Dave didn't know what made him do it. He was sat outside Kurt's new school, Dalton Academy, waiting for the small boy to arrive. It wasn't the first time Dave had cut school and made the hour journey across the state to see the boy that strangely fascinated him. Normally Dave sat in his car in the school parking lot and waited for the boy to arrive just so he could see Kurt. It always upset Dave to see Kurt stripped of his skin tight clothes and replaced with an ugly school uniform that made him blend into the crowd. The boy always looked upset after his weekend visits home, like the only thing on his mind was it would be five days until he would see his family or friends again. This always made Dave feel the worst; he knew it was his fault Kurt had to change schools. It was his stupid death threat; he didn't even know why he had said it. He was just so scared of his secret getting out; he knew he would never really hurt Kurt. Dave had been so relieved in the principal's office when Kurt hadn't revealed his secret. Dave had known if he had his father probably would have killed him in his sleep. Dave couldn't help feeding his aching heart with thoughts that Kurt had to care about him even a little if he held onto his secret and never told his best friends about their kiss. That kiss had been Dave's only fuel for his dreams for the last month; he couldn't stand being so far away from the boy he cared so much about. That is why the last three Mondays he had ditched school just to see him but today's visit was different. Dave had a plan; he had to show Kurt he was a decent person, that he could be the kind of boyfriend lady boy deserved.

When Dave saw Kurt's jeep pull up, he shakily opened the bottle next to him and poured a tiny amount of the liquid into a wash cloth. He leaned back in his seat praying to Jesus, fate or who ever was listening that he wouldn't get caught and Kurt would someday forgive him for what he was about to do. Dave opened his door stuffing the wet cloth into his jacket pocket as he made his way towards Kurt's now parked car. The boy had opened his door and was leaning over the front seat to get something from the back. Dave enjoyed the view but willed himself to stay silent as he approached the boy.

He was standing behind the smaller boy when he whispered, 'Hummel, don't freak out.'

Kurt dropped the strap of his messager bag he had been wrestling with and turned to meet his tormentor with frighten eyes, 'Karofsky, why?' he asked unable to form the rest of the sentence.

Dave stuck hands into his jacket, so Kurt could see he meant no harm, 'I promise I just want to talk, is there someplace we could go?'

Kurt pulled his bag onto his shoulder and slammed his car door, 'you drove an hour to speak to me? Why Karofsky, what could we possibly have to talk about? The death threat, the abuse or the fact you want to jump my bones? What uncomfortable subject shall we start with?'

Karofsky shrugged his shoulders trying not to hint to the small boy that his anger was a complete turn on, 'I know I was a dick Hummel, please let me make it up to you,' Dave said reaching out for Kurt's soft cheek.

'No,' Kurt shrieked pointing a finger at the other boy, 'you do not get to touch me. I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to see you ever again. That's why I'm at Dalton.'

'What if I could change your mind?' Dave asked the last shred of hope hanging in his voice, 'I'm different now. You have no idea how much I miss you.'

Kurt turned and began to stalk towards the building, 'I don't care. Go back to Lima.'

Dave's heart broke into a million pieces, he didn't want to do this but Kurt was leaving him no choice. All he had wanted to do was talk, why did Kurt always have to be so difficult? Dave fingered the cloth in his pocket and prepared for what he had to do.

Dave whispered the words the he knew would stop Kurt in his tracks, 'of course you wouldn't care. You're too busy being a slut. How many cocks have you sucked or rode since you got here, Hummel? Must be fag heaven.'

Kurt footsteps stopped and he turned back toward Dave. Dave could see the anger dripping from Kurt's mouth before he said a word. He lifted that finger again; the one Dave wanted to suck into his mouth as he felt Kurt's taught body against his.

'Fuck off, Kartofsky! Just because I am gay, does not mean I am a slut. How dare you call me that, after the way you threw yourself at me in the locker room?'

Dave saw his opportunity as Kurt came closer his finger now poking him in the chest.

Dave grabbed Kurt's hand raising it above his head as pushed the smaller boy against the back of his jeep, 'you don't know what you do to me, Hummel.'

Kurt's eyes grew wide as he felt Karofsky's arousal poke against his leg, 'get off me.'

Dave shook his head and reached his free hand into his pocket to pull out the cloth. He raised it to Kurt's mouth and in mere seconds the boy that struggled for freedom under him collapsed into his arms like some sort of sleeping beauty. Dave cradled Kurt in his arms like he was a princess as he carried him to his car. Dave silently wished things could have been normal and they could have gone on their first real date together without the need for kidnapping.