AN: I have had this story for a while (unfinished) and it's on two other fansites. However, I forgot my info to one of the sites and I have another story that goes with this story on this fansite... so I figured I'd put it up. Though you don't have to read it to understand it , This story is about James S. Potter and my OC Iris from A SNAKE IN THE LION'S DEN and is a multi chapter story on their friendship. Hope you enjoy and let my know of your opinions.


Head Auror Harry Potter collapsed on a stool at Three Broomsticks waiting for his partner and brother in law, Ron Weasley. Work had been exhausting. They had been investigating the fifth murder that month and still had no suspects or leads. Worse, their one clue every time was a dark mark carved onto a wooden surface. Someone was trying to bring back the Deatheaters – or give the ministry a good scare. Either way, Harry was determined to bring a stop to it. One Voldemort had been bad enough.

"Usual Harry?" Hannah Longbottom appeared from behind the bar, startling Harry out from his thoughts.

"Wha -? Oh yes thank you Hannah. Make that two please." When the maid raised an eyebrow Harry quickly added, "Ron is meeting me here soon."

Hannah chuckled softly as she poured the glass in front of Harry. "Neville sends greeting with our daughter Allie. They're in the Amazon studying plants."

Harry grinned knowing that his friend had passed on his love of plants to his only daughter. "Glad to know. James – well James is going to start his last year this coming fall. Ginny and I aren't quite sure what to make of that. Ginny is trying to come to terms that her eldest baby is practically an adult."

"Oh, and you're not man enough to admit that you're feeling the same way?" Hannah laughed and Harry gave a small grin. "How are Albus and Lily?"

"Al is glad that he only has to deal with James as quidditch caption for one more year and Lily is being lectured by Hermione about O.W.L.S."

"But she is just going into her fourth year!" laughed Hannah, shaking her head.

"Well, this is Hermione." Harry jumped as he heard a young child's voice beside him.

"Excuse me Mr. Potter?"

Harry turned in surprise to face the small short blonde haired girl beside him. She looked only six years old, with big, bright, unfocused blue - grey eyes turned his way.

"Yes – what's wrong dear? Are you lost?" Harry asked as he looked over the girl's shoulder for what could be her parental unit.

"The Darkness is rising," the girl said, seemingly not hearing Harry's question. Harry froze, recognizing a seer's trance. No. The girl continued.

"The Darkness is rising ready to blow out the candle's light

As they battle, two will determine the outcome of the fight

The Dark Heiress, loyal will she be to the one who accepts her as her own

The Protector born of fight and flight, eldest to a famous line, never will be alone.

Only they of two enemies meet will send the Darkness in retreat."

The girl closed her eyes shut and swayed. Harry caught her before she hit the floor. Looking around he saw that no one else has paid the girl any attention but himself in the busy pub.

"Jade. Jade!" A woman's frantic voice rang through the crowd. "JADE!"

The girl opened her eyes looking as though she were waking from a deep sleep, "Mommy?"

Immediately Harry acted, "Mam, I have her over here!"

"Jade!" A tired blonde haired woman exclaimed as she hugged the girl. "You naughty girl, I've found you! Don't ever scare me like that again!" She turned to Harry. "Thank you Mr. –"?

"– Potter," Harry watched with bemusement as the woman's eyes widen and found his old lightening shaped scar. "No problem really; I have three of my own and they all got into all sorts of mischief when they were younger – still do as teens for that matter…"

"Thank you Mr. Potter. Come along Jade! Mommy has a very tight schedule that she is already behind on!"

Trying not to smirk at the girl's pout toward her mother's lead, Harry suddenly saw Ron enter the building and signaled him over. The red haired man watched mother and daughter walk out the door and turned to Harry.

"What was that about?"

"The girl Jade just made a prophecy –"


Sighing Harry shook his head. "I'll tell you later. Somehow I have a have a feeling that it is connected to all that we've been working on." He also felt sick to his stomach. This prophecy was going to hit close to home, he could feel it.

"I hate prophecies, they're nothing but trouble," sighed Ron.

"Hmmm – really I had no clue," Harry said, voice dripping with sarcasm.