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A Damley Short Story

Parade of the Unholy Dead Things

Part 1: Joining the Living Undead


1956: New York

Damon Salvatore smirked from the other side of the diner, and laughed sarcastically as the girl smiled. She was pretty as a picture with sunshine hair, chocolate eyes, and cherry lips. She was probably queen bee, the talk of the town. Damon looked her up and down and saw that yes she was a square, but that was fine. She was probably pure and tasted delicious, but as she looked at him boldly and licked her lip he had to raise his eyebrows. Maybe she wasn't as pure as he thought. Broads were starting to think they could do things they hadn't been able to in earlier years, like fool around before marriage, and above that, with strange men.

Damon was all for the developments. While sneaking around with women was fun, some were so damn virtuous. They wanted the damn traditions and the wooing. Now, some women were loose and just wanted to please men. He liked that a lot. Although he missed classy women. Why couldn't the women be classy and sexy? Why couldn't they be like Katherine? She had an undeniable class when she was out in public and yet she was also a vixen, which was impossible to find back in the 1800s. He shook his head to rid thoughts of her. He would be with her when the comet came back. The time would pass. It would.

He looked back over at his meal, and saw someone who shocked him. Katherine. It had to be a trick. A joke. That was it; his mind was playing tricks on him. He made the mistake to think of her and now he had to suffer the consequences. But then his eyes met her and he knew it was her. The perfect olive skin covering her lilt little body, the deep brown eyes that held a dangerous and slightly cruel spark, the button nose, the plump cherry lips twisted into a cruel smirk that talked of unspoken promises (promises that would without a doubt be broken), the provocative clothing that clung to her skin in a way no other girl's (always a girl, never a woman) ever had, and the sensual strut that radiated power and sex – it was Katherine. One of a kind, love of his life Katherine. She was alive.

She ran her hands over his shoulders from her position beside him. "Miss me?" She purred into his ear in a seductive voice. Always the hunter, never the prey, she even hunted other hunters.

Damon grabbed her hand and forced it off of his body by forcing it backwards, breaking the hand horrifically. She didn't even flinch. "How are you alive?" He demanded. Hurt, excitement, love, hate, lust, worry, wonderment, love, love, love – he was feeling it all, but he always felt one emotion every time he saw her: love.

"Owe, you're hurting me," she said in a teasing voice with a perfect pout painting her lips. He automatically let go of her hand and she popped the bones back into place without even wincing. She felt no pain. She was Katherine Peirce. Emotions were for the weak, power was what she craved. What she needed. Damon Salvatore was her greatest conquest. She took a wild, strong man and turned him into a blubbering mess. She had complete control over him and she loved that. "That's better," she comments, and slides into the seat beside her.

His eyes were solely focused on her face. Her beautiful, beautiful, angelic (demonic) face. "Katherine?" He repeats, his voice catching in his throat with emotion. "Why aren't you in the tomb?"

"You know about that, do you?" She questioned casually, as if they were speaking of the weather.

"Emily told me," he answers distractedly. He reaches a hand up and caresses her soft face. She closes her eyes at the contact loving the feel of his hand on her skin. She had always loved the way he loved her.

"I was able to escape, but I had to run," she answered honestly, but knowingly gave him false hope. "In fact I'm still on the run."

"That's why you left?" He questioned, staring at her with hope in his eyes. He had been afraid that she had openly left him. That she had just abandoned her, but no. She was on the run. She probably didn't think it was safe for him to be with her. He felt ashamed to have doubted her love for him for even a second. Of course she loved him (but did she?).

She saw the hope in his eyes and decided to play with him a little more. He had always been her favorite play toy. "Yes, it is," she answered, once again telling the truth.

He grinned (only Katherine could make him happy) and pulled her into a heated kiss that she went into willingly. She can't help thinking that he is her best toy, always so damn focused on making her happy. "How about we get out of here?" He proposed with a telling smirk on his face. There was no mistaking his intentions.

"What no wooing?" She fake pouted. "No dinner or drive through?" She fake complained.

He laughed (first time since she was ripped from his arms). "Have you ever needed wooing, Katherine?"

"No, but you know I reward good boys who do what they're supposed to," she purred into the side of his neck, placing a sensual kiss there.

"It can wait," he barked out, and all but drags her out of the diner. She once again had complete control over Damon. (Power, power, power).

They used their vampire speed to get to a hotel quicker with Katherine always just out of Damon's reach (what's new about that?). As soon as the two were within a room Katherine was pushed up against the wall and Damon was ravishing her, but Katherine didn't want to give up the power so she switched positions with Damon. Clothes were thrown about the room, smoldering kissed placed on ice cold skin, and limbs were tangled mercilessly. They were one. The only noises in the room were heavy breathing and Damon's sweet words of love he whispered to Katherine as he placed heavy kisses onto his loves flesh.

Enough became enough for Katherine. "Would you shut up?" She growled out, pushing Damon away from her body (never letting him anywhere close to her heart).

"What?" He asked incredulously, his eyes raking over her nearly naked body.

"Could you shut up and stop with the sappy crap?" She demanded. She hated talking throughout sex, and more than that, she despised whispers of sweet nothings.

"Katherine," he sighed (always so difficult). "I've just got you back, of course I want to tell you I love you," he pointed out.

"You don't have me!" She screeched. "You are such an idiot!" She hisses, circling him like she's her prey. She's able to gather back up her calmness and gives him a cruel smile. "Do you really think I ever loved you?"

His face turned ashen white. "What?"

Suddenly she was right in his face, caressing it the way he did to her earlier. "You were always fun, but I never loved you." She moved her mouth up against the shell of his ear. "I loved Stefan. It was always Stefan. You were just fun." She delivered the strike that would kill him and left right as he broke, without a single look back.

Now he would stop looking for her and she could hide from Klaus until the doppelganger was born. Then freedom would be hers and she would be able to be with Stefan. Forever.


Present Day: Tree Hill, North Carolina

Damon Salvatore had always embraced the darker side of the demon within him, but after he found out the truth about Katherine's true feelings he became even crueler. Women were his favorite victims. Ones in love, ones who had never felt love, mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers – he didn't care. He was ruthless too. Ruthlessly murdering instead of just feeding. He wasn't by any definition a ripper, but he just didn't handle women like prized jewels any longer. They were pests that inhabited the earth. They were good for a fuck and good for food, but nothing more.

He was wondering the earth, looking for some reason to exist. It was all for Katherine (everything he was, was for her). But the selfish bitch didn't love him. How did he go on? He had no hope for the future, no hope for his own salvation. Stefan would eventually be reunited with Katherine, but what about him? The unwanted brother.

He absentmindedly entered a club called Tric looking for his next meal. Thoughts of the bitch and his bastard brother had chased his previous good mood away, so whoever was his meal for the day would not get any semblance of good treatment. He probably wouldn't even fuck them. Just dine and dash. Maybe he could leave their body out for the town to find and watch them scramble. Watch the festivities. Yes, he would do that. Entertainment for his endless existence. His eyes scrolled the all age's club looking for his meal as he ordered his usual bourbon.

The redhead dancing with the blonde man? No, she looked drunk and he didn't feel like having that in his system.

The raven haired girl stumbling out of the bathroom wiping at her nose? No, he had never enjoyed the buzz second hand coke gave him, and she was obviously high.

The sweet looking dark skinned girl flirting with the bartender? No, not right.

Blonde. Redhead. Blue eyed. Light skinned. Black hair. Orange hair. Green eyes. Brown eyes. No, no, no, no, no, no, no and no! None of them seemed right. None of them seemed appetizing. Then a flash of movement occurred in the corner of his eyes and he turned.

There was a curly haired blonde with green eyes and pale skin. She was effortlessly beautiful in a band T, skinny jeans, and converse. Her companion caught his eye though. She was shorter with short dark hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin. She was more dressed up in a high wasted skirt, a button up shirt, and pumps. She was stunning. Parts of their conversation hit his vampire hearing rang.

"Haley you have nothing to worry about, about Nathan and Carrie. She's the nanny and he loves you," the curly haired blonde stressed, placing her hand on her friend.

"Does he though?" the other girl (Haley) sighed. "After all that we've been through, after all that he's put Jamie and I through, how can I believe he really loves me?" She questioned.

"He's Nathan and you're Haley," was all that the blonde could say. Damon scoffed and rolled his eyes, but decided none-the-less that he would end the Haley girl's misery. The man she loved did not love her back, he was probably sneaking around with the Nanny – she would be a wonderful kill. He tried to ignore the fact that there was something in her eyes that reminded him of Katherine. A spark in her eyes that he had only seen in Katherine's before. Something about how she held herself with such class. She walked like she was the most powerful person in the room, due to confidence and pure happiness with ones self. He told himself that he was doing her a favor, and that the reason he was going to kill her wasn't because of her similarities to Katherine. He was over that bitch (lies).

When she left the building he waited a few minutes and then followed her out. He stayed a respectable distance away from her as she walked to her car; stalking his prey. It was the perfect opportunity when she dropped her keys right in front of her car. He swooped in and picked up the keys.

"I think these are yours," he told her with a charming grin as he handed her her keys.

"You would be right," she answered back with a sweet smile (something Katherine never had).

"I'm Damon Salvatore," he introduced himself, picking up her extended hand and kissing the top like a true southern gentleman.

"I'm Haley Scott," she told him with a soft blush coloring her cheeks. She knew she shouldn't be standing there with the handsome stranger. She should already be on her way to pick Jamie up from Brooke, but he was captivating. He had the same coloring as Nathan did. Pale skin, black hair, and startling blue eyes, but it seemed more extreme on him. His skin was more pale, his hair darker, and his eyes blueblueblue. His personality even seemed more. He was more, but she shouldn't be thinking that. She loved her husband: he was the love of her life (she didn't yet realize her life was almost over).

"Pleasure to meet you," he told her, doing a flirty eye thing that seemed to always get to women. She just smiled in response. "So where are you headed off to?"

Honesty was always the best policy, and she wasn't trying to pick up this stranger or anything (even though he was unnaturally handsome). "I'm on my way to pick up my son," she told him with a fond smile.

"You have a son?" Damon questioned, only mildly interested. It didn't matter she was about to die anyways.

"Yup," she said, popping the 'p'. She moved to get into her car, and he could tell that she wouldn't go anywhere willingly with him. He was in front of her in a second.

"Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast," he laughed at her, and she finally sensed the danger he was. Without another word she turned on her heels and took off in the opposite direction. He watched her with predator eyes. Her survival instinct was taking over and she was running on adrenalin. She had to get away – for Jamie (Jamie, always Jamie. She did everything for Jamie).

She was right next to the back entrance to Tric when he slammed her up against the cold wall of the building. She let out a cry of pain and fear. He chuckled hotly and brought his mouth to the shell of her ear.

"Please let me go," she pleaded, emotion changing her voice. She had to get away. She couldn't leave her son. He chuckled once again.

"You are a fire cracker," he told her in what seemed to be an affectionate voice, but she sensed that it really wasn't. He turned her quickly and her back hit the wall, the pain great enough to bring tears to her eyes.

"Stop, please. I'll do anything!" She stressed. She just needed to get free.

He stroked her face gently. "You remind me of my ex. Willing to do anything to save your own ass. Amazing," he mused, taking a strand of her dark hand between his fingers. He pulled it sharply and said his next words, "my ex was a traitorous evil bitch."

"Stop!" She cried, tears streaming down her face. "I have a son! A husband! Please," she pleaded with desperation.

His face turned dark quickly, and she tried to shrink against the wall. He was terrifying. It was that moment Haley Scott realized that she wasn't going to escape. She was going to die. His hand wrapped around her neck tightly.

"They'll be better off without you. Maybe the Nanny will step in as mother," he sneered, his stunning face in hers. A gasp was released from her lips as she stared at the terrifying stranger in shock. The pupils of his eyes dilated as he said his next words, "you will not make a noise."

Her pupils followed suit as he entered her mind without her consent. He had compelled her. His hands let go of their tight grip on her throat, and instead went to tracing the veins. His face changed in front of her eyes from brilliant to a demons face. Her eyes widened and she shook her head back and forth in fear. A vampire.

"Aw, don't be like that," he sneered around his fangs. "You're just one more little bitch I'm ridding from the world," he told her in a sweet tone. "No one will even miss you." And he went for the kill, his fangs ripping into her flesh mercilessly.

Her mouth was open in a silent scream as the pain was great, and then…everything faded…into…the…darkness…


Brilliant light forced Haley James Scott to open her eyes. She stretched out her body like she did every morning when she woke up, but something was not right. Instead of her soft mattress she felt the hard, cold ground. There was crap poking painfully into her back, and she could swear that her left leg was bent at a weird angle that was not natural. She easily lifted her upper body, which was shocking. Usually she had to force her body to get up in the morning, but she felt weightless. Like she weighed no more than a feather. She looked down at her lower body, and saw that yes her leg was twisted at a weird angle, but she had to try to get up. She looked around to see where she was and saw that she was dumped in Tree Hill Cemetery, propped up against Keith's tomb stone. She did not remember what happened the night before. Did she stop at the cemetery after she left Tric? Tric…something about the name of the popular club nagged at the edges of her mind.

She stood with surprising ease – her leg didn't ache at all. She looked down at her leg and saw that nothing looked different about it. It looked normal; like she hadn't just seen it twisted and popped out of socket. Her clothes made her eyes widen. They were ruined! Her white button up shirt was half untucked from her black skirt and covered in mud – and was that blood? Why would blood be on her shirt? Her skirt was stained with mud and grass, and had rips in it. One of her black pumps was missing. She slipped the other one off with a sigh and squished her toes in the cold mud. She rolled her white (grey-ish) sleeved up to her elbow, and pulled her short hair into a pony-tail, 'cause it was knotted and filled with twigs and grass. She probably looked like hell. She looked around the cemetery and only then did the body on the ground catch her eye. She fell to her knees in front of it and let out an ear piercing scream.

It was her…

It was her body!

What the hell…

She reached out a hand to brush some hair out of her own face, but her hand went through her. With desperation Haley tried to touch anything beside herself, but failed every time. What the hell…

She figured it out after staring at her own body. The same torn up clothing and the same blood covering her face. She was dead.

She was dead!

Her breaths started coming out in sharp pants and her eyes darted around the cemetery. She tried to get into her body and see if that would work, but it didn't. She was just lying in her own corpse. She put her hands over her head as silent tears streamed down her face. She was dead!

But how?

Almost on cue the memories came rushing back to her. Ice blue eyes. A sinister smirk. A rough touch. Terrifying fangs tearing into her flesh. She remembered her killer and her death. Why would he leave her out in the open though? And how cruel does he have to be to leave her on Keith's grave? Then again he did kill her and he was a vampire. He took her life. She was dead!

"Come on, Haley. Calm down. Your panic doesn't do any good. You can't help yourself now," she said out loud. She took a few breaths and solemnly looked at her dead body.

Poor Jamie! She wouldn't be there for her own son's life. She had to miss it. The tears continued to fall from her eyes.

It took her minutes to calm down, but when she did she realized something vital. Her chest was rising slowly. Plus she felt tethered to her body, like if she tried to leave she wouldn't be able too go too far. She was alive.

A grin took over her face. Someone had to find her. She was out in the open for heavens sake! But would they find her in time? She realized that she was dying. In fact, she was still bleeding. And how long had she been out there? All night surely, but what time was it? Morning sure, but how early? How late?

Depression took over her body. She was as good as dead, but she couldn't give up hope. She just couldn't. She needed to get out of the cemetery. She needed to see her family and friends. She needed to see if they even knew she was missing. Did they think she got into an accident or maybe just ran away from home? She needed to see for herself so she started to leave the cemetery, but then she felt her body. She felt its pull and had to turn to look at it. Could she leave it? What would happen? Should she just wait with it?

No. She knew she could die and she wanted to see her family one more time. She set her chin with determination and walked out of the cemetery, her body calling her back all the while. She walked (more like floated) down the familiar roads. She enjoyed the Tree Hill scenery: the town she lived in her whole life. During the walk (the non-tiring walk due to the fact that she wasn't even walking) she let her mind wonder.

What would happen when she died? Would she disappear? Surely the only reason she was still on the earth was because she was still alive. So, as soon as her heart stopped beating would she just disappear? Or would she slowly get weaker until she died? Before long she was entering her house (through the freakin' wall). The sight she saw made her take pause.

Jamie was standing in the kitchen with tears streaming down his face. Nathan's expression was stoic. Carrie had a worried look on her face, but still had a small smirk painting her face. The icing on the cake? They were all wrapped up in each other. Carrie wrapped around Jamie and Nathan wrapped around the both of them. Carrie and Nathan were comforting her son like they were a family. What the hell! She could barely make out the words they were whispering to her son, but she got the gist of it…

We'll find her…

Maybe she lost track of time…

Peyton hasn't gotten a hold of us yet, maybe she's with them…

The police will start looking soon…

Your mother loves you…

The words were making her sick. She doubted they could hear or see her, but she had to try. She couldn't handle seeing her family so distressed. She ran over to them and attempted to touch Nathan – her hand went straight through him.

"I'm alright! I'm right here," she told them desperately. She got no answer. "I'm alive!" She tried again, but they couldn't hear her. More tears littered her blood stained face. The trio was silent.

"This is ridiculous," Carrie said, breaking the silence. She shook Nathan off of her and grabbed Jamie's shoulders, staring into his watery blue eyes. "Your mother is fine," she started, but grimaced when his little eyes shone with hope. "She and your father had been going through a rough spot. She probably just left, Jimmy Jam." Tears sprung back up in his eyes.

"Carrie!" Nathan yelled, shocked that she would actually say that to his son (but he thought maybe she was right).

"Baby, she doesn't matter. Not if she left you," Carrie tried to tell Jamie, trying to get her claws in him. She wanted to be his mother.

Haley saw red. She rushed over to the other brunette and attempted to do something (anything) to harm her, but she couldn't get purchase on the slutty Nanny. She was useless. She couldn't even protect her own family.

Nathan pulled Carrie back with a glare and took her spot. "That's not true, James. Your mother would never leave you," he told him with all the conviction he could muster. He couldn't help but think that the whole situation was his fault. He dealt her too much. He didn't treat her right. He was too cruel to her, and she's gone (gonegonegone). His always and forever was gone. His son was hurting. All. His. Fault.

"You're lying!" Jamie exclaimed, pulled away from his father with hurt coloring his face.

"No, I'm…" Nathan started to protest, but Jamie cut him off.

"I hate Mommy!" He yelled before running out of the room with a fury and passion that he inherited from his mother. Nathan turned and chastised Carrie for being unsympathetic and followed his son out of the room.

Haley felt her whole world fall apart. She fell to the floor like all the walls in her perfect world had. She hugged her knees to her chest as sobs consumed her body. And it was her alone in the room. The newest member of the living undead crying by her lonesome in her former living quarters.


(Aw! Poor Haley! Damon's such a bastard. Before you ask, this is a love story. Which means Damon will fall in love with a ghost-like being, but will he be able to see/touch her? Stay tuned to find out! Haley haunts Damon next chapter. Tell me what you think!)