Dear Diary,

My English teacher suggested I should 'Let out my bottled up feelings by writing a Diary/Journal' (She's really creepy) But, I decided to take up her offer and write a diary. So anyway, my name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen and I am half-human half-vampire. I go to school at Forks High School with my Uncle Emmett, Aunt Rose, my boyfriend Jacob, Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Mom, and Dad.

I know what you're all thinking. But, it's not weird to go to school with your parents, aunts and uncles and your shape-shifter boyfriend. It makes your day more interesting. My parents and my aunts and uncles are all vampires. Also, my boyfriend Jacob, can shape-shift into a werewolf.

My father can read minds, my mother is sort of like a mental shield, my Uncle Jasper can feel and manipulate the emotions of the people around him, and finally, my aunt. My Aunt Alice is a crazy shopping fanatic who can see the future. Wow.

My life is awesome. I am a 10-year old who looks like a 17/18-year old and goes to high school with her family.

"Nessie! I know what you wrote about me in that diary! That was rude!" Alice shouted. I laughed.

"But it's true!" I yelled back, although she could hear me even if I was whispering. I ran downstairs and asked Alice if she wanted to pick out my outfit for school tomorrow because of what I wrote.

"Ness," I heard a voice whisper. I opened my eyes to my mother, smiling down at me. I groaned.

"Two more minutes," I mumbled, and put the pillow over my head. She laughed.

"Up. Now." I heard my dad's voice this time. Fine, I thought. I got out of bed and they left. After they did so I got ready for school. Ugh. School. Wish me luck.