Closet full of Secrets

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Sneaky Onnas

Chi-Chi was trying to set the table for lunch as the phone rang for the umpteenth time today. Damn! Why won't they stop calling? You would think that they would get the memo that I'd rather not talk to them. Chi-Chi thought.

Her thoughts were interrupted as a very familiar voice boomed into the house.

"Hey, Chi what's for lunch? It smells good." Goku said as he walked in with a sleeping Goten draped over his shoulders.. He was back from training with his youngest son. Gohan was too busy studying with Videl, to train at the moment. And it didn't look like he would be back for lunch.

"Well I have sushi, mochi, tempura, domburi, onigiri, Shougayaki, sashimi, and a mixture of soba and sanuki udon noodles." Chi-Chi said as she placed the dishes on the table. Goku's eyes widen at the feast Chi-Chi had prepared. He was entirely oblivious to the phone ringing in the background. He even forgot that Goten was on his back, until the little one said something.

"DOMBURI!" Goten shouted instantaneously. He kicked and desperately tried to get out of his father's grasp. But, he failed. "Otousan please put me down. I WANT some DOMBURI!" Goten shouted once again. Goku stopped his drooling, and turned to look at his little son over his right shoulder. He grinned at the fit Goten was throwing because he was hungry. Nicely, Goku place Goten down. Soon, the spiky haired little version of Goku, wore the same expression on his face when he saw all the food on the table.

"First you two have to clean up," Chi-Chi said as she placed the final dish on the table and turned to see the expression on Goten's face.

"Awwww, please Okaasan. I'm so hunnnngrrry." Goten whined.

"You're dirty, and coming to the table in such a way would show you have bad manners. It's as if how you eat isn't bad enough." Chi-Chi mumbled at the end.

"Come on. PLEAASSSE Okaasan. After lunch we're going to train again, so we really don't need to clean up just to get dirty later." Goten whined some more as he got closer to Chi-Chi and pulled on her kimono. Goku stood at the door and folded his arms as he smirked at the scene before him. He could see his wife was starting to give in. And who wouldn't with Goten's big puppy dog eyes? The phone still kept ringing.

"Goten.." Chi-Chi started, but he just responded with another, "Okaasan, please."

"Yeah, please Okaasan." Goku playfully teased as he grinned even more. Chi-Chi slightly blushed, but she brushed off the feeling she got from the little words he just said to her as she looked down at Goten, whom refused to stop tugging on her kimono. He wore a baffled expression. Then, unexpectedly he released his grip on her outfit to turn his head around towards the smirking Goku.

"Otousan. Okaasan isn't your Okaasan right?" Goten asked as his eyebrows furrowed on his forehead. Goku was sort of puzzled at this kind of question, yet he responded with a hesitant no.

"Then, why you called her Okaasan? And wouldn't that make you my Onisan ?" Goten continued to question as he still looked perplexed. Goku was speechless, while Chi-Chi failed at keeping a disgusted expression off of her face.

"Oh, Kami NO! That would be nasty if your father was your brother." Chi-Chi quickly answered for Goku.

"Why would that be nasty?" Goten innocently asked as he looked back and forth between Goku and Chi-Chi.

"Because… you can't do that with blood relatives." Goku slowly replied.

"I still don't get it. Do what? What would you do for it to be nasty? And if it's nasty why would you do it?" Goten asked. Because of Goten's multiple questions, Goku instantly glanced at Chi-Chi. He needed her help with this one. But, Chi-Chi was too busy trying and failing horribly at suppressing her crimson red blush.

"Oh, do you hear that? I think the phone's ringing. Can't answer your question Goten, since I have to go answer it!" Goku immediately and uneasily said smiling while he moved his eyes from his inquisitive son to the phone on the kitchen wall.

OH shit! Don't answer that phone! Chi-Chi yelled in her head as she ran and stopped by the phone.

"I-I got it Goku." Chi-Chi stammered almost too loud as she grabbed his hand from picking up the phone. Goku gave her a questioningly look. Most of the time (more like every time) the phone rang Chi-Chi would soon be the one to answer it. And this time, he noticed that she took her precious time answering it. Also, after Goten began pleading, Goku noticed how the phone kept ringing and how Chi-Chi obviously ignored it.

"Who is it?" Goku asked as his hand steadily neared the phone, despite the fact that Chi-Chi had hers on his. He was just about to pick it up. But swiftly Chi-Chi decided to use both of her hands to pull his one back as she pushed her body directly between Goku and the phone. Goku was taken aback from sudden actions.

"I-It's no one but a telemarketer." Chi-Chi nervously said as she still held his hand with both of hers. He could easily tell that she was lying. Goku could sense and feel as Chi-Chi's heart pace quicken. And after years of being with wife he knew that when she stuttered, she was lying. He was about to object and call her out on it, until he saw that her face turned a dark red as her eyebrows had wrinkled. And she looking past his shoulders, extremely pissed.

"GOTEN! IF YOU DON'T YOU PUT THAT FOOD DOWN THIS INSTANCE!" Chi-Chi yelled from the top of her lungs. Goku, obviously startled at Chi-Chi's abrupt reaction, released his hand from Chi-Chi's grip so he could look at his son gulp down a bowl full of DOMBURI!

"GOTEN AND GOKU GO CLEAN UP NOW, or so HELP ME KAMI I will NOT cook DINNER!" Chi-Chi screamed with her hands balled up at her sides. But before she even said dinner, Goten had swallowed a loaf of bread and ran to the bathroom as Goku hurriedly followed behind him. Once they left the room, Chi-Chi leaned her forehead up against the wall as she deeply sighed.

Thank Kami, for Goten's appetite. I feel bad for yelling at him. I'll definitely make him a cake later; after all he unknowingly helped me with the situation at hand. If he hadn't started eating then I wouldn't have a real reason to yell and distract Goku. Then nothing would have stopped Goku from picking up the phone. Speaking of this phone, I think it's time to give this annoying baka a piece of my mind. They won't stop calling! Chi-Chi angrily thought as she lifted her head up and answered the phone.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE CA…" Chi-Chi didn't have time to finish her so-called greeting as the person at the other end of the phone started screaming into her ear. After that person stopped screaming and throwing a fit through the phone, Chi-Chi was still completely frustrated. She was way too frustrated, to notice that a spiky head had briefly poked from around the corner. Goku was carefully listening in on Chi-Chi's conversation.

"What do you want Bulma? Was that you calling me for the past 3 HOURS? Chi-Chi almost yelled. She had to keep her voice low enough so Goku wouldn't be able to hear.

"Well, if you PICKED up the phone EARLIER, you would know that this is only my second time calling you." Bulma coldly stated.

"Stop being such a drama queen… I didn't answer you right away because you-know-who kept calling. And I thought that you were them." Chi-Chi quietly said. She had somehow calmed down, even though Bulma had raised her at her. But the tone in Bulma's response instantly changed when Chi-Chi told her this.

"…They were calling you too?" Bulma softly and hesitantly asked.

"Yeah…" Chi-Chi whispered.

"SHIT… This ISN'T good!" Bulma said.

"What would they want after all this time? I thought they would leave us in peace." Chi-Chi said worryingly.

"I don't know, but we have to talk about this at a later time. Vegeta's coming." Bulma hastily said. And Chi-Chi could hear him in the background. Meanwhile, Goku thought it was time to clean up, considering the fact that his stomach "slightly" rumbled. Thank Kami, Chi-Chi was too occupied with the conversation on the phone. Plus, he had got just enough information as he could at the moment.

"ONNA, didn't you hear me calling you. And just who in the HELL are you talking to? Vegeta questioned.

"None of your damn business, Vegeta." Bulma replied as she turned her back to him.

"You are my damn business, ONNA." Vegeta stated as he immediately took the phone from Bulma. She swung at him and tried to get back the phone. But, he just calmly held her back with one hand.

"WHO in the fuck is this talking to my mate?" Vegeta furiously asked through the phone.

"Vegeta?" Chi-Chi questioned. What in the hell is he doing on the phone? Chi-Chi thought.


"I'm not a harpy, JACKASS." Chi-Chi spat. Vegeta was taken back from this insult. Sure Bulma always had sly comebacks at him, but had she ever called him such a name? No. No, she hadn't. Vegeta was fuming. The vein on his forehead was throbbing ferociously, and Bulma had briefly stopped trying to retrieve the phone when she saw the deadly expression on Vegeta's face.

"Do you have a death wish you bitch? You can't talk to the prince of.." Vegeta was about to say, but Chi-Chi cut him off.

"ALL SAIYANS. Yeah, yeah, yeah I heard that all before. First of all, the only one who should be boasting about being royalty is me, since I CAN STILL rule over a VAST population if I chose to. Secondly, how in the hell can you still be a prince, when there's a population of 5 saiyans left?" Chi-Chi joked and laughed. Then she continued, "Like come on what kind of rules are you going to make over your KINGDOM after your coronation, PRINCE VEGETA-SAMA? (Chi-Chi laughs again and continues) And lastly, I DARE YOU TO TOUCH ME. Last time I checked Goku would fuck you up. Now put Bulma back on the got damn phone." Chi-Chi spat.

If anyone could see Vegeta right now, they would witness him transforming into a Super Saiyan and throwing things around the room while Bulma picked up the phone he dropped. Vegeta had been put in his place, and he COULDN'T believe it. Neither could Bulma. After a good minute, Vegeta calmed down and slightly glared at Bulma.

"Tell that fucking harpy, that I'm coming over there to beat the shit out of her husband. Then I'm going to handle her." Vegeta coldly stated with a blank expression as he left the room. After he exited, Bulma finally talked into the phone.

"What did YOU do?" Bulma asked. Her tone was almost livid, but there was a sense of amazement behind it.

"He called me a harpy and bitch, so I hit him where it hurts." Chi-Chi replied nonchalantly. She had heard Vegeta in the background, but could care less. Before Bulma could respond, Goku and Goten ran into the room to take a seat at the table.

"I'll talk to you later Bulma, Goku and Goten are here." Chi-Chi said as she hung up the phone. She made sure she said Bulma's name loud enough for Goku to hear her. She wanted for him to stop questioning who was calling. And by saying Bulma's name out loud, she was telling some part of the truth. Then she walked over the table and sat down with her family who hungrily feasted upon the food before them.


Goku fell onto him and Chi-Chi's bed. He was overly exhausted. And to think he had wanted to make sweet passionate love to his wife tonight, after he somehow convinced her to tell him what was going on earlier. Why in the hell did Vegeta have to show up after lunch? He was going to question his wife, right before his hot-headed self busted through the door, tearing it off its hinges. He then had shouted, "Outside now Kakarot. Right now, the future of your mate depends on it." Goku just got up and followed Vegeta outside. He didn't question him. Goku believed Vegeta had mood swings, and that it was best to go along with the flow.

The entire situation with Vegeta was surprising, not the winning part. Goku knew he would win. He can turn super saiyan 3 and Vegeta can't. It was after he and Vegeta had finished sparring, when the surprise came. They had multiple abrasions, a few lacerations, and were aching all over on the ground. The silence was soon broken as Vegeta asked about foolish Earth onna ways. He didn't quite get why his mate wouldn't tell him who was calling earlier on the phone. It was astonishing to Goku that Vegeta was having the same problem as he was. But the problem didn't get solved. As soon as Goku said he was eavesdropping on Chi-Chi and was having the same problem, Vegeta dropped the conversation. He had said that he wasn't about to become a pussy and be on the same low-scum level of Kakarot by talking of such things.

Goku just shook his head at the flashback that played in his mind. He needed to talk to Chi-Chi, but she was taking a shower and he was nodding off to sleep. In fact, if anyone could look at the Son house they would see that everyone was in the bed except Chi-Chi and Gohan. He had to stay over with Videl for an important 'school project' for Physics.

Soon, despite Goku's protests, he lost the fight against exhaustion. And he fell asleep as Chi-Chi came out of the bathroom in her short lavender silk nightgown. She then cut the light off in the room before she got into the bed. Chi-Chi got comfortable in Goku's arms as she tried to fall asleep.


I'm thirsty. Bulma thought as she awoke from her 'slumber.' To tell you the truth, she couldn't sleep, despite the muscular arm comforting her as it held onto her waist in the bed. Lazily, Bulma tried to move the arm, so she could get out the bed. After thirty minutes of struggling, Bulma somehow broke free from Vegeta's grasp. She smiled back at her adoring husband as she grabbed her robe off the floor to shield her perfectly sculpted naked body. Bulma then slowly crept out of their room.

Bulma walked down the steps and entered the dark kitchen. She didn't bother to turn on the lights as the moon shining through the windows gave a sufficient amount of lighting for her to get around in the kitchen. She sluggishly walked across the tile floor to open the oversized silver refrigerator with one hand as she wiped her eyes with the other. And as Bulma was about to look into the refrigerator, she suddenly halted. The pitter patter of medium sized feet was heard.

What was that? Bulma thought. Still holding the refrigerator door open, she squinted her eyes as she scanned the enormous kitchen before her to see nothing.

I guess sleep will soon overcome me, since I'm hallucinating right about now. Bulma thought as she bent to grab a canned drink from the refrigerator. As she slowly closed the door, her drink fell from her hand and fizzed crazily on the tiled floor. There, someone stood before her. They smirked in the darkness. Bulma couldn't see their face, but she knew exactly who it was. Sweat started to build up and traveled down her face. Her knees gradually began to tremble. And her breathing became extremely shallow. Bulma was completely horrified. She desperately wanted to run and scream, but her mind was numb and her body felt paralyzed.

As the dark figure before her slowly began to approach her, Bulma tried to work up the nerve to move away, and she just about did. Until, the hairs on the back of her neck had suddenly stood up. Hot breath then tickled the back of her neck and sent frightful tremors down Bulma's spine. That tremble was enough to finally make Bulma want to scream and run. But that person swiftly covered her mouth as they grabbed her from behind. Bulma then disappeared within the darkness.


"BULMA!" Chi-Chi yelled as she suddenly sat up. Goku continued to snore, while Chi-Chi scanned the room. She was sweating profusely and her head was spinning.

I have to help Bulma! Chi-Chi thought. She had to pry her husband's arm off, which was still around her waist, before she could stand next to the bed. Now, Chi-Chi was panicking and completely terrified. They had came after all even though they promised to leave her and Bulma alone…. But standing here being scared of them won't help the situation at all.

The look of pure horror left Chi-Chi's face as it was replaced by an unwavering one. Chi-Chi quietly ran to her dresser to grab some matching pajama pants. Then she hurried over to grab her shoes from the closet.

She thought long and hard about what she was going to do next, as she stared at Goku sleeping soundly in the bed. He mustn't know. Chi-Chi thought before she disappeared into the darkness after Bulma.



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