(NOTE FROM THE FORMER MISSTOTALLYAWESOME - this is a fanfiction written by a very good friend of mine, Shane. We are joining forces on this account because he's like, freakin' talented and is helping me with my fics and I'm letting him post this on my account because he's a lazy fecker. And now he is glaring at me over webcam. kay. Story behind username - He's Shane. I'm Jade. His last name is Clemens. He is superior. He gets the last name.)

Hey there, I'm Shane. I recently found this site as I re-discovered the world of fanfiction through livejournal, and really wanted to try my hand at it again. About three years ago I started a Harry Potter fanfiction and completed it eight months later, and I immensely enjoyed the process, so I think I may edit it and post it up someday. But, I had an idea for a Glee AU fanfiction that I was simply dying to write. Here's a brief summary outlining the general gist of my AU.

Blaine Anderson has newly transferred to Redston and Layne Boarding School, his parents idea of a fresh start for their son, who had troubles back in his old school in California. There, he meets a group of elite, insufferable people who happen to end up being his roommates - just his luck. He also realises, this place is a hell of a lot more uptight than his old school. But, there is one person who seems to not fit in just as much as he does - Kurt Hummel. And soon, Blaine realises there are two different worlds here at RAL…

I cant really explain the idea without giving the entire plot away. Anyway, there is no real Dalton Academy or McKinley high, I mean, RAL is practically both of them mixed together. There is another high school, whose Glee Club we'll meet, which is the Lima High School of Performing Arts, and their show choir is basically New Directions minus Kurt.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first chapter.

"Another mid-term transfer?" Daniel Logan shook his head, sighing. "Redston is practically full as it is. If we keep accepting them, next years freshman will have to board in Layne."

"That's hardly your concern, is it now, Mr Logan?" Principal Halverson peered at the newly appointed head of Redston building, remembering that he had never taken well to new kids on the block. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to leave the new transfer kid in his hands, but then again, there was nobody else he could trust not to scare him away before he'd even started classes. "Hurry along, now, Blaine is waiting anxiously in the reception area with his father…" although they were alone in the room, the principal lowered his voice slightly. "His mother is recently deceased. The circumstances are unknown. The boy is very fragile, very confused, and has had a lot of trouble at his past schools. I trust you will make him feel safe and at home."

Daniel shook his head. "Is boarding school really the best place for him, then?"

He smirked slightly. "As much as I enjoy our chats where you try to create drama where there really is no cause for concern, Mr Logan, I regret I will have to cut this one short." he handed his best, but sometimes most annoying, student a folder with the name Blaine C. Anderson printed on the side. "Leave that in to Stacey at reception, will you?"

He nodded curtly, and turned on his heel, marching out of the principals office. The minute he shut the glass door behind him, he had his head stuck in the folder, trying to suss out everything there was to know about this new kid. The only thing he could deduce was Wow, he is going to have it tough here.


"You'll be okay here."

"I know, Dad. I'll be fine." Blaine repeated for the hundredth time that day. "A new start." Blaine didn't necessarily believe this himself, but he was saying it for his fathers sake, and even if things were really bad here, he had no intention of letting him know about any of it. The last thing he needed was more stress.

"Blaine Anderson?" a tall, stockily built dark haired boy, most likely a senior, had approached them, holding out his hand to John Anderson, and then to Blaine. "My name is Daniel Logan, I'm head of Redston building, where you will be boarding. I'm here to give you a tour of campus and introduce you to your roommates."

"Thank you," John said, nodding at Daniel. "Well, Blaine, looks like you're in good hands here."

He smiled. "Yeah. I'll see you at the weekend, Dad."

Daniel raised his eyebrow. "Do you want some time to say goodbye?"

"No." Blaine replied, a little to quickly. The sooner his dad left, the better, really.

"Fantastic." the older boy said in complete monotone. "Let's get going, then. Dinner is in precisely 78 minutes, and we can't be late for that, unless you're happy eating your food stone cold." Blaine couldn't work out if he was joking or not - he had an air of general sarcasm about him, that made it hard for him to form a good first impression.

"Straighten up your tie, Anderson." he added, as he led him out the door of reception and into the deserted campus grounds. "The way you wear your uniform says a lot about you."

"It does?"

"Right." he pursed his lips. "I assume you've read the brochure? It outlines everything you need to know about the school, the campus, it's facilities, and the history of Redston and Layne. But, in case this information has escaped you," he sighed, "here is a quick reminder. The school was founded by Harold Redston and his wife Danika in 1875. It was set up as an institution of learning where the option of boarding was available as to offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment of education very much like college. Redston is the name of the building where the boys reside, and Layne, which was Danika's maiden name, is where the girls stay. Classes are mixed, streamed by ability, and take place in the middle building, dubbed by some students as Rayne." Daniel rolled his eyes, as if the sheer idiocy of combining names was beneath him. "Any questions on that?"

"Uhm, no, all clear, thanks." Blaine shifted uncomfortably. There were a few things he wanted to know, naturally, but Daniel looked far too irritable. There really was something about him that Blaine didn't like. Maybe it was his abruptness. "Except… how does the boarding work?"

Again, the seniors eyes wandered up to heaven. "Unfortunately, Redston house is getting rather full. There are four to a room. You are sharing with…" he pulled out a list from his messenger bag. "Ah. Yes. James Morgan, Hunter Gibson, and Grant McCoy. They're all Sophomores, like you. Room 13C, Floor 2. I'll bring you up there soon, your bags should already be there, reception take care of that, and I'll get you a key card." Something seemed to had changed Daniels tone a little. He decided to test the waters a bit.

"Do you know those guys? Are they nice?"

He was met with a cold glare. "They're perfectly good students, no trouble as long as you don't cross them."

What was that supposed to mean?


An hour later, Blaine found himself being brought up to the second floor of Redston. It was… a hell of a lot bigger than he expected, first of all. A round, tower-like building that reminded him all too much of Gryffindor Tower (this thought making him feel weirdly more comfortable with the whole thing), with spiral stairs that made his knees ache after a mere two minutes of climbing, it gave off a very medieval vibe.

Until, however, Daniel handed him the key card he had picked up from the secretary. Blaine swiped it through the machine, and the door swung open by its own accord, leading him into… well, a room definitely bigger than the Gryffindor dormitory, that was for sure.

It was like he had, in one step over the threshold, left the 19th century castle and entered a 21st century mansion. But before Blaine could take in his surroundings - the chrome walls, the slick appliances, the various other doors - three figures appeared in front of him.

"New kid?" a red-head looked down at him. Blaine had never exactly been tall, but in comparison to everyone he had met so far, he felt like a house elf.

"This is Blaine Anderson." Daniel supplied from behind him. "Be nice."

"I suppose we all remember what it's like to be the new kid here in Redston." a blonde sighed. "Still, we cant be having this again. Remember what happened last time?"

"Oh, Hunter, don't go there. Nightmare. How long did he last, two weeks?"

"Less than that, Grant."

"Must have been about nine days." the third boy, obviously James, nodded. "It's not for everyone."

Blaine looked at them. "Why?"

"Clashing personalities." Daniel interjected quickly, glaring at the three guys.

"He was a total whimp!" Hunter laughed. "He couldn't even afford the uniform, and did you see his weekend clothes?"

"You call them clothes? More like potato sacks and bin bags!"

"You judge people based on their annual income?" Blaine raised his eyebrows.

This silenced them. Hunter stepped forward slightly. "This isn't some crappy public school. This is Redston and Layne. Unless you're planning to hang out with the freaks up on floor seven, those misfits, this really isn't a place for you."

He couldn't help but thing that these guys were total assholes. And he had to live with them? No wonder the last boy left after nine days - nine days seemed like an admirable feat, seeing as Blaine was already considering packing up and running for the hills. What kind of place had his father sent him too?

"Well, we best be going to dinner." James cleared his throat. "See you around, Anderson."

They all smirked at each other before exiting the room.

"You could have warned me about that."

Daniel grimaced. "You had to see it for yourself, really."

"So what are you? Snob or misfit?"

"Snob. But I have to be impartial here, now that I'm head of this building. They are my friends, and I wholeheartedly agree with everything they think, but it's my job to be sympathetic to you. You're going to have a hard time fitting it here."

This is ridiculous, Blaine thought. Daniel could hardly tell what kind of person he was just by -

"I know just by looking at your hair and your shoes and then listening to the way you speak and seeing the way you look at others what crowd you're going to fit in with. Don't look so surprised, I see lots of Redstons come and go." he smiled slightly. "This doesn't mean I'm on your side. I have my allegiance. But, if things ever get bad - if anything happens that breaks a direct RAL code - I have a duty to report."

"Uhm, thanks, I guess."

Daniel sighed. "We operate a Dress & Tie policy here, Anderson."

"What's that?"

He ignored him. "I showed you where the dining hall is, correct? Don't take too long up here."

Blaine nodded and watched Daniel vacate the dorm. As soon as the door closed, he let out a deep sigh, and slumped down against the wall. Even his high school in California was better than this - at least he got to go home at the end of it.

He shook the thought from his head. No. He was overreacting. They couldn't all be stuck up snobs - there were bound to be some people with common interests as him. He knew there was a glee club, like the one he had been a part of in his old school, maybe he'd try out for that.

There was a knock at the door. He jumped up, wondering who would want to get into the room who didn't have access to a key card. He pressed a large button that had 'admit' written on it (screw Hogwarts, this felt kind of like a spaceship).

"Hey," a boy, just barely taller than him, with brown hair and - holy crap, Blaine thought, the most striking blue-green eyes he had ever seen - smiled slightly at him. "My name's Kurt Hummel. You're new."

"Word travels fast around here?" he breathed, holding on to the door frame to steady himself.

"Are you okay?" he peered at him. "You look a bit… sick, actually… Oh. Did you meet your roommates?"


"What do you think of them?"

"They seem like delightful human beings."

"I thought as much." Kurt nodded. "Daniel told everyone that there was a new transfer, and from the look on his face, I could tell it wasn't one of his elitists. I thought I'd let you know that, we're not all like that."

"Are you the floor seven misfits, by any chance?"

"Yes. We're not all on floor seven. That's just where the smaller common room is, where we're usually left in peace. I'm actually just across the hall. I live with one other nice guy - Darren Lynch. The other two…" he shuddered. "Make our lives a living hell. We're by no means worse off than them, either, it's just that we're different."

"So basically if I'm not a certain way, I'm fucked?"

"No, not as long as you have us." Kurt was smiling again. "We have our own fun, you know."

"Right." Blaine smiled back. "Uhm, are you on your way down to dinner."

"No." he shook his head rapidly. "We ate a while ago. We don't go to the dining hall - we go to the cafeteria in Layne, or just order in. But, if you want to get some food down there, I'll come with you."

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm not even that hungry. Actually," he reconsidered. "I am, but if you stay away from them even at dinner time, it must be bad."

The other boy laughed. "Yes. Well, I have some leftovers in my room, if you want to come over? It'd just be us two - Ethan and Theo, the other two, will be gone for a few hours and Darren's at glee club rehearsal."

"Sure, that would be great."

See, Blaine?, he thought to himself. Nothing to worry about. Not only an hour in and you're already going to a cute guys room. He immediately wanted to slap himself for even thinking that. "Uhm, so, actually, about glee club, are there like, auditions?"

"Oh, yes, there's auditions at the end of the month." Kurt blushed slightly. "I'm not in it - I just… I want to try out. But every time auditions roll around, I freak out." Kurt stopped himself. Really, Kurt, you're going to open up to a complete stranger about this? "I don't know if I'm good enough."

This surprised Blaine. "You should go for it! The worst that can happen is you don't get in, right?"

"I suppose…" he sighed. "It's just… singing is kind of important to me. I don't do it in front of anyone - if I was told I wasn't good, I'd be crushed."

"I'm sure that's not the case, though. Hey, if you ever want an unbiased, honest opinion, I'm here. Seriously."

"Really?" he looked at him. "Wow, thanks… Oh, I'm such an idiot!" he grinned. "I didn't even ask you your name!"

He laughed. "I'm Blaine. Blaine Anderson."

"It's nice to meet you, Blaine Anderson."

I hope you enjoyed this! I will get the next chapter posted up as soon as I can! -S.