I have been reading Harry Potter fanfiction for a little while. There are a few things I really like: Harry Potter goes wild, berserk, or completely out of character; Harry finds out he is some kind cross species (i.e. veela, man capable of bearing children, breeding bull); or Harry takes magic straight out of this world whether it is a parallel universe, space, or time travel. I have read farcical parodies and even read some mary sue kind of macho man fiction. The range and depth of Harry Potter fanfiction really stands to salute the author, J.K. Rowlings, as a work which engages the imagination.

I decided to try my hand at the story because I hoped I could do something with the potential of having so many magical beings spread across a muggle world. My main question was: what would it be like if the muggle world was a foil for human potential? Magicals lost the way toward discovery because they've allowed the muggle threat to overtake their innate curiosity and to forget about the possibilities. Instead of man against nature, what if the Harry Potter universe was framed differently: magical feats versus muggle feats against nature. If magicals can do many or all things, why haven't they tackled space or teraforming the planet, or reviving the power civilization has already produced?

Fanfiction cannon has given me a jumping off point. There are many details I will and have played fast and loose with. I have thoroughly appreciated the reader critiques. I have answered a few of them. The best suggestion has been finding a beta. I have reached out to a few. I have received a response. I hope you will notice a change.

I have done some revising already. With my first chapters, I did not like the length of each. They were set between 2200 to 3400 words. I don't necessarily like to read an author who gives me a drabble as a chapter. I thought I was short changing you by writing so little at one clip. I have combined the original chapters so that most are at least 5000 words. My later chapters should be at least that much. Since I don't write that much in one setting it means I am using the update feature to fill in the content. If you notice as you receive alerts that one chapter does not flow into the next, you will probably want to go back and read/re-read the prior chapter. I think it is a cheat to include the last paragraph of the previous chapter. Since it's a written story, I am assuming each reader is capable of returning to the previous chapter(s) to reread parts as needed. I don't want any reader to think there is less than 5000 words of new content in each chapter.

I am also not a big fan of haphazard flashbacks. They are a necessary evil, but I don't think it makes sense to keep switching back and forth. It becomes annoying after a while. If you want to change a portion of the past, I think you have to go back and rethink a plot point.

asks each writer to review their stories and do the basics proofreading and revision. I will continue to edit as mistakes are pointed out or as new ideas occur to me. I will not fundamentally change the gist of any of the sections already written. If for some reason, my writing takes a new or different turn upon further reflection I will do what I've noticed other writers do - create a new story based off a change in one or two facts or situation- and leave the original story untouched.

As Harry's environment grows and changes becoming more alternate universe, I will try to stay somewhere in the realm of fantastical belief. I like reading SUPER Harry, but I don't think I will be able to write him. Thanks for reading my ideas.