Title: The Letter

Rating: G

Spoilers: This fic is based on a spoilery picture from an upcoming episode that hasn't aired yet.

Disclaimers: Not mine.

He recognized the hand writing immediately. Tossing the rest of the mail on the kitchen counter, Ben ran up to this room. His mom would be home soon and he didn't want her to see it because it would only upset her.

Ever since that night Dean came home... since he got angry and shoved him against the wall and mom kicked him out, she had been quiet, angrier even. Ben could tell what happened scared her.

Hey, he was 12 years old, not stupid!

It took awhile, but his mom began to talk more and they were starting to go out again and have fun. She was also taking night classes. He knew she had met some new people there and that it was important for her to have friends in this new town.

It was this one friend she had made. His name was Jack and he was a nice guy, but he wasn't Dean. Sure, Ben had been freaked out with what happened but he knew Dean! He knew something wasn't right.

He also knew his mom refused to answer the phone when Dean called. Ben had heard one of the messages he left for her. He had to hear it, he had to know what Dean was thinking. In the call he told her everything that happened. Why he acted the way he did, but when she was coming back into the room, Ben didn't want her to know what he was doing. He freaked out and accidentally deleted the message.

Whenever he tried to talk to her about it, she would change the subject. Finally she yelled at him and told him never to mention Dean s name again. Ben only hoped there was something in this letter that would help him plead his case to his mom.

Opening the letter he was stunned to see the date. That was three months ago!



By the time you read this I might be dead. Yeah, that s a crappy way to start out a letter, but it s true. I found out a way to help Sam get his soul back and you know me, I gotta try. I just wanted you to know that despite what happened I have no regrets and would do it all over again. Well, minus the people dying and my stupidity in coming to your house that one time in the middle of the night.

I don t have an excuse for that. I knew I shouldn't have come and I understand why your mom didn't let what I did slide because I sure as hell wouldn't have. I can only apologize for it. My one regret is having destroyed the most amazing thing I ve had since I was four years old.

Just know this, Ben. I love you and I love your mom. Take care of yourselves, okay?


"What the hell?" Ben muttered, reaching for his cell phone. If he knew anyone, he knew Dean Winchester. The man never went down without a fight and even then it didn't usually kill him. Either that or he just came back to life.

Dean must not have been looking at his caller idea when he answered. "Hello," he said distractedly.


"Ben? What's wrong?"

Ben smiled at the familiar concern in Dean s voice. Taking a deep breath (and his life into his hands when his mom found out about this), he said, "You need to come right away. It's mom!"