Jenny had always wondered what the ARC team did best. One week it was saving lives, the next goofing around, causing catastrophes, stopping catastrophes, getting their base blown up or the all time favourite, dying. She occasionally wondered whether she should explain to her friends and family that her previous job had mostly involved trying not to be eaten by prehistoric or futuristic monsters or murdered by her former boyfriends insane (ex) wife. Not your usual 9 to 5 job, she had reflected. The alarming mortality rate alone ensured that.

With a sarcastic boss, a slightly emotionally awkward computer genius, said genius' clever, fiery, kickboxing, lizard-loving girlfriend, an ex copper with a smart mouth and a reasonably large ego who was apparently lost in the past, an Egyptologist who was now deceased and a calm, professional and (supposedly) detached security officer. Lester, Connor, Abby, Danny, Sarah and Becker, names to faces which she believed she would never see again. Until she did. Well, most of them. One thing that stayed constant was their inconvenient sense of timing. Even so, she thought ruefully, her wedding day was pushing it. Old faces reappeared, new faces appeared, other old faces where resolutely not there. She would worry about the missing faces later and the new leader, who kept his face so deadpan that you had to wonder what he was hiding. No one was that deadpan without hiding something big.

As she was married (by special dispensation from the minister no less) she reflected, it was, this week, wedding crashing.