Closet Full of Secrets

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Surrounded by Liars

"I told you to let Akane, Noriko, or some other guard guide us through the palace, but nooooo. You're the oh-so-smart one." Chi-Chi complained as she followed behind Bulma. However, Bulma suddenly stopped as she peeked around a corner.

"Didn't you hear me? Don't ignore me Bulma!" Chi-Chi almost yelled.

"NO, ssssh. Shut the hell up Chi. Speak of the devil, look around here." Bulma instructed her to do. Chi-Chi, a bit of interested, peeked around the corner.

"Did yuo do it?" she asked the old maid.

"Yes. Extalcy hwo yuo weishd. But may I aks wyh aer yuo diong it?"

"It's a baukcp paln for teh two ginog on teh miiossn. I'll htae to see if smoehting hepapns to tehm. Tyhe're lkie my sestirs."

"But waht aubot teh udnerliyng cosnpiarcy yuo tealkd aubot. Wno't tehy see tihs as traeosn?"

"I raelly dno't crae aynmroe." Akane said to the maid as she walked off in the opposite direction. Bulma turned her head around to Chi-Chi.

"Did you get that?" Bulma whispered with an arrogant smirk.

"Understood it completely. You know what this means." Chi-Chi mumbled with a smile. But that soon dropped as the maid appeared right behind a grinning Bulma.

"What is it Chi?" Bulma said as she slowly turned her head around to face that woman that Chi-Chi stared at.

"Waht aer yuo two diong hree? Shuodln't yuo be perpraing for yuor miiossn?" the old maid asked with a nice yet worried look upon her face.

"Who aer yuo to qesution tehm miad?" Norio spat as he came out of nowhere. A scowl came across the old maid's face as she angrily turned to walk away.

"She's not supposed to know about that mission. And servants shouldn't question the ignorant. She doesn't even know that you can't speak your native tongue. Just follow me." Norio demanded from the two. They shook their head in "agreement" as they trailed behind Norio in through the various hallways. After a few minutes, they finally reached their destination. Norio typed in the special code and opened the door to let Bulma and Chi-Chi go in.

"You two will need to get certain equipment before you go retrieve Miki." Norio said as he let the door close. Bulma and Chi-Chi turned their head around to see the queen standing before them in the room. She was dressed in her normal attire which was a creamy white gown with a large golden diamond encrusted crown upon her head that had her beautiful dark blue hair pinned up.

"Are you ready?" The queen asked.

"As we'll ever be." Chi-Chi indifferently replied.

"You have to take out the device given to you before you can begin." The queen said, trying her best to ignore Chi-Chi's tone. But once the queen said that, both Chi-Chi and Bulma appeared a little anxious.

Bulma was fidgeting with her fingers as she hesitantly said, "About that…We kind of planted it in our bodies."

"YOU WHAT?" The queen shouted.

"I mean, we didn't think we would ever need to take it out." Chi-Chi uneasily added.

The queen heavily sighed as she rubbed her temples and closed her eyes. Then she opened her eyes to stare at the two. Eventually a small and kind smile came across her face as she said, "What else can I expect from you two? We'll let's take the device out and then you can go bring Manami back."


Goku woke up to discover that his wife wasn't in his bed. However, the familiar smell of food had crept its way to his nose. He inhaled the mouthwatering scent and let his nose lift him out of the bed. But, he got tangled in the covers and fell right on his face on the floor.

"Ow..OW." Goku said as rubbed his red face. After the red color drained from his face, he removed the cover and got up from the floor. As he was dusting himself off, he noticed that the aroma had vanished. Worried, he ran off to the kitchen. There standing right near the unhinged door was Vegeta. And he was surrounded by empty dishes. Goku was so stunned by the sight that he didn't have a chance to say anything yet.

"Glad to see you finally woke. I came over here to see where my mate was. I can tell she's…"

"Vegeta…" Goku paused as he bowed his head in anger. "What happened to all the food?"

"How I in the hell am I supposed to know? You think I ate it and all the food in your pathetic house."

"YOU DID WHAT?" Goku yelled as he ran to check the pantries, which were empty. Then he checked the refrigerator, it was empty too.

"Why are you here?" Goku shouted as he tried to calm himself down by only thinking of other places in the house that might have food.

"To find my mate." Vegeta simply stated as he shrugged his shoulders.

"She's not here and you ate my food!" Goku yelled, finally realizing that there was no food at all in the house. He charged up ready to attack Vegeta.

"What do you mean she's not here? Damn it all!" Vegeta said as he suddenly exploded, blowing up all of earth. Yes, exploded. As in BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM.

Goku snapped up in the bed. His heart was racing and his mind was puzzled. He placed his hand over his chest as he calmed himself down. It was all a dream. A terrible, terrible dream. Goku thought. He then turned his head to the side, noticing that his wife was not in the bed. And the familiar breakfast smell, by which he always looked forward to, was barely present in the house. Goku was a bit bothered by this as he tried to get out the bed, but he got tangled in the covers and fell right on his face on the floor.

"Ow..OW." Goku said as he rubbed his face. Deja-vu, he thought as he removed the bed sheets from his legs and got up from the floor. He left his room to head towards the kitchen, where the source of the vague smell was most likely located.

Upon reaching the kitchen, Goku's face changed into an extremely pissed off one. Vegeta was standing right there in the same exact spot. The doors were off its hinges again. And Vegeta was surrounded by empty dishes.

"Glad to see you finally woke. I came over here to see where my mate was. I can tell she's…

"Deja-freaking-vu" Goku said as his eyes narrowed. Vegeta looked at Goku liked he lost his got damn mind. He was about to ask what was his problem, when he realized he really didn't care. Plus, Goku had continued to say,"You're here because of Bulma right."

"How did you know? You know where my mate is, don't you?" Vegeta accused. Goku ignored him as he bowed his head in anger again.

"What happened to all the food…Vegeta?" Goku demanded to know with his tone.

"How I in the hell am I supposed to know? You think I ate it and all the food in your pathetic house. Why yes I did. I did not come over here to look for my mate so she can fix the gravity room. NOOOO. I came over here to eat all of your harpy's country cooking."


Goku punched Vegeta right in the face, knocking him through the nearby wall. Vegeta immediately recovered and instantly turned into an ascended super saiyan.

"First you eat all my food. Then you insult my wife. And then you ate my food!" Goku yelled.


Vegeta tried to strike Goku, but he blocked. "Stop talking and fight!" Vegeta stated as they began to furiously fight as Super Saiyan 2.

After 15 minutes….

"What are you two doing?" Krillin asked as he stood on the ground in front of Goku's house. The power given off from these two was so great that Krillin and the others thought something serious was going on. Now Krillin, Goten, Yamacha, Puar, Tien, Chaotzu, and some random robot stood there realizing that it wasn't.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm beating this scum's ass!" Vegeta said from the air.

"No you're not." Goku retorted as he appeared right before Vegeta again to resume their intense fight.

"Why are you two even fighting?" Yamacha asked again as he called out to them in the air.

"He ate all the food in my house." Goku angrily said as he blocked one of Vegeta's fists. An expression of what the fuck crossed everyone's face, except Goten and the random robot.

With such expression still on his face, Krillin walked inside the house and checked the pantries, refrigerator, and oven.

"Uhh…Goku there's still food in the house. And a lot of it if I may add." Krillin yelled loud enough for Goku to hear.

"What?" Goku said completely shocked as he paused in the fight. This created an opening and allowed Vegeta to deal a punch that sent Goku flying to the ground. His body crashed into the ground, creating an oversized crater. Vegeta soon landed on the ground as he powered down. Goku came out the crater in an instance, like nothing happened. He then walked up to Krillin to ask, "So who ate my food?"

"No one did Otousan. Me and Oniisan ate what was cooked for us and then the robot wrapped your food up. The robot would've cleaned up the dishes but I wanted it to see all of the things it could do." Goten merrily replied.

"Oh…Really?" Goku said as he smiled and sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

"I think you owe me a damn apology, you baka." Vegeta stated, still extremely pissed off.

"But if I hadn't started fighting you then you would've exploded, when you figured out that Bulma isn't here." Goku innocently said. Yamacah, Tien, Chaotzu, and Krillin looked crazily at Goku for saying Vegeta would've exploded. Then they remembered how he tried to defeat Majiin Buu, so they shook their head in agreement. However, another only got one part of his sentence.

"She's what? I'm getting tired of these damn games. I need my gravity room fixed so I can train. And she's out and about like she doesn't have a care in the world" Vegeta said as he rubbed his temples in frustration.

"Hmmmm." Goku said as he cupped his chin with his hand.

"What?" Tien asked.

"Chi-Chi's not here either." Goku responded as he dropped his hand from his face.

"Oh REALLY, I NEVER would've guessed." Vegeta stated with heavy sarcasm.

Goku obviously noticed as he said, "I can sense sarcasm Vegeta."

"I can NEVER tell." Vegeta replied.

"Anyways, haven't you noticed that Bulma's behavior been a bit odd? And Chi-Chi's too. Not to mention I didn't fully believe that Launch was pregnant." Goku said.

"Launch is pregnant?" Tien shouted.

"Yeah, now that you say that, they did seem a little odd." Vegeta said as he wore a pensive expression upon his face. Everyone would've kept ignoring Tien if he hadn't had an outburst.

"I can't believe that she's pregnant. We only did it a couple of times. I mean, I'm not ready to be a father just yet." Tien said as he was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. Goku walked up to Tien to lay a calming hand upon his shoulder.

"There's no need to worry Tien. You're not the father. Launch said so." Goku bluntly stated.

"What! Goku you can't just tell people like that?" Krillin exclaimed as Tien and Chaotzu flew off in Kami knows what direction.

"Why not? I'm telling the truth aren't I?" Goku asked.


"Okaasan said telling lies were bad." Goten interrupted Krillin.

"That's right Goten." Goku said as he affectionately rubbed Goten's head.

"Can you continue what were you saying you baka?" Vegeta stated.

"Oh yeah. For the past week, something's been wrong with Chi and I knew it. I even felt it within the pit of my stomach every single time she would do something as simple as taking her hair down for an entire day. She promised me that everything would be explained today. But, she's conveniently disappeared along with Bulma. And if I was to sense out Launch's ki, I bet you she wouldn't be here either. It was kind of pointless for Tien to go looking for her right now" Goku sincerely said.

Vegeta looked at Goku skeptically. "Where's Kakarot?"

"I am him." Goku replied.

"No you're not. You're thinking and actually sound smart. He's stupid" Vegeta replied.

"Who said I was stupid?" Goku asked as he raised one eyebrow.

"No one. I think you're smart Otousan." Goten happily said. Goku rubbed his head affectionately once again. Vegeta ignored Goten's response as he answered Goku with a, "Almost everyone thinks you're stupid."

"Why is that?" Goku questioned.

"You say everything that comes to your mind and it sounds foolish."

"And….It doesn't mean I'm stupid Vegeta. If you were to look at me fight or listen to the ideas I come up with, most might even say I'm incredibly intelligent. Making assumptions based on pure speculation truly shows who the stupid one is, Vegeta. " Goku simply stated.

Everyone, minus Goten and the robot, were speechless as they looked at Goku.

"What? Do you think that Chi married me based on looks alone? That may be part of the case, but that isn't the point right now." Goku said

"I thought it was." Krillin responded.

"And now we're back to idiot Kakarot." Vegeta stated.

"Hey!" Goku exclaimed.

"So is anyone going to ask where the robot came from? Or are we all going to stand here like we don't notice it?" Yamacha asked.

"Oh, yeah. I almost forgot about that. Vegeta and Tien had distracted me." Goku said as he chuckled.

"Where did you come from, machine?" Vegeta questioned.

"Oh, me. I was activated once master Chi-Chi left." The robot mechanically answered.

"Where did she go? And who went with her." Goku asked.

"I don't know. I know she went with Bulma. I'm only programmed to cook, clean, and nag every now and then." It answered again in the same emotionless tone.

"Hey Kakarot, it's just like your harpy." Vegeta said.

"Vegeta, be quiet. Now is not the time for jokes." Goku seriously stated. He then turned his attention back to the robot, "Are they still on Earth?"

"I don't know. It's a possibility. My masters do know how to suppress their ki." The robot automatically answered.

"What?" Vegeta asked. He wasn't shocked at the fact that Kakarot's wife could do so. But the fact that his wife could, said a lot. She was hiding something from him.

"Since when?" Goku quickly asked. He thought he knew his wife well enough. She shouldn't know how to do such.

"I do not know that. And I'm only programmed to say certain things. Anymore and I will begin to malfunction." It replied.

"That's so cool. Yay okaasan! I guess she wants to play hide-and-go seek by keeping her ki down. I'm going to look for her." Goten cheerfully said as he took off towards the mountains. And Goku didn't stop him. It was better for Goten to think just that at this moment.

Goku turned his head to Krillin to ask, "Krillin, was my wife or Bulma at Master Roshi's house before you came here?"

"No, Goku. I would've already told you that." Krillin said.

"What in the hell is going on? Where in the hell are they? I need my gravity room fixed, damn it." Vegeta bitterly stated.

"Come on. If they are suppressing their ki, then we need to go to the lookout and see Dende." Goku said. Vegeta just scoffed.

"I trust you to watch Goten until I get back, robot thing. And I'll see you guys later." Goku said as he flew off, with Vegeta grumpily following behind.


"Oh, Thank Kami you're here." Goku said as him and Vegeta appeared right on the lookout. Piccolo rolled his eyes.

"What's your problem? Are you on your period?" Vegeta asked. With a confused expression crossing his face Piccolo responded with a, "What's that?"

"Your life is so pathetic that it isn't even funny even more." Vegeta stated.

"Go to hell, Vegeta." Piccolo replied.

"I've been there before. And to tell you the truth it's not quite bad." Vegeta said.

"Really?" Goku asked as he turned his attention to Vegeta.

"I mean the food's nasty, but you can always harass others to get something better."

"But Vegeta that's mean to harass people." Goku stated.

"WAKE THE FUCK UP! Just who exactly here are you talking to? Does it look like I care? I mean didn't I used to brutally murder people in my glory days." Vegeta replied.

"But still, you've changed. I know you have." Goku said as he placed his hands on Vegeta's shoulders.

Vegeta looked him up and down as Goku smiled. He then said in a blank tone, "You have less than. No, fuck that…."

Vegeta gave a semi-light jab to Goku's nose.

"Hey that wasn't nice Vegeta. If you wanted to spar, you should've given me a heads up." Goku stated, a bit irritated by what Vegeta had done.

"Ok, what part of I'm don't give a fuck, don't you understand. I'm not nice, you dumbass. I'm royalty. The prince of all damn Saiyans." Vegeta said.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE?" Piccolo shouted as his veins pulsated on the side of his foreheads. Apparently he was highly frustrated by their appearance.

"Oh, yeah. Kami knows we need to see Dende." Goku replied, forgetting his feelings toward Vegeta at this moment.

Piccolo rolled his eyes again.

"Okay, there you go again acting like a female." Vegeta stated.

"I'm neither a male nor female, so yeah. Shut up." Piccolo retorted.

"I know you're….

Goku interrupted Vegeta just as Dende and Mr. Popo came into view, "Hey Mr. Popo and Dende! Kami knows I'm glad to see you."

Piccolo heavily sighed as he pinched his nose in agitation.

"That's likewise. What brings you two here?" Dende said with a smile.

"Find our mates." Vegeta demanded.

"Can you ask?" Piccolo stated.

"Can you grow some balls?" Vegeta replied.

"I'm really getting..

Goku interrupted Piccolo this time as he said, "Anyways Dende, can I ask you to search out and see where our wives are? For some unbelievable reason we can NOT locate them."

"Sure." Dende replied. He closed his eyes to focus. Then he opened them, wearing a frown upon his face.

"So?" Goku asked.

"That's strange. I can't sense them."

"Oh." Goku said, not surprised by such.

"Let me try from the other side of the lookout. I usually get better reception from there. Those two have to be on Earth." Dende said as he walked away with Mr. Popo trailing behind. Vegeta closed his eyes as he pondered on his thoughts.

"Thank you Kami." Goku happily said.

"OKAY! Will you stop?" Piccolo almost shouted.

"Stop what?" Goku innocently asked.

"Kami is gone. Kami doesn't exist! So stop saying Thank you Kami or Kami knows or even Oh my Kami! It's Dende now. He's the guardian. Say Thank you Dende or Dende knows or Oh my Dende. Stop with Kami!" Piccolo said all in one breath.

"But Piccolo, I didn't mean to make you upset. I'm just used to it, okay." Goku said as he tried to calm his friend down.

"Hmmph," was all that Piccolo did.

"After all, Kami knows I'm sorry." Goku kindly added.

"You know what. Fuck it. I'm gone." Piccolo said as he took off in the air. Just as he left, Dende came back with an unnoticeable expression upon his face.

"So did you find our mates?" Vegeta asked in an indifferent tone.

"I don't know how to tell you two this but…they're not on this planet." Dende fretfully said.

"I can't say I'm surprised. I actually suspected such." Goku replied.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help Goku." Dende said.

"That's okay. I just wonder where they could have gone." Goku responded. Silence followed and stayed for a few seconds. Then out of nowhere Vegeta says without actually laughing, "Ha, Ha, Ha."

"What's so funny?" Goku asked.

"I'm been thinking for a while now. And I see what's going on. You think you bakas can trick me." Vegeta stated.

"What?" Goku questioned since he was completely baffled by Vegeta.

"This onna probably planned everything. Making everyone go along with it. She's probably doing this shit because I spend too much time in the gravity room and neglect her feelings. Well she of all people should know that I don't give a damn, so…" Vegeta placed his hands around his mouth to shout, "Come on out onna! I see through you foolish plan. It won't work because I don't care."

Silence followed once again. Vegeta scratched the back of his head as he mumbled, "Where in the hell…"

"Umm Vegeta." Goku said as he tapped Vegeta's shoulder. Vegeta angrily turned around

"What in the fuc.."

"This isn't a trick or about Bulma teaching you a lesson. You're in denial." Gohan coolly said.

"The hell am I! That onna's playing her stupid games. And you're in on it." Vegeta accused.

"Vegeta, look at me."

"I'm' looking at you, you damn idiot."

"No, really look at me." Goku said as he face neared Vegeta's, staring right into his eyes.

"If you don't get the fuck out my face Kakkarot!" Vegeta threatened as he forcefully pushed him and added on the words, "Gay ass."

"I'm not gay… yet. Maybe when I get my wife back." Goku replied.

"So you're admitting that your wife is actually a man. It explains why she wears the pants in the relationship."

Goku gave him a dead panned look with what seemed to be a sarcastic laugh, no one could tell as a smile soon came on his face. "You're so funny Vegeta. But enough of the jokes. I want you to actually look me in the face while you really question whether or not this is all a lesson Bulma is teaching you and I'm helping out." Goku said.

Vegeta scoffed as he carelessly folded his arms. Nevertheless, he eyed Goku who had the cheesiest smile upon his face. Vegeta automatically wrinkled his nose in disgust as he thought; It sickens me to think how he can just stand here with his usual ugly ass smile. Ugghh. Just look at his face. It makes me want to vomit. Fucking baka.

The lasts two words echoed in his head. The thoughts finally connected. It was like someone had started a car with jumper cables. Or better yet, like someone had shocked a person who was flat lining. That is the only way to describe Vegeta's brain right now as everything made sense.

Goku nodded his head, smiling even more because Vegeta had stopped denying and appeared to have realized the truth. "Fucking baka." He mumbled.

"What?" Goku said, smile instantly disappearing.

"Fucking baka." He said louder.

"Okay, excuse me." Goku said, dropping his folded arms and becoming slightly irritated.

"Fucking baka!" Vegeta almost shouted.

"Alright Vegeta! What's your problem?"

"You! You're a complete idiot. There is no way that you could've acted this entire thing out, meaning that your other vermin friends most likely didn't take part. Then that means…."

"Hey, I'm offended by what you just sa…

"My mate left this planet again! I-I'm…S-She's….AHHH!" Vegeta angrily stammered, letting the rage take over him as Kami's lookout began to furiously shake.

However, POWWW

Goku punched him right in the face, making Vegeta automatically power down and grab his nose.

"That's for earlier." Goku merrily said.

"Kakarot. I'm about to murder your stupid ass." Vegeta threatened as he removed his hands from his face.

"Hey, I had to punch you for you to calm down. We can still go talk to King Kai. He should know exactly where they are and them I can use instant transmission to take us to them." Goku said.

Vegeta accepted Goku's plan and his anger settled. He then stated, "Whatever. Don't think I'm letting your punch slide. After we find my mate and she fixes my gravity machine, I will simply annihilate you."

"Sure Vegeta." Goku said as he touched him on the shoulder then instant transmissioned away.

"Are they gone now?" Piccolo asked as he flew back down to land next to Dende and Mr. Popo.

"Yep." Dende replied.

"Thank Dende." Piccolo mumbled as he gratefully sighed.

"You're welcome, even though I had absolutely no part in what you just said." Dende replied.

"Dende shut up." Piccolo stated.


"I know you didn't put your filthy hands on royalty?" Vegeta angrily questioned. Goku didn't pay any attention to him as he walked up to the sleeping King Kai, who was laying under a tree.

"HEY KING KAAAIII!" Goku happily screamed.

"What!" King Kai jumped up holding his chest as he heavily panted. Goku chuckled at him.

"It's not funny! What if you would've given me a heart attack?" King Kai angrily asked.

"But, King Kai. You're already dead." Goku responded.

"Thanks to you! What do you want?" King Kai asked.

"I need you to look for our wives. They're not on earth, but they have to be somewhere around there. And we can't sense their ki." Goku said.

"If you can't sense their ki what makes you think I can?" King Kai questioned as he dusted himself off.

"I mean you could use your antennas to look." Goku stated as a matter-of-fact.

"It'll take a lot of work without a ki to sense. BUUTTT… I'll be willing to do it if you make me laugh." King Kai said.

"We don't have time for this King Kai. Our wives are missing." Goku seriously said. King Kai didn't look phased.

"Well if you won't do it then I guess you're not really concerned that much over your wives disappearance." King Kai stated as he turned from Goku.

"I got a joke for you." Vegeta said.

"Really Vegeta?" Goku merrily said. Vegeta nodded his head as he folded his arms at the same time that King Kai turned around.

"Alright then let's hear it." King Kai said.

"What do you get when a fat blue bastard attempts to cross a pissed off Saiyan?"

"I don't know. What Vegeta?" Goku asked.

"A dead body." Vegeta stated.

"That's…not funny." Goku replied. However, King Kai was chuckling.

"Oh, I'm killing myself laughing now. Oh dead, body! Pissed off. It's classic." King Kai said. Vegeta looked incredulously at him as he questioned what just came out of his own mouth. Wasn't it a threat? If so, why was this big ass blue vermin laughing at him?

"Okay, Let's have a look." King Kai said as he stopped at once laughing. His antennas moved and twitched as he wore a face of concentration. After a few minutes, Vegeta became impatient.

"What's taking…"

Shock crossed over King Kai's face.

"What is it King Kai?" Goku worriedly asked.

"I don't know how to say this, but they aren't anywhere in the galaxy that the Earth is located in. Hell, they aren't even in my quadrant. I have no idea where they are at." King Kai said.

"What?" Vegeta stated, more that questioned.

"Are you sure King Kai?" Goku asked.

"I'm positive." King Kai replied.

"Can you at least check the other Kai's areas. Like the West, South, and East quadrant." Goku further asked.

"I-I can't do that." King Kai stammered as he turned away from Goku.

"What do you mean you can't do that? All the times this baka saved many people and you can' t do this simple thing?" Vegeta questioned for Goku.

"It's not in my district. I can't reach that far." King Kai stated, turning back around to face them.

"You're kidding right." Vegeta said as he angrily took a step towards King Kai.

"No, it's okay. Vegeta. Let's go." Goku said as he once again touched Vegeta's shoulder and instant transmissioned away.

As soon as they left, the other Kai's walked up to King Kai.

"So, you didn't tell them did you?" South Kai asked.

"What do you think? I know you heard our conversation." King Kai snapped back.

"Hey, we're just making sure." West Kai said.

"I really don't want to keep this information away from Goku." King Kai declared.

"Hey, it's your own fault when you won my planet in a bet, by which I KNOW you cheated. Either way, by doing so, you were going to come across that thing and this situation." South Kai retorted.

"Well you can take you're planet back. I don't want to deal with this." King Kai bitterly said.

"You have to now. Since South Kai lost his bet and you control his planet, you have to bear the secret with me. Hence, the Southwest district." West Kai stated.

"What there's a southwest quadrant? Since when? And why don't I know about it or this secret you're keeping. Tell me about it." East Kai finally said as she looked at the three.

"You idiot! You weren't supposed to say that out loud." South Kai said as he jumped up to hit West Kai right over the head.

"We're not telling you either East Kai. The less people know about it, the better." King Kai said.

"You've got to be kidding me! Spit it out now!" East Kai yelled as she began to angrily chase the three kais around the Grand Kai's planet.


Launch dashed around the hallway with her dress raised from the ground. At the time she was praying and hoping what she heard from many wasn't true. Her heart was racing and sweat began to build upon her forehead as she cut around a corner and ran right into Akane. They both fell on their bottoms.

"Owww. Watch where you running Launch." Akane scolded as she rubbed her forehead.

"Sorry. I'm just in a rush to see something." Launch said as she stood up and dusted off her baby blue royal gown. Then she fixed her pinned up blue hair under her silver tiara as Akane stood up.

"I know what you're in a hurry to see. And yes she's back." Akane mumbled. A pained expression crossed Launch's face as she held back tears. She didn't know whether she was happy that Manami was back or….She refused to think it. She couldn't imagine it. But she still needed to hear an answer out loud from someone she could trust.

"So what happened to Chi-Chi and Bulma?" Launch softly muttered.

"What do you think happened? They're gone." Akane said as she walked away, leaving a distressed princess falling to her knees.


"Where are we now Kakarot? And how dare you take us away, when I was about to beat that Kai's ass." Vegeta furiously asked. However, Goku was ignoring him. He walked right up to the old Supreme Kai cleaning his crystal ball. Vegeta's eyes followed Goku's movement. And soon Vegeta walked over to where Goku was standing. It took some time for the old Supreme Kai to notice their presence.

"What brings you two here?" the old Supreme Kai asked as he spit shined his ball.

"I need to ask for you a favor." Goku said.

"Did you bring the female?" The old Supreme Kai asked.

"What?" Goku questioned as his eyebrows wrinkled in confusion.

"I said, did you bring the woman you promised me." The Supreme Kai repeated.

"OH…" Goku said finally realizing what the Supreme Kai was talking about. "But I thought you wanted naked photos of her." Goku replied.

"I know this deal is still not in effect. I don't give a damn who you are, but if you are steadily talking about MY mate I will slaughter both of you like the swine you are!" Vegeta spat.

"Oh, calm down Vegeta. I'm talking about another woman this time." Goku said.

"Your wife." Vegeta joked.

A deadly expression crossed Goku's face as he actually said, "Hell no."

"Anyways, Old Kai, I'll bring you a dozen photos of a girl if you just help us out. It's really urgent." Goku seriously said.

"A dozen photos! Well alrighty then!" The old Supreme Kai exclaimed as blood gushed out his nose, thinking of the type of woman that Goku would take photos of.

"So what is it that you two want?" the old Kai asked as he placed the crystal ball down.

"We need you to locate our wives, Chi-Chi and Bulma. Knowing you, you've seen what they already look like through the crystal ball before." Goku stated.

"He's what?" Vegeta heatedly asked.

"Ssshhh. Vegeta. He's looking into the ball." Goku said.

"Don't you dare ssh me." Vegeta retorted.

"Uh huh…that's interesting." The old Kai said.

"What is?" Goku questioned.

"They have disappeared. I can't detect them anywhere." The old Kai quietly stated.

"What do you mean by that exactly?" Goku said, his anger growing. He didn't know why, but he felt like someone or something had hurt his Chi. And to make matters worse, he wasn't there to help her.

"I can't detect them." Kai quietly repeated once again.

"What? Try their friend. That dumb blonde, Launch." Vegeta demanded.

"Okay…." The old Kai said.

"Ah, Ha! I got her." The old Kai exclaimed as an image of Launch sitting at a grand dining room table eating, came into view. Goku automatically suppressed his anger for a moment as he moved closer to look into the ball.

"Well lookie here. I hope you get pictures of this beauty." The old Kai said.

"I don't recognize that place. Do you know where she is?" Goku asked.

"Umm….Yeah. A planet called Serenity or how they would pronounce it Seerinty. It's over 5 million kilometers from here. In that direction." The old Kai said as he pointed with his finger.

"Alright. Let's go Vegeta and find our wives." Goku eagerly commanded with a small smile on his face..

"Are you sure you can get to there from here, when you're not even sensing a ki?"Vegeta asked.

"Nope. I'm not." Goku said as they disappeared, right before Vegeta had a chance to yell at him for his sheer stupidity.

Once they departed the young supreme kai, Shin, walked up to the old Kai.

"Was that Goku and Vegeta just then?" Shin asked.

"Yeah." The old kai casually replied as he drooled at the woman playing with her food.

"What did they want?" Shin further questioned.

"To see where their wives were."


"And what?" the old kai asked. He was a bit agitated by this young kai. Couldn't he see he was trying to watch and envision this woman naked?

"What did you do?" Shin asked, raising his voice a bit to get the old perv's attention.

"I couldn't show them where their wives what, so I showed them where their beautiful friend Launch was." The old kai simply replied.

"What?" Shin asked as his mouth dropped open.

" I said…

Shin stepped right between the old kai and the crystal ball to block his view. He was about to object until Shin said in a pissed off tone, "I know what you said! Do you realize what you've just done! Think about the certain agreement made between the kais and the planet Serenity."

The old kai didn't have time for Shin's fits; therefore, he thought long and hard about what Shin was talking about. And suddenly his eyes widen as he thought of something that occurred over a thousand years ago, "Ooohhhh…crap."


Instantly, Goku and Vegeta appeared right in the dining room by which Launch was sitting in a royal baby blue gown with a sliver tiara delicately placed upon her head.

Launch appeared a bit startled, but in fact she was about to piss in her pants.

"You have 5 seconds to tell us where our mates are." Vegeta demanded. However, before Launch could respond twenty five guards surrounded Goku and Vegeta.

"Now is not the time to play games. Move before I kill you all. This broad has some questions to answer." Vegeta spat.

"I can clearly tell you're not from here. That doesn't matter. You will not address her in such a way. Do you even know them Princess Launch?" Norio asked as he turned his head towards her.

Launch gulped to clear her throat. And without any hesitation she said, "I never seen them before in my entire life."

"What! You have to be joking Launch! I've known you since I was a kid!" Goku exclaimed.

"I'm sorry. You must have me mistaken." Launch clearly stated.

"Alright Guards. You heard her. Let's kill them." Norio ordered. Slowly, the guards began to close in on the two Saiyans.



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