Liyah Rose was scrubbing the bar down, with a soft sigh. She tried to remember why her parent's had taken on Sephiroth- even his name brought chills down her spine. She had never met him, but when she was born, it was a night of great loss. It was the night when Nibliheim went up in flames. Liyah always remembered Tifa telling her the story of her birth- that her lover, Cloud, had been there. Years and years later, Liyah would come to realize that that was not the truth.

When Liyah was in the eleventh grade in high school, Tifa's childhood friend, Yuffie, had gently explained to Liyah what truly happened that night. The names had been foreign to Liyah's ears at the time: Aerith, Zack, Genesis, Angeal, Jenova, and Lucrecia. Liyah had tried to forget about the horribleness of that night- as well as her birth. Now, Liyah is twenty-one years old and she owned the bar that her mother had owned- Seventh Heaven. When Liyah was nineteen, her mother and father had fought against Sephiroth, and she had fought against Kadaj. It was a close call, especially when her father had to defeat Sephiroth. Liyah's mother was killed by Loz and her father was killed by Sephiroth. Liyah would never forget looking into Kadaj's eyes and seeing his face turn into the face of Evil: Sephiroth, the EX-Soldier who went insane.

Liyah walked over to the front door, her black trench coat swishing behind her. It was open- revealing Liyah's denim short shorts, her dark purple spaghetti strap top, and her black combat boots that ended at her shins. She had a petite and muscular body, backed by muscles of years of training. Her two submachine guns, Chropi GP10, were in their holsters on her hips. She was a skilled Gunslinger, courtesy of her last fight with Kadaj and Yazoo. She absentmindedly touched the scar on the right side of her cheek. It marred her otherwise beautiful face. With ebony black hair that swung to the small of her back, Liyah had Cloud's blue-green eyes and her mother's large bust and figure. The scar had faded, but she would always remember how she got it- when she went to fight Yazoo, who had shot her in the cheek. Liyah's fingers went lower down to her neck, to the scar that went straight across her neck, below her Adam's apple.

After Kadaj had slit her throat, Liyah had vowed to always fight till the end. She didn't want to be weak and wait for a man to save her. The scars on her body were indeed noticeable, especially since her porcelain skin showed the scars clearly.

With a soft sigh, Liyah switched the 'open' sign on the front door to 'closed.' It was around eleven o'clock on a Wednesday night and Liyah wanted to go to her room to look at pictures of her parent's. She kept all of her parent's photos in a shoebox under her bed. It wasn't just her parent's though; there were pictures of Zack, Aerith, Yuffie, Cid, Barret, Marlene, Denzel, Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo... And the monster. Liyah sighed softly and locked the front door, but while she was going towards the stairs to her bedroom, she heard a knock from the front door.

With a dark sigh and a roll of her dark brown eyes, Liyah walked back to the front door. Do they not see the closed sign? She asked herself sarcastically, before unlocking the front door and opening it slightly- a man with a dark hood concealed his face and he was wearing a black trench coat with combat boots on. Liyah tilted her head to the side, some pieces of her black hair laid on her cheek.

"Hi, can I help you?" Liyah asked, squinting a little so she could get a better look at the man whose face was completely covered.

"May I have a drink? If it's not too much to ask." The man's dark voice croaked out, low and powerful.

Something about the man made the hairs on the back of Liyah's neck stand on end. Hesitantly, she opened the door, wide enough to let the man through. He walked past me, large and the aura surrounding him was authoritative and deadly. It was as if he was in SOLDIER, years and years ago. He walked with an air of grace that made Liyah jealous and his height surprised her. Liyah was around 5'7; this man was 6'6 and he was as graceful as a dancer. Liyah walked and strode behind the bar, while the man sat down on a stool, that damned hood still concealed his appearance.

Liyah waited impatiently for the man to ask for a drink. Instead, a deep chuckle rose from the man's throat. "I thought you would remember the man who killed your parent's."

Liyah waited, frozen in shock and fear, as the man's sallow hand's reached out and pulled off the hood. With a roll of nausea, Liyah stood there, numb, as familiar and bloodcurdling features showed itself: Long, silver hair flowed down his shoulders, Mako green eyes burned with malice and amusement, muscular build, and that long- abnormally long- holster for his sword, the legendary Masamune. The sword that had shed pounds and pounds of blood and has destroyed villages, as well as lives.

The world stopped and all Liyah could do was stand there, frozen in fear and horror, staring into the eyes of the monster who had murdered people without a second thought- who had wanted to end the world. When the world started up again, Liyah reached for her submachine guns as anger flowed through her like water. Why is he alive? Liyah screamed at herself, but the General was a thousand times faster than her. In half a heartbeat, Sephiroth was standing right in front of Liyah with his hand wrapped around her throat.

Liyah could feel herself get lifted off the ground, but she swung her feet in vain, as her air supply was cut off. Tears of fear and rage sprung into her eyes and she whimpered softly, looking down at Sephiroth's mako green eyes. Liyah was on the verge of fainting from lack of oxygen, before Sephiroth loosened his grip and leaned into her ear. She whimpered and tried to scoot away from Sephiroth, his mouth almost bumping against her ear.

"Hello, Liyah Rose Lockhart. Or is it Strife? No matter, as you are obviously well aware, I am here and I need a place to stay until my body is healed-" Sephiroth began, but Liyah cut him off with a bullet to the abdomen.

The gun's report rang loud and clear through the night as Sephiroth stumbled backwards a few steps, clearly shocked. That gave Liyah enough of a chance to kick Sephiroth in the face, sending him flying towards the front door. He slid down the door and looked up at Liyah with a look so full of rage that it made Liyah whimper. She noticed his sheath beside her and then saw the Masamune within it. Bloodlust and hate pounded through Liyah's blood- not to mention the adrenaline. Liyah reached over and grabbed the Masamune's hilt, putting her gun away. The Masamune was calling for her, calling her soul and heart into that icky rage that burned through her as if it was a fire. There was nothing in the universe except that hatred that almost devoured her.

Liyah clutched the Masamune tighter, accepting that rage. She wanted to destroy Sephiroth, wipe him out of this earth. Before she could think straight, Liyah heard Sephiroth's footsteps walking towards her; those boots hit the wooden floor hard. He was walking slowly towards her from behind and she knew that the gunshot didn't even affect him. Liyah could feel the Masamune's hatred and blood and power emanating from it and into her.

"Bad form, Liyah Rose. You'll have to-" Sephiroth began teasingly, but Liyah turned and with a speed hat was not her own, she stabbed him in the chest.

Sephiroth's eyes widened in shock and his lips parted, but Liyah watched as darkness and malice tore through his eyes. Blood dripped from Sephiroth's chest wound as the Masamune tore straight through his body. Sephiroth coughed up droplets of blood as a line of red streamed down his chin. Liyah grabbed her guns but Sephiroth was already in action. He had already pulled the Masamune out and grabbed her wrists tightly. She stifled a scream as pain tore through her wrists. She soon started to hear cracking sounds from her wrists. She stifled a whimper and a scream, but glared angrily at Sephiroth. He simply squeezed tighter and tighter, until she dropped her submachine guns.

A twisted smile formed on Sephiroth's face. "Odd. I've never met anybody who's able to wield the Masamune. Now, my interest is peaked. I was going to kill you off, but now, I am going to keep you around."

Sephiroth leaned in and bumped his mouth to her ear, making her shiver. He whispered in her ear right before she fainted from the pain: "You are going to have my child."