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This compilation of stories serves as a tribute for my favorite anime characters... The hottest anime men that ever graced the anime world (in my point of view, that is)... The gorgeous Uchiha Itachi... and the ever handsome Uchiha Sasuke... ^0^

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From the pages of Sasuke's Diary

Dear Diary,

I have a great feeling about this year...

Everything is perfect...

Naruto is finally tying the know...

I am so happy for my bestfriend...

I honestly can't wait for my turn...

I love this year...

Perfect Beginnings

Chapter 1 : Back To Basics

"It's great to be back... isn't that right koibito?" Itachi said after he took a deep breath. Sasuke nodded "Yes nii-san... it's great to be back..." the young ravena agreed as he looked outside the window. They can already see the Tokyo train station and all the people waiting there. Itachi motioned Sasuke to sit beside him "Are you happy?" He asked as he touched the tip of Sasuke's nose lovingly. Sasuke nodded "Of course... that was the best Chrsitmas and New Year ever..." he exclaimed as a wide grin appeared on his face. They heard the train's final horn. The train then halted and everybody was rushing to get out and go to their respective destinations.

Itachi took their bags and followed Sasuke outside their cabin. It was a beautiful Monday morning... around 7 and the sun was making it's way out in the sky. Sasuke hailed a cab and helped Itachi place their bags in the back compartment. They silently rode for home... they were sure that Mina was waiting for them with a good breakfast... the elderly woman was aware that they were arriving home that morning. Sasuke looked at Itachi's direction and smiled. Itachi smiled back... sometimes words were not necessary for both of them. They understood each others minds most of the time pretty well.

Soon they reached home. Itachi paid for their fare and both went in their house. Mina was there to greet them... as usual, with her sparkling eyes and warm smile "Itachi... Sasuke... welcome back. Happy New Year to both of you..." she exclaimed as she planted a kiss on each of their cheeks. Sasuke chuckled "Happy New Year to you as well Mina-san... we got something for you... from Konoha..." he grinned and the old woman laughed. "You boys always pamper me... you know I don't need anything..." she commented. Itachi laughed "Oh, but I'm sure you have room for Konoha's rice wine..." he grinned and Mina started to laugh.

"Ah, you caught me Itachi... I can never refuse a bottle of good rice wine..." she joyfully said as he gave a small bow as Sasuke placed the package in her hands. They chatted for a little while until the elderly woman bade her farewells so the boys can rest. She left, and Itachi and Sasuke were alone. Itachi took his shoes off as Sasuke lounged himself unto the couch "Ah... finally... my back hurts..." he groaned. Itachi took the other couch... "Yes... the cabin's couch weren't as comfortable as they look..." he commented and Sasuke nodded his agreement. They grew silent for a few minutes... each reminiscing the happy moments they just shared.

Sasuke fell asleep... Itachi was about to when he felt his cellphone vibrate. He took it out of his pocket and looked at the screen. He frowned... it was a text message and the number wasn't registered. 'Happy New Year!' was all it said. Itachi deleted the message and got up. He went into their room to change into some house clothes. He then arranged their bed. When everything was ready he went back to the living room the get Sasuke... who was still sleeping soundly on the couch. He gently carried Sasuke to bed... funny, the young raven didn't even stir. Itachi successfully laid him on the bed without waking him up.

Itachi joined Sasuke and covered them both with a blanket. The winter crisp was still felt all over. He closed his eyes and soon joined Sasuke to dreamland. A few hours later they were both awake... they decided to visit the office. As Sasuke showered, Itachi checked the mail that arrived while they were away. One letter caught his eye... it was an invitation letter for Naruto's wedding. He smirked, finally the blonde was tying the knot. He felt excited... in a sense... knowing that he and Sasuke will be following this path soon.

Soon they were ready... Itachi was dressed in a pale salmon long-sleeved polo shirt... to which he rolled the sleeves up to his elbows and black slacks. Sasuke was dress with a pale blue collared shirt and stone-washed jeans. They used Sasuke's black Ferrari, but Itachi was driving. On their way, Itachi handed Sasuke the invitation "This came while we were away..." he said. Sasuke got the invitation and opened it. He smiled "Naru-chan is really doing it..." he grinned as his eyes sparkled with delight. "He sure is..." Itachi nodded as he looked at Sasuke with a knowing smile.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Sasuke asked as he gave Itachi's arm a soft slap. Itachi chuckled as Sasuke blushed. "Koibito..." Itachi said as he stopped his driving, the traffic light just turned red. Sasuke looked at Itachi "Hmn?" he said as he smirked, he was trying to guess what his lover was trying to tell him. "When would you like us to settle down?" Itachi asked. Sasuke's heart began racing... he already had a ready answer for that "Nii-san... I will make you decide that..." he responded with a mischievous glint in his dark eyes.

Itachi laughed "Honestly, if I follow my heart... I want to do it right now..." he exclaimed as he stepped on the gas pedal automatically as the traffic light turned green. Sasuke laughed and shook his head "Then why not do it?" he teased his lover. "Well, first and foremost... I want that day to be perfect..." Itachi explained dreamily. Sasuke looked at Itachi "Perfect? In what sense?" he asked. Itachi smiled as his mind was filled with all the things he wanted them to have on that special day. He looked at Sasuke, reached for his brother's hand and gave it a soft squeeze.

"Perfect... in the sense that I want to have it prepared... cakes... give-aways and the works..." Itachi stated. Sasuke was very happy with what he heard. It was like his dream... he wanted to be married to Itachi in a formal way... with witnesses and vows. He squeezed Itachi's hand back "I love you so much nii-san..." he said. Itachi smiled "And I you..." he said... his voice caressed Sasuke's very core. "I want it to happen this year koibito..." Itachi said as he placed his eyes back to the road. "Once I find the perfect venue... I will tell you..." he said. Sasuke nodded, he couldn't wait!

They soon reached the Uchiha building. They parked and went directly towards the main office floor. The other floors were rented by other businesses in the area. Konan greeted them both as they came in "Itachi... Sasuke... Happy new year to both..." she said as she went near them and planted each one with a soft peck on the cheeks. Sasuke smiled "Konan-chan... you look more beautiful everytime I see you..." he exclaimed. Konan blushed and slapped Sasuke's arm lightly "I heard that from Pein already... try something new..." she joked. Sasuke and Itachi laughed in unison.

They chatted for a while... then Konan gave Itachi updates from the business while he was gone. Sasuke stared outside the window. He was happy... this year was going to be great... he can feel it... He looked at the clouds and made a silent prayer 'Thank you, Kami... for everything... I promise to love him... forever and ever...' he thought as he closed his eyes. He was excited from head to toe... but, he needed to give Naruto a party first... his blonde best friend was always there for him through thick and thin... he needed to give his best buddy the best bachelor's party ever!


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