Bloody Angel

Kag X Chad

Ch.1 – waiting for you

"Hey Chad!" A kid with vibrant orange hair waved. "Why don't you come train with us today?"

"Can't." A boy with medium long somewhat curly brown hair answers curtly.

"What's up with you?"

"Busy." Chad walked away. On his way down the street he could only think of what was waiting for him at home.


About a week ago he was tracking a hollow to find it cornering a girl covered in blood. He could see white light enveloping her and her eyes glowing faintly. She looked ready to collapse, yet held up a bow and arrow made of pure energy at the ugly looking hollow. She managed to hit it perfectly, the monster burning out of existence. She looked over at him slowly before her weapon faltered and flickered out of existence. He could see her visably shaking. Another hollow appeared behind her and slammed through a weakening barrier. Without thinking, Chad ran forward, punching the hollow's face in and killing it instantly. Turning to face her, he caught her gently as she fell unconscious. He carefully picked her up, faintly noticing how quickly his clothes became soaked in blood. He moved home as fast as he could.

Once there he layed her down on a mat, immediately working on cleaning her up. He ended up running to the store for more bandages. Once she was cared for as best he could do, he took the chance to observe her. She had silky black hair with light waves, a toned but slim figure and what astounded him were the white wings attached to her shoulder blades. They were delicate and soft, he tried to clean them as gently as he could. All he could think of was that even covered in blood, she looked like an angel.

-End Flashback-

It has been a couple of weeks now and she still had yet to open her eyes, her light breathing enough to let him know she was still alive. He would leave temporarily during the day for school, but would return home as soon as it was over. After the first week he had begun to worry, but never gave up, staying by her side every night. He took to talking to her, telling her about his friends, school, describing what the day was like outside. "Hey Chad!" A voice broke him out of his musings. "What the hell man!" The orange-haired kid from before stalked over with 2 females and another male. "This is gonna be the third week you ditch us! What the hell is going on with you?"

"I'm busy." Chad answered flatly.

"You know training is important! What if a shit-ton of hollows show up and we need you? We should be able to depend on you! We're your friends!"

"Calm down Ichigo. I'm sure Chad has a good explanation for not attending training sessions. Last time he was taking care of a bird, remember?"

"That bird was a hollow beacon! I'm not dealing with that again! I want an explanation and I want one right now!"

"No need to have a child tantrum. This can all be handled in a calm manor. Chad," The other male, with black hair and glasses turns to his friend. "Can you please help us understand why we no longer see you outside of class?"

"She won't wake up." Chad answers dryly.

"She? You're keeping a girl with you? Who is she?"

"My Chimamire no Tenshi."