Chapter 1
Eyes on You…and…you

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Brown eyes moved to the lavender ones across from them causing the owner to smile. The brown eyes owner smiled back. Looking away they moved to the onyx ones across the room, where their owner smiled too. What was she getting herself into? Haruhi Fujioka looked at the two people she was currently going out with. One had asked her out about a month ago. The second had asked a few weeks later. Even after she turned the second one down saying she was seeing someone they tried again. The persuasion was "they won't know." Now she juggled both, hoping neither found out about the other. When did she become a player? She was starting to love them both making it hard to choose. The first, Tamaki Suoh was romantic and loved with his whole heart. The second was Kyouya Ootori, the fact that he wasn't an idiot at times like Tamaki was nice. He was also always cool with a mysterious sexy air around him. That made him practically irresistible. Well actually they were both hot now that she thought about it, and acted differently around her. Tamaki was always the gentleman. Never did anything inappropriate to her, treated her with respect. Kyouya was a gentleman as well but he wasn't so stiff. The third time they went out before she was taken back home they went back to his place and made out on the couch in his room. Tamaki hadn't even kissed her yet. So far his lips only touched her forehead and palm. While she wasn't planning on sleeping with either of them yet, or soon, she figured Kyouya would be more open to the idea. And actually now thinking about it if she spent any more time with Kyouya that decision to wait until marriage could change very easily.

Pulling out of how sleeping with Kyouya probably wouldn't be all that bad she focused on a serious topic. Kyouya and Tamaki were best friends and she figured soon one would say something to the other about how they were dating. That would be the end of everything and she didn't want to cause a fallout between the two of them. She had to step in before that happened but the question was which one did she stop seeing?

Kyouya came up behind Tamaki as he was changing out of today's theme outfit. Not knowing he was there he jumped at Kyouya's voice.
"What time is your date with Haruhi?"
"Shit, don't do that. It's at seven because she has to be home by ten."
"Care to come over after?" He saw the red enter Tamaki's cheeks.
"I thought we stopped that?"
"I don't know did we?"
"You know I'm with Haruhi so we shouldn't."
"Well it's your call I guess. But I won't say anything to her." Turning to walk away he heard Tamaki.
"Is eleven okay?"
Kyouya nodded as he continued to walk away.

"Is something wrong Tamaki, you seem to have something on your mind?"
"I was about to ask the same of you." Tamaki sat with Haruhi at a five star restaurant of her choosing. He had promised her to take her someone nice every time they went out figuring she didn't do that all too often with her father.
"Nothing is on my mind beside you. Is something on yours?"
"No, of course not. Well other then my mind trying to wrap around your beauty."
Haruhi started to sweat and panic did she look like something was going on. Did he know? He had to of and now wanted confirmation. That was why he was asking and watching her to see if she slipped up and revealed what was going on. *Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap.*
"Yes?" She heard her voice crack and she knew Tamaki heard it too. *Shit, shit, shit*
"If something is bothering you, you know you can come to me right?"
"I…I know and it's nothing." He was clueless still, she exhaled while taking a giant inhale of her drink.
"Everything going well at home?"
"Yes all is good. Sorry if I seem distant tonight."
"Your thinking about the Host Club aren't you? You'll look great in your outfit I promise."
"If you say so, but Tamaki, why do I have to dress like a princess?"
"Because you are a princess, you're my princess. I still want to tell everyone that we are dating but I want to wait for exactly the right time. Don't worry my precious daughter daddy has it all figured out."
"Senpai please don't call me your daughter anymore."
"But why not? Haruhi your not mad at me are you? Daddy is sorry, please don't be angry." Tamaki was on the verge of tears and an emotional breakdown as he leaned across the table to grab her face and beg for forgiveness.
"Senpai it isn't that, I'm not mad at you but don't you think it's gross that a 'daddy' is dating his 'daughter'?"
Tamaki sat back down into his chair and just stared at her.
"Daddies don't usually date their little girls, your right. I guess it would be seen as a bad thing. But then call me Tamaki. We are a couple, right? So it seems only fitting that you call me by my first name."
"Are you sure senpai?"
Giving her his famous wide smile, the one that always made her smile back she heard her answer.
"I really care for you Haruhi. I want you to know that. I want you to be able to think of me as someone you can come to, someone who isn't just your senpai."
"Okay Tamaki, I'll remember that." She smiled wider as her heart skipped a beat or two; it seemed to do that a lot while they were together.

Tamaki had dropped Haruhi off at her house and made sure she was safely indoors before going to his house to change and relax before going to Kyouya's. He knew he shouldn't but, just the thought alone made him smile. He still wasn't sure why Kyouya started to hang out with him in this sort of way. They hung out before but it seemed that what they did now and when they got together changed once Tamaki realized and decided he wanted to date Haruhi. He wasn't complaining though since he used this as a release. He had been dating Haruhi for a while now and he had yet to kiss her soft pink lips. He wanted to but Ranka was strict and bluntly stated that he didn't like the two of them dating. If Haruhi hadn't agreed then they probably wouldn't have gone out ever. With that he was careful to not overstep his boundaries and piss Ranka off. Kyouya said their get togethers were to teach Tamaki for when he got the chance to be with Haruhi.

At eleven he was let into Kyouya's house. Kyouya always laughed when he showed up exactly at the planned time but he hated being late. He was escorted upstairs to Kyouya' room where he sat in the bottom half, watching TV. He looked bored, almost like he waited all night for the clock to hit eleven and for Tamaki to show up.
"Good you're here."
Tamaki walked in and sat next to him on the couch. Kyouya handed him a drink. That was something he wasn't crazy about but found it hard to resist, alcohol. He never drank outside of special occasions with his family but Kyouya liked to have a drink with him before they got started.
"How did it go tonight, any luck?"
"No, Ranka was waiting for us, as usual. I tried to get close in the limo but the driver let us out too soon."
"Pity." Kyouya didn't have that problem at all, ever. "You shouldn't wait until you take her home."
"But, it's only proper to kiss the lady good-night at her door."
"And I see how well that is working for you. You're too simple minded Tamaki." He placed his now empty glass on the coffee table. "Take her to your place and get closer, just like this."
He moved closer to Tamaki, forcing him against the armrest. "Put your hand on her face, just like this." He stroked Tamaki's face softly and gently. "Then kiss her before you pull her closer to you." Kyouya kissed Tamaki before pulling their bodies closer, though he made sure not to break their kiss.

Haruhi sat up finishing some homework though her thoughts were on the two men in her life. She had gotten excited before when they were still inside his limo. She thought Tamaki was about to kiss her, he had pulled her closer while still holding her hand. Their eyes had been locked on each other, she could tell both of their hearts started to race. Tamaki leaned forward, she closed her eyes in anticipation, finally, this was it. She opened her eyes when she felt Tamaki move away and pull her after him. It seemed the driver opened the door for them, stupid driver. After that it was the kiss on her forehead like always. Uh, she was so close. All she wanted was one kiss from Tamaki, she really liked him but he if refused to kiss her then she should just end it. Kyouya had no problem kissing her so it wasn't her. Maybe Tamaki needed reassurance that it was okay to get close. If so then she would happily comply.

Still all this didn't really help her figure out who she should be with. She had to end it with one of them before they found out.
"Stupid love, why must it be so complicated?
Closing her books she gave up on her homework and went to bed.


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