A/N: I need to thank everyone who reviewed and decided to read this story. I've never had this many reviews for a story and it really helped me to keep writing. It was hard going sometimes but I am very happy to end it here. I think the story came full circle with this ending and I hope people will like it.

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Dave ran into the nearest restroom and let out an injured scream as he saw his reflection, tears were running down his face and he was shaking like a child. He could feel his fear building in his stomach and he dry heaved over the sink willing it to come out. He ripped paper towels from the holder and buried his face in them allowing himself to give in completely to his fear and confusion.

Why had he done this to himself? From the beginning he had only wanted one day. One day to force Hummel to spend time with him. One day to be himself for once. One day to prove if things we're different how great of a boyfriend he could be…even if he was a monster.

He knew what he had done was wrong. He shouldn't have kidnapped Hummel, not only was it dumb but also illegal! He shouldn't have thought by having just one day of allowing himself to be gay with Hummel he'd be able suppress his feelings the rest of the time.

He didn't want to be turned on by a guy but on the other hand he didn't feel like hiding anymore. He didn't want to divert his eyes from Hummel's body anytime a football or hockey player came down the halls or blame his erection on Santana. He wanted to hold Hummel's fucking hand in public, kiss him in the school hallways, take him to prom and make love to him. Fuck Gaga for reminding him he was a scared little freak that could only be gay if he kidnapped his crush. If he was honest he always known one day would never be enough.

He hadn't been able to keep his mind off of Kurt since they'd kissed. He'd laid in bed more than once imagining the slim boy was next to him. Dream Kurt always wanted Dave back. He was never scared of the bully because he understood why Dave acted the way he did. He'd had wet dreams about Kurt deciding Dave was worth something that mirrored today but he always woke up knowing it was a fantasy. He was addicted to Fancy, there was no other word for it. Although he was sane enough to know Kurt was too good for him. He didn't need to baby sit a scared little boy stuck in the closet. He needed someone like that Dalton loser who was out and honest with their family and friends, Dave knew he couldn't be that.

A shiver ran down Dave's spine as he heard an angel call his name. As much as he wanted to kiss Kurt for giving a shit and following him he muttered, 'Go away!' under the paper towels hiding his face.

'Dave, please tell me what I did wrong,' the smaller boy asked walking forward to touch his elbow.

'Go away,' Dave repeated less forcibly as he tossed the wet paper towels in the garbage.

'I didn't mean to embarrass you. I thought you liked it,' Kurt asked giving Dave a sly smile as he fumbling with the hem of Dave's jacket.

Dave leaned against the coolness on the restroom wall, 'it doesn't matter what I like Fancy. You shouldn't like it; you shouldn't be talking about wanting to ride it all night long with me…it isn't right.'

'I'm so sorry I embarrassed you, David. I didn't…,' Kurt said staring at Dave's shoes.

Dave slammed his fist against the sink, 'stop fucking apologizing.'

Kurt took a step back, 'Dave, calm down. You're scaring me.'

Dave tried to wipe the tears from his eyes but it was pointless, 'I should fucking scare you Fancy. I kidnapped you this morning! I knocked you unconscious and took you. I'm a sick fuck, I could have raped or hurt you, we are not on some perfect first date. I kidnapped you because that's the only way for this to work as a sick fantasy.'

Kurt shook his head mumbling short sentences, 'David, you wouldn't hurt me. You would have let me leave. I agreed to come here with you. You apologized and we made up. Things are different, this could work if you'd let it.'

'You're wrong,' Dave sobbed holding his head over the sink in case he threw up from the ideas in his head, 'I've thought about raping you more than once today. I'm sick Kurt.'

Kurt struggled to not cry, 'it wouldn't be rape.'

Dave looked up from the sink in confusion, 'what?'

'Gaga sakes David, I've tried to dry hump you twice today. I think I'm a willing "victim"!'

'But...' Dave words caught in his throat.

'You're not sick! You're gay and want to be with the person you like. It's normal,' Kurt explained.

'I still took you against your will, I should turn myself into the police,' Dave reasoned to himself.

'Things changed, don't tell me you can't feel it. I forgive you, I don't care what ever insane idea finally made me see the real you. I'm just happy it did.'

Dave wiped his eyes again as a smile formed on his lips, 'Kurt, I want you more than anything but I'm not ready to be out.'

'I can wait to be public. I want you to be comfortable if we are going to be together,' Kurt noted.

Dave took Kurt's hand, 'you know I don't deserve you.'

'But you're the one I want,' Kurt said burying his head in Dave chest.

Dave ran his fingers through Kurt's hair before he kissed the top of his head, 'me too.'

Kurt smiled up at him as he wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him in for a long slow kiss. Dave rubbed Kurt's back through the letterman jacket pulling the smaller boy closer and moaned against Kurt's lips as he gave into what he really wanted.

When Kurt was satisfied with the kiss he held his boyfriend's neck tightly and his head retook its rightful place resting on Dave's chest before he whispered, 'this Saturday, we do something more run of the mill like go to Breadstix, okay?'