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Cullen Rescue Ranch

Prologue-New York City


"Emmett, come on! I want to get home. I've had a long day." I whined at my brother. We were walking home from dinner when he paused to window shop.

"What's wrong, Bellsy-poo? Hard day hangin' with the kitties and pooches?" teasing just a little.

I am currently working at a local animal shelter here in NYC. I actually hold a degree in English Lit, but have yet to use it in any real capacity. Two years ago, our parents were killed in a car crash after leaving my graduation from NYU. Both Em and I obviously took it very hard. We were close to our parents and now we were all we had left. Because of the life insurance on our parents and the settlement from the trucking company, Em and I had no money problems. It had taken me a while to reconcile myself with spending any of the money. It just felt wrong. My therapist, along with Emmett, helped me realize that our parents would want us to use the money and be happy.

Because of this, Em insisted that we just take it easy for a while. He has been working as a foreman on a construction crew here in the city. My therapist suggested that I find something to do helping others. She said it helps people cope with loss. That is how I ended up at the shelter.

"Yeah, this German Shepherd was brought in shortly before I left. He had been left in an empty house with no food or water. He looked awful. I still can't believe that someone could do that to an innocent animal." I sighed.

We were crossing an alley when we heard yelling. Both of us stopped to look.

There were two big guys holding a man up against the building. One of the guys had long dark blond hair held back in a pony tail. He had a pipe in his hand and was hitting the man against the wall with it. The other guy had black hair, also in a pony tail. He had a gun.

The man being beaten was pleading with them not to hurt him. The black haired guy said something like 'you should've kept your fucking mouth shut'. The next thing we heard was a gun shot. I, of course, screamed. Not good. The two goons turned to look our way, then started after us.

"Holy shit, let's get out of here!" Emmet yelled. "Head to Tyler's place!"

"Stop! Come back here," the bad guys yelled.

We ran across the street and down a couple of doors right into Tyler's music store. Thankfully he was just closing. The aluminum window guards were already shut so he just had to lock up.

"Tyler, hit the lights!" Em yelled.

Shortly after, we heard the sound of pounding feet and yelling.

"Where'd they go?" a loud voice bellowed.

"I don't know. Go around the block and I'll check out the other side of the street," said another voice.

We heard them run off as we tried to catch our breath. Tyler just looking at us with questioning eyes. We stayed quiet for about 10 minutes, though it seemed longer.

"What the hell is going on, dude," Tyler asked my calmer looking brother.

Em told him about what we saw. Tyler had surveillance cameras set up in and around his store. He suggested that we look at the camera footage. We watched the cameras for a few minutes to make sure they were gone. Tyler rewound the tape until he saw our images. We stood there watching as the images of the two guys ran past the camera when Tyler uttered an "Oh fuck." Em and I turned to look at him.

"What?" I asked

"Don't you know who that is?" he looked back and forth between us.

"Uh, no. Should we?" asked Emmett.

"Well, those dudes were all over the news a few weeks ago. Ever heard of the Volturi? Tyler asked.

"Oh shit, are you sure. Fuck, fuck-Tyler rewind this. Let me look at them again," Emmett demanded.

Tyler did as asked. Sure enough, now knowing who they were, I did recognize one of them. Emmett did too.

"Did they get a good look at you guys? If they did, you better lay low for a while," Tyler warned. "Do you remember why they were in the news?" he looked between us again. "They were accused of offing some dude who witnessed a woman being assaulted by one of their guys. The person who turned them in, mysteriously disappeared. The Volturi guys walked."

Shit. We were fucked.

Tyler gave us a ride home after we made sure the coast was clear. We only lived a few blocks away from the scene of the crime. As soon as we got home, Emmett instructed me to pack up as much as I could, not knowing if or when we would be returning.

He okayed a couple of quick e-mails to our friends to let them know we were going on a trip. I e-mailed my boss at the shelter, apologizing and quitting saying there was an emergency. I packed up most of my clothes, toiletries and a few pictures. I grabbed my mother's jewelry case and headed to Emmett's room. He was in the closet accessing the safe he had in there, grabbing everything out of it. He was already packed.

We headed out to the elevators to go down to the parking level. On our way down, we ran into the building super.

"You two headed somewhere?" he asked.

"Yep, going on a trip, uh, down south," Em hedged. I just nodded.

"How long ya gonna be gone for?" He was eyeing us suspiciously. Or maybe I was just paranoid.

"Not really sure, just gonna play it by ear," answered Em.

"Well, okay then. Have a good trip," he said, exiting the elevator.

We finally made it down to the parking level. I hit the remote on my key chain and heard my car happily answer. I have a midnight blue 2010 Dodge Charger. It is really the only indulgence I've made with our insurance money. I love my car, even though I don't get much chance to drive it.

We loaded up and got the hell out of there. I let Emmett drive. I was still shook up after watching that guy get killed.

"Em, what are we going to do? Where are we going?" I think I was whining again.

"We are getting the fuck out of here and going somewhere they won't find us," he answered sternly. "Just sit back and relax for a while. I'm going to drive until I get tired and we'll go from there."

"Okay Em, wake me if you want me to drive." I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you Em."

"I love you too, Bells"

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