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Chapter 34

"Smoke bomb?"
"Gas mask?"
"Sleeping gas?"
"Got it, think that's the lot"

Kaito was placing each object into his jacket as he confirmed to Shinichi they had them making a small pile for Shinichi too, Shinichi was busy re-re-re-RE-checking the map of the art galleries layout until he had it all perfectly memorised.

"Hattori wont be here tonight but Hakubas still coming,"
"Shame. Still messing with Haku is fun~"

Shinichi chuckled as he folded the map slipping into one of the file holders on the shelf then picking up his stuff. The heist was taking place in Edoka so it was only logical to use the KID base.

"Best head off now, we can make it at a slow walk"
Kaito nodded pulling on the dark blue hoodie not knocking his wig off as Shinichi pulled on his own simple disguise and the two of them left the house,


Back at Rans house Haibara was rather creatively coming up with as many ways to kill Shinichi as she could while sat on the couch upstairs the detective agency watching some painfully bad children's show which Ran put on for her. Ran at the moment had walked off to get the phone but she was still in the room so Haibara couldn't even flick through the other programs so she chose to try to concentrate on anything else.

"What's wrong Sonoko?"
"Ran you have GOT to come here now, you wont believe some of the guards they have here~"

Ran sweatdroped slightly, Sonoko must be at the heist and so she must be talking about the new recruits.
"Sonoko I cant im minding a child for someone…"
"Really?" Ran could almost hear the pout in Sonoko's voice, "Is their no way you can come? I mean its actually rather boring alone…hey my dad can get you and the kid in the off limits areas"
"I don't think i-"


Ran looked up at Haibara who had turned over the channel quickly to watch the news report that was now showing the various art pieces kept in the museum.
"They all look so coo!"

"…Do you like that sort of thing Ai-chan?"
"Yeah!~" She said energetically but inside she cringed at the act, "Please kill me now…"

Ran thought a moment then turned her attention back to the phone call, "Alright Sonoko we'll be there soon,"
"Yes! Hurry up though!~"

Haibara sighed with relief as Ran closed the phone. It may have greatly damaged her pride but it was well worth it if she got to escape 'The Adventures of Tiggles the Tiger'.


"Right owner to the far left Nakamori arguing with him looks like Hakubas found the smoke bomb in the camera on the pillar Ran and Sonoko talking in the side r-…WHAT IS RAN DOING HERE!"

Shinichi felt a bubble of panic in his chest as he noticed both Ran and Haibara stood in the room, along with Sonoko who seemed to have found Aoko who had came for support again. But being the Phantom thief he was none of the growing worry showed on his face. He had hopped to keep Haibara away from heists solely because she seemed TOO observant. Hakuba and Heiji knowing was already two more than he wanted.

He moved his eyes away glancing at Kaito who was standing against the opposite wall 'guarding' the window and in the second their eyes caught each one confirmed with the other that they had noticed Haibara. No words where whispered. With the countdown reaching mere seconds it wasn't worth it. The heist would still go on.

The clocks struck the hour and as traditional as it was all the lights shut down. It was rather amusing that the same thing happened each time yet the officers never failed to panic slightly. They never knew what to expect.

Grinning to themselves Shinichi and Kaito ran out each holding something in their hands as they raced around the circle of guards as fast as they could and when they passed each other Kaito passed Shinichi the end he was holding and Shinichi tied it in a strong knot. The move had been made in mere seconds and when the lights came back on they were both stood proudly at the exit with wide grins in their full regalia

"I'm ever so glad you're here Nakamori-keibu, shame your tied up~" KID said with a wide grin. Nakamori and many of the other taskforce members were all tied to a main support pillar by a strong wide band of red and blue ribbon with a tight knot made into a bow at the middle, Hakuba was probably close to the centre judging by the British curses.

"KID you give that back right now!" Nakamori bellowed seeing the necklace held firmly in KIDs hand
"We will Keibu" Phantom said with his silky voice, "But it shall be in out own time~"

The two thieves then darted out the door grinning as the few officers who had avoided the ribbon first went to untie the rest then scrambled away as Nakamori roared at the to chase the thieves. KID and Phantom raced down the corridor knowing it perfectly taking the shortest route that lead up to the wide open doorway.

"You still go it?" Phantom asked starting to untie the hidden decoys,"
"Yeah, I dropped a fake that will become a gas cloud in the hallway too~"
"Why didn't you tell me about it?"

While the two of them bantered they didn't notice the door slowly open the faintest amount behind them, just the right amount for someone to look out of it.

"Well if we get these set off we can make it home in good time," Phantom said kicking the dummies off the roof watching them as they powered themselves through the air,
"Can we get something to eat on the way home then?"
"Yeah im hun-GET DOWN,"

To both KIDs and their watchers shock Phantom suddenly barrelled himself full force into KIDs chest knocking him down. There was a odd sound like rushing air and something metal bounced off the pole of the fence,

"He's here," KID said low pulling out a mirror to look around the small vent they were sitting behind, having to almost lye down their hats seeable over it. KID frowned as he looked over at the building across which had one window open then cursed loudly as his hat was shot off

"We're sitting ducks,"
Phantom nodded slightly and frowned in thought, "We're going to have to run for it, use a smoke bomb for cover and pray we don't get hit,"
"Hardly a safe plan," Kaito grumbled but he knew they didn't have many choices. He put his hand into his pocket pulling out about 12 smoke bombs and Phantom pulled another 15,

"Lets use 10 heavy ones, officers may come so we're going to have to run for it," Phantom decided as KID pulled out a second spare hat unfolding it,
"Ready then?"

They both paused a moment to see if there would be more movement then Phantom handed KID 5 of the bombs and with a quick sharp nod threw his to the floor only a second before KID did and the pellets broke letting out a high pile of smoke blocking both the snipers and their own sight. They got up hurrying to the door having remembered a vague idea where it was but KID shouted out as a sharp pain scorched across his lower arm. Phantom caught him then kicked the door open rushing inside before the smoke dispersed and he and KID hurried down KID gripping his left arm tightly as his white suit turned red.

They were quickly gone from the corridor and soon their footsteps faded. Once they had from the small gap between the stairs and the wall where a mop bucket or other cleaning supplies would normally be stashed three figures stood, two of them roughly adult and one short like a child's size. The two taller girls looked at each other in shock at what they say and the smaller girl smirked to herself in an unchild-like way,

"Well Kudo, looks like its not just me who's hiding things."