Note: Paragraph 175 the Kindle version is now available on Amazon. I hope to have a paperback version available soon. To celebrate, here's a bonus scene of Klaus and Dach's first encounter. I originally posted it on tumblr, but I think a lot of people haven't read it yet.

Mature content warning: raoe

The Eldorado Nightclub, Berlin, New Year's Eve, 1932

If he had been less lonely, or less intoxicated, Klaus' initial revulsion to Dachs being a member of the Nazi party would have been enough to dissuade him from pursuing a liaison with the handsome stranger. Dachs' gaze held his, steady, expectant. One hand still gripped Klaus' hip. The other hand pressed firmly against the back of his neck, a subtle pressure as Dachs drew him closer for a kiss.

The raucousness of New Year's Eve in the Eldorado mixed with the pleasant buzz from the absinthe encouraged Klaus to reckless abandon. He gave himself over to Dachs. To his surprise, the other man was quite experienced. Klaus moaned as Dach's lips and tongue teased his mouth then skillfully trailed down to fasten in the hollow of his throat. Dachs pulled back, eyeing Klaus with a triumphant smirk. "It appears I have taken the edge off your sharp tongue."

Klaus rolled his hips against Dachs, his arousal obvious. "You have not yet taken the edge off of everything."

"Mm, perhaps we should get a room," Dachs murmured as he reached down to palm Klaus' erection.

Klaus glanced over, realizing then that they had already reached one of the special rendezvous rooms discreetly hidden throughout the Eldorado. He allowed Dachs to pull him inside. He closed the door behind them. Before he knew it, Dachs had removed Klaus' tie, shrugged his coat off and, before he could protest, yanked his shirt open, buttons popping loose and scattering on the floor in the process.

Dachs bit into the curve of Klaus' shoulder. He gasped. Immediately, though, Dachs darted his tongue over the area, quick, soothing flicks to ease the pain. Klaus' initial wariness faded. There was a possessive, predatory look in Dachs' deep blue eyes that hinted at something uncontrolled and wild but to Klaus, it was all part of the game. Some men preferred rougher sex. Tonight, Klaus was willing to indulge. Dachs stripped them both naked then shoved Klaus face down on the bed, climbing over him and pinning him to the mattress. Klaus shivered with pleasure as Dachs' bare skin covered his. He cried out when Dachs marked the back of his neck. This. This was what Klaus wanted to experience. The feeling of being dominated and desired.

Dachs kicked Klaus' thighs apart and Klaus tensed. Manhandling and love nips were one thing but being entered without preparation was another. "Dachs?" He felt Dachs start to push in and recoiled. "Wait-stop-I am not ready!"

"I am." Dachs grabbed the back of Klaus' throat, choking him and shoving his face into the pillow at the same time. Alarmed, Klaus bucked to get him off. The harder he struggled, the more Dachs' hold on him tightened. Klaus felt consciousness slipping away. He forced himself to relax, go limp, hoping that Dachs would loosen his grip.

It worked.

As soon as Dachs' hands released his throat and moved to his thighs, Klaus reacted. He twisted around, slamming his shoulder into Dachs' mouth then followed through by throwing his elbow squarely in the center of his chest to throw him off balance. Once Klaus managed to free himself, he raced for the door. Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough.

Dachs lunged for Klaus, fisted his hand in his hair then jerked his head back. The pain forced Klaus to his knees. Dachs bent him over, again spread his thighs then mounted him. Again, Klaus resisted. Ruthlessly, Dachs overpowered him. He held Klaus immobile, aroused by the mewling, pleading noises he made as he drove into him, riding him hard against the creaking floorboards.

Dachs reached underneath them to stroke Klaus. "…no…" Klaus bit back tears, humiliated when his body responded. Against his will, he couldn't help thrusting hard into Dach's hand gripping him in front and arching against his hips riding him from behind.

Klaus cried out in frustration. He managed to wriggle his hands from under his body and tried to use the floor for leverage and push himself up. Dachs slammed him down, one hand stretched Klaus' wrists over his head while his chest and legs still pinned him down. Only Dachs' hips moved. Pushing in and out, relentlessly deepening his penetration with each stroke. He shifted his position slightly. This time, he hit the sensitive point and Klaus shuddered. Dachs laughed, pleased. "You liked that, yes?"


"Liar." Dachs squeezed Klaus', pumping firmly, his own excitement mounting as Klaus' body tensed beneath his. "You are close, I think." Klaus shook his head. Dachs kissed the back of Klaus' neck. "Such a pretty…tight…little liar." He licked the already bruising skin from where he had bitten him the first time, then bit him again. Klaus moaned beneath him. Dachs felt the other man jerk and spasm as he came. It was enough to send Dachs over the edge as well.