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The love of men and a woman


That bitch, that fucking bitch. Sasuke walked furious trough the village. Thinking of Sakura who should have been his concubine, his possession. But instead she ran away and not long after that the famous copy nin went missing. And the village blamed him for the disappearance off the copy nin. Sakura wasn't that bad, but the copy nin was powerful and their first protector.

I will get her and make her pay. I'll make her scream en beg for her life. The whole of this pathetic village blames me for Kakashi disappearing. "O Sasuke sent the copy nin after Sakura. What will we do without the copy nin."

Sasuke reached the gates off Kohona and stared into the distance. After an hour he went back to the Uchiha compound. And started planning the retrieval off Sakura and Kakashi.

Meanwhile in the Hokage tower, Tsunada thought of ways to get Sakura and Kakashi back in the town and to ask forgiveness. She knew she made a stupid mistake to force Sakura to become the concubine of Sasuke. She remember all the time she and Sakura where training and how much she enjoyed Sakura's company. But she realized it too late and it cost her dearly.

Sakura was happier than ever. She lived in Rain country. She was loved and cherished. Her father was with her and he also found a new love. Noting could get her of cloud nine. When she walked in the hallway more often she would feel a large hand grab her and pull her against his broad chest. The Akatsuki thanked every god they knew off for their luck. Their sister found a good man and they had the love of a beautiful strong loyal woman. A woman they would never betray.

Sakura was in the hospital room refilling the stocks. You know that we are the luckiest woman to walk on this planet. Yes I know and I thank the gods for every single day. But when are we going to the next level with our hot and cut Akatsuki! Next level? What do you mean next level? Well when a man or men loves a woman…. O gods shut up, just shut up. Hmmm well maybe we could go further. I mean I do love them and I know they love us. Exactly, it's normal to go a step further. And maybe a baby? Well that is too soon, I mean it's just a couple of months. Hmm yeah a baby can wait. Duhh.

"Forest fairy?" "What's wrong you're all red in the face?" Zetsu looked worried at his Forest fairy. Sakura looked up to Zetsu and smiled "Nothing is wrong Zetsu my love, really nothing is wrong." Zetsu walked up to Sakura and captured her lips in a loving kiss. O gods he really knows how to kiss. Sakura was glad that Zetsu held her close, because her legs refused to support her any more.

Zetsu and Sakura broke the kiss to catch their breath. But soon after Zetsu started to kiss her jawline and descended down to her neck. Nipping playfully at her white flesh. "O Zetsu don't stop, I love you so much." At these words Zetsu held her even closer and start whispering sweet nothings in her ear. "My beautiful forest fairy I love you so much that the thought off leaving us kills me." "Never, I will never leave!" Sakura and Zetsu held each other close and never wanting to let go.

Zetsu and Sakura were interrupted by Kisame, who gently toke Sakura out of Zetsu arms. He kissed her full of passion. His eyes were full of love for his beautiful angel. Never was he accepted as a lover by a woman. But Sakura didn't mind the way he looked or how he acted. She just loved him. "What is this talk of Sakura leaving us Zetsu?" "Nothing, just stupid fears." "Don't be afraid I will never leave, I love you guys too much." Said Sakura and the look she gave to both man was filled with love.

Kakashi saw the interaction between Sakura and two of her lovers and was glad. His little girl found good men, who loved her and took care of her. He just hoped that Kohona wouldn't interfere. But in the back of his head he knew that soon or later Kohona would come. He just hoped that they were ready, when Kohona came.

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