Author's Note;

Okey, here's part two to my alternate ending. Just in case you didn't know, Hanumanman, Belchman, and The Rainbow were from the "Team Improbable" cartoon Phineas made in an episode. Phineas' idea was that they would go home, get The Beak costume for Phineas and Ferb, and the others would all get super powers. Except for Isabella, her Fireside Girl team is good enough.

Also, I hope this satisfies people. I didn't know how to get Becky's memory back, so I had to look up real cures for amnesia. I was surprised that the cure used on Wordgirl at the end was actually a cure. Enjoy!

"Hahahaha!" Dr. Two Brains stared at his new collection of cheese. "Finally, I have all the cheese in the world!"

"Not so fast!" A little girl in a pink dress, blue shirt and blue boots, and a rainbow behind her burst into Dr. Two Brain's lair. "I am, The Rainbow! And I will stop you!"

"Are you Wordgirl's replacement or something?"

"Replacement!" Wordgirl ran in front of all the Fireside Girls. "I know that word! It means someone who is a substitute. Like you're suggesting Isabella is a replacement for me."

Isabella glared at Wordgirl. She just revealed who "The Rainbow" was! "Wordgirl! You're supposed to be resting until your amnesia goes away!"

"I got bored!"

Dr. Two Brains looked confused. "Wait, so Wordgirl has amnesia? And you're her substitute?"

"Yep. And I'm going to take you down!" Within seconds, the Fireside Girls were able to surround Dr. Two Brains and tie his arms.

"Now Wordgirl, after you fly Dr. Two Brains to jail, please just go back to your hotel!"

"Fine!" Wordgirl had Dr. Two Brains by the neck, and suddenly had to ask "Where's jail exactly?"

Isabella sighed.

"Who's the best?" Victoria asked the citizens.

"You're the best." Everyone moaned sadly.

"Can't hear you- WHAT DID YOU SAY?"

"YOU'RE THE BEST!" Everyone angrily yelled.

"Thank you! You rock, but not as much as me. Cause I'm the best!"

"Hey!" A regular bully-like kid spoke up from the audience. "Are you 'Victoria Best' ?"

"Who wants to know?"

"I'm Buford- I mean, Belchman! And I'm supposed to stop you from forcing everyone to say you're the best."

Victoria laughed. "Yeah right! You can't stop me! I'm the BEST at everything."

"Oh yeah? Are you the best at burping?" Just then, Buford gave his loudest burp ever (back in Danville, Phineas built a machine that gave him the superpower.) The burp caused everything on the stage to blow away from the audience, including Victoria Best. "Okey, okey, you win." She mumbled.

Everyone in the audience looked at Buford and cheered. "Hey Victoria!" Buford yelled. "You're the best at giving up!"

"You better give that to me or else!" At John's Party store, Eileen and Captain Tangent were arguing about the deblumes in the pirate isle.

"Arrr! Captain Tangent holds on to me treasure!"

"Hello!" The greedy girl and the man dressed as a pirate turned to the blue monkey boy. "I am Baljee- I mean, Hanumanman, and I was told to stop the Birthday Girl."

"But that's my deblume! And he better give it to me cause it's mine, mine, MINE!" With each "mine," Eileen grew bigger, until she was really tall and green. Her head had crashed through the ceiling, and this was a big party store.

"Okey, if that's the way you want to play..." Baljeet grew to wear he was taller than Eileen, and stomped her flat on the ground. When he saw what he did, he returned to normal size. "Are you okey?"

"Okey, it's your's." Thankfully, Eileen wasn't really hurt. She just had a small headache and was now flat as a pancake on the floor. "I don't wemember what we're fighting about, but I just wanna go home."

"Your turn pirate, unless you want to go to jail!"

"Arrrrr, Captain Tangent never gives up!"

Baljeet, annoyed, made himself grow again. He put his foot right above Captain Tangent.

"What do you know?" Captain Tangent said with a scared smile. "I decided to give up!"

All of the other villains in town were captured by The Beak. Pretty soon, Fair City was back to normal.

"How can we ever thank you?" The mayor asked Phineas.

"Do you know how to cure Wordgirl's amnesia?" Isabella asked.

"Wordgirl has amnesia? That's horrible! But, I do remember my mom telling me that the cure for amnesia is actually some herbs or spices. The one I remember is apples."

"What?" Isabella asked. "Apples?"

"Weird, I know, but it works!"

"I've got an apple I was saving for a snack." Adyson reached into her backpack and gave Wordgirl the apple. Wordgirl took a bite.

"Becky! Becky!"

"Oh no!" Wordgirl's super hearing could hear her brother TJ. She knew she had to go back to the hotel. "I, um, I hear another villain committing crime in another town! I have to hurry up! Come on Huggy!" Before anyone could understand, Wordgirl picked up Captain Huggyface and flew out.

"There you are Becky!" Mr. Botsford said. "Okey, we have to leave tommorow, since we stayed here a whole week."

"Aw man!" Becky moaned. "I just got my memory back."


"Oops! I said, um, I was going to get a backpack! While we're here, because... backpacks are cooler here than they are in Fair City! Right? Heh, heh."

"Eek! Eek!"

"I know Bob. My lies are lame. Well, we gotta go tell Phineas and his friends good bye." And I gotta tell Isabella I'm sorry for trying to steal her boyfriend. Becky thought. She and Phineas are perfect for eachother.

"Good bye Becky!" All the kids in Phineas' yard said. They couldn't use the word "Wordgirl," since Becky's parents and brother were waiting in the car. "And Captain Huggyface!"

"Good bye Phineas!" Wordgirl said. "And Isabella! And Baljeet! And, um, Buford! And Irving! And, uh, Perry! And Gretchen! And Candace! And Holly! And Milly, Ginger, Adyson, and Katie!"

"And goodbye John-Boy!" Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher said. Then she and her husband started laughing.

"Who's John-Boy?" Baljeet asked.

The car drove away, and Wordgirl called out "I'll write soon!"

The End.

Final Note: I am NOT re-writing another ending AGAIN!