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'East...' Naruto thought, moving in the direction. He walked through the dead wasteland the slight vision of a forestry on the horizon. 'It's a bit of a wide range to use as a starting point for searching for Cyclione, I have no idea where he could possibly be. So what should I do? Just search around until I can find some idea of where he is?'

Naruto sighed loudly, his sigh filling the silent wasteland, he was the only moving thing within sight. Naruto pulled his arms behind his head, resting his head in his hands as he walked, contemplating on his next course of action.

'I guess there's nothing else I can do...' He thought in his mind. 'I'll just have to search around until I find something. Someone must have seen Cyclione anyway, he's pretty hard to miss.' He thought more optimistically, dropping his relaxed body stance he took off at an impressive speed, a dust cloud forming behind his feet as he ran east, towards adventure, towards hop, towards Cyclione...

The country of Seven was similar to Fiore, flowers bloomed in elegance across long grassy fields, forests grew large and high abundant with lush green leaves. Even in the distance mountains towered over everything.

Naruto had entered a small town within the country, the town itself lie close to the mountains. Everything appeared strange when he entered the town. There was this deep aura of grief and despair. Residents of the town walked around in full black clothing, their heads down and mourning stares radiating from their eyes.

"What is everyone so upset about?" Naruto wondered as he gazed through the streets of the town.

"We do not get many tourists around these parts very often." He turned, seeing an aged woman, dressed in black clothing like the rest, a head dress covering her head and a gold chain around her neck, giving her an appearance of a nun.

"I'm looking for someone." Naruto responded to her belief he was a mere tourist. "Someone I was told lies in the east, yet that is all I know."

"Then perhaps Lady Shion could help you find them." The aged woman replied, still not break her grieving tone. "She has special powers given to her. Perhaps she can help you locate this person." The aged woman continued before walking forwards. "Come, I will show you the way."

They arrived at a large elegant temple, befitting royalty rather than religion. They entered through the large, perfectly glossed wooden doors, inside was the same as the rest of the town, grief and despair lingered in the air.

Naruto was greeted by a man who introduced himself only as the High Priest, and quickly, Naruto explained the situation to him, asking to see Shion.

"I am sorry, my son." The High Priest responded. "Lady Shion was taken by the mountain trolls three days ago, she is no longer with us."

"The mountain trolls?" Naruto asked speculatively, he knew about the creatures, but had never heard of them habituating areas like this.

"Yes, hideous grotesque beasts with black hearts." The High Priest responded, anger momentarily breaking his grief. "Lady Shion was like a monarch in this town, and those savage monsters took her. That is why the town remains in grief."

Naruto looked towards the aged woman. "And you couldn't have mentioned this sooner?..." The woman had obviously wasted his time, she knew that this Shion had been taken by mountain trolls but said nothing. Still the aged woman said nothing, only a single tear slid down her face as she walked away.

"These mountain trolls, they used to occupy the land this town was constructed on before humans arrived. The trolls left to the mountains, yet they demanded vengeance. Every ten days, they stole a woman from the town and she was never seen again, the population of the town is high, but not high enough to continue growing in density. Lady Shion couldn't bear seeing her people suffer anymore, thus she sacrificed herself for the town. She offered herself to them in exchange for them never setting foot in the town again." The High Priest explained to Naruto despite the fact he didn't ask for an explanation.

"So instead of trying to rescue your monarch, you sit down in the dumps and grieve?" Naruto asked, his face crumpled up in confusion.

"People have gone after the troll before to rescue the woman they took, but none have ever returned." The High Priest responded with his head held down in shame, shame from the town being unable to protect its own people.

Naruto frowned, letting out a heavy sigh over the situation. He needed Shion, but she could be dead by now, and these trolls apparently cannot be beaten by humans, but he was not a regular human. "I will rescue Shion and stop the trolls." He eventually came to the conclusion, saying it aloud. Immediately he headed for the doors of the temple.

"You're crazy." He heard the High Priest call from behind him as he walked out of the temple, facing the mountain range close by. Every second wasted was another second that Shion could be closer to death.

Naruto arrived at the mountainous cave by moonlight, have spent the remaining portion of the day scouring across the mountain range in search for the singular entrance to the mountain troll's habitat. He moved through it quickly, leading down one straight road that appeared to be going to the centre.

Sure enough, chained to the wall in a room lighten up by torches of fire braced onto the wall was a girl. The girl pale lavender eyes and light blond hair that fell past her waist, which she had kept tied at the end with a bow. She wore a simply, yet elegant lavender kimono with her hair kept tied back with a golden crown. "What are you doing here?" She instantly asked as Naruto came into her vision.

"I'm guessing you are Shion." Naruto replied as he moved closer to her. "My name is Naruto, and I'm here to rescue you for your townspeople."

"You're going to die here, Naruto." Her brow furrowed with irritation. "The mountain trolls are returning soon, they'll kill you quickly. You're just going to make them angrier, my sacrifice is necessary."

"Try they are returning now." Naruto turned at the deep voice calling out. He had seen mountain trolls in pictures, these were certainly not mountain trolls.

There were three of them, yet Naruto could hear chattering in the far distance at the end of the cave, he assumed a full tribe was there, sending in the strongest when they picked up traces someone new had entered their cave. These were more alike to humans than trolls. They were 10-foot-tall with hulking muscles and long gangly hair, but that was the only difference between them and humans, every other feature was exactly alike.

The three goliaths charged at Naruto, yet the blond remained still. "Move, you idiot!" He heard Shion scream behind him as the giant humans neared him.

"Stop." Naruto spoke, releasing Disphoria: Fear at the trolls, as if they obeyed his every order the three trolls stopped in their tracks. "On your knees." The blond mage then ordered, and instantly, the three giants dropped down to their knees on the floor.

"I'm going to give you a chance to explain yourselves." Naruto said to the three goliaths. "Your actions have been disgusting, but I have only heard the townspeople's side of the story. I'd like to hear yours as well before I make any judgements."

"This is not the first time we have encountered you're kind, boy." The centre 'troll' spoke, to Naruto's surprise. The townspeople had described the 'trolls' as dumb brutes, barely capable of speech, but this giants tone gave an air of intelligence and articulacy.

"Humans. I know the story, humans drove you off your land and into the mountains." Naruto responded quickly, he heard that fact enough times in the village.

"Not humans… Mages." The giant answered, Naruto's eyes widened in shock. The centre giant looked towards Shion still chained to the wall, who had been left speechless by the actions before her. "Her ancestor was a mage, he came here leading a group of ordinary humans. We could never compare to his abilities despite our strength. He threatened our lives, our future in exchange for our land. We had no choice but to accept."

"So is the land you've lost really worth the lives of these humans, most innocent from the ancestors crimes?" Naruto responded with slight anger in his tone, enough to make the giant flinch in fear as the blonde spoke.

"We were waiting for an opportunity to take her, the descendant of the person we hate most as our revenge.#2 The Head Giant spoke, his eyes glancing towards Shion. "But the opportunity didn't come quickly, we couldn't risk letting the town grow to a point we could no longer attack, before mages began to enter the town once again. So every ten days we took a woman. Women are so much more important to a population than men. A man could impregnate ten women at one time, but a woman can never get pregnant ten times at one time."

Naruto let off a heavy sigh, but believed he had a solution for this problem. "Look, you can't stay here hoping for revenge, it will get you nowhere and you will never escape that cycle of hate. Your only chance is to leave this area." He suggested bluntly. "Far away from here is a large field, large enough to habitat your tribe's physical and population size. It is secluded by deep, heavy forestry. No one will discover you there, but if you stay here and terrorize this village. I will return and use force, similarly, should anyone ever terrorize your tribe again, you need only find me. I will protect you, and that's a promise."

The Head 'Troll' looked up to the blond mage, before nodding. "Very well, we shall leave." He knew he had been beaten. The Head Giant stood up with his companions. "You are different from the others." The Giant spoke one last time. "Your abilities hold very dark potential, yet you try to strive in the light. You will never master your abilities unless you create the willpower to use them accordingly."

"I have mastered my abilities." Naruto replied as the giants left. "To the point that Disphoria can no longer affect me, that is control over magic."

Once the giants had left he turned to the girl still chained onto the wall, she had remained silent the entire time. "I believe that your town misses you." He said as he helped her down.

A faint red grew across her cheek, never before had she seen anything like what had just happened before her eyes. With no fear, no raise of his hand, this boy defeated the trolls with words alone, and that strange ability he possessed. He was something like she had never seen before. "Yeah…" She responded to his comment. "Take me back…"

The townspeople erupted in cheers upon Naruto and the Lady Shion coming into sight. Screams of gratitude drilled into Naruto ears as he walked through the crowd with Shion, the townspeople yelled their thanks to Naruto, yelling about a life debt to him and asking if he would stay with them in the town, Shion herself lead him back towards the temple where he started his new and now completed mini journey.

Shion turned sharply to face him once they had entered the privacy of the temple, removing the High Priest, Nuns and other members of the temple as well, leaving the two of them completely alone.

"I owe you my thanks," Shion spoke first, a small smile gracing her face. "As well as my apologies, I misjudged you and doubted you. I believed you were walking to your death when you entered that cave, but you saved me, something that cannot be easily forgotten."

Suddenly a faint blush struck her cheeks, no longer able to meet him in the eye she continued speaking before Naruto had a chance to utter anything. "You know, there is no mage residing in this town other than I. Yet my abilities are not the combat type, we need someone to protect us, someone strong. I need someone like you, Naruto, to protect the town and I, to care for the town and I. To love the town and I. It is not much, but I can offer you the highest position in the town, as its ruling monarch." Shion offered, her hand slyly taking his without Naruto even noticing, she entwined her fingers in Naruto's, and stared him deep into the eyes. "But only if you stay."

"I'm sorry…" The blond mage responded, withdrawing his hand away from the girl. It hurt him to see the pain in her eyes at his answer. He answered quickly, because there was no doubt in his mind, he couldn't be held back again. "I have to find myself before I can guide others. I need to find my father."

"Very well, Naruto." Shion smiled weakly, her eyes betraying the smile. "I shall help you locate him."

"How will you do that?" Naruto asked, interested at the fact he might finally see the magic she possesses.

"Precognition." She responded bluntly. "I'm going to look into your future, if in your destiny you are to meet your father again. I shall see when and where it is. But I must delve into your past to know what I am looking for."

"That's amazing…" Naruto stood in absolute wonder, this magic of hers dwarfed his in comparison. "My father's name is Cyclione."

Shion nodded, placing her hands on his shoulders, before pulling him tight into her without warning. Her lips met his with a soft force. Her eyes were closed at first, before they shot open, glowing violet lights spiralling around in them.

She saw a green scaled Dragon, and a young Naruto with the dragon, happily referring to it as Cyclione. Before everything faded. Only a bright white light remained, and a silhouette, a small animal with furry ears and a long tail, riding on majestic angel like wings.

She pulled herself away from him, her eyes wide with knowledge. "Is that how you do it?" She was snapped out of her trance by Naruto's voice. "Do you always have to kiss them to read their futures?"

"No." She replied cheekily and honestly, a red tint once again on her cheeks. "I usually just read it from touching the palms of their hands."

Naruto's eyes widened as a blush fell onto his face as well, sheepishly he scratched the back of his head. "So what did you find out?"

Her eyes fell to sadness. "I saw nothing of Cyclione in your future." Shion answered, paining her heart when Naruto's face fell. "But that is because Cyclione is a Dragon." She added to Naruto's optimism. "Dragons are far beyond my magic, I can't see them in the future at all. They've blocked themselves from this world. However, I did see something. A cat, flying on angel's wings. They are somehow connected to the Dragons, I'm sure of it."

Naruto's brow furrowed with what appeared to be anger, his eyes showing that in his head, his thoughts raced back to certain events and days.

Naruto himself looked down towards the floor, a cat with wings, his mind instantly went to that familiar blue cat standing next to a rosy haired mage, both printed with the insignia of his former guild. "Happy…"

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