Author's Notes: Sorry for the two short chapters, I tried to make this one a bit longer but writing a story is harder than I thought!

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-Chapter 3-

The sunlight entered the room through the slit in the blinds, falling on the eyes of Yuto and disturbing him from his slumber. He began to stir…

Yuto's POV

"Ahh…one of life's greatest challenges…getting out of bed in the morning," I said to myself, still in a daze after only just waking up. It was Sunday, which meant no school and no Rinko waking me up, but I can't say I don't like those mornings.

"Well I guess I better get up," I admitted dejectedly and rose from my bed to brave the cold morning air. I got dressed, something I had a habit of doing as soon as I got up, why? That's another memory I don't remember.

Whilst unbuttoning my pyjama shirt, I noticed a kind of archaic shaped amulet around my neck. It was round, with little triangles poking out from the sides the whole way around it, giving it the appearance of a small sun. My thoughts immediately turned to Himari. Just then Aya, Himari's spirit messenger appeared before me, with that expressionless look on her face she always carried. She gave a quick bow.

"Amakawa Yuto, good morning," she said with her eyes closed, in an intensely calm voice.

"Good morning, Aya," I replied back with that dumb smile on my face whilst scratching the back of my head. She opened her eyes and looked at me; I could feel my face reddening.

"Himari has instructed me to inform you that she has gone to the village of Noihara to conduct some research and will be staying there for a while. She has asked me to remain here and watch over you with Shizuku," she explained to me, still looking directly at me.

"Well Aya, if that's the case, just make yourself at home, I'm sorry to trouble you like this," I replied, searching frantically for somewhere to avert my eyes to.

"Thank you for your hospitality," she replied calmly turning to begin to leave the room.

"I'll be down in a minute," I told her, glad the encounter was over and continued to dress myself.

-Around ten minutes later-

"Good morning," I greeted as I entered the living room of my house, eager for something to fill my stomach. I could smell breakfast from the kitchen, it smelled great.

"Good morning, Yuto," came from the direction of the kitchen. I recognised the stoic voice as Shizuku's but then again, if Himari's not here who else is going to cook for us I though to myself.

"Breakfast smells great Shizuku, I can't wait," I complimented, trying to spark some conversation.

"You won't have to, it's done," she replied back, unusually cheery for Shizuku.

After setting the table, we began to eat. Shizuku told me that Aya had went to go on an errand so we were to eat without her. I as I made quick work of my rice, my curiosity got the better of me, as to why Shizuku was so upbeat this morning.

"So Shizuku, you seem pretty happy today," I said to her, looking to get straight to the point.

"I am," she replied simply, still eating away with her eyes closed, not going so far as to looking up at me.

I suddenly felt a chill go down my spine. The atmosphere had changed completely and I felt sweat begin to form on my brow. Shizuku began to raise her head slowly, her eyes completely locked onto me. I was intimidated to say the least; she is a water snake after all.

"Umm…Shizuku," I asked hesitantly, "are y-you okay?"

"Yes...I am," she replied confidently, "and do you want to know why?" she said, her tone begging me to ask why.

"And why w-would that b-be?" I asked, knowing I had just put one foot in the grave. She was completely taking advantage of me.

"Because…You and I are…alone…no cat, no Rinko, we could do anything," she replied coyly, putting a finger to her mouth, as if to tease me.

Now, there were alarm bells going off in my head. Most of the time, I can't tell whether Shizuku is teasing me or being serious but she did have a point, there were only two of us in the house.

Shizuku climbed on top of the table and began to approach me, her hair was a lot longer, which was strange, as I thought it only extended when her killing intent emerged.

I backed up slightly in the chair, trying to get away, "Shizuku! Wait! "Her long, snake like tongue emerged from her mouth and she grabbed my arms, pinning me to my seat. Her tongue began to extend towards my mouth. I struggled and turned my head in vain.

"Sh-Shizuku! No! I…" just before that strange sensation entered my body for the second time, Aya appeared out of nowhere, pulling the chair back and taking me out of Shizuku's reach. As always, her eyes were closed.

"Phew…that was close," I whispered to myself, relieved that the ordeal was over. Shizuku gave a simple "Hmph" and walked off.

"Well, looks like I saved your chastity, Amakawa Yuto," Aya said, less serious than before.

"Yeah…well I guess I owe you one Aya, thanks," I replied, still unsure as to why she intervened.

She then put on a mischievous smile, "good, as I will be using this opportunity to have some fun," she laughed, teasing me. I had never seen this side to Aya before, she was always serious and I don't ever recall seeing her smiling. For now though I guess I'll just go with it.

"Hehe…yeah…" I waved it off. Even though Himari isn't here, life still won't be easy it seems I thought, unsure of whether to feel overly happy or scared stiff.