A/N: An alternate sort of proposal, because it's that time of year and I'm in a fluffy mood. :)

Kit felt exhausted. It had been another long day in the classroom. Although the children were a joy to teach, and enthusiastic about learning, their attention spans were short. Kit constantly had to try new tactics to keep their interest. She gathered up her heavy cloak as she made her way to the door.

It was winter again in Wethersfield. The pristine snow blanketed everything, giving Wethersfield a clean, pure feel. Kit found the endless white dark and depressing. It soaked through her boots and covered up the bright colors of spring. All in all, winter was her least favorite time of year.

A shadow fell across the doorway, and Kit looked up to see a familiar seaman leaning casually against the doorframe. Nat greeted her with a brief nod.

"Nat! I didn't know you were here!"

"Thought I'd stop by," Nat replied casually. Kit bundled up her belongings and went to join him at the door. They stood side by side, staring out at the surrounding snow. Kit shivered in her cloak.

"Not as warm as Barbados, eh?" asked Nat. Kit stiffened. Was her discomfort really that obvious?

"No, it's not," admitted Kit, somewhat miserably. She sighed, "I just… miss the sunlight, the bright colors. It's so…white." Nat laughed.

"That's life in the colonies for you," he told her. Kit nodded. In the silence she looked up above her head. Small green leaves with whitish berries trailed over the heads, spiraling across the top of the doorframe. Someone had taken the liberty to decorate the entrance of the schoolroom. With a start, Kit realized it was mistletoe. Sudden warmth flushed her cheeks as she remembered the stories she'd read about kisses stolen under boughs.

For some reason, she felt her eyes drawn to Nat. His eyes still stared out at the unchanging landscape. Kit found herself noticing the curve of his bottom lip, the shape of his jaw. He was handsome in an easy manner, Kit thought, and suddenly she wondered what it would feel like to kiss him. She'd never kissed anyone before, and –

As quickly as the thought started, she stopped it. What silly feelings were these? Nat did nothing but complicate her life. And besides, she was sure that she'd receive a beating if she shared her thoughts with anyone. They were quite scandalous – they were the kind of things Judith would remark on.

Nat's head turned, his blue eyes meeting hers for the briefest moment. The sudden spark Kit felt was too intense. She turned away, but noted that he looked up and noticed the mistletoe, too.

"You know what they say about mistletoe, don't you?" he asked. His voice was teasing, but something else lay behind the words. Kit wasn't sure how to respond.

"No, actually, I don't. Do tell me," she said, feigning ignorance.

"Perhaps it'd be easier to show you," Nat began. Kit's heart began to thump painfully fast.

"Oh?" she murmured, before looking up and realizing that his blue eyes were startlingly close. In the next few moments his mouth was on hers, pressing gently. With a giddy rush Kit closed her eyes, wondering how something could be both hard and soft at the same time. Time twirled, blissfully slow around them, and then Kit was stepping back, because she didn't know where to look, and she couldn't look at Nat…

"I'm sorry." Nat's voice was low, and laced with something she couldn't name. She flushed and looked at the snow. At least now William wasn't courting her – but if William had still been courting her, would Nat have done such a thing in the first place? The feelings that welled up at the remembrance of Nat's lips on hers just a moment ago made her freeze.

"I – I shouldn't have done that, Kit," Nat apologized, his voice coming out slightly strangled. "I'm sorry." His voice was quiet.

"No," Kit pleaded, seized by sudden fear, "don't be sorry." She raised her head to meet his steady stare. "I…I wanted that." Nat's eyes searched hers, and before she could figure out what was going on he had sank to one knee. Kit's head was spinning, even more than before.

"Marry me, Kit?" he asked, his voice hopeful in the winter silence. "I've been thinking about it and I… please, say yes?"

Kit stared at him. A sudden vision of the Dolphin dancing below her, cutting gleefully through sparkling waves, and Nat – Nat laughing beside her, swam across her eyes. She threw herself at Nat, sending them both falling backwards into the cold snow, but Kit was consumed with giddy warmth from head to toe.

"Is that a yes?" Nat murmured into her ear as the snow crunched beneath them.