Kim finally managed to arrange for a ride from MC Honey's private yacht, where she, Ron, and Shego found themselves two hours later.

"Thanks for the favour, MC Honey," said Kim.

"No sweat, Kim!" said MC Honey. "It was all I could do after the time you rescued me from those crazy kidnappers in the Amazon using only one hair barette."

"It's no big," shrugged Kim.

"Nothing is ever a "big" by you, is it, princess?" said Shego snidely. She turned to MC Honey and said, "So. MC Honey, huh? Look, it's not like I'm interested or anything, but is the fight between you and Britina officially over?"

"That? Oh, that was just for the sake of publicity," said MC Honey with a wave of the hand. "Man, I haven't gotten this near a villain ever since that blue guy tried to get me to sponsor his shampoo!"

"Dr. Drakken," said Shego. "His name was Dr. Drakken."

"Whatever," shrugged MC Honey. "Last I heard, his shampoo didn't exactly sell."

"Yeah, it was doomed to be a flop from the start," said Shego, beginning to sound lifeless once more. "Excuse me."

Shego began to walk over to the front of the boat and gazed into the ocean. While Ron began to attempt asking MC Honey for her number, Kim walked over to Shego and said, "You okay?"

"Yeah, I guess," shrugged Shego. "It's just…Dr. D is such a goof with all his stupid schemes, and there were times where I'd think 'why am I still with this guy? I could take over the world on my own without his help'. And then when we finally do split up, I miss him and I don't know why."

Kim had her suspicions, but chose to keep them to herself, lest Shego get a little too back into character. "So, Shego," she said, "tell me about your life. Before you became a hero or a villain, I mean."

"Eh, pretty boring life," sighed Shego. "Just your typical family living in a house in the suburbs just near the depths of Go City, with me, my brothers, and…" She trailed off.

"Your parents?" finished Kim.

Shego nodded. "Yeah, yeah my parents," she muttered. "If only they were still around…"

"What do you mean?" asked Kim, though she began to fear she was prying into personal matter.

"Oh, just the usual," said Shego, continuing to look out into the ocean. "Mom died, dad took off, left us alone to take care of ourselves, Hego tries to be the brother and the dad while he makes me play the mom…"

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Kim softly. She tried to imagine getting through life without her own parents, or suddenly being promoted to parent, but couldn't. She wondered what kind of effect an experience like that would've been bound to have on Shego.

"So, Lucre," said Shego, suddenly changing the subject. "What's his real name?"

Though she felt disconcerted about Shego's eagerness to talk about something else, Kim said, "Frances Lerman."

Shego stifled a laugh. "Wow, that's almost as bad as Drew Lipsky."

"Tell me about it, huh?" laughed Kim. Shego also had to laugh, then they stopped when they realized this was actually resembling a moment.

"This might sound crazy," Kim began, "but I think I understand you a little better."

Shego looked over at Kim. "Okay, now I guess this can get mushy."

Kim took a step closer to Shego and awkwardly placed her hands around her, pulling her in for something resembling a hug. She let go after a few seconds, and the two women continued to stand there.

"That…wasn't bad," admitted Shego.

"Yeah," said Kim. "I guess it wasn't."

But neither spoke of it for the rest of the journey.

When they arrived at Dementor's new lair in Switzerland, they realized this would not be an easy entrance, for there were dogs at every corner surrounding the outside.

"So how do we get in?" whispered Ron. "Shego, you've got your cool laser-thingy, right?"

"Yeah, but with these kind of dogs, that probably won't be enough," said Shego, eyeing up each dog carefully.

"KP, got any gadgets from Wade?" said Ron.

"Let me see." Kim rummaged through her pockets before pulling out her usual grappling hook. "It's a long shot, but it's better than nothing. Ron, Shego, hang on to me."

"Er…okay, princess," said Shego slowly, hanging on to one side of Kim's waist while Ron held on to the other. Kim took careful aim, found the right balcony ledge high enough for her hook to reach, and fired. The three went flying through the air, above the dogs, and to the safety of the balcony.

"We made it," said Kim. "Now let's go."

"Yo, Stoppable," said Shego. "Where are your pants?"

Ron looked down and, once again, stood in his undies. He looked down onto the ground to see the dogs eagerly chewing up his pants. "Aw man," he grumbled.

Rufus stuck his head out of Ron's underwear and said, "Aww, man."

Dementor let out an evil laugh. Drakken was tied up, and hanging above a pit of crocodiles. The rope had a candle hanging from the ceiling, burning through it. All he had to do now was wait for the candle to burn out.

"So long, Drakken," sneered Dementor. "Too bad you'll never get to see me conquer the world by threatening to destroy Canada unless I am declared ruler of the world!"

He began laughing once more, only to be interrupted by a loud BANG and the door falling down. Kim, Ron, and Shego came marching in together, each looking fierce to kick some butt.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Shego, the little spy, teaming up with her own arch-foe," taunted Dementor. "I can't wait to tell the other villains you have finally double-crossed us all!"

"And that, Dementor, is where you are wrong!" declared Ron. "Shego is only just here to see if your car is running faster than your fridge! While suffocating Albert!"

"Say what?" said Dementor, scratching his head.

Ron continued to confuse Dementor with more bizarre takes on prank calls while Kim raced up to the control room and Shego leapt right into the pits of crocodiles. She grabbed one by the tail and, with a wild swing, used it to take down all the others in just one swoop. It was then that the candle, at last, burned out.

The rope snapped and Drakken began to fall, screaming and crying for his mother's cookies, but Shego caught him in her arms just in time.

"Is, is it over now?" whimpered Drakken.

"No, Drakken," declared Dementor after Ron had run out of phrases to use. "It is far from over! Guards, seize the spy!"

Dementor's henchmen came running into the room and towards Shego. She threw Drakken across the room and began to attack them. She lit up her hands and neatly dodged each of their blows, striking right where necessary. When she noticed one running towards Drakken, she quickly changed her sights and the fighting continued.

Meanwhile, Kim was in the control room realizing the situation was dire. Canada was being held hostage and one wrong move would spell disaster.

Kim carefully pulled a lever down, and pushed another button. She could see the pressure gauge needle slowly moving towards the green area. Taking her chances, she pressed another button, and the needle moved away.

"Wrong move," she hissed under her breath and pulled another level. She carefully experimented with the levers and buttons, her eyes not once leaving the gauge.

At last, Kim let out a sigh of relief when the needle reached the green area and she heard the familiar, comforting sounds of weapons of destruction settling down.

Shego swept her hands in satisfaction to see the all the henchmen piled up and groaning in pain with their master behaving like Drakken on a really bad day.

"No! Unfair!" pouted Dementor. "Oh, well. At least I'll still be able to conquer the world from my control room!" He let out an evil laugh and began to run up the stairs, but Kim kicked him off, and he landed right in Shego's arms, who lifted him up and said, "Tell the other villains I said hi."

"That's a 'boo' to the 'yah' baby," said Ron triumphantly, no longer caring about his destroyed pants.

After the police had picked up Dementor, Kim, Ron, Drakken, and Shego went back on MC Honey's yacht so they could go home. Drakken rubbed the back of his neck and stammered, "Possible, Stoppable. Ah, well, about how you saved my life, I, uh…"

"Us?" said Kim. "Nah, we just stopped Dementor. Shego's the one who saved you."

"Right," said Drakken. He walked up to Shego and said, "Uh, Shego…why exactly did you come to save me? It wasn't because you wanted to punish me for firing you or anything, was it?"

"Nah," said Shego. "Let's just say you really can learn a thing or two from your own enemy."

"Look, I'm really, really sorry for firing you, okay?" said Drakken quickly. "You're rehired now so please, don't hurt me." He held up his hands in self-defence.

"All's forgiven, Doc," said Shego. "Just because seeing you grovel like that is payback enough."

Drakken laughed nervously and said, "I don't know if it'll help your reputation or not, but I'll tell the other villains about how you helped out a fellow villain in need. In fact, I'll do it right now!" He called out, "Oh MC Honey! I need your laptop!"

As he ran up to MC Honey to harass her, Kim walked up to Shego and said, "Uh, thanks Kim?" Shego looked reluctant to even say it.

"Look, there's no one on the ship but just you, me, MC Honey and her posse, Ron, and Drakken, who is totally out of earshot, and I won't tell anyone about this," said Kim.

"Yeah, well…thanks Kim," sighed Shego.

"Don't mention it," said Kim with a smile.

"Don't worry; I won't," said Shego, changing her tone at the drop of a hat.

Kim could hardly believe what Shego was saying. "What?"

Shego sneered, "Look, Possible, the sentimental mushy-mush between us was nice while it lasted, but now that Drakken has rehired me, I've got to start re-building my reputation, which means less buddy-buddy moments, 'kay? I'll see you on the next mission, Kimmie cub!"

With a smirk and flip of her long, black hair, Shego marched back over to Drakken, who had now resorted to begging. Kim stormed over to Ron and exclaimed, "I don't believe her! After all she went through this past week, after what I did for her, she's just going to act like none of this even happened?"

"Hey, maybe Shego's just one of those people who fails, learns, fails, learns, and takes several times before learning," shrugged Ron. "And who knows, maybe there's still a chance she might not be too evil and you could get to bonding someday."

Kim looked over her shoulder and noticed Shego looking back at her. The two exchanged a secret wink and smile. Kim turned back to Ron and said, "You know, Ron, I really do think you're onto something."

The end

A/N: Wow, I didn't intend for a story this short to take as long as it did, especially not something that was basically a re-write from a long time ago, so major apologies. I know it kind of has a downer ending, but it DOES take place during season four, after all. Ironically, this was the same time of year I wrote this back in 2005! Anyway, hope you all enjoyed it!