Chapter 7

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Haruhi sat in her room and packed for her trip to Kyouya's summer home. This time around she had no worries that her father would repack her bags. She was packing what he always wanted her to wear. Even when it came to the bathing suit, it was a two piece. She was bringing two actually, one was the pink one the twins always wanted her to wear and the second showed her chest a little more since it wasn't covered in the middle. While she figured she didn't have to look so girly she knew it wouldn't hurt. There might even be more action this way. She was still dying to go all the way with one of them at the very least. Make out sessions were hot and steamy but she could only imagine how great anything else would be.
"Haruhi, I'm home and I brought dinner home." Seeing his daughter packing he walked in to see what she was bringing.
"You know I may hate Tamaki but I do give him credit for getting you in a dress."
"Well I figured I should look my best for Kyouya's family so I don't give them a wrong impression of me."
"And Tamaki has no problem with you spending some time with Kyouya and his family?"
"Dad, their best friends, he trusts and knows Kyouya won't try anything."
And they would be together so that really didn't apply.
"You know I guess I should give Tamaki more respect, he does treat you well and isn't the over jealous type. Maybe I'll call him while your away and we'll do lunch or something."
"Umm I don't think that will work. I believe he is doing something for his grandmother that is why he asked Kyouya to see if I could go to with his family."
That would be just what she needed, for her father to call Tamaki while he was with her at Kyouya's.
"Oh well I'll still have to call him and see when he is free. Now come eat. I stopped for sushi." Being alone for a second she quickly text Tamaki to give him a heads up with what her father just said and her story as to why he couldn't do it. Being caught in a lie would not help him keep any points her father just gave him.

Ranka opened the door not surprised to see Kyouya and who he guessed was his driver outside.
"Hello sir, do you know if Haruhi is ready to go?"
"I believe so, please come in and I'll go see."
Haruhi was just walking out of her room when they stepped in.
"Hello Kyouya-senpai." She was taken off guard by his driver taking her bags. She could have taken them, there were only two and they weren't that big. But, she should have expected that.
"Have fun Haruhi, Kyouya make sure she doesn't get carried away!"
"Father!" She felt her face turn red as she got into the car.
"You have my word that she will be safe and taken care of." With that he joined her.
"I thought it was inappropriate with your father present but nice skirt."
"I needed to look like I was meeting your parents and I packed my dress."
"Oh, don't misunderstand I have nothing against it. I really like the sight of your legs. But, we'll be at Tamaki's soon so I'll wait. I'm not a fan of being teased."
This was going to be interesting a drive to Okinawa with both of them, could this trip be any better. It sure was off to a great start.

Tamaki noticed Haruhi and what she was wearing as soon as he walked downstairs to go. She was gorgeous and hot. Ever since they got together to study for finals he wanted her. He wanted to feel her on him, over him, her lips on his, her hands on his chest, her breath in his ear. Even the tension and moving muscles in her body,he could feel how they turned him on.
"Your sandals are nice."
"Wow Tamaki and I thought I was screwed since I saw her with her father."
They did go well with her outfit though, wedge, strap up the ankle sandals, showed off her smooth, tone legs. Going up her legs he stopped at the hem of her skirt, they had a distance to drive he didn't want to be uncomfortable for most of it.
"You do look very nice Haruhi."
"Nice, I was going for hot, oh well maybe tomorrow." She joked as they headed back to Kyouya's car.
"Funny, I thought you told me you were going for innocent."
"Isn't innocent another word for hot to a guy?" Oh she was good. They could both be in a trouble with her around, perfect that was exactly what he was looking for.

Haruhi could cross off making out in a limo with both Tamaki and Kyouya. Not only was it an experience but it was amazing as well. Feeling four hands all over her body, feeling hers on theirs, their breath, their muscles tensing and relaxing as they moved around the back of the limo words couldn't describe the feeling she got from it. Once they arrived Kyouya led them inside to choose rooms. Rooms, you know so they could place their stuff somewhere. He figured they would share a room even if it didn't lead to what most thought of when someone told them they shared a bed for the night; though he wasn't opposed to sex. Actually he was hoping for it, especially after the ride he had. That was what he hoped and prepared for, now he could only hope the other two were up for it eventually as well.
"Haruhi are you ready to eat?" Tamaki opened the door just enough to sneak his head in. Deep down he hoped to catch her changing though he wasn't going to be obvious about it.
"Yea, I was coming. Let me guess you need my help to cook?"
"Well you do know how."
"Typical. Whatever, come on. I'll show you both how." She planned to get something out of it. If she had to cook for them they had to do something for her as well.

Taking a spoon she tasted what was simmering in the pot to see if it was ready.
"How is it Haruhi, it smells good?"
Kyouya snuck beside he to get a look at their creation, for never cooking before they seemed to do pretty well.
"You tell me." Pulling Kyouya closer she kissed him allowing the flavor to enter Kyouya's mouth. When they stopped she saw Kyouya smirking happily, it must be perfect. As she started dishing it out for them a little spilled on her hand.
"Here I got it for you Haruhi." Tamaki took her and gently licked it off, making sure he left nothing on her. Especially what was on her finger. Hearing her moan made him want more, so much more.
"Oh get a room." Kyouya couldn't handle watching them together. Unless he was part of it.
"Okay, come on Haruhi my room is closer than yours from here."
Shit, Tamaki wasn't serious was he? He really didn't have the balls, what if he did, no they couldn't get that far, not while he was near them.
"Step out of this room and Tamaki I'll spill all of your secrets."
It wasn't the best excuse but it made Tamaki stop.
"What secrets?"
"You know, your fantasies. Ones about Haruhi."
"What! What did you know about those?"
And he achieved victory. Having a Tamaki he knew all too well helped.
"Alright we'll stop just don't tell her about those. And how did you even learn about those?"
"Who are you fooling Tamaki you aren't subtle about those."
"What Haruhi, how do you know about them. I only have them because I care for you."
"Your sick senpai."
"No it's not like that!"
Kyouya laughed as he helped Haruhi carry their plates over so they could finally eat.

Haruhi beat the guys' outside the next day. They all planned to go out and enjoy the beach for what it was. They couldn't guarantee it would last long but they wanted to try.
"Isn't the view breathtaking?" Looking over her shoulder she saw Tamaki walking up with Kyouya. It seemed both had red in their faces, were they checking her out from behind? She was wearing the more revealing swimsuit.
"Well what are we waiting for, let's hit the water." Both men seemed excited, giddy almost. Sick perverts, they knew and were waiting for the cold water to hit her. They would be sorry later, she would send them running, make them want more and then decide she was done, oh it would be perfect.
"Haruhi, incoming!"
"Tamaki, what are you?" She was sent under as Tamaki collided with her from a wave. How was that even possible the waves weren't even that big. She gasped under water as she felt something touched her. Coming up she noticed Kyouya was holding her in his arms. He was laughing, those two hadn't planned that had they?

As the day got later they went back on the beach for lunch. Haruhi created a picnic lunch for them where soon it turned into them making out and moving closer to the end of the shore. The hands, the hands all over her, she could never get enough of them. She wanted them to take her, take her further than they had before. She didn't care who did just somebody had to. She would make it worth their wild she promised. Oh god somebody do it, someone get balls and do it. The three of them stopped against their will as a wave crashed over them pulling them apart. Haruhi was dragged away and into the ocean. The guys resurfaced to quickly realize Haruhi hadn't come up yet. Both dove under to search for her, they didn't need her drowning or being carried off to sea. Haruhi came up for air to see neither up yet, she would give them a minute, if they weren't up then she would search for them. Tamaki came up with his back to her calling her name. Diving under she swam to him only to pop up kissing him as they fell back under the water.

Kyouya placed a blanket around Haruhi's shoulders as Tamaki held her. They had only come in due to the waves increase showing a storm was coming for them. Not too long after that the lighting hit sending Haruhi running. Tightening the blanket around her better she moved closer to Tamaki glad to have his arms holding her right now. Kyouya sat beside them on the floor to have Haruhi pull him closer to her. She knew at this moment that no matter what they did here, what it led to, this trip would be one to remember. Even if they didn't "do it" every night or even at all she was happy knowing she had them both. Looking into the lavender eyes and the onyx ones leaning towards both of the owners mouths she kissed them before taking both to the bed in the room ignoring the storm outside. Yes, this trip was going to be a great one. She couldn't wait to see what the rest of the summer held if this was how it started.


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