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The storm raged on, the thunder cracking overhead milliseconds after lightning would illuminate the weeping willows that lined the walk to the Malfoy's home. Just as another bolt crashed, the youngest patron of the home, Scorpius, apparated onto the property's outskirts. Briefly regaining his balance as the horizontal rain drenched him in a matter of seconds, he ducked his head and trudged up the long stretch of cobblestone drive to his house. Internally cursing his parents and the wards that kept people from apparating any closer to the home, Scorpius walked as quickly as he could. He pulled the hood of his jacket over his head and wrapped his coat tighter around himself. As he reached the front porch, he finally looked up as he yanked the sopping wet hood off his head. He froze. The front door was wide open and hanging off two of its hinges. Extracting his wand from an inside pocket of his coat, Scorpius was instantly on alert.

Silently igniting his wand, Scorpius walked as quickly and quietly into the foyer as possible. He listened intently for any sign of his parents, or any movement at all. He walked quickly over to the stairs and just as he was about to climb up, a loud crash came from down the hall.

Without thinking, he called out.

"Mum? Dad?"

There was a cry out that was quickly silenced. Scorpius ran, wand outstretched, to the drawing room. Kicking open the door, Scorpius darted into the room. It was dark, the only light came from the lightning outside. There was scuffling and clear movement from two figures near the corner. One figure looked like it was made of shadows, it's outline distorted and blurred. The other was much smaller than the first and clearly feminine, her gold-blonde hair pure white in the darkened room. He knew, in an instant, what was happening. It was just as Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley had been saying; the Albanian Crusaders, the Prophet's nickname for them, were hunting down survivors. And his parents were clearly on their list.

"Run! Run, Scorpius!" his mother shouted before the cloaked person that had been advancing on her punched her, and she was immediately unconscious. Scorpius unthinkingly ran forward to her, but the Renegade stopped him with a quick punch to the ribs. Scorpius went down, clutching his sides in pain. He braced himself for another hit but none came. He strained his ears to hear any movement, but heard nothing except the sounds of the rain pounding on the windows and roof as well as the occasional rumble of he felt and heard it; the Crusader had broken the wards on the house and then disapparated with an echoing crack. Scorpius forced himself up, trying not to cry out from the pain that exploded in his side. It was too much, and Scorpius crumpled, panting heavily. He pulled a shaking hand from his side and up to his face. It was dark and sticky with blood. Clenching his jaw against the pain as his breath came out in whistling hisses, Scorpius fumbled wildly, dragging himself over to the back of the couch that faced him. He grappled desperately for the edge, trying to find some way to support himself. Gripping the edge of the couch with the arm that wasn't clutching his side, he pulled himself into a standing position. It had taken so much effort that Scorpius, while thankfully on his feet, was doubled over with the intense pain of his broken ribs. He'd never felt this kind of pain before. Every labored breath he took caused stabbing pains to shoot through him. He was panting, and had broken into a cold sweat.

A groan came from the corner of the room where Astoria lay. Scorpius straightened up with a cry, but managed to slowly make his way over to his semi-conscious mother.

"Mum," he croaked, reaching a trembling hand out to her. He pushed her hair from her face and recoiled. She was staring up, her eyes glassy and unmoving.

"Mum?" he whispered, the pain that was coming now having nothing to do with his broken ribs.

Backing away from his mother's body, he stood up again, not truly feeling his pain any more.

"Dad," he cried desperately, stumbling around the room until he nearly tripped over a pair of legs. Looking down, he took in the sight of his father's body, laying flat on the ground as stiff as a board. Dread came over Scorpius like a tidal wave. Not Dad, too. Please...

Falling unceremoniously to his knees, Scorpius reached for his father.

"Dad," he groaned, the pain beginning to effect his mind. He blinked a few times before looking at his father's face. Draco Malfoy's eyes were open, too, but unlike Astoria's, they were moving rapidly from Scorpius to the wand clutched in his hand against his ribs.

Scorpius felt relief wash over him, but not enough to eclipse the intense pain coming from his broken ribs and the loss of his mother.

Letting go of his wounded side, Scorpius extended the hand holding his wand. He pointed it at his father, but was at a complete loss for the spell as he was slowly drifting off.

"Fin...Fini...Fin...Finite..." he croaked. The Full Body-Bind holding his Dad was lifted. Draco instantly sat up, reaching for Scorpius.

"Son, look at me," his Dad said urgently.

"Dad, it's mum. Mum needs you. Go," Scorpius said feebly, pushing his father's hands from his wounded side. Draco stared at Scorpius for a second before his hands dropped despondently.

"No, she doesn't," his father said in a broken voice. Scorpius watched in a pain filled daze as his Dad ducked his head, his shoulders rising and falling rapidly for a few minutes before he looked back up at Scorpius with watery, red eyes.

"Come on," Draco said, throwing his son's right arm over his shoulder. Scorpius howled with pain as his left was jostled painfully. Standing up slowly, Scorpius nearly collapsed, clutching his father's shoulder for support.

"This will hurt." was all Draco said as he turned on the spot, taking Scorpius with him by Side-Along Apparation to St. Mungo's.

Sadie Anveray had never believed that she'd find someone she truly loved. She had firmly believed that she'd be the kind of girl that would be forty years old, drinking green apple martinis, and winking at the twenty three year old guy checking her out.

Freddie Weasley thought love was real, and cool for the people that found someone for them and everything, but he'd let his life take it's course. If he found a girl at some point, well, awesome, but that wasn't really important to him.

Sadie had always secretly thought her best friend's older cousin was really, really hot. She loved going to Rose's grandparents house on hot summer days, even when all Rose or her cousins wanted to do was play Quidditch. She loved it when it was really hot outside. Because then, Freddie would take his shirt off. And then she'd pretend she was really only fanning herself because it was humid out. Not because she was staring at Freddie's abs or anything. Really. She just couldn't deny the adorable way his hair, which was such a dark red, it was almost brown, stuck up in a kind of lopsided mohawk. She liked his tan skin, and the way it contrasted with his light hazel eyes. She really liked how he made her laugh at the big Weasley family dinners, the way he was nice to everyone at school or home, and the way he had patiently explained Quidditch to her when she'd asked way back in the summer before her third year. She loved the fact that when she'd tried out for the team, as a Beater, of all things, he'd given her a chance.

Freddie had thought Rosie's friend Sadie was kinda cute way back in the summer before his fourth year. He can still remember that exact moment. He, to this day, can not explain why the memory has stuck with him the way it has. But it was one Saturday, and all the kids were outside. He was playing Quidditch with his best friend Max, James, Al, Al's friend Scorpius, Dominque, Roxie, and Teddy. They were at a stand still in the game, since Al had lost their makeshift Quaffle, and Freddie was just looking around when he noticed Rose and her friends. Daphne and Masen were bickering and Rose was trying to make peace. Sadie, who had been reading a magazine, when she looked up at him right as he looked at her. They both just smiled before Max had slapped his shoulder because they found the Quaffle. He hadn't been able to forget the way her jade-green eyes had looked, or the way she'd been biting her lip before she'd smiled.

Sadie fell in love with Freddie on their second date. She'd always really liked him, more than any other boyfriend, but on that date, she had looked up from their intertwined hands and fingers to his face. He had turned and looked at her, and smiled at her with such a big smile that, in that moment, she realized she was in love with him.

Freddie fell in love with Sadie the day she tried out as a Beater for the Gryffindor team. His first thought was, wow. She'd then amazed him beyond belief by out doing all of the other guys vying for the position. When she'd walked off the pitch, she had then turned to look at him over her shoulder. She'd given him a smoldering wink before walking away. His last thought that day was, damn...

"Mum! I'm going out! I'll be with Albus! Love you!" Rose called, not waiting for a reply before darting out the door. She practically skipped to the awaiting car.

"Someone's cheerful," Albus said sardonically as his cousin climbed in, the seat belt clicked into place. Rose rolled her eyes and glanced at the storm cloud filled sky.

"At least my mood doesn't match the weather," Rose joked, sticking her tongue out at him. Albus sneered jokingly back. He had just put the car in drive when Rose's mother burst out of the house, her expression stricken.

"Rose, Albus, inside, now!" she all but screamed before running back into the house, leaving the door wide open. Rose and Albus looked at each other before frantically getting out of the car and darting inside.

"What's going on?" Albus asked in alarm. Rose was just as confused. In front of her was her mother, standing next to a clearly distraught Ginny Potter. Albus' father was pacing back and forth in front of the fire while Rose's father was sitting in an armchair, his head in his hands.

"What happened?" Rose asked. In the last two months, she'd gotten used to seeing her parents upset or stressed because of the fact that their jobs put them in the forefront of the movement against Albania's increasing resentment towards them.

"The Crusader's attacked the Malfoy's on Friday night, after he left here. Scorpius was hurt but he's fine now. But...Astoria is dead," Harry said. Rose's knees buckled and she crumpled on the floor. She'd finally met Mrs. Malfoy at the beginning of the summer and had instantly liked her. Where as Mr. Malfoy was cold and calculating, his wife made an effort to be warm and kind. Even her father got along with her. The resentment from their school day's still lingered between the dad's, but Mrs. Malfoy and the Weasley's were on good terms. But it was Mrs. Potter that was the closest to her out of them all. Astoria had been a Ravenclaw and in Ginny's year, and while there hadn't been any animosity between them, they became friends when their son's had.

"DAMNIT!" Albus shouted, kicking the nearest chair. Everyone jumped at the outburst.

"Son," Harry began, reaching to grasp Albus' shoulder, but he jerked out of the way.

"NO! It's not fair! Why Mrs. Malfoy? She was so nice! It's. Not. FAIR!" Albus raged. They all looked at him. Rose looked up at her Uncle.

"Where is Scorpius?" she asked hoarsely, her voice thick with repressed tears. It was Rose's mother who answered.

"With his father. Their house was compromised like all the others, so Scorpius will be staying with his aunt."

Rose nodded. "I'll be upstairs." No one spoke as Rose slowly climbed the stairs, the creaking of the steps mingling with the quiet sobs coming from Ginny. Rose had intended on going to her room, but stopped when she reached her brother's door. Knocking, she waited the mandatory three seconds before opening it.

"Hugh?" Rose called, her voice wavering. Her brother looked up from the paper he was reading. Closing the door, Rose walked over and slid down, sitting on the floor, her back against the bed.

"Mrs. Malfoy is dead. They killed her. Just like that," Rose whispered, beginning to cry. She heard the creak of bedsprings before Hugo got up and sat next to Rose.

"Albus is right. It's not fair," she whispered tearfully.

Hugo didn't say anything. He just exhaled heavily.

"She didn't do anything to them! Neither did any of the other ten people they already took out. I guess... I guess it just seems more real, you know? Because I knew her. And... Scorpius... Oh Merlin.. Poor Scorpius."

Rose sniffed and wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

"Why? Why us?"

Out of the corner of her eye, Rose saw Hugo look at her briefly before reaching for the newspaper he'd been reading.

"The Evening Prophet?" Rose asked, taking the paper.

The "Crusade" Continues. Another Survivor, Dead.

Astoria Malfoy (nee Greengrass) is the latest victim of the Albanian Revolution. The Malfoy's were attacked in their home on Friday night. Draco Malfoy, renowned diagnostic Healer and survivor himself, was attacked as he tried to save his wife and was incapacitated. As Mrs. Malfoy struggled with her attacker, the couple's son, Scorpius, arrived home. Mrs. Malfoy's last act was to try and save her son before she was was killed. Scorpius was then attacked, suffering several broken ribs and some internal bleeding. Astoria Malfoy is the eleventh survivor to fall victim to the Albanian Crusades. She is survived by her husband, son, and sister.

Under the paragraph about Mrs. Malfoy, the story continued with more information about the Crusades that Rose knew had only been released in light Astoria's death.

Shacklebolt's State of the Union: The Crusades and Where Our Ministry Stands.

In a press conference today, Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt addressed the pressing issue at hand: what exactly is going on between Albania and Great Britain's Ministries? It has now been confirmed that Albania is seeking revenge on the survivors of the Second War.

"I am advising everyone to be on high alert. We are taking every measure to ensure the safety of our people, but it is up to the individual to take it a step further. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement and the Auror Offices are combining efforts to increase our numbers and skill tenfold. We are now recruiting and training our forces with the best skills of both agencies."

Then, the question that has been plaguing the minds of many: is the Ministry recruiting an army?

Minister Shacklebolt was visibly uncomfortable but answered.

"Yes. Before, raising a Wizard army was only seen fit to do in times of war. The Ministry has decided, in light of recent events, to begin efforts to recruit willing individuals to serve our country. The DMLE and the Aurors are throwing every effort into the safety of our people."

At the end of this statement, there was instant murmuring and unease.

The question no one dared ask before was finally breeched.

"Minister Shacklebolt? Are you implying we're at war?"

"At this time, we are not at war. Deliberations are still being made. Thank you."

Rose dropped the paper, feeling sick.

"What if we go to war with them, Hugh?" Rose turned to look at her younger brother. "What if?"

Hugo stared back at her. Rose looked away from him. She heard Hugo clear his throat before he answered her.

"We fight."

"Morning, Aunt Daph," Scorpius called despondently. Daphne Greengrass looked up from the small hand mirror she was holding.

"Morning. There's juice and coffee. And some bagels... You'll find something," she said, staring at her reflection again. Scorpius rolled his eyes and dragged the juice towards him, wincing as he put strain on his left side.

"You going to be okay to go today?" Daphne asked, looking up at her nephew. Scorpius stopped what he was doing to glare at her. Daphne raised her eyebrows and let out a low whistle.

"Okay, got it."

"I can't miss mom's...Funeral." Scorpius stumbled over the last word, closing his eyes against the grief. The unmistakable click of his Aunt's heels told him Daphne was headed toward him.

"Hey," Daphne whispered, engulfing her nephew in a hug. Scorpius put his arms around his Aunt to be polite. All he really wanted was to go back upstairs and crawl back into bed until the funeral. But his Aunt needed him, too.

Letting go of Scorpius with a sigh, Daphne patted his cheek before situating herself back on the barstool at the island in her expansive kitchen. Scorpius grabbed a piece of toast and took a bite.

"I'm going back to bed," he told his aunt. Daphne lowered the bright red lipstick she had been applying.

"It's 7:30, the funeral is at 8:00."

Scorpius just stared before taking another bite of toast.

"I'll be in my room," he said before turning and exiting the kitchen.

Scorpius walked quietly along the hall to his room in his Aunt's townhouse. In the past days, Scorpius had fought desperately to keep all thoughts of his mother away. The good ones, the bad one of that night; he didn't want to face that pain. But the purple and black bruise on his side brought that memory back every time.

"Hey, Scorp. I'm so sorry," Victrola said quietly as she, Albus and Rose walked up to give their condolences, closely followed by their parents.

"Thank you for being here," Scorpius replied mechanically. Victrola's face screwed up in concern, but she just nodded and moved in to hug Scorpius' father.

"Scorpius," Rose, who was last in their particular procession, stopped in front of him. Scorpius looked up at her. It was clear to Rose that he hadn't been sleeping; his face was gaunt and pale and there were shadows under his eyes. Wordlessly, she threw her arms around Scorpius' neck.

"I love you," she whispered. She felt his arms wrap tightly around her waist. He was breathing heavily, taking in deep, shuddering gasps. Rose just buried her face in his neck, holding him tightly.

"Don't leave me," Scorpius whispered so faintly, she was surprised she heard it.

"I promise," she whispered back.

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