Secret Of The Dragon

Author: Lee Velviet


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Summary: Something's up with Draco Malfoy-he's even more evil than usual-he keeps odd hours, he's paler, he eyes blood like it's candy-could he be *gasp* a vampire? What happens when he sets his sights on the youngest Weasley? Draco goes Dracula! (Okay, melodrama aside, and the fact that I can't write summaries, please read on! ^-^)

Draco Malfoy seemed more like his namesake during his fifth year at Hogwarts than ever-meaning he was in constant bad humor, snapping at everyone and everything that dared cross his path, and he looked about as friendly as a Hungarian Horntail.

Ron Weasley complained loudly more than once, that Malfoy was behaving worse than Professor Snape after Neville Longbottom managed to melt another cauldron in his class-and certainly that was saying something.

Harry finally decided after the Christmas Holiday that Malfoy had far surpassed Snape in nastiness, and therefore had no equal-he was even beginning to think Malfoy might be running neck and neck with Voldemort.

Ginny had had the misfortune to run across him one afternoon as she hurried through the Entrance Hall-she'd been running extremely late for a class, and had dropped her Herbology book. She'd sighed in exasperation and turned, bending down to retrieve it. She'd stood unsteadily, so loaded down was she, and turned back around to rush off, only to run head on into Malfoy.

Poor Ginny had landed on her rear on the stone floor, books scattered everywhere, her forearm bleeding nastily from a deep cut-Malfoy had had a glass bottle in hand –his homework for Potions class-and it had exploded when she'd run into him.

Draco had been unharmed, but was furious about the destruction of his potion, fortunately harmless until heated. His robes had been soaked and stained, and his pale face had flushed bright red as he yelled at her in such a way that she still jumped whenever she heard his voice near. Which was, again, saying something Ginny didn't scare easily anymore-why should she, when she'd been possessed by Tom Riddle and been within eating distance of a giant Basilisk?

Harry had been nearby, and had rushed to her aid-only to see Malfoy's face go utterly white and his eyes-Harry still swore he'd seen them flash red-had snapped shut when he'd seen the blood on Ginny's skin. He'd shut his mouth abruptly, and stalked off, without another word.

Ginny had been shaking like a leaf when Harry reached her. "He's completely lost it."

Harry had watched after Malfoy with narrowed eyes. "No doubt about it."

Of course, none of them had known then that Draco Malfoy had been hiding something for over four years.

None of them knew that on the night they had had detention with Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest their first year, when Malfoy had screeched like a girl and ran off at the sight of Voldemort, he'd been attacked by a vampire, and bitten.

No one knew that Draco Malfoy had been fighting a steadily losing battle against the taint of undead blood in him with potions snuck from Snape's private books and ingredients from Snape's private store.

No one knew he'd been turning into a vampire.

King's Cross –Next term

Ginny passed Malfoy when she got onto the Hogwarts Express the next year. Just thinking his voice made her curl into a ball inside.

The taller blonde boy looked down at her as he walked past her, the towering Crabbe And Goyle right behind. Draco's flashing opal-like eyes landed on her and narrowed, and she felt her knees tremble and her breath halt.

So terrified was she that she didn't sense Harry coming up behind her, followed by Ron, and when Harry spoke, she jumped, her hand on her chest, nerves already shot.

Ron put out a hand to steady her, his eyes dark as he looked over at Malfoy who had an amused sneer on his face.

It was an endless moment, before Malfoy moved forward, but he left looking back over his shoulder at Ginny, and she couldn't help but feel he hadn't forgotten their little encounter last term.

"He's such a jerk," Ginny said tremulously as they made their way back to an empty compartment to await Hermione.

Harry and Ron flopped down on the bench seat across from Ginny, and they both looked at her expectantly.


"What happened that Malfoy was looking so murderous?"

Ginny shook her head. "That's just it, Ron. Nothing happened. We just passed each other."

Harry narrowed his eyes to glittering green slits. "I knew it."

Ron looked at him curiously, patting his middle, which was emitting ominous growling noises. "What?"

"Ill bet you anything that Malfoy has finally become a Death Eater. I bet there's a mark burned into his skin at this very moment."

Ginny went quite pale beneath her mass of red curls.

Ron's eyes grew wide and he visibly swallowed, his freckles standing out against his skin. "You don't think-"

Harry nodded solemnly. "I wouldn't be a bit surprised."

"But he ran screaming like a girl when he saw Voldemort in the Forbidden forest. Why would he-?"

"Do you really think his father wouldn't force him into it? Lucius Malfoy was Voldemort's most trusted Death Eater. He wouldn't think twice about handing over his only son to the rotting bastard." Harry looked over at Ginny. "Sorry."

"Oh, great, I had to get on the bad side of a future Death Eater," Ginny moaned, rubbing the back of her neck. "He's probably going to be torturing me all year, now!"

Harry moved to sit next to her, patting her back awkwardly. "Don't worry. Ron and I will watch out for him."

Just then Hermione walked in, staggering under the weight of a large book bag, and looking straggling and harassed. She made a face when she dropped the bag on Ron's foot and he yelped. "Sorry." She sat down next to him and her eyebrows rose when she saw Harry's arm around Ginny.

"What's wrong, Ginny?"

"Nothing, I'm fine. Just had a run in with Malfoy." Ginny smiled at Harry and he cleared his throat, dropping his arm.

"Oh," Hermione bent and dug through her book bag.

"Hello to you too," Ron said shortly, still rubbing his foot.

She looked up at him, her brown eyes impatient. "Ah!"

"What have you got there?" Ginny asked, watching as Hermione pulled a large, velvet covered object out of her bag.

"A book." Harry and Ron said dryly at the same time.

"A book, yes, but not just any book." Hermione pulled the heavy thing from its velvet pouch, arranging it on her lap.

"A Complete Guide to the Prophecies of the Great Divinators," Ron read aloud. He rolled his eyes at Harry. "Great, as if Professor Trelawney isn't bad enough, now we'll have Hermione regaling us with tales of our horrible deaths and the coming of the end of the world-again, I might add- all year long."

Hermione narrowed her brandy colored eyes and looked down at the book, opening it.

"I thought you dropped Divination," Ginny said, confused.

"I did, and believe me, I don't believe I could have learned much from that lying Harpy. But I saw this when I went to pick up my books in Flourish And Blotts. My curiosity got the better of me, I'm afraid." She thumbed through the pages until she found one marked with a tattered scarlet ribbon. "Listen to this-I think you might find it interesting."

Harry stared at Hermione, his face flaming and eyes narrowed.

Ginny looked pale and ill.

Ron was laughing hysterically.

Hermione looked at him like she would a naughty four-year old.

"Oh come on!" Ron blurted. "It said there would be a great war between good and evil! Big surprise! And if you're thinking that the great warrior for the light was Harry, and that he would overcome the Dark Lord, I'm not going to doubt that-but, what did it say? 'A child of the flame and the dragon shall defeat him?'" He shook his head. "Ginny and Malfoy would never-they-" he snorted and fell over on his seat choking with laughter. "Can you imagine? Ginny and M-Malfoy? Having kids?" He howled, and Hermione shook her head, sighing with annoyance.

"No, it's nothing to do with us," Harry agreed, his husky voice sounding short and clipped.

Ginny shivered. There was no way she'd ever touch Draco Malfoy. Just the thought of those pale, flashing eyes looking at her made her ill.

"Well, you're probably right," Hermione sighed, closing the book. "But you must admit it does sound familiar. I mean, Ginny does have flame red hair, and Malfoy's first name is Draco, a derivation of Dragon-"

"Just drop it, Hermione," Harry snapped with uncharacteristic ire.

Hermione looked hurt for a moment, and then she slid the book back into her bag. She looked as if she didn't quite know what to say for a moment.

"I'm sorry," Harry said after taking a deep breath.

"It's all right." Hermione gave him a slight smile of understanding.

Ron had calmed himself by now, and was flipping the window shade to look out. "Looks like rain," he said boredly, grimacing when his stomach growled again.

"Here," Ginny sighed regretfully, and pulled out a package of chocolate frogs from her bag.

"You've been holding out on me!" Ron said accusingly, taking one of the small, flat boxes

Ginny shrugged. "I got them in Diagon Alley the other day. I was saving them for a rainy day."

Just then there was a burst of thunder, so close it made the train rumble.

"Well, it's certainly that," Harry stated, accepting one of the frogs as the rain began pounding down on the roof in earnest.

Ginny squeaked as her frog jumped free of it's box, emitting a somber croak, and landing on Ron's lap. "Hey, come back here!"

Ron swept the frog into his hand and sighed, shaking his head. "Gone all still, that one." He peered at the piece of candy. "It's no fun when they don't wriggle."

Hermione made a sound of disgust and threw her own frog into his lap.

"Works every time," Ron told Harry in a mock whisper with a wink.

Harry laughed and the disturbing book and its unsettling prophecies were soon forgotten as the four ended up chasing the unusually frisky chocolate frogs around the tiny compartment.

Disaster struck shortly before their arrival at the Hogwarts Express station-Draco Malfoy made his yearly visit to antagonize Harry.

"My, isn't this cozy," he drawled, and all four pairs of eyes turned to glare at him. Crabbe and Goyle stood behind him, their arms crossed. "Two Weasels, a Potty and a Mudblood, all roosting together. Makes for an interesting picture."

"Can't you come up with anything original?" Hermione said snootily. "It's getting boring, always hearing the same thing come out of your mouth."

Malfoy's head shot around to look at Ron as he snorted in laughter.

"Keep laughing Weasley, for all the good it will do you." Malfoy's cold gaze settled with thinly veiled interest on Ginny, who was doing her best not to shrink from his gaze.

"Eyes off her, Malfoy," Harry growled suddenly, standing and shielding her from him.

Ginny's heart gave a wicked thump, and she blinked up at Harry's back, noticing how his black school robes stretched across his shoulder's as he drew himself up to his full height and tensed.

"Sod off, Potter. You have no conception of who you're meddling with." She saw Crabbe and Goyle move in behind him.

Ginny closed her eyes as her brother stood suddenly, too, hands fisting at his sides, his wand drawn. "Try something, Malfoy. I wouldn't mind seeing you covered in hexes again-maybe Hermione can manage a transfiguration charm. You'd make a nice ferret, again."

Malfoy smiled chillingly. "I wouldn't like to give you that satisfaction, now would I?" He gave Harry a black look full of promise and turned almost floating eerily from the room.

Ginny let out the breath she'd been holding and slumped over weakly.

Harry muttered a curse under his breath, and Ron fell back into his seat.

"Is it just me, or did he suck all the life out of the room?"

Harry opened the window to let some air in-the air in the compartment was freezing, like a winter chill-the air outside felt far warmer and comforting.

Ginny rubbed her arms, feeling as if her heart had turned to cold lead inside her breathless chest. She didn't want to think about the fact that she'd have to see Malfoy everyday as she passed from class to class- she had the feeling the entire year was going to be a nightmare.


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