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Rin Abramson leaned back in his chair and re-read the letter, running his thumb absently over the official-looking seal. He'd noticed immediately, of course, the watermark of one of New York's most prestigious and expensive law firms.

We wish to inform you that the honorable Miyomoto Kazuo has filed a request with our office to locate his granddaughter, a one Miss Austin Abramson. Any information you might have regarding Miss Abramson's whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Mr. Miyomoto has offered a substantial financial reward for any information leading to the location of his granddaughter.

It would be in Miss Abramson's best interests to contact our office immediately regarding business matters.


The Law Office of Metro and Daniels

Rin folded the letter neatly, laying it on his desk. The only outward sign of his emotions was the heavy drumming of his fingertips over the paper, and the faint scowl that creased his brow.

So, the old fool has decided to leave his fortune to Austin, just to spite me. Overlooking his own son in favor of his granddaughter. He never did forgive me for taking an American name. Well, Father, I don't know where my wayward offspring has been living for these past five years, but I do believe it's time she came home.