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The Wedding


Finally my wedding day is here! Growing up I wasn't exactly the type of girl who grew up dreaming about what my wedding would be like. But I have to admit if I had been that type of girl; marrying Jacob would definitely be a dream come true.

Leah had seen to every last detail and she made sure it was perfection. Everyone that meant anything to me was out there. My mother, Charlie, Angela. Jacob had even caved and allowed me to invite Alice, Jasper and Emmett. Edward was definitely not in that group.

When he first learned that Jake and I were getting married, he'd made one more sad attempt to get me back which led to Jacob finally losing it and breaking Edward's nose. There was nothing he could do to Jacob because he'd foolishly come to our home so Jacob had every right to defend himself. Stupid, selfish boy!

We'd told everyone about the bay during our rehearsal dinner and they were all thrilled. That was the first time I've ever seen my dad cry. He was so happy to learn he was going to be a grandpa. Alice practically leaped out of her seat when we ask her and Embry to be the godparents. She didn't think she'd be allowed in the baby's life at all. She'd already been shocked when I asked her to be one of my bridesmaids. But I decided that she wasn't to blame for Edward's behavior. Well that and I really did love both she and Emmett very much.

Jacob understood and said he always knew it'd only be a matter of time before I needed my Alice again. He was really trying to be friends with them since I loved them so much. And he actually got along really well with Jasper as they were both extremely laid back sort of men.

It was amazing to me that while sitting here waiting for Alice to finish my wedding day hairdo that I wasn't in the least bit nervous. There was not a single part of me that didn't want this. Jacob is my world and I can't wait to be his wife.

"There we go Bella...all done." I could hear the smile in Alice's voice as she finally turned me towards the mirror so I could take a peak of my hair.

"Oh Alice it's beautiful!" She'd pulled most of hair back letting it flow down my back in a river of curls and she only left two soft curls framing my face.

Jacob had given specific orders that my hair was not to be pinned up as he planned on pulling it later while he bent me over our honeymoon bed tonight. His words...not mine.

"I can't believe he wouldn't let you wear your hair up for your own wedding. Bella you're not about to be in front of that preacher saying I take thee Master to be my lawful wedding husband are you?" Leah teased and Alice and Angela both giggled. I stuck out my tongue.

I would if he wanted me to. Because whether it's Master or Jacob they are both mine. And I love them both and I'm marrying them both."

"That's right Bella. I mean look at me I'm married to Lord Jasper and I feel couldn't love him any more than I do right this second but somehow I will love him more in about two more seconds." Angela and I both laughed because we knew exactly how she felt. There was something about knowing that no matter what, the man you love will take care of everything for you and you can trust him completely to do just that.

"Oh god I'm trapped in a room full of submissive women all swooning over their domineering men. Someone help me!"

"Oh hush now Leah and you girls come and help me get in this dress. Can't keep Master waiting." They all smiled widely.

Two hours later...

"Baby girl, you look so beautiful." Charlie was blushing more than I was over what he'd just said. He really wasn't the type for sharing his emotions.

"Thank you daddy. You know you're looking pretty fine yourself there old man. I better keep an eye on you later, you're gonna have all the women swooning."

"Aww come on now Bells you trying to freak me out so we don't make it down the aisle?"

"Freak me out? Dad, you really need to stop spending so much time with Seth."

"Yeah I'll think about that." At that moment, the wedding march started and we both turned our attention back towards the door. "Well you ready for this?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." The doors to the garden opened and the moment I looked up I locked eyes with Jacob.

He was standing next to the preacher with Embry, Quil and Seth right by his side. I walked to him slowly never once taking my eyes off him and he was doing the same for me. At that moment no one else in the garden existed. There was only the two of us. Everything that'd been through to get to the point was more than worth it now. To be honest it'd always been worth it.

I made it to him finally. Charlie placed my hand in Jacob's and took a seat on the front row next to my mother.

"You're so beautiful." Jacob whispered to me and I smiled.

Our ceremony was simple. We didn't feel the need to these long vows about how empty our lives were before we found each other and how we'd be together forever and blah, blah, blah. We knew exactly what we meant to each other and that was all that mattered.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Jacob pulled me close.

"Mine...always." He said and then his lips crashed down on mine with passion I wouldn't have thought possible. We finally broke apart once we started to hear applause, whistles and throat clearing from our friends and family.

"Can you believe we're married and expecting a child?" I asked Jacob as we shared our first dance together.

"I most certainly can. I've never been this happy or felt this complete in all my life. This is us, Isabella. You and me and our baby for the rest of our lives." In this moment, it seemed as if Jacob's eyes were piercing straight into my soul imprinting him there.

There will never be anyone else for me. Only him, this beautiful man who loves me so deeply, owns my heart and controls my body so fully.

"I love you so much Master."

"I love you too Isabella. We have a lot of new things coming our way but we can do this. I know we'll make it work."

"You and me Master?"

"You and me kitten. Nothing else matters. And now the honeymoon begins." He gave me a look that told me once he got me to our hotel room I was in serious trouble and I can't wait!

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