Summary: Everyone knows that 'L' is the greatest detective known- which is why he is called on to solve another mass murder. The death of an entire clan, numbering well over a hundred people, were killed in one night, with only three survivors. Two of the survivor's locations are unknown- the third, is a boy named Uchiha Sasuke. Not only is L dealing with an another case that could possibly lead to 'Kira', but now, he is held back by an eight-year-old boy who's just beginning to learn the grief of being an orphan.

A/N: One of my friends decided to give me a challenge- my task is to write a Death Note/Naruto crossover. I was searching for a good DN/Naruto fiction for inspiration, but then I decided to not read any at all, so maybe I could be original. But who knows, there might be a million fictions out there like this. But reading the summaries, I saw not one that really resembled this plot...I don't know. But once again, we have a mourning chibi Sasuke in my fiction- this is my first time writing any of the Death Note characters. L/Ryuga/Ryuzaki and Sasuke are the main characters- no LXSasuke pairing!


L thoughtfully slid his forefinger between his chapped lips, digging his teeth into the nail with a sharp clicking sound. His questioning tone had not been because he was unaware that there was even a city in existence by the name of Konoha; neither was it because he was surprised that some inexcusable crime had been committed in that small, peaceful area.

It was because of the fact that every inch of the young man was deeply hoping that there would not be another widespread bout of deaths, all carried out by a silent person who seemed to have no guilt at all thrown to his shoulders as he murdered without second thought hundreds of human beings- Kira, the wordless, faceless killer.

"Yes, Ryuzaki-san," came the worried reply, "an entire family killed- not just a family of five- I should say clan! There were nearly one hundred and fifty people killed," Matsuda's expressive face was now clouded by anxiousness, not for himself, and what he could find himself faced with as part of L's team, but rather, for all the innocent lives that had been taken on someone's sadistic whim.

L listened attentively, continuing to chew on his fingernails as the extremity of the situation sank in. His panda-like eyes, rimmed by dark bags that could have been mistaken for bruises, slowly blinked as his intelligent mind began to list every possible motive for such a mass murder- which could and most certainly would be difficult. He would have to collect as much information as possible from his acquaintances before establishing a set idea.

"Matsuda-san?" he politely called the nervous man's attention to his question. "How were the victims put to death? Were there any survivors at all?" He hugged his knees to his chest, appearing very much like an abandoned child who was attempting to huddle in a corner for his protection.

"I was told from the chief that the investigation proved that every person had been killed by stab wounds. But how anyone could kill so many people in one evening with a knife is...hard to understand." Matsuda sheepishly lifted his hand to run his fingers through his dark hair, ruffling the short strands, as though he was embarrassed that he was unable to comprehend such a thing.

"And the survivors?" L made no further mention or inquiry about the cause of death, but Matsuda knew without doubt that the tired-looking detective was in a state of deep thought about the subject, merely asking other questions to add more certainty to his thinking.

"Well, what's strange is that only members of the Uchiha clan were massacred- no other ones were harmed. But as far as the clan goes, there seems to be three survivors, if we were researching the files correctly." He ticked the roles of each off on his fingers- "There was a teenager, around the age of thirteen or fourteen, who's disappeared without a trace at all. And an older gentleman, who has also been absent from the village of Konoha for several, several years- most everyone believes that he's dead. And the last one was a little child, only around eight years old- he was slightly injured, so he's in the hospital as of now."

"If the little one's injury was nothing serious, there must be another reason why he's in the hospital," L correctly deduced.

"You're right, as usual, Ryuzaki-san," Matsuda nodded. "All he had was a gash near his shoulder, but he had been found unconscious. I was told to go to the hospital and see if the boy was able to give us any information at all about the murderer, but he's either unbelievably distrusting, or he's truthfully drawn a complete blank. He told me that he couldn't remember anything that happened- he said that he was coming home from a student's meeting after school, and somebody that he apparently knew came behind him and rendered him unconscious- but you hear that story so often, it's become cliche." The man shrugged helplessly. "But anyone could have threatened him to keep quiet, even if he did know anything that could give us a lead on the killer. And if he was threatened by someone he knows, then it would be extremely hard to pry any information out of him."

"Hn...children can be difficult at times." L stared up at the white ceiling, as though he had forgotten that there was another being in the room. His ebony eyes traced the sphere-shaped globe of the light, the glow reflected in his round black orbs.

"Is there any chance that you could bring the boy here?" the detective wondered, extracting his finger from his mouth and absently reaching for a pen. Leaning over, holding the marker by its end, suspended by his nimble fingers- a precarious act of balancing- he non-too-quickly slashed several kanji characters over the smooth dark surface of the tabletop, not at all unsettled by marring his own furniture. Matsuda politely averted his gaze, not sure if he should read what L was writing with such vigor, or if he should attentively watch.

"Thank you very much for your report, Matsuda-san," L murmured distractedly, not yet finished scratching the kanji into the table. "If it's possible, though, I think that I may be able to retrieve information from the boy if someone could bring him here." His voice held no note of cockiness, only cold with fact. "Since he has met you already, it might be better for everyone if you brought him- this evening, if you could?" For the first time, he looked up, his expectant gaze delving into Matsuda's anxious glance.

"Um...I think I'd be able to. If I can get him to come with me- as I said, he wasn't very talkative, and he had absolutely no trust in me at all. But I think that he knew what I was after- it wasn't just a friendly visit, he was able to tell that I wanted something."

"Just tell him that Ryuzaki-san would like to see him," L said with an air of finality. "Thank you again for your kindness- I'll see you tonight, then." The brunet gave a short wave as Matsuda returned the gesture, nervously edging to the door and sliding out, closing it briskly behind him.

Matsuda-san was not thrilled, he noted, replacing the cap on his marker with a resonating snap. Tossing it carelessly, he stared down at what he had written as he listened to the writing utensil land with a soft clack against the floor.

Tokyo's Akai Candy- Chupa Chups, bag of twenty. Children are apparently fond of sweets.

Sasuke couldn't look up. Several sets of dark, narrow eyes were fixed on him in expectancy, every gaze radiating their unaccustomed feelings toward children. Although a select few of the investigators had children of their own, they were not about to lavish affection on an eight year old boy who may have been involved with the concealment of the murders- anyone could have bribed him to keep silent about anything he knew. The child could have been retaining a small piece of information which could hold any amount of revelation about the murderer.

"Your name is Uchiha Sasuke, is that correct?" L removed the Chupa Chup from his mouth with a quiet pop, the round, lemon-flavored sucker obstructing his words. "I once knew a gentleman whose name was Sasuke- Shiroi Sasuke. But he was a child abuser," the detective informed. He suddenly jerked open a drawer in the oaken desk, noisily rummaging through the neatly-arranged files and stacks of scrawled-on paper.

"Here," he offered, leaning over the desk and nudging the slumping boy's forehead with a new, cellophane-wrapped cherry Chupa Chup. "You like suckers, don't you?"

As inexperienced as L was with children, he seemed to know what they liked. Whenever he made one of his frequent strolls to the candy shops, in his guise of "Ryuga", he always had difficulty entering the shop on account of the swamps of children who were dragging their parents in, begging loudly for a peppermint or a package of lozenges. If children were the main consumers, that obviously meant that they were fond of sugary substances, just like L himself was.

The boy shyly took the sucker from L's hand, glancing up at the man through his long veil of raven-black bangs. He quickly drew back as soon as the candy was in his possession, but made no move to twist off the square of cellophane. He clenched the stick of the Chupa Chup tightly in his chubby fist, returning his gaze to the lint-riddled carpeted floor.

"Now, Sasuke-chan," Yagami Soichiro spoke up with authority, "Ryuzaki-san only wants to speak with you. You could save hundreds of lives, if you could tell him anything that you know. If it makes you feel more comfortable," Soichiro directed his next words to L, "the rest of us can leave."

L nodded, his own tangled, uncombed bangs falling into his listless-looking eyes. "If the rest of the team is fine with leaving, I would prefer to interrogate Sasuke-chan alone." Sasuke quickly turned his head to watch the men file out of the apartment, suddenly unsure of whether he wished them to stay or if he would rather have them out of sight. The action, of course, did not go unnoticed by L.

"Sasuke-chan? Have you ever eaten a lollipop before?" The odd question was asked as soon as Soichiro closed the door behind him, and it made Sasuke tilt his head in confusion- had he not been escorted to the apartment building to answer the mens' questions about the mass murder? And now, this tall, too-thin man with the cold round eyes was asking him if he had ever before tasted of a lollipop!

"Ano...but I don't like sugary stuff," he mumbled, shyly sliding his free hand behind his thick, silky curtain of bangs to rub the side of his head, in a gesture that L supposed his mother had used to soothe him. He still kept his gaze locked on the ground, the detective's eyes seeming icy and searching- he couldn't stare into such glassy, emotionless eyes.

"Ah- that's fine, then. Would you like some tea, or maybe some chips? If you're hungry, it's always best to talk after you satisfy your appetite," L explained, with such easy confidence that Sasuke didn't deny the fact.

L was busily stacking cubes of sugar into a pyramid shape, every so often raising his fingers to his mouth, flicking out his tongue to rid the pads of his fingers of the tiny grains of white sweetness. His tower consisted of nearly three dozen sugar cubes, and as he placed the last cube on the top of the structure, began to remove them, de-constructing his pyramid, dropping the sugar cube by cube into his mug of slowly-cooling coffee.

"Have you had your fill?" he asked, lifting his gaze to observe the boy. An empty tumbler, the walls of which still bore stray drops of green tea, and a china saucer specked by crumbs of onigiri were situated in front of Sasuke, emptied not too long ago. Sasuke was now carefully watching L fill his coffee mug with sugar cubes to the point of overflowing, the sugar rapidly dissolving, leaving the man's beverage a tan-colored sludge, which bore an interesting semblance to mud.

"Since you must be feeling better, I want to ask you something." L didn't realize that Sasuke's grimace was one of nervousness, and therefore decided to ignore it. Although he was a registered genius, as well as being the most well-known detective, the brunet was terrible at reading emotions. That vice had come from his years of remaining solitary, never having enough self-esteem to attempt forging a friendship, preferring to sit alone, solving cases behind one of his numerous fake names, using whichever one would benefit the most. But the point was that, having been alone for so long, L had never become accustomed enough to people to be able to read their emotions.

"I was wondering, Sasuke-chan, if you had any sibling relations," he asked, lifting his ceramic mug of coffee to his lips, wolfishly consuming the mountain of sugar as though there was someone behind him, ready to snatch the cup from his hands before he finished. Had he kept a spoon on hand, it would have been quite easy for him to eat the sugar-loaded coffee in that manner, since now it contained the thickness of a sorbet.

"Does that mean an aniki or an ane?" the child wondered, in case he was about to give a wrong answer- L nodded in conformation.

"Oh...um, I had an aniki," Sasuke murmured the Japanese word for 'brother.' "But he's gone- no one knows where he went. I don't either," he hastened to add, in case L was ready to prepare a long barrage of questions to stab at him, waiting for him to slip up and reveal information he had tried to conceal.

L was ninety-percent certain that he was being told the truth.

"How old was your brother?" The man ran his index finger over the rim of his mug, removing the last grains of undissolved sugar before popping the digit into his mouth, closing his eyes as he savored the sweetness that fanned over his tongue.

"Aniki was fourteen," Sasuke answered, fidgeting in his chair. He swung his short legs beneath the table, extremely eager to be out of the glow L's attention. He loathed being asked all those curious, prodding questions- all he wanted, at the moment, was to crawl back into his bed, pushing his head beneath the pillow to imagine his suffocation. He wanted to close his eyes, listening to nothing but the shallow sound of his own breath being drawn- he only desired to be alone. He wasn't anti-social- at times, he enjoyed companionship, but now, after suddenly becoming an orphan, lacking the support of a family, he needed time to be solitary.

People have different methods of dealing with sorrow. Some prefer to dwell on the cause of sorrow, and loneliness gives them time to grieve. Some people need to cry about the matter, as keeping the emotions inside would only result in a mangled ruin of their personality.

And others hate to cry. Others would much rather run with their friends, making themselves laugh, stirring up innocent mischief just to rid their mind of the problem. All they want is to succeed in forgetting, but they never really can erase permanently the sadness.

Sasuke was the obviously the one who needed time and space to remember his family. He could have never raced back to Konoha to grab his best friend's hand, dragging him off to play in the park- that would make him feel as though he was forgetting his family. It would cause a stinging guilt in his young mind, making him believe that he himself thought that his family was not important enough for their death to bring tears to his onyx eyes.

"Fourteen...and you said that you are eight years old? That seems to be a considerable age gap," L commented idly. He hugged his knees to his chest, curling his toes over the edge of the chair, gaining further balance in his ever-used crouching position.

"Yes, sir." Sasuke's answer was always that simple phrase, whenever he could think of absolutely nothing to say. His trembling fidgets become more difficult to ignore- why was L slowly warming up to the subject of the murders? Why was he slowly building up on the matter, like he had with his sugar cube pyramid, instead of blurting out the question that was burning everyone's mind-

What do you know?

Sasuke quickly looked down at his chubby, soft white fingers, which still gripped the long plastic stick of the Chupa Chup that L had given to him. On impulse, he carefully undid the red cellophane, wincing at the noisy crackling, and stuffed the round sucker into his mouth, a rich, tart cherry flavor washing over his tongue. The lollipop made a bulge in his already-fat cheek as he braved the blatant sugary taste, letting his mouth suffer the displeasure- but even through the sickening amount of sweetness, was a gentle sourness that he craved.

"I thought you didn't like sweets," L spoke up, before taking careful note of Sasuke's expression- the boy's appearance startled him, even though normally, he was very slow to fright. The raven's cheeks were flushed red, his eyes tightly closed as fat drops of moisture beaded in the corners, slipping to his eyelashes as they made ready to roll down his jaw.

Sasuke was crying, the sucker blocking any ragged sobs that were building up in his throat. The very reason why he had finally placed the lollipop in his mouth- to silence any sounds of sorrow he might make.

Whatever happens, don't let me make a sound.

A/N: It wasn't quite as disgustingly terrible as I thought. There will be some changes to the storylines, so it obviously will not be following either Naruto's or Death Note's plot. There will be no pairing except slight mentions of NaruXSasu.

Even though anyone who has watched Naruto knows who murdered the Uchiha clan, it's still fun to write. L doesn't know yet, so let him figure it out!

I discovered that it's very difficult to write the thoughts and actions of geniuses. I mean, how can anyone figure out what's going on in L's head? So, L may seem out of character, and I apologize.

Once again, this is my first crossover, so if you don't like it now, it probably won't get any better. *grins* But if you liked it, please continue reading! Updates will likely be slow, as I'm working on like, a dozen other fictions at the moment.