Extreme Ghostbusters: Parasite Eve


Chapter Three: Resonance

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Aya walked out of the room and almost straight into Eduardo.

"Whoa! Jeez Eduardo, you almost gave me a heart attack." The Latino raised his hands in surrender.

"Take it easy, chica. I'm not one of those rats." Aya noticed he had a book in one hand and a key in the other.

"Where did you get those?"

"In Melissa's room…"

"How did you get the key?" He gestured towards the room behind Aya.

"It was beside the body. I meant to tell you earlier but you ran off." She nodded.

"What about that book?" Eduardo handed it to her.

"I found it open on her desk. From what I've read, tonight might not have been a random event." She glared at him.

"You've read someone else's journal? She's the suspect but that doesn't give you the right to invade her privacy!" He rolled his eyes.

"Just read it."

November 3/Mon/

The Christmas show is set. This has been my dream! The main actress has a solo concert at the theater in Central Park. I took all that medication to get here. I HAVE to get the lead part! I'll even sell my soul to the devil if I have to.

November 17/Mon/

The cast was announced and Suzanne and I are double cast. I want to play the part alone, but everyone knows she's good...

November 21/Fri/

I think I'm overdoing it. My body is getting hotter than ever for some reason. I'd better take more medicine.

December 6/Sat/

I collapsed today. I lost consciousness after my body got hot. I don't care if I die. I just want to get through this show.

December 10/Wed/

I passed out again... They told me to go to the doctor and get some rest. If this continues, Suzanne will definitely take my part. I need to get better. I'd better take a lot of medication tonight.

December 11/Th/

Suzanne was burned in an apartment fire. Is it because I wanted the part so bad? God, forgive me...

December 17/Wed/

It looks like I'll be the lead. I'd better take more medication and work it.

December 23/Tu/

Opening night. Everything went smoothly. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We should have the biggest crowd of the season. And...I have the solo concert the next day at the park. But I'm not feeling well. I'd better shape up if I want to get through this. I'd better take more medication.

"Why is she taking so much? She must have a drug problem..." Eduardo shrugged.

"Her and about everyone else down here. I'm more concerned about all those black outs. She might have split personality disorder."

"Split personality wouldn't burn all those people."

"One way to find out." Eduardo held up the key. When they unlocked the door, sure enough, Melissa was sitting at a piano.

"Don't say anything and follow my lead." She pulled out her gun and aimed it at the actress. With reluctance, Eduardo did the same.

"I'm...Melissa...I'm...NO...! I'm...I... I am... I...am... "Eve"...! Aaah...! I'm... I'm...getting hot!" Eduardo glanced over to Aya.

"I told you."

"Shut up."

"Nucleic domination has finally come to an end once and for all." Both Eduardo and Aya faced Melissa at this.

"What?" There was a clang of keys as Melissa slammed her hands on the keyboard. Aya and Eduardo watched in horror as the actress started to mutate. When it was done a new voice came from the body.

"Once again...the day for the mitochondria to be free has finally arrived!" Aya glanced towards Eduardo.

"Told you."

"Y-yep." He gulped. The mutant glared at the ghostbuster.

"This is something that does not concern you." Suddenly Eduardo's clothes were lit on fire!

"Eduardo!" But Eduardo didn't move. He looked at his body in wonder.

"I don't feel it." Instinct took over. "Don't touch me!" With that thought the fire dispersed. But a wind started to pick up in the room. "Don't mess with me!"

"Eduardo?" Aya asked. But he didn't answer; his eyes were void of all emotion. He lifted a hand and the wind suddenly struck 'Eve', throwing her back into a wall. "Shit!" That seemed to snap Eduardo out of it. He stared at his hand.

"W-what did I just do?" Before Aya could answer, Eve got back up.

"This is interesting…" With that she charged at Aya. The police officer dodged, causing Eve to be if front of both combatants. They fired, but it didn't seem to do anything to Eve. A green light appeared in the mutant's hands. She faced her palms out and the light turned to beams. One of them got Eduardo in the thigh.


"Next time dodge!" Aya screeched as she continued to fire. She couldn't really say much as right after that Eve slammed one of her hands into the blonde. "Aurgh!" Eduardo fired but Eve didn't do anything else. She floated back and regarded the two humans in front of her.

"Looks like you still need some time, girl...until your mitochondria is completely FREE..."

"Mitochondria? What're you saying? I don't understand you!" Aya looked like she was about to take a step forward but froze."

"Aya? Aya! Come on chica, this is not the time to be day dreaming!" Eduardo rushed over, hoping to snap her out of whatever she was in. A shadow loomed over him and the teen looked up at what used to be a kind woman.

"She is merely starting to remember. However…" The mutant grabbed him by the neck, lifting him into the air. "I am curious as to why you are immune." As she watched, flecks of green appeared in Eduardo's eyes. He glanced down and Eve's arm caught on fire. She released him and mumbled to herself. "Is it possible? Was she successful?"

Eve went behind the piano. She winked at Eduardo and then burst into flames. Eduardo covered his eyes from the bright light. When he put his arm down, the mutant was gone.


"Mitochondria...to be free?" Eduardo turned towards Aya.

"Well looks who's back in the world of the used to be normal. Are you alright?"

"Where'd she go?" He pointed to the piano.

"Last time I saw her she was behind the piano."

"The last time you saw her?"

"Hey! She burst into flames! If I didn't look away then I would have been blinded." They started to walk around the piano. There was a hole in the floor. "Looks like she went down there."


"What's wrong?" Aya sighed and turned to him.

"It's going to be even more dangerous down there. You should head back." The Latino shook his head.

"Who's to say that I wouldn't run into more of those rats? This way you can keep an eye on me." Aya smiled a little bit.

"Thanks." They jumped down the hole.

"Aw man!" Eduardo groaned as he slipped in the water. "Now I'm going to stink!" He glanced up when Aya didn't say anything. She seemed like she was looking at something.

"You're the little girl I saw at the theater! Are you lost?" Eduardo looked around but didn't see anything. "Wait, little girl! Don't go!"

"This sewer smell must be getting to her…"

'Just because you can not see something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.' Eduardo froze.

"That voice again…" A sound caused him to look up. Out of the corner of his eye Eduardo saw a new kind of mutant. He quickly raised his gun. "Aya! Get down!" She turned just as the bullets whizzed by her face.

"Watch i- ah!" Something long and slippery wrapped around her leg and dragged her into the darkness.

"Aya!" She twisted to find a mutated frog opening his mouth wide. Thankfully, after a few shots, the frog died. Eduardo held out his hand and pulled Aya up. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, thanks." She tried to wring out her dress. "Urgh… I'm going to smell like garbage."

"A quart of scalding water and ten cups of Tide will get that out. You might have to repeat the cycle a few times." After that Eduardo refused to look at the officer.


"In my line of work you could end up in some very weird places." They came to a gate.

"Eve's on the other side!" Aya slammed her hand on the switch and the gate went up. The two ran in front of the mutant. "Eve, hold it right there!" The woman clutched at her chest. "My body's getting hot again!" Eve laughed.

"Aya's ready to take me on with just her pet. Well, even if did have more people with you, they'd just burn, right? Everyone else, but you two are..."

"Hey! Who are you calling a pet?" Eduardo started to move forward but Aya through her hand out.

"Calm down." She addressed Eve. "Tell us, Eve! Why us? Why are we the only ones?"

"You'll find out. Eventually...Even if you don't understand don't worry, your mitochondria will. They've always known..." Eve turn towards Eduardo. "You've always known." This time she addressed both. "I'm going to give you some time; some time to think and some time to evolve. The day shall arrive when you will awaken..."

Eve turned around and started floating towards another gate. Aya and Eduardo raised their guns. Suddenly Eve turned into a mass of orange goo and passed through the bars, reforming on the other side. She smirked at the two and continued on her way. Aya and Eduardo stared at her in shock.

"What a show off!" Eduardo groaned.

"Come on! She's getting away!" She took two steps before Eduardo called out.

"Aya wait!"

"What?" Eduardo looked around at his feet the curiously at the officer.

"Don't you feel that?" Aya stood still. There! She felt it.

"The water's vibrating." Eduardo nodded.

"Yeah, it's like a slow base. Wait…" Eduardo got a scared look on his face. "I've seen this before!"


"Jurassic Park, it's the scene where the T. Rex attacks the cars." If it was any other day, Aya would have smacked him. Obviously today is not like any other. They started to back up.

"There's no way a T-Rex would be down here. They're long gone." Eduardo saw movement in the water in front of them. A large monster rose up, electricity sparking from its jaws.