The girl had slept in Sephiroth's arms throughout the entire night, moaning and writhing. She had cried out names that Sephiroth knew by heart—Cloud and Aerith, Yuffie, Zack, Marlene. People he had known his own entire life, when he was a SOLDIER. If he had a heart, he had a feeling that it would be breaking right now. Pushing strands of black hair away from her eyes, Sephiroth's gloved hands stroked the scar on her face.

The remnants must have done that, Sephiroth thought with a sneer on his beautiful face, Poor little remnants. Unable to please Mother the way I could, and now, I will please Mother in a way that the Remnants will never be able too. Mother, will you accept my progeny in this young girl's body? Surely, she has Jenova Cells within her—thanks to that cunt Cloud—so she should be acceptable, but still. I want to make sure—

On and on Sephiroth's erratic thoughts went, even when the sun began to rise. He looked down at the little mess in his arms, and carried her to her bed. Stepping on the photos, he laid the young girl down and turned to leave. Bending down, he grasped a particular photo that caught his eye: Cloud Strife, and a visibly pregnant Tifa Lockhart. Looking over at their bloodied daughter, Sephiroth wondered would that be him, nine months from now.

He let out a cold chuckle, and sifted through the girl's closet for a hat. Winding his silver hair into a ponytail, he shoved the hat on and placed the Masamune against the wall. After last night's beating, Sephiroth thought smugly, surely the girl wasn't stupid enough to try and escape once again. Going out the back way, making sure that the front door was boarded and locked, he went to the nearby corner store for some food for the girl.

Liyah woke up with another headache, and her eyes were puffy and red. Sitting up in bed, she automatically noticed the Legendary Masamune, and then the photos. Climbing to the floor took effort, but nothing that Liyah couldn't handle. She began to gather her most prized possessions and slid the box back under the bed. Sitting there, still in her bloodied and torn clothing, Liyah was numb to the realities of her situation. Why would Sephiroth—the man whom murdered countless people in one night, the night that Liyah was born—hold her as she cried? It didn't make sense to her, especially since he only wanted her for sex—

The thought made Liyah's stomach turn at why Sephiroth was here, in Midgar, Sector Seven—He actually had a man's needs, a man's urges and thought processes like a normal human. Why did he choose me? Liyah thought, as she crawled to her bathroom and peeled off her torn clothing. Why does he want me? I'm just… nothing, some random kid abandoned by her family,

Climbing into the shower and feeling the hot water on her tan skin was so soothing to Liyah. Sliding to the slick tiled floor, Liyah wanted so very badly to cry. Why did Sephiroth choose me? Why? Is it because of my father, with the Jenova cells implanted within him? Do I have Jenova cells as well then? Was it passed down? Watching the steam cloud the bathroom's mirror, Liyah rubbed her wrists slightly. Am I going to be like my father? Am I going to have Geostigma?

Sephiroth turned the key in the lock when his ears picked up the sound of water splashing against linoleum. Smiling slightly, he bought the bag of groceries with him up the stairs, his combat boots loud against the wood. Sephiroth noticed his reflection in the girl's window in her room, and smiling looked strange on him, like a man with an embarrassing itch. His face returned to smoothness and remote as he placed the bag and the hat on the girl's floor.

Opening the door silently, Sephiroth noticed a shadowy shape against the curtains and held back his smile. This scene would have been normal—a human man coming home from work to see his wife in the shower—but Sephiroth was not a human man. Walking towards the shower, he climbed in with his clothes, or rather his armor, on and immediately noticed the girl's body. What round breasts she had, beautifully big and large, with a slender waist to match, and a sickle-shaped birthmark on the inside of her left thigh.

Liyah stumbled backwards and let out a loud scream, slipping since the floor was wet. She fell out of the shower and stumbled forward, falling on the beige rug in the bathroom. Covering her crotch and her breasts, Liyah scrambled away as the silver haired warrior walked towards her. Water droplets slid down the man's exposed abs and chest, making Liyah lick her lips. What the hell? Why am I ogling the man who killed my parents? Liyah screamed to herself, grabbing her towel off the closed toilet but there was no need. Sephiroth grasped one of her hand's and forced her on her stomach, causing her to stumble to her hands and knees.

"What a view." Sephiroth sneered; his voice held the barely suppressed animosity and sneer as the top of his boot brushed her leg. "I wonder why you wear clothes, Miss Strife. Bare-assed would suit you better."

"Sephiroth, don't, please." Liyah whispered, staring out the window as tears welled in her eyes. "Think about what you're doing."

"I already have," Sephiroth whispered menacingly, as his fingers slid up her thigh, past the birthmark and towards the dark place in between.

"Please don't!" Liyah shouted, as the tears streamed down her face. "Don't do this! Please don't! D-DADDY!"

That stopped Sephiroth cold, his fingers forcibly inside the young woman. Rage burned within him as he pulled away from the girl and yanked her up by her hair, tossing her out of the room. She hit her dresser and slid to the floor, trying to crawl away. How dare she call out for that weakling, Sephiroth said to himself, while his boot kept connecting with her face, chest, and stomach. I'm far superior than that cunt Cloud. I should have never been gentle with this girl. I'll act the way I did the night in Nibelheim.