Extreme Ghostbusters: Parasite Eve


Prolog: Opening Night

A/N: Eduardo is eighteen. I do not own EGB or Parasite Eve

(Eduardo's POV) -

December 1997, that was a winter break that I'll never forget. I think that the only people who can are the ones who just heard about it. You know the ones that just see it from TV or heard it from another, not experiencing firsthand. Me and a police officer, her name was Aya, were smack dab in the middle of it all.

I remember, at the end, that Aya said that even though those few days were a nightmare they did bring up some forgotten memories for her. For me, the only good that came out of it was that Carlos and I got closer as brothers then we had been in a long while.

Even then, that Christmas brought more questions than answers for me. Who am I? What am I? It's just like Aya said: what if I'm a monster?

(Normal POV) -

To say that Eduardo Rivera wasn't into opera would be an understatement. He was more of a rock and roll kind of guy. So it surprised even him when he brought a ticket to the Christmas Eve show at Carnegie Hall. Carlos was instantly suspicious of Eduardo when he asked to borrow a tux. That argument continued right to the night of the show.

"Alright Eddie, just what are you trying to pull here? You and I both know that you're not into opera." Eduardo sighed as he tried to adjust his bow-tie in the mirror.

"I already told you Carlos, I don't know why I want to go. I saw it in the paper and thought that I should go. If it makes you feel better, I probably won't understand a single thing they'll say any way." The ghostbuster groaned in frustration as they bow-tie refused to remain straight. His brother gritted his teeth and grabbed Eduardo on his shoulder.

"Turn around!" Carlos spun Eduardo around and redid his bow-tie. "If you can't understand it, why waste your money?" The younger growled under his breath as the cop stepped back.

"I don't know. Call it a feeling but I think I need to see it." This caught Carlos's attention, his police instincts kicking in.

"A feeling, do you mean a hunch?" The younger shrugged and started to walk towards his room.

"Don't look too much into it." With that he closed the door. What Carlos didn't know was that the feeling Eduardo got scared him so much that after he brought the ticket four months ago, he also brought a gun and applied for a license to carry a concealed weapon. He was bringing both to the opera tonight.

(At the show ) -

After showing his ticket to the usher, Eduardo went into the bathroom to readjust the strap to his holster. He went into one of the stalls and locked the door. As he adjusted the strap he heard two people walk in.

"I can't believe that Melissa was able to keep the lead part."

"I know! With all of those pills she takes you would think that she would just stay in the hospital or be a junkie by now."

"Hey now! You know that she had that transplant! She needs those pills. Besides, that's no way to talk to your co-star."

"She had that transplant how many years ago and she's still taking pills? Anyway, if it wasn't for her, Suzanne would have been my co-star!"

"That wasn't her fault!"

"Wasn't it? We all heard Melissa say it. She would have sold her soul to get the lead part! The next thing you know, Suzanne's place is up in flames and she's too burned to play the part!" Eduardo started to get a sickening feeling in his gut.

"You're putting blame on a person who wasn't there." The voice paused. "Come on, it's almost time for the actors to get ready." There was a sound of the bathroom door opening and the actors were gone. Eduardo left the stall and leaned up against a sink.

"Again I'm getting a bad feeling about this. I hope I'm wrong about this, like I am all other times." He left the bathroom and ran into a woman in a red dress.


"Sorry!" He helped her up. "Are you o.k.?" She nodded as she brushed down her dress.

"It's fine, I'm fine." She smiled up at him, wringing her hands together. Eduardo raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure you're alright? If you don't mind me saying, you look nervous." The woman looked at Eduardo worryingly.

"Is it that obvious?"

"A little bit."

"Oh! It's just that tonight's crowd is so much bigger than last time! What if I mess up?" Eduardo smiled a little bit.

"If the crowd's bigger than last time that means you did great! Just relax and you'll do fine." The woman smiled.

"Thanks uh,…"

"Eduardo Rivera, but just call me Eduardo."

"I'm Melissa Pearce." Eduardo froze but managed to cover it up with a chuckle.

"No wonder you're nervous, you play the lead girl. Like I said before, don't worry about it and you'll do fine." She laughed but stopped suddenly when she glanced at the clock.

"Oh no! We're going to be late!" Eduardo's eyes grew wide.

"Shoot!" As he turned to go to his seat, Melissa grabbed his wrist.

"Where will you be sitting during the show?" With his other hand Eduardo reached into his pocket and pulled out his ticket.

"Bottom level, to the right facing the stage, and what looks to be the center of that section." She nodded and let go of his hand.

"Alright, I hope you enjoy the show."

"I'm sure I will." With that Eduardo went to his seat.

As the show went on, the ghostbuster started to relax more and more.

'I should come here more often. It's pretty good for an opera. A woman is cursed and a handsome prince wants to marry her but has to ask his father for permission. Wait a minute. Shouldn't the guy ask the girl's father for permission? Whatever, I wonder what the old man will say.'

"Father, please give me permission to marry Eva!" The older actor glared at the young couple.

"I forbid it! You know what will happen if you do! Those who succumb to her beauty all die in horrible ways!" It was hard for Eduardo to hold in his laughter, he recognized those voices.

'This is perfect! The rude guy is the kind prince and the kind man is the cruel king!'

"You don't understand! She is the one that has suffered after the deaths." Here the prince acted like he was comforting 'Eva'.

'No wonder he's ticked about Suzanne not getting the part. The prince and 'Eva' have a lot of close scenes together.' The king gestured to the knight beside him.

"She is evil! Guard, grab her and burn her at the stake!" At this the knight moved forward but the prince held up his hand to stop him.

"Father! If you are sentencing her to death…then I ask that you take my life along with hers!"

"Eduard!" The actors paused and 'Eve' turned towards the audience.

'This must be Melissa's solo. Knock them dead chica!' Eduardo couldn't help it, for some reason he felt that he had to wish Melissa luck. Then, for a moment before she would sing, Melissa got a surprised look on her face and glanced to where Eduardo was sitting. She caught Eduardo's eye and, after he gave her a thumbs up, smiled.

Eduardo leaned back into his seat as Melissa began to sing. He glanced towards the stage and froze.

'Wait a minute! Are those …green eyes? Melissa has brown eyes!' Then something horrible happened. Melissa's co-stars combusted into flames! The prince jumped into the crowd and then the knight set the curtains on fire!

"Shit!" There was panic in the audience as some of them caught on fire as well. Eduardo ducked as a guest from the balcony fell off right in front of him. Suddenly someone grabbed his wrist. Eduardo glanced up and froze again. "Melissa?"

He turned toward the stage. 'Melissa' was still singing. Eduardo turned back.

"That's not you on stage, is it?" The actress shook her head, pulling on his arm. Instead of leading him towards the entrance to the theater, Melissa led Eduardo behind the stage. She turned back and that's when Eduardo noticed that he could see straight through her. "Melissa?" She held a finger to her lips. A creaking sound could be heard.

"Trust me…" The ground underneath Eduardo gave way. His vision went black.