Ch.2 – The Tenshi Awakes

"Your WHAT?" Ichigo couldn't believe it. Chad of all people was fawning over some girl as if she was a goddess instead of attending training sessions. One of his best friends had been enslaved to a crush.

"Calm down idiot." Uryu scoffed. "How and where did you meet her?"

"I'm late." Chad turns from them to continue his route home.

"Well that was informative. Let's just follow him."

"No way! We have training!" Ichigo whines. Orihime agrees to leave with him for the training grounds while Urya and Rukia follow Chad.


Chad couldn't believe it, when he got home he found her on the floor by the door. She was unconscious and bleeding again, but for her to get this far… she had been awake and he wasn't there. He dropped his school stuff and rushed to her side, picking her up with the utmost care. He slowly brought her back to his room and placed her on the bed, immediately cleaning and redressing her wounds. "I'm sorry I wasn't here for you." He sighs as he starts to gently clean her wings. "When you're better I'll take you out for ice cream as an apology."

"So it really was a girl keeping you from training." Uryu walks in with Rukia. "That is no ordinary girl."

"It certainly isn't." Rukia speaks up. "Only a truly full-fledged miko with an excessive amount of power can grow wings. Midoriko is the last one recorded, that was over 500 years ago and she constantly hid hers. They only showed when she created the Shikon No Tama, a jewel crafted by her soul with a dark and terrible story."

"I met her a few weeks ago. I watched her defeat a hallow with a pure energy arrow. She was beautiful, even covered in blood. When she collapsed I brought her here, cleaned her up and I've been waiting for her to open her eyes. Ichigo made me late, she was finally awake."

"I'm surprised the espada aren't here trying to claim her." Uryu sighs. "But take as much time as you need. I won't bother you." The quincy waves before leaving, taking Rukia with him.

"…So that was Uryu and Rukia." Chad begins. "School was uneventful today. But the weather is good if you like taking walks in the park or going down to the beach."


Chad woke up with a start, he had fallen asleep on the chair he kept next to the bed. When he shifted to move to the couch in the living room he was shocked to find a delicate hand attached to his shirt with a vise-grip. "…Sado…" The voice was barely a whisper as his head immediately snapped to face the girl on the bed. Brown met deep brown as he found her staring back at him.