Title: Djinjer: A Worgen's Tale
Author's Note: First things first, Djinjer is pronounced just as it should be. If you don't know, it follows the same guidelines as Djinni, which Walt Disney will have you misspell as Genie! Originally, I didn't think much about my Worgen character, so I intended to name her Ginger after the werewolf movies Ginger Snaps (yay). Ginger, however, was already taken SO I thought about it and stuck with Djinjer. This isn't my first WoW fic. I have a huge storyline for my main and loads of fics with it, however, I kinda stretched the lore to make more sense, which is why I'm not posting it on . Instead, I've decided to post this one because it'll really stick with the in game lore and build without being too bleeeegh. I don't know how long it'll be or how often I'll update it, but here it is. Enjoy!

Gilneas. Secluded from the rest of the world since the Second War, it is home to many who love and adore it. Growing up in such a secluded area meant that over time, its people began to relax and enjoy life-free from danger. No one was miserable. There were no exceptionally poor people and over all, everyone got along with one another. That didn't mean families didn't have feuds and there weren't rumors that could hurt a person, but it did mean that everyone could often put those differences aside and enjoy their secure life.

Most children and teenagers often wonder about the outside world. They would like to travel, to break away and become free from the restrictions of the mighty Greymane Wall. But Djinjer never wondered about the outside world. She never cared to know what was out there, because she was perfectly happy within the walls of the Greymane Wall.

Djinjer took a deep breath, staring up at the clouds in the sky. What more could she ask for? Laying on the sandy shores of the beach just south of her hometown of Duskhaven, Djinjer couldn't ask for a better afternoon. In her arms was the very love of her life. Djinjer gazed down at the brown haired girl snoozing in her arms. It was a forbidden and not-so-secret love, but a strong one all the same.

Upon visiting the city with her parents, Djinjer saw Kimberly. Of course she found her attractive, but having such a secret meant that Djinjer often saw attractive females but never acted upon her attraction. This time, however, it was different. Kimberly's hazel eyes met her brown ones and instantly, they knew they were the same. She and Kimberly met as "friends" to most people. But after their relationship kicked off, there wasn't much they could do to hide their feelings.

Well, there were a few things they did. For instance, she and Kimberly never kissed when anyone was around. They held hands, but that was often seen as an innocent thing between two friends. When on a date, they stayed out of the city, preferring to stay closer to her hometown. So how did their secret become less than a secret? A simple kiss witnessed by a fisherman and told to his wife, who told the baker's wife, whom told someone else and on and on it went. Apparently, because they were both such lovely ladies, neither one was really asked about the truth, therefore their secret relationship was known about-but never confirmed.

Djinjer took another deep breath, which caught her lover's attention. Kimberly sat up, smiling down at Djinjer, but it wasn't the happy smile Djinjer had become used to. Perhaps that was because of Djinjer's "obsession" with becoming a warrior. Since the construction of their great wall, there was little reason for women to continue serving in the line of duty. Women soldiers were not as common as they used to be…but Djinjer enjoyed the life of a warrior. Ever since she met Kimberly, more than three years ago, Kimberly did her best to talk her out of that interest and become more "lady like." Was that the reason behind Kim's unhappiness? She didn't know.

"I should be going," Kim murmured softly. "It'll be late by the time I get home."

"Then let me walk with you," Djinjer replied, sitting up with a smile.

"I don't know," Kimberly sighed. "What will people think if they see us walking together?"

Djinjer looked the two of them over. She was wearing a dainty, expensive looking dress that was now dirtied with sand and grass stains. Djinjer was wearing overalls that were rolled up to her knees. "They'll think I'm walking you home."

"Djin," Kimberly stood up, holding her hand out to Djinjer. Djinjer gladly accepted it. "You know my family doesn't like me being around you so much."

"I know," Djinjer shrugged, "But with the rumors going around, I honestly think your family will be happier if you weren't alone in the city."

No matter what they were about, they were quite powerful. How often did a rumor hurt someone or terrify them? Now, there were rumors amongst the city of a spreading curse; a curse that could kill. Never one to be swayed by rumors, Djinjer wasn't afraid of being on her own-anywhere. And that rule was nearly a law lately: Never be alone. Always have someone beside you for safety. Even the men were required to have someone with them. But Djinjer didn't mind, she would be quick once Kimberly was returned to her home.

Seeing she wouldn't win this battle, Kimberly forced out another smile and continued to hold Djinjer's hand. The two walked at a quick pace to make it back to Duskhaven, where Djinjer informed her parents of where she was going-only for them to continue their pace back to the city. Night, however, had fallen by the time they reached the silent, nearly empty city. There was sounds of life and joy in the houses they passed, which was far more comforting than complete silence.

"If you get caught," Kimberly was standing so closer to Djinjer that many times she would trip or stumble, "I won't help you."

Djinjer chuckled softly. "Don't worry about it. You worry too much and you'll be more gray than Greymane himself." But Kim didn't chuckle. There was absolute terror in the girl's eyes.

"You don't hear what we do, living out in Duskhaven. More men are signing up for night patrols. There's something out there," and to support that fear, a howl rang through the night.

Kim literally threw herself around Djinjer, trembling as if the howl meant something more than just a howl. Djinjer actually laughed, "Get a hold of yourself, Kimberly. It's just one of the mastiffs."

"That's no mastiff," Kimberly said. "Please! Let's hurry to my home. I don't want to be outside any longer."

Djinjer placed a quick kiss on Kimberly's forehead and did just as her lover wanted to. The two of them quickly made their way through the backstreets to Kimberly's home, where she found Kimberly's family's doorman standing outside with a lantern. "Welcome home, Miss Kimberly. Good evening, Miss Djinjer." He gave a slight bow of his head and turned his attention on Kim, "Your family is inside, waiting for you."

But before she could even take a step forward, a young man appeared in the doorway. He sighed loudly in relief and rushed forward, pulling a pale Kimberly into his arms. "I've been looking for you everywhere in the city!" he said, followed by placing a kiss upon her lips.

Djinjer couldn't process what she was seeing before her. The man held Kimberly in the same manner that she held her. He kissed her in the same way she kissed her. Who was this man? He turned to Djinjer, "Thank you," he said, bowing slightly. "Kim's father called for me when she hadn't returned home. The Night Patrol is out looking for her at this very moment. Bastards told me I couldn't stay out any longer. Please, come in."

Djinjer didn't know why she followed the two of them inside. She didn't know why she followed them through the hallway to the main room, where Kim's father stood near the fire place and her mother sobbed into a handkerchief. "Oh, Kimberly!" her mother bolted up, rushing over to her daughter. "We thought the worst when you didn't come home!"

"Mother, there's no reason to be so hysterical."

Her father huffed irritably, ignoring Djinjer and focusing on the man that stood beside her. "Zathaniel, you'll find that my daughter enjoys tormenting us by never telling us where she's going, how long she'll be out. But I can assure you, she's always with that blasted Djinjer girl."

A sudden realization seemed to wash over the man and slowly, he turned to look at her. Djinjer looked at him, wondering just what this all meant. The man before her was well-muscled, though not in the way of a warrior or a rogue. He was quite certain, just from looking at him, that this man called Zathaniel was a hunter. And after a quick look over at his fancy, near royalty clothing, Djinjer assumed he was a rich hunter at that.

"Thank you," he said softly. His short black hair was brushed back with no a strand misplaced. He had no facial hair, but wore a small scar on his right cheek. "Thank you for returning my fiancée home to her family. I will not deny knowing the rumors of you, but I do not believe them to be true. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Her father huffed again, but ignoring him, Djinjer merely looked over Zathaniel's shoulder at her friend. Kimberly hung her head in shame and from what she could see of her lover's face, it had reddened from embarrassment. "The pleasure is mine," Djinjer forced out, giving a quick bow. "I must return home, now, before the gates close."

"Please, allow me to accompany you," Zathaniel murmured. "I would not rest well knowing a young lady such as yourself is out on your own. These are dangerous times."

Djinjer shook her head, "I'll be fine. Good evening."

"Djinjer," but Djinjer quickly made her way out of the house. As soon as the door closed, a sob escaped from her. It didn't take much for Djinjer to run through the city with her vision blurred. She knew the way to and from Kim's house better than the back of her own hand. Right now, all she wanted to do was get far away from that house and far away from that Zathaniel. With each step, however, the truth of the situation sunk in deeper and deeper. Kimberly, the love of her life, was engaged to a man.