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The love of men and a woman


Sasuke and Naruto were looking for Sakura and Kakashi. They found nothing, but then they heard rumors about rain country. Naruto decided that they should check things out. Sasuke agreed. After six day's they arrived at rain village. They used a henge on them self so that now one would recognize them. Because Naruto was hungry they want to a ramen shop. It was also the best place to listen at the local gossip. But despite the henge and how careful Naruto and Sasuke were. ANBU of the rain had their eyes on them.

Their leader Pein had ordered them to keep a watchful eye on the hidden village of leaf. Just to make sure that Sakura would stay safe. The mission itself was considered an honor for the ANBU of Rain. Sakura was important to them; she saved a lot of lives of their comrades, their friends and their children. So when Sasuke and Naruto left Leaf in the dead off the night. They were watched 24/7.

When they arrived at Rain country, Pein ordered the ANBU to let Naruto and Sasuke pass. He made sure after consulting with Kakashi that everything they saw or heard was carefully staged. And it worked. After a few day's Naruto and Sasuke left. But that what they didn't knew, was that a little bird (literally) told Tsunada she could find her missing ninja's. After a day's of travel Naruto and Sasuke were greeted by the ANBU of leave and taken back home.

"BAKA'S FOOLS, WHAT HAPPED TO YOUR BRAINS." Tsunada was not pleased (understatement of the year) with the two of them. Sneaking in to Rain country could cause a war. And that was the last thing she needed. "But baa-chan, we heard rumors about a great healer in Rain". Naruto whined against Tsunada. "And! There are more great healers in the world". "If you were seen and caught, o kami the trouble, a war and the Akatsuki would have finally got the fox-demon". Tsunada looked straight in the eyes of Sasuke and Naruto. And with a voice off authority she said:" you will stop your search after Sakura and Kakashi". "We are working on a plan to get those two safely back in Leaf". After that Tsunada dismissed the boys and went back to her work and sake. Leaving the boys wonder what the plan might be.

Pein was pleased to hear that the boys left Rain without a clue about Sakura. Pein was working on some paper work until a timed knock was heard at his door. Pein looked up from his work and notices Sakura's chakra signal. He granted Sakura entry, when Sakura stepped in his office Pein noticed the pained and sad look on her face. He stood up and quickly walked towards Sakura, swept her in his arms. He took her to a nice looking armchair next to a window in his office and murmured sweet nothings in her ear. "My sweet, my angel, what is wrong? Are you hurt?" Sakura started to cry and buried her face in Pein's chest. For a second Pein didn't know what to do. He quickly regained his composure and hugged Sakura tightly to his chest, kissed her on top of her hair and begged Sakura to tell him what was wrong. Sakura looked up with het tear stained face. "I'm so sorry Pein. I just wanted to give you and the others their space back." "I talked to Kisame and I heard that you were worried about my behavior towards you. I didn't mean it. I just wanted to give you time and space. Everything is moving so fast". Sakura was rambling on and on. Pein closed his eyes and smiled. They were worried about the distance Sakura was creating. But so just did it for them. Not that is was necessary. The just loved her and wanted to know everything. Pein stopped Sakura's ramblings to kiss her on her lips. He looked her in the eyes and said: "Sakura my love it is all right. I understand, but please understand that I, no we need you, more than you can think". After that Pein started to kiss Sakura again and deepened the kiss. Until Tobi decided that it was his time to spend with Sakura.

Days became weeks and no word from Kohona. Until a simple merchant decided to trade with the people from Leaf. The merchant was pleased, life was good. The women in Kohona liked his merchandise and it was almost time for him to head back home. Back to his lovely wife and daughter. They were the light in his life. He lived a simple life and didn't need much. Onley his loved ones. But there was a time he lost almost his beloved wife and daughter. Both got really sick and nobody knew what was wrong. Well that was until she came, she knew what was wrong with his wife and child and healed them. From that day on he vouched that no one would hurt the pink haired goddess. He heard the story how she and her father came to Rain and that Leaf didn't treat her right. So the merchant decided that it was quit all right to listen to the gossip of those Women if it would help her. After a long day he went for a nice drink at a bar. And there a overheard a few very drunk ninja's.

"Forehead doesn't know what hit her", slurred a drunk Ino. "I mean just a few little things and Sakura will be back at Kohona". Kiba looked up from his sake and slurred "Oi keep your big mouth shut". "No one has to know that Sakura and Kakashi will soon be back in Kohona, because we know the second important thing off Sakura". "O just shut it both of you!" Tenten looked quit pissed. "You don't know if someone is listing to your drunken stupor." After that Tenten dragged the drunk assess of Kiba and Ino out of the bar and back home. The Merchant knew enough. He went quickly to a friend for one of his message birds.

Pein was mad, no Pein was beyond mad. He called all of the Akatsuki back to the base. This will not be overlooked. Kohona went too far. Now the will know to full force off the Akatsuki and friends. It was a very busy days at Rain. Kage's of befriended city came and went. ANBU send on high classified missions. When Sakura went in to the town of in to the woods, she was never alone. Kakashi or one of her Akatsuki was with her 24/7. After Pein received the message from the merchant in Leaf he went straight to Kakashi and told that Kohona wanted to use something imported to Sakura against her to get her back and with Sakura also Kakashi. Pein wanted to know what it was, so he could make sure that it would get corrupted by leaf. Kakashi didn't know what it could be so important for Sakura that she would return back to Leaf. Kakuzu went to Sakura and explained the situation.

What the hell they want us back and they are willing to use the second most important thing against us! Those losers, what the hell. Let's go and kick their assess just for the hell off it. No let them try to use him against us. Hell if they approach him, he will kick their assess. And he will have help from the others. O, yeah. I want to go to him I want to see it with our own eyes. Sakura started to smile malicious. O Kami, help me I love that smile on her face. Kakuzu could look think how much he liked that smile on her face.

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