A Wolf in Mahora

Chapter 31: Chao's Goodbye Party

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Naruto: Kazumi, Mana, Kaede, Chizuru, Chisame, Chachamaru, Chao, Zazie, Yuuna, Asuna, Theodora, Akira, Haruna, Takane and Evangeline, Misa, Sakurako, Madoka, Collette

Negi: Nodoka, Ayaka, Makie, Yue, Ako, Konoka, Ku Fei, Setsuna and, Luna/Shiori, Fuka, Fumika, Anya, Emily, Beatrice

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XChapter StartX


"I think I told you before that if you betray Negi-sensei's trust my sword won't keep quiet about it Chao Lingshen" said Setsuna as she and Kaede appeared, with Chamo as a bonus. "Chao-san…I saw Naruto-kun just now and learned…you have lot to answer for, Adeat" said Kaede calling out her artifact in its kunai form.

"Kaede-san…I have no choice if you're here" she said taking out her own card "Adeat" she called as he tonfa appeared "With you here things are more troublesome-ne" she said as all four got ready to do battle.

And now…

"You swore…you swore with the rest of us but why Chao-san? Why is it you didn't trust him?" asked Kaede clenching her fist in anger. Naruto had told her that she was moving but the look on his face said enough, he was in pain that someone he shared his deep pains with would up and leave without telling him.

"I can't tell you Kaede-san-ne" she said twirling her tonfa lighting the fires that curled up her arm "Setsuna, let me handle her" said Kaede her voice leaving no room for discussion as Setsuna nodded hearing her tone. "Kaede-san, Chao-san please don't fig…" Negi was cut off by Kaede raising her hand "Negi-dono please this is a serious matter not mentioning the rumours" she said crouching down.

She Shundo-ed behind Chao and pinned her to the ground the kunai by her neck "Chao-san, give up this plan and talk to him he deserves that much. I can't believe you of all would do this" she said harshly as Chao smirked, the flames of her tonfa becoming dragons that struck at Kaede who had made clones to dispose of them ahead of time.

"He as expected of Kaede-san, always think ahead and don't fight alone. Even with the newest type of military-use reinforced outfit and my pactio I'm no match for you with just these…" she then vanished reappearing behind her tonfa in mid swing with electricity around it. "But I have other methods-ne" she said smacking Kaede in the back launching her across the roof who righted herself and landed on her feet.

'Just now…it can't be…however that blow was charged to null my movements' she quickly made a hand-sign with her free hand dispersing the charge before concentrating on her pactio making it change form "Ichi no Kata Rengoku" the kunai shifted into the kusaragami form as she grabbed the chain from her shadow and sent it across the roof "Trap Star"

As she called a star shaped was formed around Chao before the chains bound her together in the chain before she had time to react. Negi, Setsuna and Chamo looked amazed "Awesome" muttered Negi seeing the two battle before Setsuna noticed something.

"Ya" waved Chao free of her binds in front of Kaede pushing her over much to her shock 'How…she should be able to escape the shadow chain and she did it in an instant without warning. How long has she been able to do this' pondered Kaede falling on her butt. Negi at the side took out the time piece 'Just now Cassiopea…?' he thought looking at the watch.

"Setsuna, it seems I need a hand, we need to make certain of what's she doing" she told the girl as she jumped forward nodding to her friend before Shundo-ing at either side of Chao grabbing her shoulders. Instantly she was in front of them as each of their hairs became undone as Chao had managed to grab their hair ties.

She gave a small smile "These I think I will take as a farewell gift" she said to them as the two blinked feeling their hair fall. "Chao-san…how did you figure out how to?" Chao tried to ask as she wagged her finger "Secret-ne" she giggled. Kaede bristled at this getting ready to change her weapon once more but at the side Negi was sweating 'That's not Shundo, nor ground contractor. A completely instantaneous movement…there's no doubt about it this is definitely…if that's the case there's absolutely no way Setsuna-san or Kaede-san can win against Chao-san…we need Naruto-nii' he thought.

"Fufu…it's about time we stop playing around-ne. that was just the anxiety material I needed to make me alert. Maybe I'll get you two of you to go to sleep for a bit as well now" she said beginning to walk toward them. Kaede deactivated her pactio as she heard a voice in her head "Sadly we can't, Negi-sensei, Setsuna we must retreat de-gozaru" she said jumping away the two following sweet.

"Where are you going to run to?" asked Chao as she took off after them. "Kaede-san where to?" asked Negi as they hopped across buildings "The 3rd abandoned school building de-gozaru" she told him. "What is that okay? Aren't we supposed to capture Chao-san before…" he tried to ask "We cannot capture her, hence we have no choice. Don't worry there is a plan in order" she told them both not spilling the surprise.

As the three landed on the roof Negi turned to Kaede "K-Kaede-san, what are we supposed to do by running to a place like this? Against Chao-san we're…" she raised her hand "It's alright Negi-bouzu" she said as Chao landed herself.

"We'll make this place the ground for the final battle. What do you say?" she said with a small wave of her hand as she observed her surroundings 'I can sense a large number of presences-ne. an ambush from the mage teachers…?' she guessed as she gestured with her hand. "It'll also be hectic for me to be outnumbered so much-ne. I'm going to call my own reinforcements as well"

Two people then landed on the roof as well shucking Negi seeing them "Hey Negi-sensei" greeted Mana as she and Chachamaru stood by Chao's side "Captain Tatsumiya, Chachamaru-san-why?" asked Negi in shock. The robot gave no answer "Kaede, Setsuna, I've always wanted to fight you guys again. Kaede shall we see who was the better after all that training?" she asked the frowning ninja.

"I would say I'm surprised but it's you and I guess Chao-san paid well de-gozaru" Mana nodded puling out her pactio gun and seeing that Negi decided to speak. "Please wait, you can't, this is weird. Classmates must not fight with each other, that's not good" he cried out as he took a step forward arms out pleadingly.

"I'll admit defeat for the match earlier. I…I will become Chao-san's ally" this shocked Setsuna behind him "So please stop this already" he asked of Chao. "Fufu you're a nice person Negi-bouzu, Naruto-kun is a good influence but I cannot stop" she told him. "Ch-Chao-san" Negi cried out before Kaede caught his attention.

"Negi-bouzu, don't worry your brother has a plan in order de-gozaru" she said as the panels by the roof began falling forward slamming down with flashing lights blinding Chao and the others. 'Even with the mage teachers other than Takahata-sensei, Naruto-kun and the principal they aren't that much of a serious threa…' her thoughts were cut off as the entirety of class 3-A were there with party poppers "WELCOME TO CHAORIN'S GOODBYE PARTY!" they all shouted together.

"Chao, Chao, suddenly leaving us like this, it's too sudden" cried one of the girls as they all crowded round her. "Why didn't you tell us anything?" asked another. "Actually is it true that you're transferring out Chao?" asked Akira at the side.

"It's true ne, it's a family issue that just can't be helped-ne" she said with her usual smile. This made all their faces turn sad "I see… it's true huh…" said Yuuna looking glum "If it's a family thing, then it can't be helped" added Makie. Yuuna then grabbed her hands crying comically "Does that mean that we won't get to eat your super cheap and intensely yummy meant buns anymore?" she asked as being a student a cheap and tasty meal was hard to find. Chao giggled shaking her head ""It'll be alright if you go ask Satsuki for them-yo" she told her while to herself she thought 'Naruto-kun… you plotted this no doubt… where are you though?'

Ayaka took Chao on stage where Misa and the others had been playing "Now then as class president I suggest a toast. Although everyone has already heard by now… it has been revealed that Chao-san will be dropping out of the Mahora private middle school and transferring to the school back in her homeland. I know a lot of you are probably shocked by this sudden announcement as well."

Her speech went on until Yuuna and Fuka gave her a double kick for going on too long and being too sappy telling her to make is more cheerful which she agreed to after calming herself for almost going off on Yuuna and the others. "Geez… what a troublesome gallery. Very well then cheerfully… now then as a blessing let is give Chao-san's new journey a toast!"

As the class celebrated Negi turned to Kaede "So this was Naruto-nii's plan is it?" he asked the ninja girl currently wearing tanuki ears compete with tail. "Yes Naruto-kun informed e of the party. He knew that if she was leaving the school she deserved a goodbye party despite her not trusting him with it de-gozaru. Honestly though I'm worried about him as all of us who became his partners promised after seeing his memories to never leave him and be by his side de-gozaru" she said sadly staring at Chao.

Negi's face turned sad "Naruto-nii…he cares for Chao-san doesn't he?" he asked as Kaede nodded "Yes, he loves us all because we are his family which in a way makes this worse for him de-gozaru" she said as Chao gave a small smile to Negi but received a glare from Kaede as she did from Zazie and Chizuru.

"Did you notice this Chachamaru?" asked Mana at the side as the robot nodded "Yes I believe a message should have also arrived in Tatsumiya-san's private use cell pone as well" she answered. Mana took out her phone and found this to be true as she checked "Oh… you're right" she said with a small blush Seems like it's a good idea to pay attention not only to work but to your private life as well isn't it?" she said with slight amount of humour.

"Um…did Ayaka-san, Fumika-san and Fuka-san prepare this party?" asked Negi to the twins "Yeah well Naruto sent a message to Iincho so we modified the festival midnight party with Iincho's directions" said Fuka happily before putting on a thoughtful look.

"We have all been under the care of Chao for one thing or another anyway…" Fuka started before her sister finished "After hearing the story everyone helped out with the preparations and decorations. Since it'd be sad to not even be able to say goodbye to a classmate, it's a good thing Iincho and Naruto seemed to have the same idea on the subject.

"Is that so…?" said a smiling Negi seeing how his class looked after each other before Sakurako and Yuuna shouted "This calls for an emergency special project. It's present time for the departing Chaorin" they said pumping their fists. Chao was genuinely caught by surprise "P-Presents? No you don't have to do that…" she stated as the twins came with their gifts a pair of stuffed animals they got from the flea market.

Misa and her band tried to sell their gift to Chao which was a recording of their songs before saying that was a joke and giving it to her. There were sports themed gifts from the Yuuna and the others alongside books from Yue and Nodoka. Haruna gave her a signed portrait of her and Ayaka managed to get a large bronze bust of Chao for her.

Lastly Zazie gave her a tiny little dragon hatchling "For you… a friend" she said plopping it on her head "And what's this small animal?" Chao asked as the creature nibbled on her head not particularly bothering her. "Ehehe Chaorin how about it… are you going to cry? Do you feel teary?" asked the twins with small grins.

"Well… for everyone to do this much for me in such a shirt amount of time, I feel very grateful but…" she answered not showing any signs of tears. "Wrong, you didn't cry from all that just now? And we all picked woth our hearts put into it too…" the twins whined as the dragon on Chao's head jumped into the pile of gifts. "Eh no I just don't think that there was anything from the flow just now that I should be crying about" she said a little sheepish as a light flashed behind her.

"As I thought, the genius Chao Lingshen is not going to cry with something at this level" said Misora next to Yuuna and Haruna. "Fufu we caught you Chaorin. There was another objective for this farewell party" she said surprising Chao as the dragon hoped onto her arm "And that is to have a look at your tears!" shouted Yuuna pointing to the girl "Say what?" she said stunned.

Staring Yuuna explained "For a super genius who's always calm, you have never shown your tears to anyone right?" she asked "Actually I have" she pointed out raising her hand making the girls face fault "WHAT? When did this happen? You know what never mind we as a class will bring you to tears at this final farewell party" she said shaking off the confession of Chao.

Chao herself gazed at the girls as if challenging them "Fū… I see interesting, I didn't know there was such a secret plan-ne. however for a devil like me who as sold her soul to science it's impossible for me to shed tears from something like a farewell party-ne" she said grinning.

Haruna chuckled thinking to their next move "Fufu… maybe… we'll see about that?" Yuuna snapped her fingers signalling the others to surround Chao each with a mechanical hand (Created by Chao none the less) and they grabbed her limbs before tickling the girl managing to get every single ticklish spot. The action it self was able to bring her to tears as a result "Ohh they came out, tears!" shouted Yuuna in victory "It's obvious that tears would come out fro something like this-ne" Chao managed to say in between giggles.

It was then that Ayaka came up behind the trap leaders Haruna and Yuuna "You people… just how far are you people going to mess up this important farewell gathering…?" she questioned them eventually getting Chao released from her restraints. "Really that was terrible-yo" she said sighing in relief, yuun a smacking on the back as the sign of good fun.

"Chao…" called Ku Fei getting her friends attention "Ku…" she said as she came over "I have a present fot you too-ne. This…" she offered out a sword "They're the twin swords that I got from my master-ne. I'm giving them to Chao-aru" she said. "What? I can't take something that important-ne Ku" she said trying to wave off the gift.

"It's fine, an important gift just shows what good friends you are Chao-chan" said the voice of Naruto behind the class making them jump as he appeared out of nowhere. "Naruto/kun!" came the shocked voices of the girls as they saw the teacher holding what appeared to be a pretty big present "Sorry it took me so long, I had to get these rushed but they look pretty good I think" he said walking forward up to Chao as she took the swords from Ku Fei.

"Naruto-kun… I…" she tried to explain but he raised his hand "Chao-chan, you are leaving us of 3-A but I think these should help you remember us always" he said revealing the gifts which were two portraits one of Chao with the entire class and the other of her and Naruto dancing when they were on their date a couple of hours ago. "Chao-chan if this is farewell I only hope that you enjoyed every minute you spent here at Mahora and with us" he said smiling down at the girl.

The others stared at the large sized picture that Naruto had found by looking for people around the area and through a little magic was able to increase the size of the picture before buying the frames too. Many of the girls were jealous that Chao had been able to get a dance with the older teacher but forgave her since she was leaving "N-Naruto-kun… this is… thank you so much" she said hugging him to which he quickly put his arms around her back.

"I'm s-s-sorry I meant to tell you but…" she whispered as he rubbed her back as she sobbed slightly "You have your reasons and I won't lie, you not tell me hurt but I can't impose on you life to which is your own. The others will still be angry but this changes nothing about how I feel for you, I want you to remember that Chao-chan" he whispered back giving her a small peck on the forehead.

He stepped back and went over to the side leaning against the wall as Zazie and Kaede came over to him "You really okay Naruto-kun?" asked Kaede as Naruto let out a small sigh putting an arm around each of them while the other girls were engrossed in the celebration. "To be honest… no I have a lot of frustration to vent after this" he said as the two put their arms around him too.

"Well now then, shall we hear a word from the departing Chao-san herself?" suggested Kazumi as the girl hopped onto the platform "Um, understood-ne" as she did the world tree began to glow brighter releasing small amount of light, almost like snow. "Hmm… how should I say this? To be honest when I first came to this school, I wasn't impressed since the class was full of airheaded bakuchins…" the girls seemed to cheer in pride of this fact making a couple sweat drop.

"These two years have been more fun hat I expected-ne. and the last few months in particular have been special to me as well" she said glancing over at Naruto before looking back to the others. "And for you guys to hold a party like this for me… I am a little touched today-yo" she put on a big smile like always "thank you everyone, although I'll be leaving the school… I hope everyone can graduate in high spirits" she said as the class gave her applause and cheered for her.

"But… we're really going to part aren't we Chao-san…?" stated Ayaka as Chao hopped down and the others came over "Hey, hey that talk earlier about your homeland being far away and not being able to meet us anymore, what does that mean/" questioned Yuuna walking over curious sparking everyone else's attention.

"Mu… you want to know about my home land?" she shook her head "No… but for me that's my most important…ho should I say this, spoiler-ne" she said as the class begged her to tell them as Chao's homeland had always been a mystery that only a couple people apparently knew to which she gave in to.

"I see…alright I'll make an exception and tell you guys-ne….the truth is, I'm…" everyone seemed to be on edge to what the answer would be the eagerness just rolling off them. "Actually a Martian who came from Mars-ne" she said straight faced but earning multiple slaps from Yuuna, Fuka, Ako and Setsuna before the rest crowded her for her real answer. Naruto at the side gave a small smile seeing as he to was curious over her homeland but still was unsure of it.

"No, no Martians don't lie-ne. a hundred years from now, Mars will become a planet that people can live on. I came from the future as a descendant of Negi-bouzu-ne" she said shocking Negi and Naruto who's mind had started to go a mile a minute at this knowledge.

A couple hours later the class copped out as they were all completely drained from the party and all sleeping on mattresses, Negi and Naruto putting blankets over the last of them. "Looks like even the famous hard chargers of 3-A are sunk from the continuous all-nighters-ne" said Chao on the balcony ass Negi and Naruto hopped up.

"I'll probably have some clones take them inside in a bit so that they don't catch colds" said Naruto as he stood next to Negi leaning against the side "Fufu…it's tough being a teacher-ne" stated Chao giggling as a couple of the girls were eavesdropping. "Chao-chan… is it true?" asked Naruto as the girl laughed "if something sounds too wild, nobody will believe you-ne. Naruto-kun you are no stranger to the passage of time. I came here to change the future for you people which is the past for me…" she said gesturing with her hands.

"In other words… history, that's my objective" she said plainly "I see… but Chao-chan you're using the tree's power to do a long-span jump aren't you?" he questioned as she nodded "Yes…tell me Negi-bouzu, Naruto-kun if you had the power to change the past what would you do?" she said giving the two a small smile.

"The past cannot be changed… not truly Chao-chan. I have no past to change anymore" he said shaking his head as she turned to Negi "What abut you Negi-bouzu…you could go back 10 years to when your father supposedly dies or 6 years when the village was destroyed. Do you believe you could change that unfortunate past?" she questioned as the by was taken aback by the idea of changing the past.

"…I won't be moving, until noon today. We'll meet again Negi-bouzu, Naruto-kun" she said disappearing in a flash as Negi tried to call to her but felt Naruto's hand on his shoulder "Come on Negi… we should go and I need to blast something soon" he said as he collected the pactio partners and sent his clones to do their jobs of looking after the girls.


We now turn to Eva's resort where a depressed Asuna was laying down still down over her rejection from Takamichi. "Asuna… Asuna…" called Konoka coming over to her friend hoping her mood had changed a little but seeing on in the same position as before dropped a ball o her head "Asuna… are we ready to go back to the school festival yet?" she asked her friend who rubbed her head from the ball being bonked off it.

"No good… my body won't move" she said making Konoka sigh putting her hands on her face "You're such a bum… it's been 4 days now…mu…" she then heard a noise behind her and turned round. Asuna just mumbled "Just one more day…" wriggling about before Eva entered the room with a flying kick to the face shouting "How miserable… pull yourself together Kagurazaka Asuna!" Asuna went flying across the sand spinning and sliding from the blow.

"Look at you becoming like this simply because of a rejection, how pathetic! Barging into other people's villas and idling around while doing nothing except sulking and you still call yourself the same woman who sounded all stuck-up about happiness and all that while preaching to me?" she verbal chastised the girl while Konoka just smiled behind her hands clapped together.

"Well, Eva-chan a rejection is a big thing for a maiden after all" she told her seeing as Eva may not grasp the situation from a young maiden's perspective. Eva just laughed it off "Idling around for 4 days is more than enough. Besides what's so good about that blockhead in the first place…" she said as Asuna got up hissing at the vampire.

"What was that…? I won't allow you to say bad things about Takahata-sensei" she shouted in fury making Eva raise a brow "Oh look aren't we energetic? Baka, come on looks like we have guests" she said as she felt multiple people entering the villa.

At the entrance to the villa Haruna and Chisame's jaws were dropped seeing the secret resort of Evangeline "Wa… Wa… Wa… Wa… What the heck is this…!" said the two shouting almost not believing their eyes. Chisame seeing this was trembling at the impossible things she was looking at 'I knew I shouldn't have tagged along…' were her thoughts as Haruna was being told what the villa had to offer by Yue and Nodoka.

Chisame turned to leave "Going somewhere?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow "I'm going home" was her reply "I still wish to lead a normal life so this view of an abnormal world is a little…" she tried to explain before Naruto shook his head "You can't leave for 24 hours Chisame-chan" he told her as she turned around in shock.

"What…! what about the school festival" she asked him "No need to worry a day is one hour outside. Anyway you'll have to excuse me I'll be back in a couple hours" he said Shundo-ing away from the scene.

He quickly found his way to the top of one of the mountains and pulled out one of his pactios; Lamina Infinita Opus his clothes changing into the red battle wear. Once focusing he created a bow "I am the bone of my sword" he called his voice echoing tracing a spiral looking sword and pulling it back on the bow string as it glowed pulsing with power "Caladbolg" he called releasing the sword that shot off toward the sea and when it landed created a huge explosion that the other girls could see while swimming in the pool.

He turned the the mountain in front of him and began tracing another weapon a large blade the size of a tombstone and weighing a lot more that any normal person should be able to wield "Nine Lives…Bladeworks" he said as he swung the sword the mountain in a flash was carved by the sword all the while tears began to fall from his face "Yew Bow" he shouted forming the crossbow and shooting out various vines out that wrapped around the mountain, before taking the form of a tree while held it together.

He began tracing different weapons all immensely powerful as he carved through the landscape. He understood that Chao had kept the secret of being a time traveller secret but to suddenly reveal she was going back and after knowing becoming a pactio partner with him meant hurt him all the more. He had trusted her along with the others the secrets of is past and he dark times yet she hadn't trusted him enough with this, it was a great betrayal one that he never hoped to suffer. It may seem simple but Naruto always treasured trust in the bonds he made and for Chao to turn her back on it is what made it such a terrible thing for Naruto.

Back with the others they were discussing the situation with Chao and her confession over her being the descendant of Negi and from the future, Haruna giving the suggestion that Chao the evil mastermind trying to take over the world must be defeated by all of them there. However many couldn't help but be worried as they heard the booming noises from Naruto's venting yet knew not to get too close right now as it wouldn't help.

However when the noises began to dull… "I'm going to him de-gozaru" stated Kaede in her swimsuit still wearing the tanuki ears "Do you think that's wise? Naruto seems upset over the whole thing he could end up venting on the wrong person" said Eva laying down on a deck chair. Kaede nodded "Yes, he shouldn't be alone right now and we'll need him if we want to defeat Chao-san later on de-gozaru. Naruto-kun won't hurt me as well, it's not in him to do it" she said rushing away to find him.

"Negi-kun… I feel out of the loop could you explain what's going on with Naruto-kun" asked Haruna to the boy concerned for her partner, almost wanting t follow after Kaede as did his other partners there but thought Kaede was the best to get him right now. "Haruna-san, Naruto-nii has had a troubled past one which I'm not free to talk about and I myself am concerned but Kaede-san is similar to him as Master is so I think we should wait till he gets back.


Naruto was panting from the use of several powerful tools, he had deactivated his artifact as he laid against the tree taking breaths as he felt a presence drop near by. "Hey Kaede-chan…" he said sounding tired as she dropped down from the tree top, she didn't say anything, only sat by him and brought his head to her chest and stoked his hair.

He moved his arms around her and held her close as well as he felt himself crying again sobbing into her embrace whispering "Why…?" she stayed silent and kept stroking his hair not truly having an answer for him and just waited for him to stop. It saddened her to see the teen she cared for in such a state but also thought what she would do to Chao if she got her hands on her.

However seeing Naruto's state she came to a decision as to how to help him moving her hand to is head she pulled at it lifting it so her lips could meet his. Naruto himself was shocked at the sudden lip lock with the ninja girl, although they had spent a lot of time together she hadn't really ever done anything like this. Imagine his surprise when he tongue darted into is mouth seeming to be doing it's own exploring as he ended up moaning into the kiss.

Naruto moved his own arms around her and her plump buttocks giving it a squeeze before roaming his hands over her toned beautiful body earning moans from her as well. After about 30 seconds they separated form each other's mouths panting feeling each other hot breath "Kaede-chan…" he tried to start but she put a finger to his lips "Shhhh Naruto-kun don't speak, let me show you that you don't have to be afraid, the rest of us aren't going anywhere de-gozaru. Please Naruto-kun…" she said opening both her eyes to look at his deep blue.

Naruto gazed into hers and saw she wanted this and he knew he did too in a way so began stripping his clothes till he was only in his black boxers.


"Naruto-kun…" she muttered enjoying the view of his muscles "I love you" he smiled with a few tears before wiping them away "I love you too Kaede-chan, let me show you how much" he said as his hands moved to her large bosom as he captured her in a kiss again while his hands went to work on her chest.

The two's tongues wrestled for control this time but Kaede found herself struggling as Naruto massaged her breasts over her swimsuit before moving it out of the way to get access to her now hardened nipples. As he pinched the nubs she pulled out to release a gasp of pleasure, she had been told by Chizuru that he was good but now she could see just how good. Seeing as she had pulled out of the kiss Naruto moved to kiss her breast before latching onto it, the sensation caused Kaede to arch her back.

Having trained rigorously in her profession she rarely had time to relieve herself and usually settled for an hour of training, yet now all of that built up pressure was coming out as she felt herself get damp between her knees. She put her hands behind his head to push him into her chest "Naruto-kun… don't stop" she moaned as she felt the sensations, she didn't know how long she would hold up if he was this good.

Naruto seeing that he now had a hand free moved it down her abdomen his fingers gliding over her sweat covered skin resulting in slight goose bumps. He then lowered his hands before rubbing against the fabric of the swimsuit bottoms now damp from her flowing juices, she groaned as he did so. "I think you'll enjoy this…" he muttered as he slipped a finger between the edge and inserted a finger into the kunoichi causing her toes to curl before grinding her hips into his hand trying to get off.

So immersed in the feeling she didn't realize Naruto had shifted his position to in front of her pussy and only took note when he pulled his finger out and blew in between her legs making her gasp once more. Without waiting he put his face between her legs and mover the fabric of the swimsuit out the way so he could attack her centre.

She let out a silent scream as he did so having never experienced anything like this before digging her hands into the ground as he orgasm hit her, releasing on is face and panting from the pleasure. "So how was it?" asked Naruto interested to see her opinion "It…was… amazing…Naruto-kun… but now…it's… my turn" she managed to get out before pushing him on his back and straddling his waist.

She went for another kiss with him as her hands reached down her his members standing at attention curling his fingers around the rod. As she did he let out a grunt which turned to moans while she slowly pumped him. Naruto was simply enjoying the feeling of Kaede's fingers on his penis his mind forgetting it current troubles so it could pay attention to the girl on his chest giving herself to him.

After a few minutes Kaede seeing no results moved for a different approach, by which she situated herself in front of his dick while her nether regions were in his face, in the infamous 69 position. "Let's see who wins this race" she smirked which he mirrored "You shouldn't challenge those with experiences Kaede-chan" he said breathing into her folds making her shiver "Maybe but I have these" she replied wrapping her breasts around his dick and squeezing making him grunt and her smirk seeing she got a better chance now.

The two's battle for resistance began as they attacked each others sensitive spots as they found them through experimentation, although Naruto was weakening from the pumping so resolved to heat as well by releasing his tails and having them caress her body making her shiver in delight before they traced around her ass tickling the opening making her body release but Kaede had his cock in her mouth so when her orgasm hit she moaned making her mouth vibrate which resulted in his own release into her mouth.

She sucked for a moment before pulling her head up with a plop sound as she removed her mouth and wiped her lips of the excess cum "C-C-Cheater…" she pouted as he smirked "Ninja" was his reply which she smirked to as well. "Me too" she said as she twisted her body round so she was leaning on his chest before raising her hips "And we don't play fair" with that she lowered herself in one movement inserting his cock into her womanhood.

"Ohhhhh… Kami…. Kaede-chan" he moaned as he felt walls close around him, Kaede had lost her hymen through training but she tensed for a brief moment when she let him enter her. "Your tails might not be enough here Naruto-kun" she smiled as she began moving up and down pushing her hands against his chest to help. Truth be told she was right the feeling of her tight lips around his cock made him lose all concentration as his tails flailed about in pleasure.

After a few minutes both Naruto and Kaede felt themselves approaching their limits as she lightly clawed at his chest and his hands dug into the ground "Kaede-chan, I'm…" he muttered "Me…too…" she replied as both felt their internal springs come lose as both orgasm at round about the same time. After which the two just held each other feeling comfortable in the embrace still connected.

"Thanks Kaede-chan… I needed this" he said stroking her back as she was resting against his chest "Anytime Naruto-kun, plus it was well worth the wait. I'm just glad to see you looking a bit brighter than before, like Konoka-dono a smile suits you better than a frown" she said to him as she always loved seeing the bright warm smile on his face. "Hehe I guess…but I think we need to get cleaned up before we head back otherwise the others may demand attention then and there" he mused as she giggled as they quickly set about washing themselves having a little bit of fun as they did so.


The two arrived back getting a few look mostly from the girls seeing Kaede's glow but were happy seeing Naruto was okay again now as Yue and Haruna set out to test their new artifacts. "Naruto-kun didn't you get a new artifact too?" asked Haruna as he nodded walking over taking it out "Yeah shall we test them out" both she and Yue nodded as they held out their cards with Naruto "Adeat!"

With a glow of light Haruna gained a painting apron with a drawing pad, which had a flask of ink connected to it. In her hand was a feather pen while on her head was a painter's hat with a feather on it. Yue, on the other hand, gained a Mage's robe and hat, completed with a floating book and a broom.

While Naruto had also obtained a book which had symbols for sun and moon on the front and cover, he also had a small sun necklace around his neck. His hair now had a small part hanging from his right shoulder alongside a small pair of glasses resting on his nose like Negi did. His clothing was something he would consider similar to what Al liked to wear being long wizard's robes minus a hood.

"Ohh awesome" shouted Haruna looking at herself as Asuna was caught by surprise by this "Ohoho nice, nice…" cried Chamo seeing the girls. Chisame at the back hearing the ermine for the first time 'T…The ermine really talked. N…No after all that what am I…? Let's stop with the tsukkomi already' it seemed her reactions to all the magic were being dulled by the quantity of seeing such events.

Asuna decided to ask "Wait since when did you guys form a provisional contract?" she cried at Haruna and Yue, the mangaka giving her the thumbs up "Naruto-kun and I did it, it was delicious" she said making him chuckle and rub the back of his head while Yue bowed in apology "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" she said red faced remembering her kiss with Negi.

"Well we'll figure out the abilities of the artifacts that you three have later. It's always great having more firepower" said Chamo as Haruna waved her hand "Really…just leave it to us" she shouted while Asuna was huffing at the side over the discovery of Negi and Naruto making new partners while looking down at herself then at Haruna for no particular reason.

"B-But even if we assume that all Chao said is true, there are still two questionable points" Yue pointed out "One, how does exposing magic connect to changing history? And second why did Chao come all the way here from hundreds of years in the future to do something like this in the first place?" she as Negi put on a thoughtful look.

"Yes that's right besides… I… I'm not really sure if what Chao-san's trying to do is really a bad thing" he mused getting surprised looks all round mostly from Asuna. "What are you talking about? Chao-san abducted and confined Takahata-sensei remember? It's already a proven fact she's doing bad things" she questioned wondering what Negi was thinking.

"True but Chao-chan is a planner and most like has plans in order for the third day no doubt. There is no way to tell if what she told us is her true intention or something else entirely" Naruto pointed out looking at his book that seemed to be locked not granting him access but then fingered the necklace that seemed to have a key at the end of it.

"Anyway" said Asuna summoning her harisen "No matter what Chao-san's objective is, if she tries to do anything to Takahata-sensei, Negi or Naruto again I will stop her myself with this sword" she vowed earning a chuckle from Haruna hearing her proclamation "W-What? What's weird about that?" she asked the smirking girl.

"Still can't get the sword at will yet?" questioned Chizuru at the side tilting her head "Eh it usually comes out when I'm doing well though…" she said a bit embarrassed. "Shame my balde comes out fine Asuna-san" said Ayaka with a small smirk making Asuna go slightly red in frustration "Shut it Iincho, I don't want any lip from a shotacon like you" she said as Ayaka went red at the accusation (despite having some merit) but thankfully Kaede mediated between the two preventing the fight… or at least delaying it.

"My question is if everyone is prepared to help us put a stop to this plan whatever it may be, even with the chance of danger" he said to them all his pactio partners all nodding in unison "We're in too since if you get hurt me and Chizuru-san can heal you up" said Konoka tapping herself on her head with her wooden fans while Chizuru giggled brushing her hands through her hair touching her hairpins "Indeed we shall Konoka-chan" she said standing next to Zazie.

"I will protect ojou-sama even at the cost of my own life" proclaimed Setsuna holding both her sword and artifact which Zazie nodded by Chizuru her face showing Naruto and Ayaka that she was ready for whatever Chao threw at her. "…" she said as Naruto chuckled "Don't worry I doubt I'll get too hurt Zazie-chan" he said as Konoka clapped her hands together "Just make sure you don't get crushed or we won't be able to heal you" she said smiling which a number of people looked at her funny for.

"But Naruto-sama Chao has a robot army you know. No matter how much firepower we have it's not enough. On top of that Chachamaru and… even that captain Tatsumiya is on her side…" Naruto just waved his hands "Kaede can handle Mana-chan if I know her right plus we can handle the rest right?" he asked as the ninja nodded "Hai I'm sure I can handle Mana alright de-gozaru"

Negi noticed how Ku Fei was a little quiet "Ku Fei-san are you alright?" he asked his teacher "If Chao's really doing bad things, then I must stop her as a friend-aru" she said pumping her fist as Kaede twirled her artifact in it's kunai form. "See nothing to worry about Negi but seeing how the present situation I think it best we use our remaining time to uncover the abilities of our articfacts and train Haruna-chan and Yue-chan" he suggested which the ermine nodded to.

"We DO have another 20 hours to use so I think that's the best idea for now until later, but any ideas on your new artifact Naruto-sama?" he questioned as Naruto took the necklace from his neck and held the sun charm "I have an idea" he said with a small grin while Chamo went to mumbling to himself. "Hmm but even with Naruto-sama and the others we may not have enough after all I think if we're up against an army. Not to mention that it looks like Chao's messing around on the internet too for that…" an idea then sprung into the ermines head.

"Oh wait won't Chiucchi do a provisional contract too, you're a skilled hacker. So I think you'll get something good" he said as Chisame's jaw dropped at the request and erupted at the talking animal, something that she didn't want to accept right now "Hell no baka!" she shouted.

Haruna then slided next to her hugging her shoulder "Why not Chisame-chan, let's do it….aren't we friends?" she said smiling to the hacker. "Since when did I become your friend? Get the hell away from me!" she cried at the girl not wanting her normal life to be corrupted anymore.

"Well we have a good group of people but I think we're forgetting someone, right Eva-chan" said Naruto as the girl walked over smirking to herself "Thank you for remembering but I'm afraid I can't take side in all this mess" she said as Naruto nodded "I half expected as much, but I think you need to tell me about Chao-chan's technique since it sounds eerily familiar to one of my techniques" he said as Negi chose to speak up.

"Naruto-nii, you don't have to worry I believe I can do something about Chao-san so please leave it to me" he said as Naruto smiled thankful knowing that he probably couldn't fight her if he wanted. "I will Negi and thank you now please stand back" he said as he took the key necklace and put into the book's lock turning and releasing the lock.

"Wait a minute I know that book now" said Chisame in disbelief remembering where she had seen the book before as where she saw it was one of the things that brought n her love of cosplay. "That's the Book of Clow, from Cardcaptor Sakura" she cried as most of the girls suddenly remembered the series and the book of cards featured in which Naruto was holding.

A magic circle the appeared beneath his feet as Naruto held out the key "I call upon the powers of day and night. Sun and Moon unleash you might, Release" he cried as magic swirled around the key before going into it making it extend and grow large until it was about the size of Negi's staff the top of it a circle signifying the moon behind the sun with it's prongs sticking out. Seeing the staff Naruto took hold of it giving it a small twirl before holding it at his side the book held in his left.

"I swear I get the coolest stuff with my pactios" he chuckled as Chisame had rushed over to see and inspect Naruto's look "Wow a perfect copy of the book and you look like Clow Reed Naruto, a perfect cosplay" she said admiring the elaborate robes "Glad to see you approve Chisame-chan, but mind tell me about these cards in the book, seeing as you appear to know about them.

"S-Sure I'd be happy to" she said internally her mind was going nuts over the ideas of giving Naruto advice on hw to use a fiction magical item which was made real in front of her eyes. However her mind drifted to what the ermine had said about forming a contract with Naruto 'If I'm going to have my normal life changed may as well have him the one to change it' she thought going red at the image of him kissing her.

XChapter EndX

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