Warning: Major Mikoshiba yaoi (All/Mikoshiba), slight AU, making-out, implied sex, Fangirls, yaoi fans, cursing, fighting, bleeding, ect.

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Summary: Mikoshiba's life summed up: "I am something to be feared. After all, didn't I change it all?"

Okay, this is the school year: April, May, June, July (start), August, September (end), October, November, December, (except from: Dec 20-Jan 3-ish)January, February, March.



Agateophobia- fear of insanity

When middle school kids come together and play baseball in college turf, it's something rather large.

First year Enatsu Suguru was a pitcher that could play all positions in the realm of baseball, but mainly focused on pitching, as he was a pitcher.

The sound of the ball that evaded the air and made it's own rotation as it ran towards the soft mitt with a soft, 'Thud!'

"Nice, Enatsu! Keep it up!" First year Mikoshiba Toru, catching for Enatsu Suguru on college grounds. The male stood up and threw the ball back.

"Shut up!" Enatsu said, "I know that without you telling me!" he called back.

"But it was really pretty!"

"I told you to shut up!"

"Man, look at those two..." the others commented as they watched the two use many kinds of breaking balls.


"Don't command me!" Enatsu continued to do, and he sighed, huffing and puffing slightly.

"Let's take a break!" Mikoshiba said, with a large grin and Enatsu sighed.

"I'm not tired!" he yelled stubbornly.

"Never said you were," the male replied evenly.

Nonetheless, the two left the field and into the dugout, where Mikoshiba took out a notebook and began to write many things down, look up, and then write without looking.

"His arm's too high, it's obvious that it's going to be a curve," he pointed out.

And he was right.

Enatsu scowled.

"What about me?" he asked.

"Hm?" taking out another notebook, Mikoshiba replied with, "You threw... at least 100 today, you wanna stop?"

"Nah, I'll get 200," Enatsu replied.

"You sure about that?" Mikoshiba, a worry-wart like always, looked up with concern as he bit his lower lip.

"Yeah, besides, you're working harder too, right?"

"...I guess so..."

The two walked home, or at least up until they reached the riverbed, where they parted or headed to one of their homes.

"Enatsu, are you going to come over today?" he asked, rubbing his hands and blowing warm air over them.

"Huh? Yeah sure," he said and then shuddered. "Too cold for January..." he muttered.

Mikoshiba offered a smile, "Then, hot chocolate?"

"Hot chocolate?" Enatsu scoffed, "I'm not a kid."

"You act like one," Mikoshiba added helpfully.

"Shut up!" the pitcher snapped.

And then, the two cracked smiles and grins as they continued their merry way towards Mikoshiba's estate.

The two of them were new friends, meeting last year when Mikoshiba was a sixth grader, moving on seventh, and Enatsu the same, meeting at the riverbed and their scary meeting consisting of them being a catcher and pitcher.

That never changed.

"So, I was saying that if x is equal to 27..." Mikoshiba and Enatsu was sitting at Mikoshiba's small desk at the center of the room, the two conversation about math.

"Then it has to be three..." Enatsu muttered as he pulled out his pencil and redid the problem.

"Alright, next one!"

"There is no next one, stupid, I finished," Enatsu replied, and then looked outside, "Can I crash here?"

"Tell your parents and run it by them first."

"I don't have any," Enatsu replied.

"No one?"

"Nah, not anymore," he said.

"Look," Mikoshiba offered a smile, "Another similarity."

A pause and Enatsu scoffed, "Shut up," he grumbled, a faint pinkness settling on his cheeks.

"Hey Enatsu," the two of them were sitting at a cafe.

"Hn?" Drinking bubble tea together, an English textbook open in front of Enatsu, and a regular notebook in front of Mikoshiba, and twirling a pen in his hand as he looked out into the sky, "What's up?"

The clear sky of a February, "...I... I'm going to America next year," the male chocked on his drink.

"What?" eyes wide and watching the calmer male's every move.

"No, it'll be this year, I'll be leaving in a couple of weeks."

"And you didn't bother to tell me?"

"I just did..." Mikoshiba said, looking puzzled.

"No, you idiot, I mean... " a heavy sigh, "What ever."

Mikoshiba grinned at the male.

-One year later

February and Mikoshiba Toru was talking to a bunch of other people at the airport.

"Mikoshiba!" Enatsu called out inbetween people.

"Enatsu-kun!" Mikoshiba stood up and ran towards the male.

"WHAT THE HELL? WHY THE HELL IS ENATSU HERE?" Wakana was totally flipping out, "Mikoshiba?"

"Looks like you know each other then," Mikoshiba said, "Good," he clasped his hands together, "Now you guys be good with each other alright?" he said.

The others gaped at him, stunned speechless.

"The Plane for 11:30 AM America ticket is boarding..." the announcer boomed before repeating itself.

"Well then, I'll try to keep in touch," he said happily before merrily skipping away.

"Wait-what?" after all these years together, he was still amazed at the fact that he could keep the surprised and on the edge at any given moment.

"See you guys, take good care of each other!"

"MIKOSHIBA!" all ten people cried out for their best friend that brought them all together, with some exception to Enatsu.

The one that disappeared completely from their grip. Never to come back again.

"The 11:30 plane heading to America this morning has been in a serious incident... Not many survivors are known to survive the crash into the river... People are saying that terrorists had hacked into the lines..."

The news would continue talking.

Leaving all the males, in different places, doing different things, just there.

And that was when they truly learned the meaning of fear.