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Chapter 1: Verdi and Virtuosos.

Spring was a beautiful time on the campus ofPrincetonUniversity. The regular classes were drawing to a close, the performances and art exhibits were opening to show off the talents of the undergraduate and graduate students, and the mildness of the weather began to invite the sleepy world to wake up and welcome in the change of season. It was also a bad time for the common cold, allergies and social obligations, but love was in the air.

The buzz of the audience was deafening as Robert andVictoriamoved through the crowd. They had been the last to come up with excuses before being volunteered to attend a celebratory gala, for a new faculty member. Robert was looking forward to the booze and the possibility of an easy lay, so he hadn't protested too convincingly andVictoriawas pleased that she might at least get to experience some culture outside of the hospital, because her resent employment had left very little time for socialization. House kept his team at his beck and call, and the leash was very short if you disobeyed, soVictoriahad smiled at the idea of a night away from medicine in the company of hundreds of people that may or may not be interested in brightening up her life. She also didn't mind that she was being escorted to the party by the hottest member of the team, who's glorious Australian accent was enough to make any woman take a second look, and although she didn't think she would leave with him, at least she wasn't stuck doing rounds or the 'punishment' labs that Taub and Forman had been given to ruin their evenings.

Men and women chit chatted all around them as they made their ways toward their assigned seats. The auditorium had filled quickly with dignitaries, the dean of the university was there and so were all of the cabinet. Robert and Victoria were even interested to see that the governor ofNew Jerseywas in attendance as well. It was a well published performance, even House had seemed interested in attending, but then again with his musical interest it wasn't surprising that an opera had caught his attention, although it would have certainly been overlooked had the Stones been performing anywhere within the continental United States. Really, for House, it wasn't a matter of the concert subject being the problem, as it was a scandalous opera; it was the being out in public that got his back up.

The orchestra had already started to tune when James joined them.

"So, you've been wrangled by House into attending in his place?"Wilsonasked as he sat down.

"He said he'd be here,"Victoriasmiled. "I, on the other hand am quite interested in tonight's performance."

"You haven't seen an opera until you've seen it inSydney," Robert Chase stated as he looked at the program.

"I would beg to differ," Victoria Cicciliano stated shaking her head, her rich Italian accent filling the space between the murmurs of the growing crowd, "Operas in their motherlandofVeniceandRomeare unlike anything you can imagine."

"I didn't suspect either of you as being the musical types," James Wilson stated eyeing both of young doctors, before he looked around to see who else was in attendance.

"My father believed in constant culture and the educational values of musical experience," Chase stated. "We were at the opera house biweekly, he had season tickets. I enjoyed it for the ballerinas."

"You mean you 'enjoyed' your fair share of Ballerinas."Victoriascoffed.

"I 'enjoyed' all kinds of performers when I was young, ballerinas, chorus girls, you name it, but I did clean up my act. I was educated by the church." Chase stated mockingly. "And don't try and tell me that you haven't 'enjoyed' a good tenor now and again."

"I will admit to sneaking out to the opera while I lived inRome, they weren't all accepted byVaticanstandards, but they were a highlight of my upbringing as well. My mother was a coloratura, she sang constantly."Victoriasmiled. "It broke my father's heart when he realized I was tone deaf, but piano came fairly naturally and I made up for it my lack of vocal ability, however, when I graduated medical school."

"And the tenors…?" Chase asked with a wink.

"There were a few!"Victoriagiggled.

"So your protests were for not?" James laughed.

"It's also a free party after with an open bar!" Chase smiled. "Maybe I'll 'enjoy' a ballerina for old time sake."

"You're horrible."Victoriastated as she elbowed him.

"I'm not opposed to inner office affairs if you are offering," Chase smiled.

"Scandalous monsieur, again I say, you are horrible,"Victoriastated flirtingly.

Chase raised an eyebrow to his colleague but could not go further into his pursuits when the warning bell chimed and the house lights flashed.

Just as the lights were dimming in the opera house, Greg and Lisa took their seats with their colleagues. They had been late, but no one was willing to ask them why. Cuddy and House seemed like they would forever be honeymooning, although they were not married, but after the events that nearly caused them to loose the precious little life known as Rachel Cuddy, they had embraced every moment and even House was happier because of it. His work habits had not changed, his banter was still as sharp and as cutting as it had ever been, but House had softened a lot since he had become the father figure to the sweet little girl. She was always around, she was brilliantly smart for her age, and she had captured House's heart.

The orchestra struck the beginnings of the Verdi Opera and revealed the reason the five Doctors had come to the performance.

The young woman, singing the role of the lead soprano, was a rising star in the world of opera, having sung in all of the major opera houses globally. She had just accepted a teaching position with the prestigious music school, which was associated with thePrincetoncampus. Her voice rang out, her Italian was flawless for a woman born in the Untied States, and her stage presence captivated even the notorious Doctor Gregory House. She had been hired to revamp the Opera program and as such, she was the first to perform in the band new, state of the art, opera theatre that was constructed as a new addition to the music school.

As the Orchestra died away, and the first intermission cause the buzz around them to begin again, Lisa Cuddy probed her employees for their understanding of the operas and their enjoyment of the evening. Civilized conversation wasn't often held between the working colleagues but the cultural aspects, and the expertise of the two younger doctors, proved to pass the time enjoyably, even House was engaged in musical rhetoric while they waited for the second half of the opera to begin.

As the beautiful soprano took the stage again, to sing the most well know aria of the work, and the orchestra caressed at her every breath and line, something peaked Gregory's attention. He sat up straighter, moved forward and strained to see and then it happened. A gasped, a stumble and the young soprano collapsed before their eyes. The four other doctors stood, instinctually, and moved toward the stage as Greg House remained in his seat.

"Looks like you're not getting laid tonight, Chase." House said to him self as the house light came on, the curtains closed and the paramedics rushed toward the stage to retrieve the fallen diva.