are here to retrieve one Harry Potter from your house-"

"THERE IS NO HARRY POTTER!" The man boomed loudly spitting straight into Kotetsu's face glaring, the man's red faced turned into an interesting shade of violet. "NOW GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK!" Slamming the door in their faces leaving the Konoha Team rather stunned and bewildered by that act, each of them traded a glance before raising an eyebrow at the man's emotional distress. What exactly was going on here? Kotetsu simply decided to ring the door bell again. It was the polite thing to do of course.

No one answered.

The Chuunin rang again, with Anko tapping her foot impatiently and irritably.

Iruka was also starting to get a bit impatient," Izumo?" The Chuunin looked at him. "Can you sense to see how many people are in the house?"

"Right-o!" Izumo chirped with a large grin on his face. Placing his hands together and spreading out his chakra to sense the people with in the house, three of them were sitting downstairs-the large man being one of them. Izumo was able to recognize his Chakra signature before his sense moved towards upstairs-

Izumo's eyes snapped open. "Kotetsu break the door down, NOW!"

Kotetsu didn't even need to ask, driving his fist backwards and punching it straight through the wall. The echos of screams and cries reached their ears while Kotetsu slammed another fist straight through the door, then switched his fist for his foot and kicked the door down. The loud thumb was heard as they all entered the house and saw the large man ranting with a gun, threatening to shoot them and having his wife; the woman that oddly reminded Iruka of a house to call the place. The small fat boy, was probably their cild, clinging pathetically the horse-looking woman eyeing them with fear. If there was one thing that Iruka hated, it was spoiled immature brats. It was pathetic how they constantly ran towards their parents and relied upon them for everything. The world wasn't as forgiving or kind, someone of them learned harshly while others learned far too late, this boy looked like one of them really.

The man's gun was still raised pointing towards them. "I'm warning you! I'll shoot-" The man cried out furiously, his face still a mixture of red and purple. Getting rather bored with the tedious and simplistic threat Anko rushed forward with her kunai, followed behind her was Hayate with his sword gripped with in his hands together they slashed the gun causing it to slip to the ground. Switching hands, Hayate pointed the end of his blade straight towards the man's neck while Anko, quickly shattered the telephone. Raido and Genma were outside, using Genjutsu to prevent any of them neighbors from noticing anything wrong. It wouldn't do well if civilian blood was spilled, Iruka told himself as he eyed the three dangerously. Glancing at Kotetsu and Izumo. "Where is he?"

"Upstairs," Izumo answered quickly, already making his way upstairs. "Keep them busy, while Kotetsu and I will go." The spiky haired man jumped over the railing, following Izumo upstairs. The two Chuunin made their way down the hall of the room, glancing at it carefully. Izumo's eyes shifted between the rooms trying to find the one where the child was, only for to land on it. "This one!" Launching forward, the man gripped the doorknob and began to twist it only for it not to budge. "Damn it, it's looked."

Kotetsu placed his hand on Izumo's shoulder. "Leave it to me!" Grinning, he moved in front of Izumo placing one of his hands into his pocket and pulling out a hair pin. "Hehehehe..." Kneeling downwards, the man's eyes narrowed and bit on his lip as a click was heard. "There we go!" Turning towards the other Chuunin. "This is one was far easier then the other ones!" Folding an arm over his head, while Izumo snorted with bemuse moment before opening the door.

Before them, was absolute horrifying.

The boy, whom they assumed was Harry Potter, was laying still, in his own blood. WIth no clothes on, bruises and marks absolute fresh from what they could tell.

"Thi...this is disgusting..." Izumo whispered strained.

Kotetsu nodded his head, hesitantly and slowly making his way over towards the door. "Can you hear me kid?" His voice low and soft, trying not to scare the child in question. His eyes scanned over the body, trying to figure out where to lift him. His eyes meet with a pair of dulled and despairing green eyes. "Your going to be okay, alright." The Chuunin told the boy firmly, the child stared him blankly. "Tell me where do you hurt?"

"A...all over..." The boy murmured struggling to keep his breath. The hoarse and tight voice made Kotetsu wondered when the child had eaten last let alone had something to drink. Cursing in his native language, Kotetsu carefully lifted the boy up causing him to wince visible.

Kotetsu stared at him. "Go to sleep, kid. We'll be here when you wake up." The dulled eyes were filled with questions as they slowly began to shut. Neither of the Chuunin knew if this was a good thing or a bad thing, however Izumo made sure to keep an eye on his Chakra signature to make sure the boy was alive.

As they made their way downstairs, Iruka's eyes instantly locked on to the child.

No one even saw Iruka move as he pressed his Kunai straight to the large man's neck. "You and your entirely family are sincerely LUCKY that none of us can kill you on this mission." The Chuunin stressed out coldly, his eyes filled with hatred and dark intentions. "Let me assure you, he is NEVER coming back here. Not if I have something to say about it. Got it?" His voice flat and steely like the winter, his eyes promising more then just pain and suffering towards their direction if they even made contact with the boy.

Removing his weapon, Iruka turned briskly towards the door slowly followed by Izumo and Kotetsu.

Hayate carefully placed his sword back into it's sheath before glaring at the large man. "...your worse the trash. Your a monster." Walking away, Anko hissed at them coldly before joining her team to the outside. The horse-looking woman slipped down to the floor as she wrapped her arms around her legs; placing head onto her knees. The stream of tears flowed down like a river.

Just what had she done?

Author's Note: I've always wondered what would have happened if some of the more experienced Shinobi of Konoha had gotten the protect mission rather then the Genin, mainly because I've never understood why people think that they would be assigned to such a high ranking mission. So, instead of taking that route, I did something different. Use the lesser and minor characters instead with throwing in my own little twist: What if Harry never escaped the Dursleys house after Marge got turned into a balloon? I don't think Vernon would have been happy. At all. Plus, I like Iruka better then Kakashi anyway.

Also, the reason why I think Iruka would be against Team Seven is well; how would you feel if your little brother was placed on a team that already vocalized their hatred for him? And throw in a lazy and totally less-then competent teacher like Kakashi? yeah, no. Though I'll admit, I liked Kakashi and Sakura AFTER the time skip. In the beginning? Not so much. So I'll leave it to you, the reviewers to see whether or not I should stick to bashing just Sasuke or Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi. Also for whom Harry and Naruto's pairing... don't bother asking. That was planned WAAAY ahead of time. You'll see know when I bring it in. And no, it isn't anyone from the Wizarding world. ESPECIALLY not Malfoy.

Also, I do plan to Harry to be trained to be Shinobi, I just haven't decided what to do with him:

1) Medic-Nin with Taijutsu (Male! Tsunade)

2) Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu (Minato clone)

3) Other ideas: please make sure to explain reasons why.

One more thing: I would prefer it if I received constrictive criticism rather then the "I love it! Update soon!" reviews, as much as I like those types of reviews I want to see where I am going wrong and what I can do to improve my writing. I apologize if I have offend any of you. And, anyone want to beta for me?