Shinichi stood in front of the backstage mirror, straightening his black tie. He had temporarily left his much loved blue suit and bow tie back in the dressing room, and was now wearing a black suit with a white undershirt and black loafers. He sighed and walked closer to the curtain and pulled them back the slightest crack to look at the crowds on the other side.

Well ok, maybe he was over reacting a little, he was looking out onto a small restaurant, with a few tables laid out in front of a small stage built from wooden boxes, so it was easily moved if an occasion should need more room. Various people were in there, enjoying their evenings, eating out with their friends, lovers and their children, most of who where bouncing in their seats in excitement.

Shinichi had to suppress a small yell as a hand was suddenly paced on his shoulder; he turned to see a face, not much unlike his own smiling at him. Kaito pulled him back from the curtain and walked over to a large box filled with various props and pulled out two red roses

"Nervous?" Kaito asked him, securing one rose to his jacket with a small pin

"Nervous? Nervous!" Shinchi turned back to the curtain "I'm about to go out in front of a whole load of strangers, who despite a false name are extremely likely to recognise me, do something that has only ever been tried in your living room, and run the chance of when messing up never been taken seriously ever again," He turned back to Kaito with a small smile "Of course I'm not nervous"

Kaito chuckled and walked up to shinchi, pinning the other rose to his collar "'Sometimes a trick may fail, but you mustn't bring it to the audiences attention. Always keep your cards hidden….'"

"'And keep a good poker face' Tochi-ochan's main advice." Shinichi smiled at Kaito at the memories of his uncle and Kaito's father ran through his mind

"Right" Kaito nodded "Besides, you've got the blood of Japan's greatest actress in you, you'll be fine" Kaito barley had a few seconds to duck Shinchi's playful punch

"I am NOT like my mother!"

A stage hand stuck his head around the edge of the door where Shinichi and Kaito where waiting "Nearly time, get in place" the man left again as Kaito grinned widely, speed walking to the centre of the stage, blocked only from view by the curtain. Shinichi took hi place next to him, and felt the nervousness returning upon hearing the voices on the other side. And the loud call of the restaurant owner getting everyone settled down.

"'Sometimes a trick may fail….'" Kaito said, placing some items in a hidden pocket inside his coat.

Presenting our newest act

"' But you mustn't bring it to the audience's attention…." Shinichi continued, straightening out his sleeve

Two 15 year old promising magicians

"' Always keep your cards hidden….'" Kaito turned grinning to him

Kaito and Arthur Kuroba

"'and always keep a good poker face'" Shinichi finished, returning the grin