Disclaimer: Nothing is mine; this takes place during season four (sort of; there is no set date for it). During KP's temporary cancellation period, I wrote a series of short stories to entertain myself (this was before I discovered this site). This is one of them, and I assure you the way it is now is waaaay better than how I had originally written it (it wasn't bad, it was just...okay...I guess it's one of those things where you get better with experience, look back on your previous attempts at trying, and think "God, I was awful", you know?). I basically just took parts of it and revised it so it would be a better story for this site. This is meant to be around the length of a typical KP episode, so it'll be fairly short.

Any-hoo, enough of my blabbing. Without further ado, I present this story.


Wow, it's that late already? thought Kim Possible as she sat up at the computer in her room. She had gotten ready for bed fifteen minutes ago and was now catching up on any overdue assignments she had missed during her earlier missions. It was no easy sitch to balance saving the world from the latest supervillain attempt to take over the world—be it Drakken, Monkey Fist, or the Seniors—and her schoolwork, including her extracurricular activities.

Speaking of which...

Kim's green eyes darted over to the small computer clock on the right-hand corner of the screen once more. Ten-thirty. She still had time to call up Tara.

With the press of a button, Kim turned off the computer, picked up the phone, and dialled Tara's home phone number. There had been a...incident...at cheer practice earlier that day. Two students from Lowerton High had been caught spying on the cheerleaders, trying to make notes of their every move to copy for any future cheerleading competitions. This ignited a fight between the two groups, and just when it looked as though it was about to get at its ugliest, Kim and Ron were called up by Wade to leave for a new mission. By the time Kim had returned, cheer practice had ended.

Now curious as to what, if any, results came from the fight, Kim had decided to call up the one cheerleader on the team whom she was friendliest with: Tara.

After about ten seconds, Tara's voice could be heard on the other line: "Hi, Jimmy! I'm so glad you could call me this late, Jimmy!"

"Uh...Tara?" said Kim, wondering if Tara was a little overtired and if calling her had been such a great idea after all.

"Okay, sure!" laughed Tara's bubbly voice. "I'll help you solve this math problem in just one minute!"

There was a fifteen-second long pause before Tara spoke in a more normal voice: "Sorry about that; my parents are still up, and they don't like it when I'm called this late at night. So what's up, Kim?"

Kim had forgotten that Tara's family had recently gotten Caller ID, and therefore Tara would have to charge like a mad dog towards the phone if it rang any later than ten.

"Hey, Tara," said Kim, "I'm just calling to ask how the rest of that confrontation went today. I would've stuck around to stick up for the team, but then Wade called, and, well..."

"No biggie," sighed Tara, sounding weary, "I get it; I'm kind of used to it by now. How did your mission go, by the way?"

"Oh, it was no big," shrugged Kim, "Anyone could save an innocent group of monkeys from becoming new ninjas by swimming through a leach-infested pit."

She heard a brief shudder on the other line. At that point, Kim couldn't help but wonder why Tara was dancing around the subject of the argument. Had something particularly ugly occurred? Were the two spies ultimately turned over to the principal? Had bloodshed occurred?

"So, what happened when I was gone?" asked Kim.

Kim could hear a slight cough and a nervous laugh, "W-ell..."

"Spit it out, Tara," said Kim encouragingly.

Tara cleared her throat before saying, "Well, see, the coach of those spies came to get them right before it got ugly, and they told us about how they were having a cheer-off with another school that got bumped up to the same weekend we were supposed to go up against them. And so, after some negotiating…we're doing the cheer-off Friday."

"Friday?" exclaimed Kim. Tonight was Friday, so naturally, she assumed this meant the competition would be the following Friday. But that meant...

"Tara, not only does that give us very short time to prepare, but that was the day we were supposed to have a cheer-off against the Upperton Unicorns!" groaned Kim.

"I know, I'm sorry!" said Tara apologetically. "I wasn't thinking, I just...acted on impulse. One coach was there with the other, and I made a suggestion, and, well, one thing led to another…"

"It's okay, Tara," sighed Kim, though she did feel a little overwhelmed by the idea of only having a week to prepare for a cheer-off, seeing how the others in the past had at least been scheduled, and thus planned in advance. "I've been able to organize things with only a week. We can get through this. I'll just re-schedule the Upperton Unicorns for some other time."

"Glad to hear you understand," sighed Tara. "Well, I'll see you Monday, or maybe at the mall over the weekend. Good night, Kim."

"Good night, Tara," said Kim. She hung up the phone and yawned. As much as she was surprised by having to face off against the Lowerton Lemurs next week, it was not enough to keep her awake. She was exhausted from her long, hard day and ready to call it a night.

Kim got up and began to head over to bed, when her Kimmunicator started beeping. She sighed, picked up the Kimmunicator off her desk, pressed a button, and said wearily, "Hey Wade, what's the sitch?"

"It isn't a huge sitch, but it's suspicious," said Wade, who looked like he was about to drift off to sleep. He took a sip of hot chocolate to keep himself awake long enough to deliver an important message to Kim: "Frugal Lucre has escaped from jail, and he has been mailing out invitations to his upcoming birthday party to all the other villains, including Drakken and Shego.

"A birthday party, huh?" said Kim. "Eh, I guess that's not too harmful, but if he's inviting the super villains, I guess Ron and I should go over there and investigate, just in case there's something suspicious. Could you please send an e-mail over to Ron about this sitch so we can make a plan in the morning?"

"Are you sure about this Kim?" Wade asked reluctantly. "You do remember what happened the last time you and Ron infiltrated some big super villain event, don't you?"

Kim shuddered. She knew from personal experience that your best friend turning evil was not something you could easily forget. She had tried. And failed. Repeatedly.

"Well, it's not like Frugal Lucre has an Attitudinator at his party, right?" said Kim. "After all, he is pretty cheap." Then, "So when's this party?"

"Tomorrow at two o'clock," replied Wade, "I'll take you and Ron myself under the guise as another villain."

"You continue to rock, Wade," said Kim. She pressed a button and turned off the Kimmunicator. She walked up to the nightstand and placed it just underneath the lamp. She let out a weary sigh and collapsed onto the bed.

Kim barely had enough energy to pull the covers up to her arms and cuddle her Pandaroo in her arms. Before drifting off to sleep she muttered, "Now if only I could get some peace and quiet for a couple minutes."