A Wolf in Mahora

Chapter 17: Trouble in Paradise

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Naruto: Kazumi, Mana, Kaede, Chizuru, Chisame, Chachamaru, Chao, Zazie, Yuuna, Asuna, Theodora, Akira, Haruna, Takane and Evangeline, Misa, Sakurako, Madoka

Negi: Nodoka, Ayaka, Makie, Yue, Ako, Konoka, Ku Fei, Setsuna and, Luna, Fuka, Fumika

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XChapter StartX

Negi was standing in front of his partners; Asuna, Setsuna, Konoka and Nodoka alongside Ku Fei and Yue. Naruto was at the side with his partners; Zazie, Chizuru, Mana, Kaede and Chao much to the other girls shock and ones rage. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT MAGIC!" yelled Asuna making Naruto rub his ears fro the pain "In my defence I thought it best not to keep secrets from them when they each hold powerful artifacts and only two of them actually know how to use magic."

"But why did you bring them to Negi's training?" she then asked "Simple let you all know who you can trust and who knows about magic. And don't worry they promised not to reveal anything 'except Chao for some reason.'

Can we get on with the boya's training please and Setsuna repress you Ki. Magic and Ki will only conflict without compatibility practice" said Evangeline not too pleased about the situation but moved on to her main focus of tor…tutoring. "Alright Evangeline-san" said Setsuna "I'm going to try it now" said Negi taking out his cards. "Sim Mae Pars, Per Centum Octoginta Secundas Ministra Negii; Conoe Conoca, Mijazaci Nodoca, Cagurazaca Asuna, Sacurazaca Setsuna"

"Uhya it tickles#" said Konoka "You never get used to it do you?" asked Asuna "Really it's not that bad…" commented Setsuna. "Ok let's move on. Expand the anti material shield onto everyone at full power" Eva ordered with Negi doing as he was told. "Next expand the anti-magic shield at full power and after holding that for three minutes fire 199 magic arrows into the sky to the north, I've extended a barrier so you don't need to hold back."

After the three minutes Negi launched the arrows of light into the sky which hit the barrier making them all explode making them look like fireworks to everyone else and tuckering out Negi. "This is pointless if he's going to faint at just that. He may have inherited incredible magical power but it's a wasted gift" scoffed Eva "hey Evangeline-san aren't you being a bit too hard on him? Aniki id only 10 years old! He used up more magic by invoking 4 contracts for three minutes and firing 199 magic arrows than he did fighting during the school trip. It's only natural that he'd pass out any ordinary mage would if he had to…"

Eva put on a scary look "Silence you lower life form. Do you think I'll be satisfied with just any ordinary mage? You want me to cook you up and eat you?" Naruto chuckled behind her as Chamo ran to Asuna crying in fear. "I wouldn't eat him Eva-chan you don't know where he's been, besides Negi's magic levels can still grow a little if he trains. In which case this is the best way to go."

"See even he agrees with me here" she said proudly "So boya remember that excuses and tears aren't going to work on me. If you make the slightest complaint I'll drink your blood dry to the last drop. Don't forget it." Negi got back up and on one knee "Ok I'm counting on you Evangeline-san" Negi said with enthusiasm.

"C…Call me master" she told him making Naruto giggle seeing the tint of red "Yes master. By the way if I wanted to defeat a dragon how long do you think I should train?" Negi asked "What…? Say that again."

"I said if I wanted to defeat a dragon…" she punched for his stupidity "Are you some kind of moron? Who would fight a dragon in 21st century Japan" Naruto looked sheepish when she said this which his partner took note of. "Naruto-kun why don't we train with our artifacts with the other here?" suggested Chizuru "Not a bad idea Chizuru-chan we'll wait until Yue and Ku Fei leave since the other have artefacts already."

"…" said Zazie pointing to a now arguing Negi and Asuna "Oh dear this won't end well…" he muttered. "That was dangerous, why didn't you say anything to me you damn brat" scolded Asuna "Brat? But Asuna-san you were never involved with us in the first place. I thought that we shouldn't be cauing trouble for you all the time so…"

Naruto internally winced at Negi's wording as she grabbed the boy by his shirt "N…Never involver? What are you saying after all this time you Negi-brat?" Negi began flailing his arms about "What I mean is that I didn't want to put an uninvolved person like Asuna-san in any danger so I…"

"…" commented Zazie "Yeah he's building a bigger hole" replied Naruto "I doubt Negi-bouzu will get out of this without injury" added Chao. "Uninvolved? You…why do you think I've been learning kendo from Setsuna even though I'm short on time?" said Asuna growing more irritated "Ehh? I didn't ask you to do that. Why are you getting so angry at me Asuna-san?"

"Why you ask? This is why brats are so… I didn't know you thought of me that way you brat shrimp!" Asuna yelled shaking her fist "You're not very mature either Asuna-san and you're supposed to be more mature than me too you violent monkey girl!" Negi shot back.

"This had turned into a playground argument now" said Mana observing the two "I'd ay more a sibling fight more than anything de-gozaru" Kaede said resting her head on Naruto's shoulder. "What did you call me? I don't want to hear that from a kid who hasn't even grown hair where is counts!" Negi reaching new levels of idiocy decided to reply with "Asuna-san is the paipan who still wears bear panties. I've heard about it you know. Paipan means you don't have any hair."

"Wow didn't think Negi-kun knew such language" muttered Chizuru "Yeah but he really should learn not to use it especially in this situation" said Naruto watching as Asuna pulled out her artefact and Negi tried to defend as she swung at him breaking his barrier and knocking him out.

"Ah…I'm not talking to you anymore! Idiot!" she screamed running away "…?" asked Zazie "Not sure it's Negi's fault so I think he has to learn what he did wrong before we can help fix this Zazie-chan. Come on we'll review some of the notes from out last study session at Eva-chan's while a train with the others" answered Naruto crating clones to look after Chao, Mana and Kaede.


At Eva's cottage she was currently teaching Negi and Konoka about their situation. "You two have very high levels of magic power. You both should consider yourselves lucky to be so gifted. It's not the sort of thing you can get through pure training. However all that means is that you are giant tanks of magic energy and you'll need to improve your control like Naruto has as well as improve the effectiveness of you magic. By the way you should know that to control magic you need willpower. But to control Ki you need physical power."

"Erm Eva-chan I don't think they're listening" said Chizuru next to her as Negi was currently in depression mode with Konoka trying to comfort him. "You're about to get killed if you don't stop moping bat" Eva threatened "But Asuna-san" Negi whined.

Eva took off her glasses "Hmph any conflict between you two gives me a good feeling since it was the combination of you and Asuna that put me through so many hardships" Naruto coughed "A little harsh don't you think?" asked Naruto. "Not really I'm evil anyway Konoka I have a message for you from Eishun" this perked the girls interest hearing her father's name.

"Now that you know the truth if it is your wish he would like me to teach you about magic. Certainly with your power you could become a Magister Magi." This surprised the girl "Magi…you mean what Naruto-kun is and Negi is aiming for?" she asked. "Yeah with your power you could be useful to the world. Yu should give it some thought" Eva told her turning to her other pupil "Next is you boy. In order to decide the direction of your training from now on I'm letting you choose your own combat style."

"Combat style?" Negi questioned "Yes from the battle during the school trip, I have thought of two paths you should pursue. Let me simplify things for you." While she explained it to him Naruto was chatting with Konoka "So Konoka if you want you can learn healing magic with Chizuru-chan if you'd like" she smiled "I'd like that Naruto-kun thank you and thank you too Chizu-nee."

"So you've been teaching Chizuru-san healing magic what has Zazie-san been leaning then Naruto?" asked Setsuna "More combat related spells like myself. She quite adept to them and with her physical abilities makes her a powerful opponent for anyone" the girl blushed at the praise. "Zazie-chan was my first partner so when I was learning magic she was learning with me, the difference was that my method of study and practice go beyond human measures and I end up learning week's worth of stuff in a day."

"How…How do you do that?" she asked shocked "Remember my clones" he got a nod "The stuff they learn gets retained and returned to me when they go" Setsuna's mouth dropped at the possibilities of such a method of learning.

"One quick question what's your combat style Naruto?" he smiled "Magic swordsman I refuse to stand behind my partner an put them at risk while I chant spells" he accepted the answer as Hakase came up the stairs.

"Oh hello Hakase-chan you looking for Chao-chan?" the professor shook her head no just checking up on Chachamaru but what's with him" she gestured to the depressed Negi who was reminded of Asuna by Setsuna. "He had a fight with Asuna-chan" she gave an 'O' sound in response. "What is Asuna-san angry?" asked Setsuna.

"Uuu, I don't know" he said tears still in his eyes. "You're such a dumb kid. All you have to do is apologise right?" said Chachazero "But I don't remember doing anything wrong" Naruto shook his head at Negi choking it up to an age thing.

"It's best to analyze the situation at times like this, sensei. Chachamaru do you still have the audio data from the fight?" she asked getting a yes as Hakase brought out her computer and printed off a copy of the conversation.

After reading through the conversation everyone came to the same conclusion "Because you called her paipan" they announced in unison "Can we please get off that topic? What should I do I still don't know the reason…" said Negi.

"Negi you should really apologise for what you called her but also for what you said to her. If you can't tell what it is why don't you ask her in person and apologise. If you apologise first maybe she'll tell you what upset her" he told him. The girls around all nodding at the logic "My Naruto you certainly know how to deal with young girls don't you teased Hakase.

"Not really just listening and asking what's wrong usually goes down well. And being polite to every girl doesn't hurt either" he said with Zazie hugging his arms "Looks like we made a good choice with our partner then Zazie-chan?" said Chizuru while the silent girl nodded.

"You're right I have to apologise first" said Negi going outside. Negi ended up summoning Asuna as she was taking a shower…right when Takamichi came by with a gift. I didn't end well for him.


"Haah Asuna-san hasn't spoken to me for 3 days now" said Negi depressed over the ordeal "Might be because you summoned her naked in front of her crush" Naruto stared the obvious. "AHHH by why is she angry at me? I never had any intention of fighting with her. Please Naruto-nii, tell me how to understand girls and what I did wrong" Negi cried.

"I can't tell you Negi because you have to learn what you did wrong on your own, me telling you would serve no point" as he said that an expensive looking car pulled by "Hello Negi-sensei, Naruto-nii!" greeted Ayaka walking toward them.

"Hello Ayaka-chan everything alright?" asked Naruto as she grabbed Negi's hand "No I heard that Negi-sensei has been feeling down these past few days. And I was wondering what you two were doing for golden week?"

"I don't think me or Negi have plans" he told her thinking she could help improve his mood "Well then since it's the weekend I wanted to invite you both to my Paradise in the south, how about it?" she asked the two. "We'd love to Ayaka-chan it's by the sea side right?" she nodded and Negi's face put on a smile "The seaside?"


When the plane dropped down to the island the trio got off the plane now in swimwear "I've books out the Yukihiro group's resort island for one day" she told them "Ehh that's amazing Iincho-san" she smiled and was about to start her tour "Let's head to the beach over there right away…"

There was suddenly a large shout of "IT'S THE SEASIDE!" from basically over half of 3-A, who had snuck aboard the plane. "Ok I think it's safe to say we had a few stowaways" said Naruto as he felt a soft sensation on his back "Hello Naruto-kun we learned that Ayaka was leaving from Kazumi and Haruna-san and hearing you and Negi were coming too the class decided to tag along" said Chizuru.

"Well I'm not complaining just wish you'd asked Ayaka-chan first" he watched as Asuna brushed Negi off without talking to him "I hope those two can sort this out" he muttered. He then heard Yuuna "We finally have a vacation on the southern island with only two boys, but at least one of them is Naruto-kun."

"And there's Negi-kun too" Makie added happily while Naruto felt the need to wander off for some reason but another art said to stay where he was. The later won out and he set off to find Negi.

"Asuna-san won't speak with me. What should I do?" asked Negi to himself as Naruto floated next to him "Just apologise…without summoning her this time" Negi sighed "But Asuna-san refuses to talk to me."

Naruto splashed him a little "if she won't talk to you, you go talk to her first and apologise" Negi nodded still in thought of how to go about it not noticing Makie and Ako approaching "Negi-sensei let's play!" shouted the two jumping him as Ayaka joined in while Naruto swam away not wanting to get involved in the battle.

He ended up bumping into someone, he looked up to see Zazie "Hey Zazie-chan glad to see you could make it" he said smiling "…?" she asked him. "Of course you look nice in your swimsuit, like I told you before you don't have to compare yourself to everyone, you're beautiful to me" she smiled and hugging him from behind.

"Hope your not keeping Naruto-kun to yourself are you Zazie-san?" ask Chizuru hugging Naruto arms now "…" she said shaking her head "Mind if I join in?" asked Haruna "No complaints here" replied Naruto enjoying the girls company, it felt nice have the girls near him each a different part of his life.

"Oh no sensei drowned!" called the girls, Naruto looked to see Negi floating with Makie, Ayaka, Nodoka and Ako all surrounding him. "Looks as though Negi's as popular as me sometimes" he joked as the girls hugged him more "After this you wanna go explore the island?" all three girls nodding as they just enjoyed swimming for now.


After Negi had been revived her was sitting in the sand with Chamo "Negi-sensei" called Ayaka "We're really sorry about before" she apologised Negi waved it off "Negi-sensei are you still feeling down? Is there some reason?" Negi then explained what had happened between him and Asuna as Naruto and the others walked by.

"You had a big fight with Asuna-san?" she asked "Yes and I don't even know why she's angry at me. After that I tried to sort things and failed" Negi told her. "What do you think she'll do Naruto-kun?" asked Haruna observing the scene "Knowing Ayaka-chan, she help the two make up. I'll have to do something for her efforts when we get back though…"

"I understand Negi-sensei, I shall assist you so you and Asuna-san can make up" she said with an honest expression…complete with sparkles. "Thank you Iincho-san" said Negi happily as he ran off happily and Ayaka walked to the others "You're a good friend Ayaka-chan, you could have used this to get closer to Negi but you didn't."

"Thank you Naruto-nii, I kind of wanted to but seeing him like that I feel bad for him. And he usually gets on so well with Asuna-san too" she said to him with a slight sigh. "Iincho is actually a good person isn't she?" said Natsumi "Yeah and that kindness deserves a reward which I think I can give her" Naruto smiled thinking of how he could manage what he planned.

"That's what makes her my Ayaka so I'll help too" said Chizuru smiling "Oh Chizuru-san thank you" said Negi happily "Now then we shall begin 'Operation Negi-sensei and Asuna-san make up' alright?" shouted Ayaka as Chizuru turned to Negi "There may be some danger involved but it'll be ok so please don't worry Negi-sensei."


"Wow Naruto-nii and everyone is so nice Chamo-un" said Negi as he was taking a swim on his own "But Aniki what did that big-breasted anego mean when she told us to wait here?" asked Chamo riding on the boys head. Under the water Negi didn't see the hand reaching for his leg 'I'm just going to surprise you a little bit ok? Sorry sensei.' Thought the owner of the hand, as she pulled Negi down, making him panic and splash about in the water.

Not far away Asuna was walking with Konoka and Setsuna "Asuna how about you forgive Negi-kun already?" asked Konoka "It…it's up to me isn't it?" the girl replied then hearing someone shout "Asuna-san, Asuna-san!"

She turned to see Ayaka running toward her "Big trouble, Negi-sensei has his foot caught in the deep waters. This time he really will drown" this got Asuna worried and she set off with Ayaka to where Negi was to find him surrounded by two sharks. Asuna jumped in to save Negi from the sharks while Kazumi grabbed Ayaka and Setsuna before they could do anything.

"Kazumi-chan, Chizuru-chan explain to me again why this was such a good idea using fake sharks to help Negi and Asuna-chan make up." Said Naruto thinking the plan wouldn't go well, he would have stopped it but Chizuru and Kazumi pulling the puppy dog eyes trick…he never stood a chance.

"Well I thought that drowning wasn't urgent enough so I added a little" said Chizuru giggling thinking how Ku Fei and Natsumi were pretending to be sharks having paid Ku Fei 50 meal tickets for it and Natsumi coerced by Chizuru. "I didn't think she'd just jump right in without hesitation though." commented Kazumi.

Meanwhile with Negi underwater 'even at a time like this I can use the kenpo that Ku Fei-san taught me and the simple magic distribution that Evangeline-san outlined for me' thought Negi dodging the larger shark (Ku Fei) and bouncing off a near by rock to propel himself forward.

'Mmm, to be able to move like that while still under water…he's not bad-aru' thought Ku Fei as she blocked Negi and smacked him out of the water forgetting her role at the time. "The shark knows kenpo!" shouted Negi swimming away as Asuna pulled out her card. "Adeat!" her card instead of becoming her fan became a huge sword "You damn shark!" she shouted swinging the blade and taking out both sharks and Negi.

"Strange her artefact changed, wonder if any of mine can do that" muttered Naruto as the other girls were amazed that Asuna had split the sea with her swing. She rushed over to Negi "Negi! Are you ok?" she asked as the boy looked up "Asuna-san thank you" however the moment was ruined when Asuna spotted the 'sharks' or more precisely who they were.

"What's going on here?" Asuna asked containing her anger "No this is…" Negi tried to say "You're mistaken Asuna-san. This is do you would make up with…" Asuna clenched her fist and went to hit Negi. "You stupid brat" she tapped his face with tears in her eyes "When you pull a prank like this I really get worried about you…idiot…" then she smacked him in the head running away.

"Well that could have gone better" said Naruto seeing the large bump on Negi's head "…?" asked Zazie "No; he needs to figure it out with me telling him. Come one I'm feeling peckish lets join the others for lunch" she nodded and followed in the direction Asuna went.


Naruto sat on the roof of his hotel room playing his violin as the sun set (Into the Fire – Bleach ost – don't own) the other girls could hear it from inside their rooms as Naruto sang the song from the Bleach film Haruna had taken him to watch during the three days Asuna was not speaking to Negi.

It was a nice date as it were and gave the two a chance to talk about the book and where it was going now. Thinking back Naruto would never have thought this could have happened when he sealed himself all that time ago, meeting Negi and his girls along side learning about the magical world. It made him smile to think how he had all the girls that cared for him, but on some level also made him sad.

Back in the ninja world Naruto always felt slightly distant from the people of the village, even his own friends. After the treatment of the villagers he at one time had believed that he couldn't trust anyone, it was only thanks to the Ichirakus and a couple others that he didn't become a recluse. He had seen them as family but knew it would never be, the civilian council wouldn't allow anyone to adopt him then as he discovered while sneaking around the council chambers.

He did miss the Ichirakus though and wished there was a grave he could pay respects to but too much time had passed and many had been long forgotten or moved on. He suspected that Kotaro was a descendant of Kiba due to his attitude and connection to dogs in fact he would be surprised if half the class was in some way descended from his old friends he saw some of their traits in the half the time.

"Just wish I could have been there for you all when you had your kids" he whispered to himself "…?" said a voice behind him and Naruto then felt a weight on his side. "Just thinking about some old friends Zazie-chan that's all" he told her as she looked concerned "…?" he brushed a hand through her hair "Yeah I wish I could see them one last time Zazie-chan but I can't."

"See who Naruto-kun?" asked another voice as Naruto turned to see Chizuru climbing onto the roof to join him "Chizuru-chan, how come you're still up?" Naruto asked as she took the spot on her other side and leaned her head against his shoulder. "Heard your playing and spotted you on the roof" she told him as she and Zazie snuggled closer "So who were you talking about?" Naruto sighed "Just the people I knew from where I came. You and the others know I'm a lot older than I seem and I told you because you're my partner right?" both girls nodded.

"It's just I can't help but wonder how everyone's lives were once it all ended. Who they married and what their kids looked like, it's a feeling that nags me a little." He moved his arms around the two girls as they stared at the sky "I know they all moved on but it's just we couldn't say goodbye, or let some of them know how I felt about them. I just wanted to let them know they were all my family at the end of it all" tears had begun to fall from his eyes.

"I had worked so hard to get everything after all I had been through but because of one person who made my life terrible. My family and everything I worked from was taken away from me and I had to leave them all behind to grow old and die while I never changed." Zazie and Chizuru also had tears seeing as Naruto was very upset over the whole thing of being his age and losing his old life when he came here.

"But Naruto-kun you have a new family now" he sniffed at this "You have Negi-sensei, Ayaka, Zazie me and your other partners alongside the rest of 3-A" said Chizuru consoling him "She right Naruto-kun, when you told us your story it only made us closer to you and we want to be with you. Nothing will change that" Zazie added.

"I know just sometimes I can't help but remember their faces, sometimes more so in class I guess it's why I get on with Sayo-chan and Eva…chan…oh crud" he said coming to a realization "What's wrong?" Naruto nervously rubbed the back of his head while wiping away his tears. "Well remember how I said Eva's seal had been changed" he got nods "Well Eva need's to be within 100 metres of me in order to leave Mahora grounds and when she find out I didn't take her with us I think she's going to be mad."

He was of course very right and Eva was plotting her revenge by making a call to someone at the moment. "I'm sure she won't go too far Naruto-kun" said Chizuru kissing his cheek as did Zazie with a nod of her head "I hope so well we'd best head off to bed" he told them getting up and jumping down with the two in his arms.

"Goodnight Zazie-chan, Chizuru-chan" he said about to walk in but the two girls pushed him into the room and they followed him in. "Erm girls what are you doing?" they pushed him to the bed "Naruto-kun, we can tell you not alright so we're staying here with you tonight" said Chizuru smiling as Zazie nodded in confirmation.

"Hey are you sure this is alright, not that I mind but I'm currently alone with you two what if the other girls se-Hmph" he was cut off by Zazie kissing him on the lips wrapping her arms around him. "Naruto-kun we don't like seeing you upset and after some talking me and Zazie decided to make sure you don't feel alone any more and we won't take no for an answer.

XWarning 18+ only Lemon starts here – you have been warnedX

Naruto tried to break the kiss to argue but in doing so he opened his mouth which Zazie took advantage of and snuck her tongue in to massage his tongue. Seeing as they most likely wouldn't stop Naruto joined in the kiss taking control of the tongue battle making Zazie moan in pleasure.

He broke the kiss to get air but was seized by Chizuru just as quickly he took the breath and displayed very dominant behaviour in the way she kissed which you wouldn't expect at first glance. As he was kissing her Zazie seeing him accepting the situation turned her attention to Naruto's swim shorts which were white but with a red flame design.

She slowly removed the shorts to reveal Naruto's member that was standing at attention right now, Zazie took a moment to admire the above average tool before giving it an experimental kiss on the tip making it twitch. She then set about stroking it making Naruto moan more into his kiss but Naruto then tried to get back into the game as it were by putting his hands on Chizuru's generous assets and giving them a squeeze. Much to his surprise Chizuru's breasts were very sensitive as one small squeeze made her brake the kiss an arch her back.

"Naruto-kun…please…be gentle" she moaned as Naruto continued his caressing of her breasts removing the bikini top so as to get better access. Seeing the bare flesh in front of his face Naruto lowered his lips to the right nipple and latched on making Chizuru moan harder and get wet between her legs. She gave a yelp as Naruto bit down on the nipple and his free hand pinched the nipple of her left breast between the index and thumb.

Back with Zazie she had noticed some pre-cum coming out of him so leant down and sucked it off before kissing his tool all along its length taking care of it in a gentle way. She smiled hearing Naruto groan into Chizuru's breast which added to her own moans from the vibrations, and decided to begin licking his cock all around before placing it in her mouth where her started sucking like it was an ice cream.

Naruto jerked when he felt Zazie take his length in her mouth and suck him off but thought it best that only him and Chizuru feel pleasure so removed his mouth from her breast getting a whimper before she was lifted off him and Naruto created a seal-less shadow clone and had it grab Zazie.

Said girl was surprised when she felt a pair of hands grab her hips and left her from Naruto's length she was surprised to see another Naruto holding her but didn't mind as the clone began kissing her neck and nibbling a particular nerve making her legs go weak. "Didn't want you feeling alone in all this" said the clone before sliding the top part of her one piece swimsuit off and taking hold of her breasts.

Kneading her breasts and pinching the nipples had Zazie crying out in a moan very quickly, it was a good thing the girls had placed a silencing spell on the room or the whole class would hear. Naruto's left hand moved down her toned chest and stopped above her waistline, feeling the slight hesitation Zazie nodded which made Naruto smirk.

The hand reached down and rubbed the tender flesh of her woman hood which was already seeping "My Zazie-chan did you get this wet when you were licking my cock a second ago?" she managed to nod before jerking her head as a finger was inserted and started pumping before adding another finger as Zazie's moans got louder. While doing so Naruto continued nibbling along her neck and her ear pushing Zazie further to her limit "Naruto…kun…something's…coming…" she rasped out Naruto decided to give her the final nudge and used his thumb to brush up against her clit making the silent girl release a silent scream arching her back and mind going blank as she experienced her orgasm.

Naruto brought his hand which was coated in her juices and licked his fingers "You taste delicious Zazie-chan, makes me want more" he told her in a husky voice which added to her climax. He then laid her down on the other bed in the room "Zazie-chan if you want to stop here I won't blame you" said Naruto as he leaned over form, answering she opened her legs to him a little shyly "Please Naruto-kun…" he nodded and got in between her legs positioning his cock "This will hurt Zazie-chan but only for a moment…last chance" she just gave him a nod and he began entering her womanly folds and quickly met her barrier.

"Deep breath…" he told her as he plunged in deep breaking through as Zazie felt the incredible pain and was about to scream but was stopped by Naruto's lips on her own muffling her cries of pain. Naruto just waited and rubbed his hands up and down her sides before kissing away her tears. After a few minutes she gave him the sign to start moving which he did be slowing bring out his cock before thrusting back in trying to let her get used to the sensation. Zazie soon found that the pain had lessoned and now felt the pleasure mumbling "Faster" or "Harder" to Naruto. He was only happy to oblige he began rapidly going in and out of his partner kissing her again to show he cared for her very much. Not long after he sped up did Naruto feel the walls of Zazie's pussy start to twitch as she neared her next climax. When he felt his own climax coming Naruto tried to finish quickly so he could pull out but Zazie had held him in place with her legs managing to say "Safe…" between breaths. He gave her one last pound releasing his essence into Zazie as she screamed "Naruto-kun as she came.

Back with Chizuru now Naruto was currently in between the girls legs licking at her soft folds while his hands continued to play with her breasts making the girl moan louder with each passing second. "Ohh Naruto-kun…feels …so…goood" Chizuru said lustfully feeling the pleasure of Naruto's tongue as it massaged her outer walls but also her inner walls, he smirked and brought his face closer and flicked his tongue at the top of her pussy where her clit was making her body jerk and release into his face. Naruto lapped up her juices making the girl feel slightly embarrassed.

He climbed back up to kiss her face so she could taste herself but also having a quick tongue duel which he won due to Chizuru's half dazed state. But before she knew it he had flipped her over so that she was on top now "Do you want to continue Chizuru-chan?" he asked she nodded before regaining her composure "Yes but I want to do something for you first" she replied edging back a little and leaning down as she wrapped up his cock in her breasts "I heard a rumour that guys like this, what do you think Naruto-kun?" she asked as she brought her breasts up and down while liking the glands of his cock.

"Oh Kami…Chizuru-chan I don't know where you learned this but it feels nice and soft" said Naruto as he moan into the paizuri. He watched as her nipples drew circles in the air as her head and breasts bopped up and down making his breathing become laboured as her tongue swirled around his cock and soon after her felt him self coming "Chizuru-chan I'm…" the girl just kept her mouth where it was as Naruto shot his load while she drank up the cum 'Bitter' she thought. When she had drunk all the cum, she let him go with a pop licking her mouth to collect the rest "You didn't have to do that" he said in between breaths "I wanted to and now we're even."

She climbed back up and began stroking his cock stand at attention "Now for the tough part" she mumbled as she positioned her maidenhood over the tip of his penis now. "Are you sure you want this Chizuru-chan?" he asked making sue she was ready she smiled "Yes Naruto-kun and don't worry about coming inside it's a safe day but I expect you to make me a mother at some point" she said before dropping down on the tool which broke her barrier in one go making he scream out as her walls clamp down on him almost making him come there.

He managed to stay off coming and quickly saw to Chizuru who had a pained look on her face with a few tears; Naruto began whispering into her ear while his arms massaged her chest allowing her to relax. When she whispered she was ready he began pumping up but grunted as her pussy held his cock tight as did her legs around his waist. He continued his pumping but moved his mouth back to her nipple and bit down then and pulling back almost stretching the breast which he did to the other with his free hand further increasing Chizuru's moans of pleasure. "Naruto-kun I think…I think…" she whimpered "Just let it go Chizuru-chan" he said biting down on both nipples making her scream his name as she came causing Naruto to do the same as the tightness of the walls sent him over his threshold.

When Naruto finished he pulled Chizuru off and his clone deposited her next to him as the three were now exhausted from their activities. "Thanks you Zazie-chan, Chizuru-chan" Naruto said to the two holding them close on the bed, the two managed to kiss him "No trouble Naruto-kun we're your partner and your family now it's our job to take care of you" said Chizuru "…" added Zazie. Naruto smiled and cuddled them closer "I love you two" he said making the girl's smiles widen hearing this "Are you both still comfortable with the others?" Chizuru giggled. "Naruto-kun considering me an Zazie just shared you I think we can handle a few more members".

XBreak 18+ Lemon EndX

The rest of the vacation went smoothly with thankfully no one hearing any noises at night much to Naruto's relief. He didn't want the knowledge of his first two girlfriends getting out too soon although on another note Negi and Asuna had managed to resolve their little spat and were on good terms again by the time they were heading home.

However when Naruto got home his fears had been confirmed when he went to visit and discovered when he opened the door to her cottage… "Hibari…why are you here?" he asked seeing the man drinking tea made y Chachamaru "The girl called me that you wanted to fight me again and for me not to hold back so I decided to visit."

Naruto was internally crying tears at what Eva had done but he then noticed something on Hibari's wrist "What that there on your wrist Hibari and where your ring from last time?" the man gave a small smirk "Last time I used my old equipment this time I have my actual tools to fight you."

"Can we at least wait for Eva-chan before we do this?" the man nodded as the door opened revealing Eva currently latched onto Negi's arm who he could tell was smirking when she entered the room. "So I see your guest has arrived Naruto" she stated in a slightly smug tone when she let go of his arm "Would it help if I said I was sorry?" she shook her head keeping the wicked grin on making him sigh "Let's go then" he said accepting his punishment.

They got into her resort where Naruto had pulled out his pactio card "Adeat, Erit Moriens" he said calling his gloves and fire making Hibari smirk and hold up his wrist "Roll" he called as a familiar hedgehog made an appearance. "You have more than one of those?" Hibari just scratched the head of the little hedgehog "Roll, Cambio Forma" Naruto watched as the little animal lit up and covered Hibari his form and tonfa changing so that he now wore a trench coat and his bracelet remaining on his wrist as well.

"This won't end well for me" muttered Naruto as Eva walked off dragging Negi to train while he was left to the wolf as it were ironically. Hibari rushed in quicker than he had before and Naruto only through of his improved vision was able to dodge the tonfa swing and the spikes that had jutted out to the side.

"Come on and fight properly before I bite you to death" he said charging in again only for Naruto to grab his wrists before he could swing and throw him into the air where he could gain an advantage but he then found handcuffs on his own wrists and felt himself be pulled up where he had to avoid several high speed mini spiked balls that were fired t him. 'Kami can how much was he holding back before' Naruto thought as he had to use his fire to break the cuffs before they could encroach on his arms.

"X Stream" Naruto called surrounding Hibari in flames as he landed but his sense told him to jump which he did as no sooner had he two long chains came out of the fire and span round dispelling the fires. Naruto when the flames had cleared saw that the ends of Hibari's tonfa had extendable chains which retracted and he had to block from an overhead kick. "You can do better than this if the herbivore can use the ring on your finger" Hibari told him smacking him in the side.

"Ring…?" he looked at his right hand and saw it for the first time on his middle finger and pinky were two rings connect via a chain "When did I get this?" he muttered and then remembered their first battle "Come out!" he said as the ring lit up with a flame releasing a tiny flaming lion when he saw it Naruto some how knew it's name "…Natsu…" the little lion replied with a mini growl before jumping to his shoulder.

Naruto smiled seeing as his pactio had a whole other level "Time to even the odds Cambio Forma Natsu" his companion nodded and flashed and merged with Naruto's gloves making them gauntlets red in colour that went to his elbows "X Gloves: Version V.G" he said as he use his new gauntlets to propel himself to Hibari and found his speed increased and could move easier too. Hibari only just managed to block in time but was blindsided by Naruto's foot using his spikes he stopped him self.

"Better" Hibari muttered seeing his opponent using the same weapons as his 'boss' now. The two went at each other for hours and only ended up stopping after knocking each other out. After about a day of fighting Hibari had just managed to lose by Naruto pulling of an X Burner at him which annoyed him greatly but accepted it as Naruto did fight him a full strength and joined him while he made lunch.

It was about this time that Eva and Negi's day of training came to an end as Eva was quite tired. "Damn looks like I was a bit too energetic. Boya just like you promised you're going to pay today tuition" she told him a little light headed "Huh but you took so much yesterday" Negi whined.

She bent down and cupped his face "That amount was far too little" she bit down on his neck "And I thought Hibari bit people to death" muttered Naruto making the girl's eye twitch as she took her fill of blood. "Naruto are you aright from your battle with Hibari-san" asked Chachamaru with Yurine on her head.

"I'm fine Cha-chan, I managed to learn something new about my pactio too which is a good thing and Hibari was the one that pointed it out" she nodded and offered the two tea which hey thanked her for.

When they finally could leave Negi was having trouble standing up from the amount Eva had took "You could leave him a little Eva-chan" Naruto mused as the girl huffed "I can't help it at least if it was you your blood would fill me up more." He smirked "I guess next time I'll let you suck me then…" he let her face go red at the double meaning and bid Hibari good day as he carried Negi home.


"I'm home" Negi managed to say as Naruto carried him in "Welcome back Negi-kun and hello Naruto-kun" he smiled at the girl "Hey Konoka-chan, Asuna-chan I'm just dropping the little guy off training was a bit rough on him." "Welcome back said Asuna as she was at her desk studying "wow it's amazing you're studying Asuna-san?" Negi said in a dazed voice.

"Hey midterms are coming up soon. I've been slacking off a bit too much lately" she told him "Well keep up the good work Asuna-chan" said Naruto plopping Negi off in his bed. "How come Negi's always so tired when he trains with Eva-chan, it's only 2 or 3 hours after school. Is it really that hard to make him that tired?" Asuna asked a little concerned.

"Actually ane-san it is hard for Aniki okay?" said Chamo which the girl responded to by grabbing his face "You look suspicious. You're not hiding anything are you?" the ermine just answered "I'm not hiding anything. She watched as Naruto tucked his little brother in to his futon fast asleep now with a curious glance.

The next morning Naruto was actually teaching the class due to the fact that Negi was so out of it "Doesn't Negi-kun look tired usually Naruto-kun just helps out in the lessons" asked Sakurako "Did something happen asked Fuka and Makie. Asuna quickly answered no as the lesson came to a close "okay girls that's all for today" said Naruto as guided Negi out of the class so he didn't walk into the walls. "Is Negi-sensei alright?" wondered Ayaka worriedly as Asuna looked out the door to watch Naruto and Negi walk away the later being held by the former.

"There is something definitely weird about getting that way from just two to three hours practice. I'm going to find out what he's up to" said Asuna but found a few classmates behind her. "Now I get it; Evangeline-san's training?" said Yue with Nodoka, Kazumi, Ku Fei and Ayaka behind her "I noticed because he was staggering at his morning training with me-aru" added Ku Fei.

"Oh we simply must follow Negi-sensei to find out what is the source of the problem" said Ayaka clasping her hands together, "Well he just met up with Eva-chan so maybe he and him are doing top secret stuff I can't talk about loudly about" suggested Kazumi imagining Negi and Eva with a big Censored sticker over the top.

"Hey look here just what are you think of anyways?" yelled Asuna incredulously before she heard Konoka calling "Asuna we're coming too" this surprised Asuna slightly "Gya now there's more of them. As they followed Eva, Naruto and Negi it started raining "Are you sure we should follow Negi-sensei like this and Naruto-nii too" asked Ayaka, "You could always just go home" suggested Asuna.

Eventually they ended up outside Eva's cottage "Oh they're going inside Eva-chan's house guess Naruto wanted to see Yurine" commented Asuna "are they going inside to train because of the rain and, who's Yurine?" Yue asked. "I think it's the cat Naruto-nii found in Kyoto and gave to Chachamaru-san" Ayaka answered "Yeah and I doubt they went in there to train when is such a small place" Asuna pointed out as the group began getting closer.

When they got inside they found no one there "This is weird; I'm sure those three entered the house" muttered Asuna confused as she and the other girls checked the house "No one in the bath or toilet either-aru." Nodoka then shouted "E…Everyone this way" Asuna turned to the girl on the stairs "something happen?" she nodded "Umm in the basement. The girls quickly descended into the basement where a large model villa in a bottle was waiting.

"What is this?" wondered Asuna "What do you think it is?" Yue asked "some kind of building…a miniature tower? Like a ship in a bottle almost." The girls tapped the glass trying to figure it out the only clue was that the bottle had a label saying Evangeline's resort.

"Just now it seems that Nodoka saw Negi-sensei walking around inside there" Yue told them "But how is that possible Yue-san, and did she see Naruto-nii too?" Ayaka asked as she unknowingly stepped on a magic seal which lit up her and the others except Asuna and disappeared. "Huh hey guys? Where did you all go?" she asked looking from side to side.


"I wonder is Negi-sensei is okay, Naruto-kun seemed to be supporting him a lot" said Chizuru as she walked back to the dorms with Natsumi before noticing something. "There's something collapsed in the street Natsumi" she told her friend "Collapsed in the street?" she yelled out before spotting it "I see a dog poor thing."

Chizuru picked up the puppy "It looks like this little guy is injured" she said "Wah-is that the best thing to be doing Chizu-nee?"


Asuna had just suddenly found herself in a different place "Ah Yue-chan thank goodness" she said spotting the girl "You finally got here Asuna?" she asked the girl "Where did you all go? I was looking for you" she yelled out wondering where the others were.

Ignoring her rant for a moment "Forget that for a moment and take a look around" she told Asuna who did so and found that she was in a life size version of the model in the bottle "WHA…WH-H...WH...WHERE ARE WE!"

"Somehow or another we seem to be in the same place as that miniature we saw before" Yue explained making Asuna groan "Uuuh…and I was trying not to be surprised in anything anymore…" Yue started leading her away "Come this way Asuna-san."

"hey wait a sec why doesn't such a high bridge have any handrails?" she questioned "I wish this fantasy stuff would give me a break already!" Yue turned back with a smirk "Is that so? I think these recent fantastic events have got my heart dancing. I feel that my days are far more fulfilled than the boring lessons at school would make them."

"You say that but your knees are shaking like mine" Asuna said deadpanned "This is called shaking with excitement" she defended. "We looked around a bit in the thirty minute period before you arrived" she told Asuna confusing her before Kazumi called her about hearing voice from underneath.

"Hehe it's all right, right? Just a little more" came the voice of Evangeline as the girls hid round the corner "You're already at the limit" she voice said in annoyance "I can't help it master" the girls faces went red when they heard Negi's voice but more so at the next voice "Come on Eva-chan, if you can't get any more from him take it from me you said you liked mine better anyway."

"I guess, but it means I'm taking double to cover for the boy and yourself being here so let me get comfy before I take what's mine" Asuna could take it anymore "Hey what the heck are you doing Eva-chan!" she yelled only to find Eva about to bit into Naruto's neck while Negi sat at the side causing her to trip over.

"what do you people want?" she asked annoyed "What do you mean what, what are you doing?" shouted Asuna back "He's letting me suck his blood to pay for Negi's tuition fees and I can't give magic lessons with out my magic being replenished you know…" she explained making Asuna very embarrassed.

"That's what I thought was happening to begin with" Asuna said not wanting to admit her misconception of what she just heard. "Asuna-chan just what did you think was happening a second ago?" Naruto asked s Eva began taking her fill the girl tried to stutter out a response.

After taking the blood from Naruto Eva explained the villa "This is the villa that I constructed. Naruto and his partners have been using it for a while and I've been using it for the boya's training." Ku Fei was looking over the view of the villa "wow you must be an awesome mage to make something like this-aru" Ayaka was confused by this statement "Ku Fei-san what do you mean mage?" Negi then saw that Ayaka was with the group too and began muttering excuses. "Ayaka-chan, basically me and Negi are mages as is Eva-chan but magic is kept secret and these girls here are his mage partners too" Naruto gave her a brief explanation which she oddly accepted, most likely because Naruto hadn't ever lied to her when she asked him a question….except the really big stuff.

"Does that mean I can be Negi-sensei's partner too?" she asked with stars in her eyes as Negi nodded making the girl shake with excitement. "Before any of that I guess I shouls tell you all that this villa is only unusable in 1-day units, so you people will not be able to get out for one full day" Eva told them all making them all shout in complaint and worry.

"Girls if I may…the way in which time works is different in here" said Naruto catching the girls attention "even if you spend a whole day in here, only an hour passes outside. Using this Eva is able to train Negi a full day within every day." The girls were amazed at this but Asuna wondered something "How come you know so much about it Naruto?"

He nervously scratched the back of his head "Well you see…I asked Eva if she had a place to train when we got back from Kyoto and she Sid I could train my partners if I paid in blood. Seemed a fair trade for the amount of training that we all got in." she narrowed her eyes at him "How long was your training period?"

"Oh…36 hours" he said quickly "Please repeat that" he gulped "36 hours…" he was sweating a little knowing getting Asuna mad was not a good thing especially with her pactio sword. "So based off what you told us you had those five girls…in here…with you alone…for a month…is…that right?" he hand reaching for her pactio card.

"Erm…yes but we mainly trainned their abilities and I taught Chizuru-chan and Zazie-chan magic while the others trained in combat" he explained and noticed Eva was smirking and about to say something which would probably incriminate him so he used the only weapon at hand. "Eva-chan say anything I tell them your middle name beginning with K along with an interesting picture" her mouth stopped and went red "Your bluffing…"

The was a puff and Naruto showed her said picture which she tried to grab but was pulled away and sealed back into his wrist "Try me Ki…" she covered his mouth "Alright, alright!" she removed her hand grumbling and Naruto sighed in relief.


"Aww Chizu-nee was it right to bring him with us? This guy's a stray!" said Natsumi looking at the puppy in her room "there was nothing else to do after I saw him. We couldn't just leave him there" replied Chizuru drying her hair from the rain 'Not to mention the slight magic energy I felt.' "I'm going to treat his wounds so wipe off his body would you?" she asked her friend.

"Ok-ay gotta find a towel. Kyaa!" she then cried "What's wrong Natsumi?" she asked coming back into the room "I…I…I turned my eyes for a minute and the dog, the dog vanished and there's a naked boy…?" Natsumi said blushing as the dark haired boy. "Oh my…" muttered Chizuru.

XChapter endX

Well people my first lemon, decided to go for three some because when I wrote this the votes were tied and the site went fritz before I could close the poll hope you enjoyed reading it. And I'll admit writing lemons is a difficult task when you've never done it before (no pun intended)

And as promised Pactio Data


Sigillum Scriptor – gives user ability to write and rewrite seals. For battle can empower limbs based on elelment seal drawn out. Only one element seal per person

Erit Moriens – ability to use flames for propulsion and gives user enhanced senses so that they can see opponents moves. Has higher level if additional ring is invoked as well which doubles fire output.

Lamina Infinita Opus – ability to copy and and all weapons based off memory and images the card has. User can learn and understand how a sword or blade techniques based off a single glance. Power of blade can drain the user quickly however.

Zazie: Iuvat Tenebris – gives her a pair of boots that provide her legs with enhanced strength but also the ability to fight airboure foes. Wings on the back of heels can blow forth strong winds against enemies.

Mana: Brachium Iudicium – able to shoot bullets that will track the enemy based off where the magic marked placed. Has higher shooting level when bow Iudicium Arcu is activated.

Kaede: Laminae Umbra – is able to transform into the forms on the card and has minor control over shadows. The sword has the best control of the shadows and can extend out as a wolf shadow entity

Chao: Animo Flagrante – ability to produce flames at will that will burn only what the wield wants noting more. Flames can be willed to take shape when commanded

Chizuru: Flore Protgens – ability to heal injuries and restore stamina to people but also create barriers to prtect others, maximum number of barriers is 6