First off, this story has been developing for quite a while in my head so I am going to get this started. I am tired of seeing and reading cliche stories that I sought to crate one that was out of the box and refreshingly unique. And in case you're wondering, I will continue to write Into The Mist, my other story so no worries. I want to see how far I can go with this.

This will be my first story involving(And forgive me my loyal readers...)the infamous Kikyou. (Please don't hit me-let me explain!) Now normally I wouldn't dream about including her. I am not a Kikyou fan by any means(as most of you may know). Even though I hate her guts, I wouldn't portray her as a whore or a slut. She's just cold and empty, that's it! But rest assured that there will be no-and I mean NO involvement between her and a certain hanyou(well in this story he will be a human).

As I previously mentioned, InuYasha will be human, and everyone else I may involve that is normally demon. But don't worry!-he will retain that gorgeous silver hair and deep golden eyes we all love so much! I will miss the ears though...

And on a last note. Always in my other works I have portrayed Kagome's eye color as a deep brown. Just my preference I never fail to mention. But in this fic, they will be gray. Just for this one story though.

This will be taking place in Modern Japan. Demons don't exist in this fiction. The wolves are regular animals, not demons.

Disclaimer: I do not own the InuYasha we all know and love. Any and all characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi. I only own the plot(as always...sighs)

Chapter 1: Kagome- The Wolf That Dreams

The forest floor was soft underneath her paws as she ran with only the grace a wolf could possess. Her breathing was even, her keen black ears straight ahead and nose always on alert for new scents on the wind. The surroundings were as familiar to her as her pack, since the day she was born so she knew the best routes for food, water and relative safety in her home.

When the she wolf recognized the surrounding area, she slowed down to a trot as she neared the border of her forest. When she saw the rolling hill beyond the full evergreen trees, she stopped and sat down. Her eyes then took in the life beyond the brown bark and ever changing leaves. There in the distance she could see a town, one that bordered her forest for decades. One where humans lived….

This was where she went when she wanted to escape, to find something more than just living the life of a wolf. As the wind ruffled her pure sable colored coat, the eight year old offspring of the alpha pair of her pack just gazed longingly below, her thoughts and unobtainable dreams of what she long desired taunted her; teased her. But she couldn't be dissuaded nor give up hope. There was a life out there, and the cause of that dream life was there.

Her ears flickered and nose took in the scent of her pack sister. She turned her head to see her litter mate come up to sit beside her. She knew what was coming; and she braced herself for another speech.

'Kagome, why must you torment yourself? Why must you continue to believe that you could be something other than who you are?'

The she wolf called Kagome eyed her sister. She was practically her twin. Kikyou was as black as she, with the exception of the white tip of her tail and a white mark on her forehead. Her sister had dazzling light blue eyes, eyes that held strength, courage and confidence. Kagome was sure when the time came, Kikyou would become the next alpha of the family. She just had that air about her.

'I can't stop myself, Kikyou. I want to know, what kind of life; the life of a human, has.' Her black ears perked up as the thought continued to fuel her passion. 'I know I have no chance in becoming a two-legged human. I know I'm a wolf, I realize that. But what's wrong about dreaming?"

The near twin sighed, realizing that her sister was stubborn and was not one to give up easily. It was impossible to discourage her from those silly dreams of wanting another life, one that was downright foolish and dangerous.

But as Kikyou watched her pack mate, she took a good look at her, or more specifically her eyes. Out of all the wolves in their pack; who either had black, brown, hazel or blue, Kagome's eyes was extremely rare, an impossible shade of gray. They were as clear as glass, as stunning as the water that ran though the forest. It was hard not to see the passion, the desire and determination she had. And as clear as her eyes were, she couldn't understand her sister's fascination with the two legged creatures that threatened them.

'Kagome, why must you insist that you could be a human? Those vermin do nothing but threaten our survival, endanger our home and make our lives a living hell?' Kikyou stood up, demanding an answer; even when Kagome could easily pin her down as her dominant.

The gray eyed wolf let out a deep breath, unwavering of her sister's harsh stance. Despite her sister's possible future status in the pack, Kagome was the eldest of the first litter. She dominated both her and their other pack sister.

'What happened six years ago, it's over and done with. I doubt that measly human even remembers you even risking your neck and hide to protect him.'

That incident that was what sparked the beginning. She knew she should have let it go, as a wolf she was much of a threat to him as he was to her. But she felt what she did that night was something she couldn't let go of. 'That may be, sister.' Her eyes hardened to a color that was hard as stone. And she turned to her younger pack mate. 'What I did that night, I have no regrets doing it! We may be wild, untamed and as the rumors say, viscous bloodthirsty beasts…' She was growling, her teeth baring. Kikyou didn't back down, but she lowered her eyes and ears. 'I did was I felt was right! I couldn't stand by and watch that boy suffer. He would have died without my help!'

Blue eyes raged with defiance, angered because of her sister's stupid inability to see what she already had. 'Are you listening to yourself? You are a wolf! Not a human! What's done in the past is left in the past! You have no need to continue this foolish fantasy and accept once and for all that you belong here, and not in a world where that human boy you are so in love with is!'

No one else in their pack loathed humans as much as her sister did. Kagome did agree that they were a big threat to them. All their lives they have been avoiding the creatures that were more dangerous than few of the enemies they had. But what Kikyou said, about falling for that boy, who was nothing but a wonderful memory, that's was where she nearly lost it. ' You have no idea how I feel about that. You have no idea!'

'You were there until the very last moment! You didn't want to move from his side!'

The truth struck her more than she would've liked. It was none of her sister's business! 'So what? I am entitled to feel what I want to! You have no authority to decide on my choices or whether or not I should regret them! Have you no compassion, dear sister?'

'At least I know my place in the pack. I know who I am and I am proud of it!' She was snarling now, her body tense and ears flat against her head. 'Unlike you who continues to believe in being something you can never be!'

Both sisters were in a stare down. Muzzles revealed razor sharp teeth, ears were pinned back and tails lifted in a threatening manner. Snarls never ceased as the two stood their ground.

Kagome really cared for her sister, but she was the only one to ever push her buttons this bad. Kikyou was one to always tell her how lucky she is with her life and that she had a safe place in the pack. Kagome, as well as Kikyou were pack mates of the same litter and the gray eyed pup overtook her two sisters and became dominate over them. Once happy as sisters can be, after the incident six years ago, the two had been at each others throats, literally, ever since.

'You're lucky you weren't thrown out of the pack for that stupid stunt you pulled! That was something unheard of, not to mention it was downright dangerous and insanely outrageous! I don't know why Father and Mother even tolerated that behavior!'

Her snarls were growing in volume, sick and tired of her sister berating her for something she wasn't even involved in! 'Why must you continue to challenge me, sister? You weren't there! I don't know why you can't just leave me alone about this! I've heard enough over the years and I am growing rather tired of your constant refusal about accepting what I felt was right!'

In what was going to be another blood drawing fight, a distant howl was heard in the distance. Twin ears tuned into their alpha male's recalling howl, to summon them back to the pack. It was not an option to disobey the alpha leader. Then another howl was made, the alpha female joining in. When the alpha pair howled, all members knew that it was time to head back, to go and hunt in the dwindling daylight.

Kikyou stepped back and regained her composure. 'Someday, you'll regret everything sister. Just wait and see!' And with that, her eight year old sister turned tail and ran back in the wood.

As soon as her near twin sister was out of sight, Kagome's glistening grey eyes instinctively turned towards the town beyond the hill. Kikyou's words always wounded her, merely because she knew that her sister's words were true. She was just a wolf, trying to survive harsh realities. And the boy of her fantasy was a distant memory, a human. But one that changed her perspective on life outside her home. With one last fleeting look at a faraway dream, she too ran back to rejoin her pack; one that was her family.

A while later, the distinctive smells of her family were stronger as she drew closer to the clearing where she left them. She leaped over logs, dodged obstacles and ran as swift and graceful as only a wolf could. The smells on the breeze directed her back to her pack, safe and sound.

All heads looked up to see the remaining missing member and acknowledged her presence. Kagome immediately spotted the alpha pair and went right up them. Being a subordinate, she knew to submit and maintain her position in the pack.

The Alpha male was her sire, and was easily distinguished. Her and Kikyou were the only pups to inherit his black coat. His equally dark eyes held authority, power, and strength over every member and wasn't one to be questioned or challenged. He wasn't the alpha for no reason. He exuded dominance, big and burly as he was. Being in his prime at 15 years of age, he was one that few outsiders dared to challenge.

His mate, the alpha female and her mother, was a smaller wolf of 12 years. She was beautiful, her coat a sleek combination of gray and brown. Her eyes were a piercing hazel that held love and protection to her pups and pack members.

The eight year old went to lick the muzzles of her parents, both in greeting and known submission.

'Kagome where have you been?' Her mother known as Masako asked as she licked her daughter's canine face.

Grey eyes spotted her sister, who laid quietly by a tree, paying no attention to anyone. 'I'm fine, mother. I just needed a run.'

'Just be careful pup.' Akio, the alpha male warned. 'If there is any danger, you must let us know.'

'I understand father.'

Just then, a force knocked her down. They rolled playfully, nipped and licked in greeting. Kagome knew those yips and barks anywhere. 'Rin!'

'Big sister!' A dark brown tail wagged happily. 'Why don't you ever let me come with you?' Both wolves sat up. 'Being around Souta, Shippou, and Shiori is starting to drive me crazy!'

Rin was her other litter mate, her other pack sister. She was one of the most high spirited wolves in their family. Her deep brown coat shined in the sunlight and glowed silver at night when they went to hunt. The younger wolf's eyes were a rich mahogany brown, a shade lighter than her coat. Rin was the smallest pup of the litter. Despite her size and thin frame, she was strong and wasn't to be underestimated.

'I told you before Rin, I need the runs to clear my head.' She took a moment to scratch her left ear. 'Besides, I don't think you would want to walk in on a fight.'

'Oh, Kikyou bothering you again?'

'What else is new? She has no other motive than to chastise me and my "stupid" choice six years ago.' Kagome yawned and looked through the trees to catch the colorful rays of the dying sun. 'I wonder, why can't she let me be? Why does my saving a human life irk her to the point of invoking me to a fight?' Doesn't she know that I can't forget what happened?'

"Yeah, Kikyou is quite harsh about it.' The younger she wolf turned towards their sister and laid down. 'Can you blame her though? I mean really? She was petrified when all those hunters came with those terrifying looking guns when we were still weaning pups. And nearly avoiding being killed, she's come to despise anything associating with humans. Her fear and hatred has hardened her to become merciless and cold, close-minded.'

'I suppose you're right. But still, I won't give in to her viscous words because I did something that made me feel not like the predators they make us out to be, but a creature that has a heart, big enough to protect a a boy from near death.' Kagome's gray eyes focused on the younger wolf. 'That night something changed me. It was like I was reborn. That cold frosty night brought me to that human boy for a reason. I was meant to protect him.'

'You know I won't judge you like our sister. But Kagome you must be careful. If you get hurt, there's going to be hell to pay. All of us know your fascination with that boy and it can't be denied that if you were to ever leave the forest because of that human, mother and father could expel you from the pack forever.'

Kagome was fully aware of that. She stretched her long body and shook her body to rid her coat of dirt. 'I know Rin. But I will be careful. I can fully take care of myself if I have to.'

Rin had to hand it to Kagome. Not only was she persistent and stubborn but she was also one who knew what she wanted. She was independent, intelligent and strong enough to live on her own if there ever was a reason to. But she would support her sister, despite whatever her choices were. 'I have faith in you, big sister! Besides they way you talk about this human boy, you must be in deep.'

For a wolf, developing feelings for a human was impractical and completely unimaginable. It would only lead to trouble. And for the graceful black, glass eyed she wolf, it was something that she couldn't express clearly enough. She still didn't comprehend herself why she has to feel such deep feelings for a boy that she saved from death six long years ago. But they were there, haunting her and exciting her. In her dreams she imagined herself as a human girl, running away into the arms of an aged progression of that boy. Even though she had to embrace the life of a wolf, that didn't mean she couldn't visualize and hunger for a human life.

Now as the sun faded, turning day into twilight, the pack was now gathering for the evening hunt. With the Alpha pair in front, they led the way deeper into their home, with the omega pair bringing up the rear.

Kagome walked alongside Rin and two of her younger siblings. Her only brothers from the second litter her mother birthed five years earlier. One had a blackish brown coat, with the same colored eyes as Rin. Souta was the bigger of the two and often played around with his hyper brother. Shippou has an unusual coat coloring. It was a rich tan, a mix of orange and white. His tail was the fluffiest and was often wagging. It was adorable to say the least.

A little ways behind them, Kagome spotted the third pup. It was the youngest she-wolf of the pack. She had the rare white coat when none of the her family did; if you didn't count the white markings on the various coats. And her eyes were the same shade of Kikyou's, a sparkling sky blue.

And behind the silently fuming Kikyou, were the omegas of the pack. They had the lowest ranking and therefore had the least amount of privileges. Kagome had heard the story about them. They were her mother's only remaining pack; her brother and sister. The twin gray wolves and her mother traveled together until her father came and dominated the small group. He then bred with her mother and thus started a brand new pack. That was nearly ten years ago.

Almost all pack member stopped to sniff the air, to catch wind of prey. It was the alpha pair who decided that there was something less than a mile away and they were going to pursue it. The strong pack of ten then started to run, eager to catch their evening meal.

Kagome ran swiftly as she could, nearing the scent of their dinner. Her human dreams could forever haunt her, but she knew that she was a wolf, first and foremost. And nothing could change that. But, as she often wondered, if there was a way to become a human, would she take it? To catch a glimpse and possibly meet the boy she saved that fateful night?

'Yes. If there ever was an opportunity, to live life on two legs rather than four, I would take it. But…would that mean I would be leaving my only family?'

As she moved rapidly while she wove through endless trees with her pack, her thoughts racing through her mind, she wouldn't even begin to suspect that her deepest wish, was on the verge of becoming an impossible reality.

Well how was that for a start? I try and make it as realistic as possible. Do you know who the boy is...? And what's this incident they are referring to? You'll have to wait and find out when the boy is introduced(I think we all know how it is...) Until next time...