Case of curiosity
Kag x house


"excuse me-"
"I haven't killed any patients yet so go away" house snaps, never looking up from his computer solitaire game.
"I'm looking for Wilson's office. You'd know I wasn't your boss if you simply looked up"
"I'm a cripple, I don't look up to anyone"
"no, you look down at our leg with remembrance and hatred" house actually looks up to see a girl with long black hair and brown eyes in a blue dress suit.
"Who are you"
"I'm looking for Wilson's office"
"he doesn't come in until after lunch. Who are you"
"I'm aware of when he's coming in today. I need to find his office before he gets here"
"Kagome, Wilson's office is further down the hall. House, stop harassing the girl and get down to the clinic" a brunette walks by.
"Thanks Cuddy!" Kagome scampers off down the hall.
"...Wilson's not telling me something and I'm gonna find out what" house gets up and follows the mysterious girl.