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'So this is the Fairy Tail guild.' The brown eyed blonde, Lucy Heartfilia looked around at the massive hall at the entrance of the guild. She had tried so hard to finally make it here, and now that she had finally set her eye upon what she had dreamed of as a child, it was even more amazing than she had imagined it would be. The many mages sat comfortably littered around the hall, drinking alcohol and conversing with each other, telling their stories of their recent adventures. Some being more louder than others and less believable.

"Hey, Macao look. Another newbie." Wakaba pointed in the direction of the girl who just entered the guild hall with Natsu.

Macao turned to see her. "Quite a looker that one." Macao admitted, to receive a hard glare from the brown haired girl sat next to him, drinking alcohol literally by the barrel.

"Don't be trying anything funny with her. Or you'll have to deal with me." Cana glared hard at both of them, taking another 'sip' of her alcohol.

Lucy walked through the hall of the guild. Her idol Mirajane was waving her over. None of the other guild members even noticed her, it appeared even Natsu had forgotten about her. Sitting in the corner of a room yelling about something with Happy.

"Hey! My name's Mirajane, are you a new member? What's your name?" Mirajane sang out in a happy tune.

"My name is Lucy Heartfilia. It's so nice to meet you, Mirajane. Can I join Fairy Tail?" Lucy replied in an equally ecstatic voice. Looking upon Mirajane as if she was a god.

Mirajane ducked under the bar for a few seconds, return with a piece of paper and a pen. "Just your application and registration form. Please fill it out truthfully." Mirajane smiled at her.

Lucy picked up the pen. 'I soon as I sign this I am a Fairy Tail member!' Her mind was doing backflips in joy. 'Okay, first question'

Name – Lucy Heartfilia 'Okay easy one.' Lucy scribbled down her name.

Age – 17

Magic – Stellar Spirit Summoning 'Only natural they would want to know that.'

Likes – Books, Stellar Spirits 'Okay, perhaps they want to know what you'd like for your birthdays.'

Dislikes – My father 'Hmm. Can't think of why they'd want to know that.'


Lucy's cheeks tinted with red, she didn't want to go against what Mirajane had asked her to do. Grudgingly, she signed the area for where her measurements would be.

Lucy slid the form back to Mirajane, shuddering as she did so. Mirajane beamed at her like it was nothing. "Great, let me just get the stamp!" Mirajane took away the form, returning with a skip a few moments later, a stamp in her hand. "What colour would you like your stamp to be?"

"Pink." Lucy replied after a few moments thoughts.

Mira nodded. "Pink please." She spoke to the stamp, Lucy looked at her like she was crazy. "Where would you like your stamp?"

Lucy held out her left hand, the palm facing downwards. Mira pressed the stamp down hard on her hand. She removed it the pink Fairy Tail mark now visible on her hand. Lucy laughed in glee when she saw it. "So I'm a member now!"

Mira smiled widely and nodded. Lucy jumped in the air, punching it with her fist. She landed in front of Mira. "So are these all the members. I'd like to meet them all."

"These are most of them, Gray and Erza are on jobs right now. And you will probably never meet every member" Mira told her, looking out towards all the happy faces of the guild members.

"Why's that?" Lucy looked at Mira, puzzled by her response.

"In our Fairy Tail Guild, we have what we call mystery men. Four of them to be precise. We have Mistgun, who never shows himself to anyone besides the master. Gildarts who is away at the moment, and won't be back for a while. Then we have Fried Justine, he used to be quite a pleasant guy, me and him had done many requests together. But then he changed, I haven't seen him for about six months now." Mira looked a little saddened after that description.

"And the fourth one?"

"His name is Naruto. I've only met him once. The only person he talks to is the Master. He was nice when I spoke to him, but he appeared a bit on edge." Mira replaced her saddened expression with the smallest of smiles.

"Well I've heard of Mistgun, Gildarts and Fried. They've been frequently mentioned in the 'People-we'd-like-to-interview-and-discover' section of sorcerer's magazine. But the name Naruto is unknown to me." Lucy admitted. "Don't you know anything else about him?"

Mira shook her head slowly. "All I know is that one day Master told us we had a new member. Naruto was very young when he joined. I must have been about ten when he joined."

"So he's been here a long time. And no one's spoken to him." Lucy was quite astounded by the information.

Mira nodded now. "He keeps himself to himself, as I said before he is a nice guy if you can get him to speak to you. But I can't help but wonder if he's hiding something."


The final foundations of the building had been quickly destroyed. He stood at the top of the rubble staring into the distance, his spiked black hair swayed lazily in the wind. His long black cloak doing a similar thing. 'Ogre Stomp dark guild. Pathetic, but still, better to get rid of them early then let them develop into something stronger.' He reached into the pocket of his darkened silver pants. Taking out a list, a list of the Dark Guilds in area. He crossed off Ogre Stomp off his list, placing it back into his pocket, he dusted debris off his loose low v-neck black shirt.

"Captain." He turned, one of the Rune Knights accompanying him was kneeling on the ground, bowing towards him. "All members of the Dark guild Ogre Stomp are present and accounted for. Shall we take them into custody?"

"Yes. Is the report on today's activities ready?" He asked the kneeling man. Said man nodded, throwing to him a lengthy report.

He looked through it, scanning to make sure every detail was filled in. "Good. Deliver it post haste. Tell the council it is coming from the Captain of the 2nd Division of Magical Law Enforcement, Sasuke Uchiha. They will read it immediately. Have the other Rune Knights take the criminals to justice."

"Yes sir!" The Rune Knight caught the report and in an instant he was off. Leaving Sasuke alone.

Sasuke turned back around to where he was previously looking. He could see it, from this height, from this distance he could still see it. That guild. It haunted him, it taunted him. And he could do nothing about it. It was a legal registered guild, he would need a warrant to take it down. And despite their ever decreasing popularity with the Magic council, everyone else loved them.

Sasuke's brow furrowed as he continued to stare out the guild, anger and irritation growing in every cell of his body. "Fairy Tail. One day you will slip up, and I will be there on that day. And I will take great pleasure in taking you down."


"So what do you think his magic is?" Lucy couldn't stop thinking about this mystery man, Naruto. He was...well, a mystery. Mira didn't have any of the answers she wanted, but she had to get the questions out of her system.

"So you've taking quite a liking to our Naruto, have you?" A laugh was heard next to her. A small aged man stood on the bar. Dressed in orange clothing with a white and orange striped hat on his balding white haired head. A small staff in his hand. "A lot of people do. We once had a request for him to marry a girl as a job." He laughed loudly again.

"M-Master Makarov!" Lucy was alarmed, he was one of the strongest Mages of the age. One of the ten wizard saints, the strongest mages on the continent. "I-It's not that, its just."

"Its alright." Makarov flapped his hand up and down repeatedly, gesturing her to hush. "You can ask him yourself. He's on his way."

The whole guild silenced, staring wide eyed at Makarov. Who returned their looks with a smile. Smiles began growing on the guild members faces. The guild members began cheering, conversing happily about the impending arrival with excitement and anticipation.

"Naruto's returning!"

"Its been three weeks hasn't it!"

"Well its shorter than his last departure, how long was that, 3 and a half months!"

"This time I'll make him fight me!" Natsu was screaming for the fight he desperately wanted.

'He's very popular. Despite the fact no one speaks to him?' Lucy looked around at the reactions of the Guild Members, how happy and excited they were.

The doors to the guild opened, suddenly Lucy felt sick, insecure. Like every positive feeling should possibly have was sucked out of her. She looked around, she wasn't the only one experiencing it.

Every member of the guild was shaking in fear. Even Natsu had quietened down. They all appeared to shy to look at anything but the ground they stood on. Lucy forced herself against the urge, looking at Makarov. Who was completely fine.

The light tapping of footsteps approached. Lucy lost all her strength, her eyes clenched shut. She was so afraid and so tired. Her very soul felt empty. The feet walked right past her and stopped. Before moving once again towards her.

"Master. I'm going on this job." The voice was calm, devoid of any humour, anger or sadness. Completely blank, but not a cold voice.

"Very well Naruto. Stay safe." The Master seemed rather cheerful while everyone else cowered.

The patting of feet on ground was slowly faded. "I always am." The voice spoke from a distance. Lucy heard the doors of the guild closed, suddenly she had control of her body again, her confidence in herself returned. She looked around, everyone else seemed to be doing the same thing. As if everyone was waking from a nightmare. Every person's body had a gleam of sweat to it. Besides Makarov, who continued to stare blankly at the Guild entrance doors.

The guild members began laughing, their spirits perked up. All laughing as if nothing had happened. "That's our Naruto! Always the mysterious one!" Lucy heard the yells of appreciation for him.

"What in the world was that?" Lucy asked Makarov while looking at the gleeful guild members. "It was as if his very appearance sucked the positivity out of everything."

"That was some of his magic." Makarov eyes darted to her, as if expecting her absolutely astounded reaction. "His Disphoria magic. Or the ability to manipulate the negative emotions of people, animal and environment."

Lucy's eyes went wide. "N-Negative emotions?"

Makarov nodded. "Yep. Rage, Sadness, Fear, Neglect, Vulnerability. Every bad feeling you can name he can control."

"That's so dangerous!" Lucy exclaimed loudly. This guy could beat people without making them fight. He could instil fear of his mere presence. "Disphoria. It sounds a lot like Charms magic."

Makarov nodded again. "Except unlike Charms if the target discovers that they have placed under the magic it isn't cancelled out. That is partially the reason why Disphoria magic is near illegal."

Lucy couldn't think if she could be any more shocked. Bora had used a charms magic against her, but if he had the same magic as Naruto. She shuddered at the thought. "But wait. You said partially the reason why it is nearly illegal. What's the other half?"

Makarov sighed, "Maybe he won't like me telling you this. But you're new, so you deserve to know how he joined."

"It started nine years ago. Everyone was away at the time doing jobs. The S-Class promotion exam was on, you see."


Makarov paced the floors of the hall of his guild. How bored he was, he was hating the sound of his feet patted against the ground. Everything was much to quiet for his liking, how he longed for something interesting to happen.

The doors to his guild opened slowly. Makarov looked around to the door with surprise and curiosity. A small figure step through into the guild. A small boy, barely older than nine. Stood, exhaustion and fatigue, as well as distress was written across his face. His eyes were puffy and red. But Makarov could see the bright blue eyes under it. The blond hair on his head was messy and uncombed. Clothes ragged and unfitting.

The boy dragged his feet, shuffling into the hall. He stared at Makarov. Makarov felt a twinge in his heart when he gazed upon the boy. "Who are you, boy?" Makarov approached him slowly.

He heard the boy sniffle, tears welling in his puffy red eyes. "Please." He whispered in a soft, begging tone. His eyes began closing.

Makarov darted forward. Catching the boy before his body hit the ground. He checked for breathing, it was ragged, but steady. The boy had only lost consciousness.

Lifting the boy up. Makarov carried him up the stairs to the hospital wing on the second floor. 'This boy needs rest.' He looked down at the boy's sleeping form, he looked only slightly more peaceful.


They boy's eyes fluttered open. "Stay calm, you're in the Fairy Tail hospital wing. You've been asleep for a few hours." Makarov placed a hand softly on the boy's shoulders, he looked him in the eyes. The boy stared back in confusion.

"Y-You. You're really worried about me. But I'm not making you do it. Why?" The boy asked, it was obvious in his eyes that he was freaked out.

"Because. You remind me of my grandson, he also has blond spikey hair. Wait, what did you mean that you're not the one making me worried?" The boy didn't make sense, of course he was the one making Makarov worried.

"M-My magic. It lets me control peoples negative emotions. Worry is one of them." The boy seemed hesitant to answer.

Makarov was shocked. 'He can control peoples negative emotions. Could this be a branch of the ancient Nirvana?' Makarov had heard of that Nirvana. Being able to switch light and dark, good and evil. With his magic, this boy could turn even the most warm, light-hearted person into a stone cold killing maniac.

"Where did you come from, my boy?" Makarov had to continue the conversation with him. This boy was too interesting to just leave alone.

"T-The magic council." The boy looked fearful of Makarov.

He was right to do so. Makarov stepped away from the boy's side. Fairy Tail and the Magic Council never did see eye to eye, perhaps this boy was a spy. They would know that Makarov would never turn away someone so young. "W-Why are you here?" This time Makarov was hesitant.

The boy looked close to crying. "I-I needed to get away. I couldn't handle the screaming anymore!" The boy grasped his head in what appeared to be pain. As his eyes clenched shut, tears poured out from them. His cries mixed in with shrieks of pain.

Makarov was back at the boy's side. He couldn't bare to see one so young suffer. "Please calm down. You need to tell me. What are you talking about?" Makarov stroked the boy's hair gently. It seemed to calm him down.

"T-The council. They used to have me go with their armies. They went to Dark Guilds. They-They would make me use my magic to make the Dark Guilds cry. To make them weak. Then they would take them down." The boy sniffled once or twice.

Makarov felt for the boy, who knows what horrors he had seen. 'So young, and being used by the council. They have sunk to a new low.'

"I didn't want to do it anymore." The boy continued. "So I ran away. I heard there was some good guilds in the area. So I went looking for one. I found your guild, it looked nice. The council was always talking about Fairy Tail. The stories made me smile and laugh."

Makarov smiled down at the boy, who smiled back weakly. "You're going to kick me out, aren't you?"

"No, my boy." Makarov smiled gently, patting the boy on his head. "You're safe now. My Fairy Tail guild will keep you safe. Become apart of this family."

The boy seemed to perk up a lot, his smile widened, baring all his teeth. Makarov noticed those two, he was even further shocked. He was beginning to think his old heart can't take much more. How sharp and elongated those two teeth were. 'Impossible. He can't be one of them as well.'

"What is your name boy?" Makarov asked him. This boy could reach unimaginable height. If only he had the right person to guide him.

The boy wiped his tears from his eyes. He held out his hand towards Makarov. "My name's Naruto Uzumaki."

Makarov smiled, he took the boy's hand into his own. And shook it gently. "Hello Naruto. I am Master Makarov. This is my guild, Fairy Tail. I'd like to welcome you into it."


"Oh wow!" Lucy looked to the doors. The boy was long gone. "He was a member of the council."

Makarov nodded. "He was. A very important player in their game I might add. Causes us quite a bit more bother as well."

"Why's that?" Lucy asked curiously.

"You see, Naruto learned some of their secrets. Things they don't want people to know. Especially us. Their always after him, trying to re-recruit him or arrest him. So he's very careful with his work. That and I think there's something he's not telling me about his past, before he was in the council. He's hiding something." Makarov informed her. He didn't want to suspect Naruto, but it was obvious he was hiding something.

Lucy looked to the small man. "If he causes you more bother. Why not just kick him out. You know, make him leave."

The whole guild silenced once again, they stared at Lucy in shock. Sweat dripped down Lucy's back. She could feel the magical aura behind her. She saw the veins on Makarov's forehead bulge. Anger evident in his eyes. Lucy took a few steps away from him, just to be on the safe side.

"Kick him out? Make him leave?" Makarov's voice was harsh, filled with rage. "He is family. And under no circumstances do you push away family."

Lucy was panicking, she had just pissed off one of the strongest mages on the continent. She didn't know what to do.

"Besides." Makarov's voice suddenly changed to a calmer voice, a wide smile present on his face as he looked at her. "Fairy Tail has never been one to be scared by the council or their rules. So screw them!" He laughed hard.

The entire guild erupted in celebrations. A celebratory fist was thrown, followed by another, then another 2, then another 13. Eventually the whole guild turned into one huge mass brawl, but the guild members were still smiling, some even laughing in good sport as they were punched in the face.

Lucy looked at the scene in front of her in wonder. 'What an interesting guild.' Was Lucy's only thought as she watched the brawl escalating into the use of magic. Lucy laughed at the scene. She knew she was going to like it here. Fairy Tail was filled with many wonders and mysteries. Things she'd like to discover, perhaps even record as inspiration for her novel.

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