Author's Notes

Hey! this is my first story on and I wanted to help two fellow authors and get the Omamori Himari story section started, so please, enjoy the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own Omamori Himari. The characters and storyline are owned by Milan Matra.

-Chapter 1-

Yuto's POV


I opened the simple, brown door that served as the only entrance to the one safe haven in this crazy household, the bathroom. As I exited the door I was still in the painstaking process of drying my long (well…long for a guy) hair which I had since my childhood.

"I wonder…" I said aloud to myself as the thought of why my hair is this length entered my mind, I could feel something tugging at the back of my mind, like it wanted to be released but I shook the feeling off as I approached my bedroom door.

"Right," I said to myself with determination as I opened the door slightly and peeked through to check if the coast was clear, it seemed that way so I quickly entered the room and shut the door behind me.

"Phew…I don't think I can handle any more attempts at seduction tonight," I said to no-one in particular as I discarded the towel to a basket in the corner of my room.

I got into bed with my hair still damp and sleep on mind and began to drift off into my subconscious…

-In The Dead Of Night-

The wardrobe beside the wall of the room began to rock, the doors shaking in an attempt to be opened. The vicious shaking then stopped and the left side door slowly began to creek open. A slender figure that blended perfectly with the night sky emerged, standing proudly while holding what appeared to be a necklace in their left hand. The silhouette on their face revealed an anxious smile.

Yuto stirred from the disturbance but remained in his dreamland as the figure slowly approached his bed, like a predator stalking its prey. It climbed onto Yuto's bed, stalking forward until it was on top of him, as if bearing fangs at him. It leaned down and placed the necklace around his neck and, before leaving, began to lick his neck, as if desiring him. It finally backed off and exited through Yuto's open window, leaping across the rooftops and disappearing into the night.

Yuto furrowed his brows and began to struggle in his sleep, rolling over whilst tightly gripping the newly placed amulet around his neck. He uttered a single word before falling still again,