So I recently got a message from a fanfiction writer asking me if they could continue this story. I clicked on this persons profile to review their writing, see if I found it fit to continue my story. As it turns out they have already wrote it!

This person has basically rewrote my story, only crammed with less and smaller words, although they did copy a lot of my lines and they ended it with Kenpachi roofing Mayuri and raping him.


I never intended to write it that way, rape ( in my opinion ) has no place in fanfiction, it's a sex crime and it's not glamorous nor fun.

What I meant with my latest notice was that a person would inform me and askforpermission,and from then on I thought we'd work it out together, I'd say my original plan, they share their ideas and we see how it fits.

But no, apparently that was fruitless.

I informed this person to take it down but I was not messaged back.

I have reported them and please, if you could take your time do the same.

http:/ www. fanfiction. net/ u/ 2974563/

This is the persons profile and the story is titled 'Dominating the strong'

Help Myself

Kenpachi seated himself comfortably on the table with the fellow captains. This was familiar territory for him, he knew his way in a bar.

Mayuri though, didn't look as comfortable as Kenpachi. He took a seat gingerly next to the larger captain, who was greeted with thunderous clapping and yelps of praise as they entered the bar.

They knew him here, they knew his skill and worth, they admired him as well as they feared him.

Mayuri was greeted with less enthusiasm.

Blank stares from the bar patrons, suspicious glared from people questioning his presence with Kenpachi, unabashed surprise from his fellow captains.

Like this was so new.

Well it was, for him atleast, but he felt they were hostile, like they wanted him to realize this was no place for him.

"See, the best thing about going to bars is free drinks for the captains!" –Kenpachi startled him from his thoughts as he spoke leaning in his personal space.

Mayuri managed to nod in acknowledgment as their drinks were brought on the table, a round sake bottle with small green glasses.

"Ahem, isnt he paying?" –The waiter, a big gruff bearded man looking unamused asked Kenpachi, referring to Mayuri.

He raised his eyebrows at the disrespect, but Kenpachi beat him to it.

"Are you referring to the 12th divison captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi?" –Kenpachi bellowed over the murmur of the patrons, leaving the bar in complete silence.

The waiter seemed to be taken aback, looking wildly between Mayuri and Kenpachi, as if not sure of the proper reaction.

"I-I-I-I, I'm so, s-so sorry, I Didn't-Please Captain-"-

"Just leave." –Kenpachi growled back to the stuttering man, who ashamed bowed deeply down to Mayuri and him and left with a stumble in his hurried steps.

Mayuri finally felt the situation settle in his mind and realized the level of disrespect he received, face boiling red with anger, hidden by his face paint.

This evening need to end.


"Kenpachi I'll be leaving now, don't make me make excuses." –He said sternly as he dashed out of the bar and into the streets, running faster than he could hear the shouting coming from Kenpachi.


After his second shower that evening he decided to not bother with the paint.

He was probably not gonna leave his studies for about a another month or so, so why bother?

He'd had enough of pretending for one evening.

He pulls on a simple white kimono, blank of all those excessive prints to create imagery of beauty.

Walking back to his office he turns to turn up the light when he feels a presence in there.

Another shinigami, very powerful is sharing his space.

He must be, hence he got into his office, not many people can do that.

He slowly picked his katana, the slide of sword making the air vibrate with a gleam.

"I'm not here to fight you." –A disturbingly familiar voice spoke from the depth of the room.

As soon as his eyes adjusted to the dark he saw the silhouette of Kenpachi sitting beside the window seeming to gaze into nowhere.

"Kenpachi, what in the hell are you doing here? I thought we were done for tonight?" –Mayuri was really not up for this. He was unmasked, dripping with water and in a surly mood to be handling this level of stubborn and gruff.

With this Kenpachi slowly turned his head to the man, and stopped. Even in the dark he could see a level of surprise in him.

Suddenly he was in front of him, hovering above him, and he could see the amazement in his dark eyes even shadowed by the night.

"Kenpachi, don't..." –He knew what this was. Nobody had ever really seen him without his many masks, except for Nemu.

He never really felt that he was hiding, he saw himself more as a painting, but this, he never realised how exposed another person's gaze could make you feel.

"Don't 'don't' me. " –Kenpachi replied hushed, as he lowered his gaze over Mayuri's face, raising his hands to place feather light touches over his cheeks.

"Kenpachi I don't need this..." –Mayuri finally spoke through the deafening silence that seemed to leave him breathless, dropping his head in defeat.

"I'm not doing anything." –Kenpachi replied in a strangled voice, finally cupping his cheeks with his rough palms.

"But you are..." –Mayrui voiced in a whisper feeling the warmth of his hands seeping into his water drenched skin.

"I'm sorry." –Kenpachi said in a deep sorrowful voice.

"For what?"-Mayuri raised his head with a puzzled expression, watching Kenpachi's eyes gleam in the dark.

"For tonight. I wanted it to be good, wanted to make you feel good. I guess I screwed up." –He chuckled somberly.

"You didn't do anything." –Mayuri voiced softly, deciding to be brave and placing a soft brush of lips to Kenpachi's wrist. His breath seemed to hitch at the kiss he received, and his eyes had gone from soft to hungry.

"Will you let me?" –He found Kenpachi's words sounding insecure even, as he searched his eyes with want.

"Yes." –And he did. Kenpachi's lips crashed against his and they tumbled through their hunger to find an even pace. Mayuri didn't know what he was doing. Hadn't the slightest clue. He was aware over the theoretic part of this, but never in the emotional or sensation filled part of this. Right now he was getting so much, he couldn't even categorize it. All he was aware of was feeling. He felt so much in a simple kiss, more than he had felt in years in his studies.

Kenpachi dragged him by the window, where the moon's shine was brightest and lay him down on the bamboo patterned floor, to unwrap him from his clothing.

"I never could imagined you'd be this..." –Kenpachi couldn't seem to end this sentence , as his eyes raked over his tanned skin.


"No. No, you're anything but ordinary." –Kenpachi growled harshly as he dug in to kiss him ferociously, feeling the light stubble of Mayrui's chin scratch at him vigorously, as he opened beneath him taking in Kenpachi, learning the curve of his lips and hollow of his mouth.

Pulling at the other shinigami's clothing they managed to strip each other completely naked and just gazed each other the pale moon light glooming over the curve and dip of their muscles, as their hands brushed slowly up each other.

Kenpachi's hand dipped low and cupped at the engorged organ between the smaller man's thighs, pulling gingerly at the skin.

Mayuri's breath hitched, coming out in a stutter at this foreign feeling.

Although unfamiliar it felt... That's just it. It felt.

He hadn't felt anything in such, such a long time, that he just found he didn't care what exactly it felt like.

It made him feel good. And right now, here, with Kenpachi that's all it mattered.

The four walls of his mostly lifeless office were filled with deep groans and moans of arousal for the rest of the night. The air was thick with sweat and masculinity, shallow breaths and hushed whispers.

Kenpachi bobbed onto Mayuri's cock with ease, opening up gladly to him, riding him out into a wild orgasm. With his cum it almost seemed like all the tension he never knew he had spilled away from him, and Kenpachi took care of it effortlessly. Willingly even.

And after they were both spent and on the floor, Mayuri broke the silence of their heavy breathing.

"Thank you."

"What?" –Kenpachi seemed to sound incredulous giving him a raised eyebrow as he was hardly catching his breath.

"I said thank you." –Mayuri repeated.

"For what?"

"For making me feel. I never realized what I was missing all these years. For that I thank you." –He replied calmly as he rolled to his side to give a chaste kiss on Kenpachi's lips.

"I'm willing to give you more. If you're willing to receive it." –Kenpachi replied with a smirk.

"Oh, I'm always eager to learn." –And he too found himself smiling freely as Kenpachi tackled him to his side kissing at this sweat damp blue hair with laughter.

So yeah, after I read that plagiarism I sort of got pissed because I felt my story wasn't done 'justice', because I mean I worked really hard at it at the time, and to have someone just spoil it like that, it was difficult for me to comprehend so here you go the ending chapter to this story. To be honest now that I reread my first chapter it doesn't really seem bad, at the time I just felt suckish so I don't really know. x) It's just because I stopped watching anime a long time ago, so I sort of trailed away from my former fandom. Still I hope you enjoyed it! :D

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